A stable is a building in which livestock, especially horses, are kept. It most commonly means a building that is divided into separate stalls for individual animals and livestock. There are many different types of stables in use today; the American-style barn, for instance, is a large barn with a door at each end and individual stalls inside or free-standing stables with top and bottom-opening doors. The term "stable" is also used to describe a group of animals kept by one owner, regardless of housing or location.
The exterior design of a stable can vary widely, based on climate, building materials, historical period and cultural styles of architecture. A wide range of building materials can be used, including masonry (bricks or stone), wood and steel. Stables also range widely in size, from a small building housing one or two animals to facilities at agricultural shows or race tracks that can house hundreds of animals.

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    Help Factors that keep the Ecosystem stable

    PHC bot- can you give me a list at least 3 factors that keep the ecosystem stable, describe each 3 factors impact on the ecosystem stability.
  2. M

    Help Samba in Vodafone 2023 Stable LTE+ Firmware

    How to access samba in Vodafone 2023 firmware on mamba modem?
  3. P

    Globe TM GTM no load Slowdns Stable and Fast HTTP Custom

    Hidden content Pa pa test po kung stable din po sainyo 😁 ✅Please follow this tweaks for stable and fast connection 👉Use termux for stable connection 👉Airplane mode if no browse 👉NS: Dns ip: or use ur own dns ip 👉Destination ping...
  4. G

    DITO 30days no load × LAKAS × stable × Nationwide × Data wifi hotspot ( HTTP CUSTOM )

    DITO NO LOAD USER since 2022 DITO - Sarap mag dito noload × part 2 × block Sim × VIDEO PROOF IS HERE Hidden content Hidden content Follow me GwapoFreenet-TV feedback nalang mga paps
  5. R

    DITO Close up for bad breath

    xclose dumadaming kuto d2 sa land of kanser pati mga may matitinding utak na vivirusan bow
  6. H

    DITO Vultr SG SSH WS Acc & Setup(Stable)

    Vultr SG SSH WS Acc & Setup Hidden content
  7. T

    DITO Psiphon noload (Stable)

    Hidden content
  8. T

    DITO Dito stable ohp for Hinjector and Hcustom

    Hidden content Password:sadjooker
  9. A

    Closed Uyy

    Hidden content
  10. G

    DITO NOLOAD ( websocket ) Stable × Onetap × ALL AREA - NATIONWIDE - mamaw sa Lakas × Http Custom.hc

    Onetap noLoad ( Stable ) 12 / 31 / 2023 HTTP CUSTOM ρrémíùm Server websocket cloudflare Onetap connect nationwide • Block Sim Hidden content Enjoy happy Freenet follow me for more Updates GwapoFreenet-TV
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    Closed Closed

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    DITO 3days × DITO NO LOAD × ALL AREA × BLOCK SIM × WS CLOUDFLARE × Stable × Onetap connect

    3days no Load Unlimited Internet BLOCK SIM ✓ Onetap connect ✓ Ws Cloudflare ✓ Stable Upto 50mbps ✓ ALL AREA ➡️ HTTP CUSTOM Hidden content Enjoy feedback Lang mga idol
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    DITO NOLOAD WEBSOCKET CLOUDFLARE / Openssh / Stable × Create any Site u want × Block Sim

    Whats new ? STABLE & FAST DITO NOLOAD WS CLOUDFLARE OPENSSH OPENSSH Websocket Cloudflare create any site websocket cf CDN .. IP /host : port : 22 80 443 dependi sa site na nagawan if di mapili sa port .pwedi ring dina lagyan pa par so good 👈 username : password : Remote proxy ...
  14. G

    ehi 7days DITO NOLOAD / FAST & STABLE × 101 SWITCHING PROTOCOL × EHI × Unli Internet

    7days na Ligaya HTTP INJECTOR.ehi DITO no Load ✓ Onetap ✓ NATIONWIDE ✓ BLOCK SIM ✓ 101 SWITCHING PROTOCOLS 🔔 FAST & STABLE .. Hidden content enjoy at happy Freenet sa lahat MERRY CHRISTMAS PHCIANS namamasko po sa inyo Lahat
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    Closed Closed

  16. A

    Closed Closed

  17. G

    DITO SSH ACCOUNT FOR NO LOAD × fast × Stable

    Hidden content PayLoad nasa thread kona din enjoy
  18. J


    Paunahan nlng for 1 person lng yan😂😅 Tell Dec. 19 only for more update.. Feedback lng. Config. Hidden content Pw:👇 JEYHAN D ONLY 1
  19. G

    asht NO LOAD | ONETAP | Stable × Wantusawa × SHELLTUN × ASH. config ( Block Sim ) Only

    DOWNLOAD * SHELLTUN VPN nasa playstore yan mga Lods .. ✓ DITO NO LOAD ✓ Unlimited Wantusawa ✓ Stable Hidden content Enjoy happy Freenet Follow me for daily Updates GwapoFreenet-TV
  20. G

    DITO PSIPHON ( Http Custom ) DITO NO LOAD | stable , Onetap Connect × Unlimited Internet ( Block Sim only )

    PSIPHON HTTP CUSTOM NO LOAD CONFIG 👈 ✓ onetap Connect ✓ Unli Internet ✓ Dito blocked Sim Only DATA | POCKET WIFI | MODEM openLine Hotspot . etc So what are u waiting For DownLoad " HTTP CUSTOM " Hidden content Follow me for more Updates GwapoFreenet-TV
  21. G

    DITO NO LOAD 3DAYS × SSH × STABLE × Onetap Connect × UNLIMITED × HTTP CUSTOM . hc Config

    DITO NO LOAD ~ yes Sir Unlimited Wantusawa ✓ 3DAYS ONLY ✓ Stable Server no auto Disconnect ✓ SSH PROTOCOL Fast Set up ✓ BLOCK SIM ONLY 👈 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HTTP CUSTOM .HC config Hidden content Feedback Lang no hit and RUN .. BUKAS SUPPORT PPD LINK MGA IDOL ko ha salamat .. Enjoy ..
  22. X

    Globe TM DEC 16, 2023 update | SUCCESS FREENETSPEED | V2RAY | SDNS | STABLE | SOKPA!!!

    DEC 16, 2023 update | SUCCESS FREENETSPEED | V2RAY | SDNS | STABLE | SOKPA!!! Option1: No Load Connecting only V2rayDNS config setup but with stable net that can load and stream 720p video (No Load / No Promo Data Setup). Option2: NoLoad/No Promo Data - Connected V2rayDNS config setup with...
  23. P


    Advans merry xmass . muaaaaaaaah
  24. M

    Help Best windows 10 version and stable

    Good day po, ask ko lang po kung ano ang best sa performance na windows 10 version.kahit custom or untouched.TIA. Ganun din kapag sa windows 11.
  25. B

    POCO F2 Pro Best Custom ROM Ever - Paranoid Android Topaz Stable 6

    Paranoid Android Topaz Stable 6 is a custom ROM for Android devices based on Android 13. It was released on October 10, 2023, and is available for a variety of devices, including the Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro. POCO F2 Pro, Paranoid Android Topaz Stable 6...
  26. S

    GOMO Stable na ba si Gomo?

    It's been a week since nagtaas sila price to 699, humina din ang signal strength nya. Today mukhang ok naman sa area ko, legit na kaya?
  27. B

    Penge po m3u na stable

    Pasabit po ty!
  28. P

    Help SDNS paano pra maging Stable?

    Hello mga paps, may idea kayo paano po ma stable yung sdns config for gtm kasi ang daling bumitaw.
  29. I

    Help Any tips para stable ang internet sa. 4G+?

    Baka may trick kayo na pag stable na 4g+ connection sa mga android 10 above
  30. P

    GOMO Kaya pala hindi stable ang unli ni GOMO

    wala palang ibang IP range si GOMO kaya pala turtle net 100.76-100.79 lang meron ang GOMO diko sure kung all promo pero sa unli data yan lang nasasagap ko
  31. A

    Help My speedtest ping is low, why po sa league of legends is matatas po na ping na stable sa 60ms

    my speedtest ping is low, why po sa league of legends is matatas po na ping na stable sa 60ms? paano po gagawin?
  32. Z


    what's New? Added 6 SG server by DO SSH/SSL Thread: VPN - New Simple Socks VPN