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    Python [TalkPython] - Python for Entrepreneurs Course

    Course Summary Have you ever wanted to create a startup or small web-based business? Do you know a little of the Python language? Great, that's a huge first step. But there are many elements to launching a successful online business and this course will fill in the gaps and help you realize your...
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    Legend lang ang makkakaalam ng pic nato

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    Help! r.a. 6810 (kalakalan 20) section 1

    •Section 1. It is hereby declared to be the policy of the State that growth of countryside business enterprises shall be achieved through absence of bureaucratic restrictions and granting of incentives and other benefits.ano ano ba mga example ng mga bureaucratic restrictions at incentives at...
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    About me

    Thank you all for welcoming me here. For sure I can contribute a little bit of my knowledge for everyone. I'm not that technical but can understand a few words and can easily catch up in most topics. I want to help in knowledge about internet entrepreneurship like marketing online and some good...