Suggestion is the psychological process by which a person guides their own or another person's desired thoughts, feelings, and behaviors by presenting stimuli that may elicit them as reflexes instead of relying on conscious effort.
Nineteenth-century writers on psychology such as William James used the words "suggest" and "suggestion" in the context of a particular idea which was said to suggest another when it brought that other idea to mind. Early scientific studies of hypnosis by Clark Leonard Hull and others extended the meaning of these words in a special and technical sense (Hull, 1933).
The original neuropsychological theory of hypnotic suggestion was based upon the ideomotor reflex response that William B. Carpenter declared, in 1852, was the principle through which James Braid's hypnotic phenomena were produced.

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  1. Z

    Help Laptop suggestion ?

    Hello mga paps may suggestion ba kayu na laptop under 25k home credit ko sana . uses light gaming , editing and other uses . drop kayu paps yyhng sulit at magaan sa bulsa
  2. L

    Mouse suggestion 1k

    Dati kong mouse is logitech g102. i dont know if ganun ba ulit bilhin ko (nasira na kasi) or if may mas maganda pa kaya jan? can go 1k - 1.5k max budget
  3. J

    Game Suggestion survival yung offline po

    pa suggest po ng game
  4. H

    Help Need some suggestion in html/css

    <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <title>Semi Final</title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"> </head> <body> <div id=sqr1> <div id=sqr2> </div>...
  5. R

    Help [PC BUILD] Any PC build suggestion under 8 - 9k?

    PC pre build for Games (CS2, DOTA2 etc) and Photoshop and some lite video editing. preferably AMD GRAPHICS CARD. any recommendations? screenshots n Lang GUYS. THANKS
  6. D

    Game suggestion

    ano Okay na game ngayon? ung di nakaka pressure laruin
  7. L

    Help GCAM LMC config suggestion

    Sino pong may config na pwede magamit pang outdoor photography
  8. C

    Cat name suggestions

  9. B

    Help [PC BUILD] Parts suggestion yung budget friendly.

    Paps meron nako ryzen 5 5600x, rtx 4060 at b550m-pro mobo. Need ko ssd and ram pa suggest nman dyan sa mga tech guru. Also pa refer nadin san kayo bumibili ng murang pc parts online. Thanks
  10. C

    Help Game suggestion (yung may decent player count)

    Good day! I was wondering if ano ma suggest nyo na game sa phone na hindi need ang real time good signal to download Preferred apps: strategy, tycoon,
  11. H

    Any phone suggestion?

    I'm Planning to buy POCO F5 Pro kc.. ano pede pagpilian maliban sa POCO F5 Pro. ung kasing same price nya din sana Thanks in Advance :):)
  12. M

    Help Earning App/Site Suggestion?

    Pa drop naman po mga alam niyong madali at malaki pagkakitaan na app or site hehe. Pass po sa crypto/bitcoin, yung mga pang beginner lng po sana Drop niyo na rin referral code/link niyo para matulungan ko rin kayo
  13. W

    Help Computer Upgrade Suggestion [Low End / Potato Pc]

    MAGANDANG HAPON MGA KUYS Anyways pa help mga kuys if ano ang compatible na pwede eh upgrade for my pc po, if may ma recommend din kayo sa shoppee or sa online store okay lng po, need ko sana unahin is extra 8GB na RAM (DDR4) at if ever SSD rin, or kayo mga kuys ano mga suggest nyo or advice, di...
  14. Z

    Smart Modem Suggestion

    Ano po best modem for UNLI DATA ni SMART? Thanks po
  15. Z

    Help Research title suggestion for implementing free wifi in school

    Good day. hihingi lang ng ideas for research title tungkol dito sa topic na gagawin namin. Baka meron kayong magagandang suggestion
  16. N

    SSD for laptop Suggestion

    plano ko po kasing bumili since ung laptop ko may 2nd SSD slot pero d ako ganun kagaling pumili ano ba dapat titignan ko kapag bibili ako online
  17. N

    Crypto [HELP] Suggestion for Cryptowallet

    Good day! I would like to ask for suggestions kung ano yung preferable na crypto wallet for us here in the PH na makaka convert to PHP and easily can receive also? Thank you sa sasagot!
  18. P

    Any Suggestion po pamalit kay 449 unli ng smart..

    ang mahal na po kasi ng load sa rocket sim :(
  19. P

    Help Vpn Suggestion

    Suggest naman po kayo ng VPN na may europe at working po. Kailangan lang, salamat po!
  20. K

    Help Any suggestion screen mirroring android to pc

    ano pong magandang pang screen mirroring na application Android to PC mirroring
  21. J

    Help Need Suggestion

    Hello po, I have a new laptop, and meron lang siya 512GB SSD & 8GB RAM, I'm planning na magpa-upgrade, pero di ko alam kung ano mas essential na unahin for upgrade, dahil kapos pa sa budget 😅 additional RAM po ba or additional SSD (for storage)? Thank you po sa sasagot!
  22. K

    Help Name suggestion

    Suggestions of simple yet catchy name for catering business
  23. K

    Crypto HELP!! Wallet suggestion?

    guys ask ko lang po sana Anong gamit niyong wallet na pwedeng bumili at makapagsend ng cryptocurrencies hindi ko Kasi magamit binance Kasi hindi ako makapagVerify Kasi wala akong required na documents e.g., passport, UMID, driver's license. Tanging Meron lang talaga ako for now is Student's ID...
  24. M

    Help Suggestion - Ai Voice Over

    Good day po mga sir. Baka meron po kayo alam na voice over / text to speech. Ung libre lang sana :(
  25. X

    Help Printer suggestion

    baka meron po kayo idea kung ano po magandang printer? 10k po budget. gagamitin po pangschool. yung meron din pong sanang scanner. tia
  26. A

    Help Need suggestion laptop budget 25k - 20k

    Ano po best laptop need po for coding yung budget is nasa 25k - 20k?? Ano ma e suggest nyo po
  27. K

    BEST GPU worth 10K, any suggestion?

    BEST GPU worth 10K, any suggestion?
  28. K

    Help Need your suggestion.

    sa mga expert po pag dating sa mga motor: Honda cbr150r or Suzuki gixxer sf250 open for other options basta pasok sa price range or lower. thanks
  29. L

    Help Laptop suggestion

    Hello, Hingi lang ko ng advise sa inyo mga paps... bibili ako ng laptop para maupgrade na ung laptop na gamit ko for more than 10 years... gusto ko sana ung magaan lang para di hirap dalhin pag commute, gagamitin lang sa work, email, office app, konting programming. ang mga pinagpipilian ko...
  30. H

    Casa Suggestion?

    Mga paps. ano po yung ma e recommend nyu na casa yung abut kaya na installment. Lagi ko kasi na babasa sa comment section ng YøùTùbé na sobrang mahal daw ng MOTORTRADE. Any suggestion po?
  31. P


    Mga paps recommend naman please ung subok na sana
  32. L

    Tattoo Ideas Suggestion

    Hello po. Do you have any suggestion for tattoo ideas? Maganda po kaya mga japanese tattoo? I like music din po kaso usually pambabae yung tattoo na related sa music. or I feel cringy at di bagay saken.
  33. M

    Globe Need suggestion

    Mga lodi balak ko ng mag avail ok na po ba sa presyo nya
  34. G

    Help Laptop 30k price range suggestion

    Laptop 30k price range suggestion
  35. A

    Help Any suggestion for cc checker?

    Beke nemen
  36. S

    Help Powerbank suggestion

    Hi po. Mag ask lang kung ano recomended brand ng powerbank. Currently thinking about if orashare or jaguar. Budget ng mga less than 1k. thank you
  37. P

    Any suggestion ãdül† games for android

    Hello mga lods baka my suggestion po kayo ãdül† games for android. Thanks in advance!
  38. C

    Hostinger Plan suggestion

    Mga boss ano magandang plan dito good for 1yr? i upload ko po kasi yung system ko Enrollment and Grading system.
  39. J

    Help Phone suggestion

    Xiaomi Poco M5s or Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S any suggestion na phone na pang flagship.
  40. I

    Help Suggest USB Flash drive for PC?

    Pa suggest po ano po ba maganda USB flash drive for pc Salamat po sa sagot!
  41. P

    Help Suggestion na legit cloud mining

  42. Z

    Suggestion for Android phone

    Suggest naman kayo na budget friendly na and phone for oldies, Hindi need ng maraming features call and text at most and kunting video call
  43. X

    Tools Need suggestion: pc build

    mga paps paturo naman po magandang pc build yung budget friendly around 20k maglalaro lng po ng valorant
  44. P

    Help Laptop for Graphic Design Suggestion

    Mga paps suggest naman kayo ng mura na laptop for graphic design like mga adobe applications mga under 35k or mas better under 30k sana.
  45. N

    Help Budget laptop ram suggestion

    any suggestion po planning to upgrade my laptop's ram
  46. T

    Suggestion: Bluetooth microphone to connect for JBL Go 3 bluetooth speaker

    Would like to ask for your suggestion mga ka phc. looking po ako ng quality bluetooth microphone na pwede kong iconnect sa bluetooth speaker ko para pwede magamit pang Karaoke hehe, thanks in advance po!
  47. O

    Any suggestion po to purchased Good CPU online?

    Good evening po! Looking po ako ng suggestion ninyo mga ka-techie kung saan magandang bumili ng CPU na may magandang specs tulad nito: core i7 500GB ssd 1TB HHD 12GB Ram HDMI support with Wi-Fi built in dongle na din Budget is 10K up to 12K Thanks!
  48. P

    Help Quantitative Research suggestion

    Good Day mga Ka PHC! nais ko po sanang humingi ng suggestions/opinions niyo Thank you po in advanced
  49. A

    Help Malog na celfon any suggestion how to fix para mabawasan pagkalog

    Baka may alam kaung apps mga master pampabawas log ng celfon,unit OPPO a54 4/128 pag binubuksan wifi subrang log wala namang madaming nakainstal na apps di din naggames...
  50. C


    Good day mga papsy. Just want to ask anong mas maganda na ram sa kanila? Or baka may other suggestion kayo. Im planning to upgrade my ram. Thank you SUPPORT MEDICAL CANNABIS , SUPPORT MEDICAL ********* (HB 6517's)