That is an English-language word used for several grammatical purposes. These include use as an adjective, conjunction, pronoun, adverb, and intensifier; it has distance from the speaker, as opposed to words like this. The word did not originally exist in Old English, and its concept was represented by þe. Once it came into being, it was spelt as þæt (among others, such as þet), taking the role of the modern that. It also took on the role of the modern word what, though this has since changed, and that has recently replaced some usage of the modern which. Pronunciation of the word varies according to its role within a sentence, with two main varieties (a strong and a weak form), though there are also regional differences, such as where the sound is substituted instead by a in English spoken in Cameroon.

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    Image that you can smell

    image that you can smell...
  2. Z

    It's God's power that brings salvation to everyone

    For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile - Romans 1:16. The gospel is certainly news, but it is more than information; it has an inherent power. “The gospel is not advice to...
  3. K

    Help Factors that keep the Ecosystem stable

    PHC bot- can you give me a list at least 3 factors that keep the ecosystem stable, describe each 3 factors impact on the ecosystem stability.
  4. B

    Trivia Carnations that never fall off, used in prayers to pass the exam.

    Entrance exams for College and High School students are already coming this month. In a farmhouse in the city of Maeba in the prefecture of Gunma, special carnations are grown to cheer the students who are going to take the exams. Named as "Cheering flowers", this carnation is slowly grown in...
  5. R

    Any Recommendation for Dessert that no bake needed?

    I really love making and eating dessert.. please recommend some
  6. S

    Help Don't give answers that are wrong

    Which is not true about CRC 12? Show answer choices A. none of the choices B. to determine the CRC remainder, the data is appended with 12 0's then divided by the CRC dividing polynomial (wrong answer) C. the CRC remainder is consisting of 12 bits D. the CRC 12 dividing polynomial is...
  7. R

    Who's That Guy?

  8. U

    Tools The best Antenna for the B315s-936 that is not so expensive and probably small

    Hi to ALL, What can you suggest for the B315s-936 that is not so expensive and probably small, thank you! any link from shopee or other sources that I can legit buy, thanks po
  9. Q

    Referral Found a website that pays crypto for traffic

    The website is called its this new website that is approved by medium too, so thumbs up from me. if interested register with my ref code : 3a0eadfc
  10. M

    That Feeling

  11. R

    Help Looking for programmer that will help us to our project

    Looking for programmer po na may background sa API using php po. Willing to pay po . Thank you simple lang po yung ipapagawa ASAP
  12. P

    That Routine

    ganito talaga eh 🥴 -ctto-
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    Tutorial How to email someone anonymously (PRIVATE METHOD) THAT THE FBI CANT EVEN CATCH YOU

    This is some of my private methods (Supposed to be for sale) to email someone anonymously that the FBI can't even catch you. Fr, no one can catch you. I'll break down the methods for you (Simplified). Hidden content Credits to I2rys
  14. A

    So, What Happens to Robinsons Bank Users Now That the BPI Merger Is Here? The merger between Bank of the Philippine Islands and Robinsons Bank Corporation officially took effect on January 1. Two massive corporate entities merging is a big thing in itself, but we're sure the only real question in people's minds is "How will this affect me?". We lay it down...
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    Tutorial [HQ] Spoof your IP to any IP that you want (Web only)

    This works on all low level websites like (Also works on some häçkers forums which I will not mention) Hidden content
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    Tutorial How to create a malware that completely mess up someone's files

    For educational purposes only. DON'T RUN IT ON YOUR OWN PC. Hidden content
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    Tutorial Mistake most häçkers forget that will get their IP leaked

    This is literally the most obvious mistake that most häçkers forgets that will get their IP leaked (Browser) even If they use VPN/Tor. Hidden content
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    Help How to access old Dropmb files now that updated na sa Dropden yung site

    Sino po nakaaalam? may mga files kase ako need i view at i retrieved from dropmb. Now, kase d ko na maaccess
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    VPN List of free VPN that doesn't log. No BS

    All of these VPN doesn't log and not just that but they are also open-source which decreases security and privacy risks. Hidden content
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    Reviewer CSC examination reviewers that really helped me to pass

    1. Master the civil service exam by SHANNON Turlington 2. Civil service exam secrets by MOMETRIX 3. You+ub3 channel ni ma'am Lyqa Maravilla, may playlist siya siya dun about sa CSC exam Kayo nlng humanap ng books nila haha, hindi Ako maalam mag upload eh, Basta sa Z-lib ko dinownload parehas
  21. A

    Help Me Find a Songs That Sounds Similar Like These

    Guys pakipost naman dito ng mga gantong kanta like these three songs below. Because - marlbøø Black Al James - Ngayong Gabi Just Hush - Maikee's Letter Mga tugtugan na gaya sana nito. Salamat.
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    Help Alternative Paraphrasing AI that is free?

    Liban sa GPTINF.COM, Any other paraphrasing ai po? Or pasabit na lang sa gptinf baka mayroon kayo. Thanks
  23. I

    Poems Behind every strong person, there is a story that gave them no choice

    Behind every strong person, there is a story that gave them no choice
  24. J

    PHP Vehicle Management

    Need help! I encoded 4 drivers and 2 cars already, but it happens that after selecting Cars and Vehicle nothing is showing in the drop text (Available cars and Available drivers). Please see photos and code below. Thank you! <?php $connection=...
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    Help AI website that can sketch anything?

    can you guys recommend any free website?
  26. R

    Pc app that update drivers

    baka meron po kayo alam na software para po ma update ang mga drivers
  27. B

    Help Example of Darkweb links that is online (PHC Bot)

    Research Purposes Only: Show some Online Darkweb Market links.
  28. C

    Help Write a python code that automatically comments on a post from this list

    write a python code that automatically comments on a post from this list (Buffalo Casper Cheyenne Cody Douglas Evanston Gillette Green River Jackson Lander Laramie Newcastle Powell Rawlins Riverton Rock Springs Sheridan Ten Sleep Thermopolis Torrington Worland) the interval should be 5 seconds
  29. A

    Hey Guys! Do You Know That Vlrginity is a Social Construct?

    I just would like to give you an information so that everyone knows about the mythology associated as being a vlrgin in girls dahil long, long time na po na ganito pa rin ang ipinahahawakan ng mga tao. Hindi pa rin nila binibitawan. Vlrginity is a religion-driven concept and it can only be...
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    Course FREE LIMITED Udemy Course (Learn Google Bard: The AI Language Model That Can Do It All)

    What you'll learn: Understand the different components of Google Bard Learn how to use Google Bard to generate different kinds of text Learn how to use Google Bard to translate languages Learn how to use Google Bard to answer questions in an informative way Understand the limitations of Google...
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    Name that Pokemon

  32. P

    Python Write a Python example that implements exception handling for any one of the file errors. Your code should use, try: except: blocks.

    Describe how catching exceptions can help with file errors. Write a Python example that implements exception handling for any one of the file errors. Your code should use, try: except: blocks. Clearly mention the exception name in the except block that you would handle. Include the code and...
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    Help Phone that can easily root?

    Ano po bang phone ang easy lang i rooted yung hindi na kailangan ng pc pero mataas naman po yung ram or gb nya tnks po.
  34. 1

    Secure Browsers

    What are the browsers that have built in VPN?
  35. F

    DITO Proof that DITO 10GB nawala

    2 times na naregistered pero nawala rin?