In common usage and in philosophy, ideas are the results of thought. Also in philosophy, ideas can also be mental representational images of some object. Many philosophers have considered ideas to be a fundamental ontological category of being. The capacity to create and understand the meaning of ideas is considered to be an essential and defining feature of human beings. In a popular sense, an idea arises in a reflexive, spontaneous manner, even without thinking or serious reflection, for example, when we talk about the idea of a person or a place. A new or an original idea can often lead to innovation.

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    Help Sa mga matatalino jan. Patulong naman po pasagot mga questions hingi lang po ako ideas. para sa interview ko. salamat!

    Mag sa.cite po ng examples of scenarios. 1. Oral and written communication : Conveys ideas through the use of speech and written words in a clear, concise, and coherent manner to communicate organizational information or to support business development activities. 2. Oral and written...
  2. M

    Help Business Ideas

    Any business Ideas this Tag-ulan season? 😊 thanks in advance
  3. S

    Any ideas sa printing business for 2024?

    May suggestions ba kayo tips ano magandang gawin? Bukod sa piso print
  4. P

    Help Small business Ideas 40k

    Hi any business ideas po, 40k po puhunan, currently ang naiisip ko po ay milk tea, pero baka may other suggestions po kayo na mas maganda.
  5. I

    Help Any tips and Ideas: How to pass this coming August 2024 CSE

    Sa mga passers jan, masusing pag rereview lang ba kaylangan? Any suggestions and tips mag tratry po ako mag exam this coming CSE Sana po matulungan nyo ako para maka pasa. Lahat po ng best na ginamit nyo para maka pasa. Pahiram po🫰😚😆
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    Help Any ideas?

    Hello Guys, just wanna ask if you have any ideas where to teach online tutor? Im planning to teach math for kids and idk where to start. Any ideas?
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    Free Udemy Course: Entrepreneurship: Ideas, Market Analysis, Competitors, Place

    Entrepreneurship: Ideas, Market Analysis, Competitors, Place 100% FREE Hidden content pa feedback po para mas ganahan mag share!
  8. C

    Ulam ideas ba kamo?

  9. M

    Help Need ko tips at ideas ninyo sa pag oraganize ng Fun run

    Good AM mga master any pangmalakasang tips and ideas at advice naman jan para sa pag organize ng Fun Run baka may experience kayo need ko talaga. Ako kasi napili nila maging Chairman at mag organize ng Fun Run dito sa TESDA at para sa ALUMNI namin at beke nemen may planner kayo jan pa share...
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    Help Agri Biosystems Engineering Thesis Ideas

    Helping a friend lang baka meron kayong naiisip. Ty
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    Suggestion lang dagdagan ideas din siguro

    sana po magkaroon din po tayo dito ng forum about sa solar panels or electrical ideas po mostly electronics para makatulong din po sa mga mahilig mag DIY or beginners tulad ko sa ganun pong aspeto. sharing of thoughts lang po. 😊 salamat po
  12. R

    Help Thesis Ideas

    Pa help any suggestion thesis idea using machine learning Thankyou for your suggestion
  13. G

    Valentines Day Gift Ideas

    Magandang araw sa'yo. Hingi lang po ako ng iyong idea kung anu-ano na yung mga naibigay mo sa gf/asawa mo sa mga nagdaang Valentines Day? Para naman mapaghandaan ko po ito this month nang masuprise naman siya sa akin. 😀 Thank you po ng marami. ♥️
  14. V

    Help Need ideas audio jack bluetooth transmitter for laptop

    baka meron may alam i'm looking for temp maconnect ko yun Bluetooth speaker to laptop na not working ang Bluetooth due to driver not supported windows 10 old laptop na din kasi wala pa replacement bago. pwed po ba un audiojack bluetooth transmitter/receiver sa laptop to wireless speaker?
  15. A

    HELP Tarp Demon Slayer Ideas for Birthday

    Good Afternoon, need help ng tarpaulin layout for birthday.. DEMON SLAYER sana themes. palapag po ng mga ideas nyo or psd files nyo po. Thank you ng advance mga master :) 🙏
  16. I

    Give me ideas on what should I post

    Gois kailangan me ideas kung anong ipopost ko na mga methods, guides or something 😇
  17. I

    Code/Key UDEMY - ChatGPT for Creative Ideas: Generate Powerful Concepts

    ✨️(Limit: 1000 Enrollment)✨ 🌻Please enroll ASAP or the coupon will expire🌻 Hidden content
  18. P

    UX design need ideas.

    mga lods ano maganda UX design para sa Characters and Staffs section. mobile size lang muna. baka may goods kayo na idea. Figma
  19. C

    Ideas for Coders and Programmers

    The Following will be based on your expertise. Software Grouping or teams or individuals Feel free to do anything. Idea: Automated Social Media Scheduler for Small Businesses Target Audience: Small business owners and entrepreneurs managing their social media presence. Interest: Those...
  20. P

    Help DIY Ideas for Wedding Souvenirs

    Any ideas kung ano pwede gawin souvenirs para sa wedding para makatipid?
  21. M

    Suggest HTML and CSS Project Ideas

    Hello po goodmorning, suggest naman po kayo ano magandang project na gawin with using html and css need lang po as midterms namin salamat poo!!
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    Help Any ideas for forgotten Phone Number to recover Gmail acc ?

    Good evening mga ka PHC Ask ko lng sana, kung may way paba ma recover yung Gmail acc gamit yung number na nakalimutan na.. although alam ko pa naman yung number na nilagay ko png recover ng password pero yung number nayon is natapon na ata.. kaya dito padpad ko kung may way paba sana... Thanks...
  23. T

    PHP Looking for PHP with MySQL project tutorial

    Mga idol baka may PHP with MySQL project course kayo dyan. Gagamitin ko as a reference sa project namin sa University TIA!!
  24. J

    Help Hi any automotive research ideas?

    need po kasi gawan ng prototype, need pa raw ng ibang ideas huhu
  25. L

    Help. business ideas worth 50k

    any ideas mga paps. ano magandang negosyo ngayon? very thankful sa mga mag suggest
  26. F

    Help Research Quantitative topic ideas

    mga boss baka may pwede kayo ma-i-suggest sa'kin na topic for students na controversy and issues ngayong panahon. maraming salamat mga boss
  27. L

    Giveaways Better Videos Blueprint: Turn Your Ideas Into Videos

    Grab it, 2 days left. Who this course is for: YøùTùbérs, Instagramers, Tik Tokers, Videographers, Aspiring Filmmakers, Online Content Creators, Artists and Photographers Someone wanting a film school level of confidence and understanding about the video creation process without paying...
  28. J

    Capstone Ideas?

  29. J

    Business tips and ideas worth 20k.

    Any business tips or ideas ano pwedeng business worth 20k ang magagastos? Sawa na ko mag work eh, hopefully sa pag bubusiness maging successful. Or saan pwede mag invest?
  30. N

    Help Research ideas help pls

    Good day po, need lang po ng kahit anong idea or any common problem po na nararansan niyo (mas ok po if may suggested solution). Gagamiting research idea po. Salamat hehez.
  31. T

    Help Capstone Title Ideas

    Baka naman mga lodi makapag share kayo ng any ideas about dito pigang piga na kami at 6 titles na ang rejected samin kasi common daw or madali lang or hindi unique. Baka pwedeng pa suggest mga lodi capstone na may ai or unique features maraming salamat
  32. K

    Help Provide Suggestions

    CMEX was the first culminating activity in Catering Management last year. CMEX stands for Catering Management Expo, and for your activity if you are the one who will create the name of our culminating this coming December 04, 2023, what will it be and please explain. Acronym as much as possible...
  33. W

    Help Project Ideas

    Good evening po, baka may mga ideas po kayo for thesis na pang computer engineering, i would love to get ideas from you all po. Thank you!
  34. S

    Help 10ft x 20ft floor plan ideas?

    Mga paps, pwde po humingi ng idea nang floor plan kung ang sukat nang lupa ay 10ft x 20ft? salamat sa magbibigay nang ideas, ty..
  35. N

    Help Capstone Title Ideas

    baka pwede po makatulong pahingi lang po any capstone title ideas yung IT Related po TY
  36. L

    Tattoo Ideas Suggestion

    Hello po. Do you have any suggestion for tattoo ideas? Maganda po kaya mga japanese tattoo? I like music din po kaso usually pambabae yung tattoo na related sa music. or I feel cringy at di bagay saken.
  37. I

    Help Project ideas for Computer Engineering

    Good day po, gusto ko lang po mag ask how do you think of a thesis/project ideas? so far kasi mga naiisip ko is parang hindi thesis worthy. thank you sa sagot!
  38. H

    Gift ideas

    zup i need your ideas pra ibibigay kong gift or pa suprise, next week na kase anniversarry namen ng partner ko 😅may mga naiisip naman akong gift pero di padin ako 100% sure comment your ideas mga sir
  39. K

    Help San kaya meron yung hindi hiwalay ang subtitles sa movie [for streaming Video Players]

    Saan meron online streaming websites yung hindi hiwalay ang subs if you want to play sa external video players (watching Kamen Riders kaso pag ipi-play ko na walang subs), hindi po ito yung need pa iclick yung subs or need pa mag download guys ha 😅✌️ (may mga websites na po akong nakita na meron...
  40. L

    Help Close

  41. I

    Help Any ideas about this issue?

    D ako makatagal sa pagkapit dahil everytime na makaconnect ako sa vpn nag rerestart ang data ko makalipas ng ilang minuto. (Globe gamit ko)
  42. D

    Help Looking for Capstone Title Ideas

    Hi guys, my braincells are almost out, I've searched for the problems and capstone titles in the web and chatgpt and I still can find something.
  43. M

    Help Business ideas for students

    Baka may masuggest kayo mga boss, planning to start eh hehe
  44. L

    LF ideas for supplier

    Mga lods baka may idea kayo saan makakahanap ng supplier ng mga close caps? TIA sa mga ideas agad.
  45. V


    high profit business ideas
  46. U

    Help CpE thesis/project ideas

    Good day Phc I'm currently taking Computer Enigneering, I need some ideas/suggestions for my upcoming thesis next year. Gusto ko paghandaan at macame into life ang techonology. Sa ngayon I have this idea na Mental health assistant robot using arduino Baka meron kayong ibangg ideas including AI...

Did you know?

Credit is the trust which allows one party to provide money or resources to another party wherein the second party does not reimburse the first party immediately, but promises either to repay or return those resources at a later date.

Lenders want to make sure all their bases are covered before they extend you credit. That means they may look at factors other than your credit score to determine whether to lend you money. Your employment status also can play a role: If your income is too low or you haven’t been at your current workplace long, those factors could weigh against you.

Errors can come in a variety of forms. You may not have been credited for a payment you made, or you may have been charged for a purchase you didn’t make. A debt might be listed more than once, or your balance might be wrong.