In mathematics, a group is a set and an operation that combines any two elements of the set to produce a third element of the set, in such a way that the operation is associative, an identity element exists and every element has an inverse. These three axioms hold for number systems and many other mathematical structures. For example, the integers together with the addition operation form a group. The concept of a group and the axioms that define it were elaborated for handling, in a unified way, essential structural properties of very different mathematical entities such as numbers, geometric shapes and polynomial roots. Because the concept of groups is ubiquitous in numerous areas both within and outside mathematics, some authors consider it as a central organizing principle of contemporary mathematics.In geometry groups arise naturally in the study of symmetries and geometric transformations: The symmetries of an object form a group, called the symmetry group of the object, and the transformations of a given type form a general group. Lie groups appear in symmetry groups in geometry, and also in the Standard Model of particle physics. The Poincaré group is a Lie group consisting of the symmetries of spacetime in special relativity. Point groups describe symmetry in molecular chemistry.
The concept of a group arose in the study of polynomial equations, starting with Évariste Galois in the 1830s, who introduced the term group (French: groupe) for the symmetry group of the roots of an equation, now called a Galois group. After contributions from other fields such as number theory and geometry, the group notion was generalized and firmly established around 1870. Modern group theory—an active mathematical discipline—studies groups in their own right. To explore groups, mathematicians have devised various notions to break groups into smaller, better-understandable pieces, such as subgroups, quotient groups and simple groups. In addition to their abstract properties, group theorists also study the different ways in which a group can be expressed concretely, both from a point of view of representation theory (that is, through the representations of the group) and of computational group theory. A theory has been developed for finite groups, which culminated with the classification of finite simple groups, completed in 2004. Since the mid-1980s, geometric group theory, which studies finitely generated groups as geometric objects, has become an active area in group theory.

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    Hi guys ask ko lang my group chat kasi kami sa Messenger kaso may inaalagaan pala kaming ahas sa group namin pwede ko kaya malaman kung sino ang ng i-screen shot ng mga message namin? Para mapahiya sya doon sa group salamat po.
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    Help Send schedule message to group chats in viber

    anyone knows a way or method to send scheduled messages to a group chat in viber? please for educational purposes, baka may alam po, paki share naman po any idea?
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    Help Messenger Group Chat (GC) region restriction?

    Mga master sa mga nagme- maintain ng Messenger app Group Chat (GC) as Admin. Meron po bang region restriction ang Messenger app? May GC po kami (isa po ako sa admin) consist of members located sa Pilipinas at meron sa iba't-ibang bansa, di ko po magawa and mga sumusunod: 1. Gamitin yung...
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    Help Site or group for modding/tweaking phone

    Hi guys,i just want to ask if someone have ever know a site or group that modifies or tweak phones for better looks?i hope it is okey to ask here.
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    LAL, PHX, GSW, and UTAH. Group of death play in tournament showdown?

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    Tutorial View any Telegram group deleted messages

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    Help Facebook group chat unsent message

    May way pa po ba Makita mga unsent message sa Facebook group chat? Paano po?
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    Databases Data Model for team or group, project, members task, activity, messaging, schedule, recurrence, role, planned, expiration, key performance indicator

    Data Model for team or group, project, members, task, activity, messaging, schedule, recurrence, role, planned, expiration, notification, key performance indicator
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    Help Fb private group

    Pano po i download ang video sa FB private group ❤️salamat
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    Help Article about group dynamics

    group dynamics in academic journals with the use of field theory. Baka meron po kayong alam, pasend po needed langgg huhu
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    LF Work Work abroad Group

    Hello guys. sa mga gustong tumakas sa Bansa lol baka may group kayo or GC pasali naman.
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    11 Filipino artists featuring in Singapore gallery's month-long group show

    11 Filipino artists featuring in Singapore gallery's month-long group show MANILA, Philippines — Gajah Gallery Singapore will be hosting this month the "In Excess" group show featuring 11 Filipino artists, a first for the gallery, curated by Joyce Toh. As its title presents...
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