A thesis (PL: theses), or dissertation (abbreviated diss.), is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree or professional qualification presenting the author's research and findings. In some contexts, the word "thesis" or a cognate is used for part of a bachelor's or master's course, while "dissertation" is normally applied to a doctorate. This is the typical arrangement in American English. In other contexts, such as within most institutions of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, the reverse is true. The term graduate thesis is sometimes used to refer to both master's theses and doctoral dissertations.The required complexity or quality of research of a thesis or dissertation can vary by country, university, or program, and the required minimum study period may thus vary significantly in duration.
The word "dissertation" can at times be used to describe a treatise without relation to obtaining an academic degree. The term "thesis" is also used to refer to the general claim of an essay or similar work.

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    Help Thesis titles for BSBA HR

    Any title recommendations po?
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    Thesis Help

    Message me if you need Thesis Help - for Undergraduate, Graduate and Advanced Studies. #09853417788. I'm an International Research Peer Reviewer, with research(es) published in an International Journal Indexed in Google Scholar. Forte ang Research po.
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    Help Thesis Proposal Defense

    Malapit na thesis proposal namin HAHAHA kinakabahan ako, may tips techniques po ba kayo kung ano pwede gawin? HAHAHA ayoko maging pabigat sa group kaya gusto ko ibigay lahat sana may magcomment po especially sa mga tapos na ng college
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    Help Looking for student/client na magpapagawa ng capstone/ thesis nila

    Hi Web at Mobile Developer ako. Nag-ooffer ako ng budget friendly na mga systems from scratch or ready made sa mga students na nahihirapan sa capstone nila.
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    Help Thesis questionnaire

    kapag gumagawa po ba ng questionnaire like self-made po, need ba magpa consult sa mga (psychologist) para ma support yung questionnaire na ginawa? yung mga tapos na po sa thesis pa help po
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    Help Pa help po for thesis

    Pa help naman po sa marunong dyan kasi po may project po kami for finals Electronics 1 po yung subject then may problem po ako para sa project namin kasi major din namin to and ang hirap ng mga ka grupo ko.. Need ko lang po maayos yung circuit board namin para po ma convert into 5 voltage 😭
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    For Sale Project Procurement Management Plan (Asp.Net MVC)

    Fully Functional ASP.NET MVC Website User Type Admin User Super Admin Technical Specifications: Framework: ASP.NET MVC (7.0) and Devexpress Report Frontend Technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (JQUERY) Backend Technologies: C#, .NET Framework, EF CORE Database: MSSQL Server Hosting...
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    Help Pahelp po sa computer science thesis topic namin

    Pwede po makahingi ng suggestions or advice to strengthen our topic. May binigay po kasi yung instructor namin na topic about conversational Chatbot Recommendation in bicycle parts reviews in shopee. Pahelp po please. Thanks.
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    Thesis defended na ba ang lahat?

    Haha pampa-estab lang po
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    Help Palitan lang yung image sa website para sa thesis namin

    Baka may makatulong po. Palitan lang po yung image na nakalagay sa website namin para sa thesis. Willing po mag bayad hehe. D na kasi namin ma contact yung unang nag ubra sa website kasi arabo daw yun. 😌
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    Tutorial Website for thesis project

    Anyone help po pano mag start gumawa ng website about quarry (nag dedeliver ng buhangin) wala gagawan lang namin sila ng online transactions yung pinaka thesis namin thank you
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    Help Saan pwede makahanap ng master thesis sample na locally made?

    Baka naman po may alam kayo. Naghahanap lang ako ng basis for my thesis. MBA sana.
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    LF Talent Programmer for thesis

    LF po sa programmer marunong mag Neural Network/Machine learning. Willing to pay po.
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    Yung tinatanung kayo ng panel about sa thesis nyo

    Ikaw na taga luto nang pancit canton
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    Thesis Proposal Possible Questions

    Mga boss, pa drop lahat ng naranasan nyo na posible questions about thesis proposal, proposal na namin kasi this coming thursday🥹. Kahit ilan sa mga natatandaan nyo po. I know it is case to case bases but its okay.
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    Soil Sensor Thesis Help

    Yung proposed study ko po is Soil Sensor na may AI na makapag suggest ng pweding gawin sa current soil mo after niya ma scan, like Anong fertilizer or ilang percentage ng crop growth after niya ma scan. May prototyping na kami next month and I don't know what to buy, Anong klaseng sensor Yung...
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    Help Arduino + Web App + Mobile App for Thesis - Health Monitoring Device (Glucometer, Heartbeat Sensor, pH Level Sensor)

    Sa mga magaling dyan with coding, and IoT integration, pwede po bang mag ask if feasible yung project? And can I ask nalang po suggestions in regards sa pagpili nung hardware, specifically choosing sa anong Arduino yung pipiliin, tas other sensors na lang po dun sa health monitoring na part. Tas...
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    Tools Need advice for thesis using water sensors - Internet of Things

    Anyone po who have experience with water sensors, such as Water oxygen, salinity, pH level, ammonia, and nitrite sensors. Want to know how much po and how you work with it po? Your story, experience, and tips are very appreciated po! Thank you
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    Pahelp po sa Computer Science Thesis topic namin

    Any Idea po about po sa napili naming Title: "Customer Assistant chatbot and barcode scanner application using NLP(NLTK and generation response) in department store. Thank You in Advance sa tutulong.
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    Help BS ComScie Thesis

    Looking for BSCS expert sa thesis. Pagawa po sana kami thesis with system based sa client or data gathered. Lagi kasi kami nareject dahil sa walang CS Theory at hirap sa Algorithm Usap po tayo sa FB about sa price
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    Salamats thesis defended

    Pwedi na ulit ma tulog ng mahimbing tapos na thesis. Na defend na namin yung mga kwestyon na binigay nung panel.
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    Help Agri Biosystems Engineering Thesis Ideas

    Helping a friend lang baka meron kayong naiisip. Ty
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    Help Pa advice po about our thesis

    My title po is "Safety and Security Facilities of Hotel and Resorts in Selected Establishments in (our place) ". Naguguluhan po ako if anong tamang Likert Scale ang gamitin ko eh. Gusto ko malaman yung level of safety and security ng facilities. For instance: 4 (Very Effective) 3 (Effective) 2...
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    Pasabit po sa quilbot pang gawa po ng thesis

    pasabit po sa quilbot pang gawa po ng thesis
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    Help Thesis Help (ρáíd Commision)

    Need help with thesis ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING course Work with Thermal Imaging, Machine Learning (YoLo), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with Web Dashboard CAMANAVA Area
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    3rd Year Computer Engineering Design Project Thesis Helpp!!

    Hi guys! So currently, 3rd year computer engineering student ako and we’re lacking of ideas na huhu. Bali, all of the presented topics namen were rejected most of it ay pang agriculture. Can you guys suggest some topics for Memorandum of Research (MOR)? Nakafocus palang to mismo sa research then...
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    Closed RRL for Thesis
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    Help Thesis Ideas

    Pa help any suggestion thesis idea using machine learning Thankyou for your suggestion
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    Tutorial Ordering-Printing Services Management System | Capstone Thesis Project

    Ordering-Printing Service and Online Booking Appointment with Real-Time Notifications & Chat Platform: Web Languages: PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS Users Type: Administrator, Customer Inclusions: Free Revisions, Database, Source Code FEATURES Admin: View Dashboard View List of Customers...
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    Help Thesis chapter 1 to 5, willing to pay

    Sino po gumagawa ng thesis diyan, may title na po kami binigay ng prof namin, i dedefend palang ang title next week, tas next next week ay final defense na, willing to pay po. pa chat na lng po ng price,
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    Thesis Case Study

    Baka may suggest po kayo na research topic? Yung madali lang po and may algorithm. Yung no need na hardware. Software lang po sana. Yung madali po hanapan ng client.
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    Help Topic in thesis sa Statistics?

    Anu maganda mga lods topic para sa thesis sa Statistics?
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    Research Papers/Thesis Ghostwriter

    Hello! Nagcocommission po ako, gumagawa ng mga research papers/thesis. Thank you so much!
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    Tutorial Sleep Assessment Survey App with Algorithm and Recommendations | Capstone Thesis Project

    Sleep Assessment Survey App with Algorithm and Recommendations. This is a 4th year Capstone Project, way back 2021. This was my first mobile app project made for my graduating student client. Platform: Android/Mobile App Language/s: Java only Users Type: Users with Account Third Party Used...
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    Help How to win best thesis award?

    Hi po, baka may idea kayo on how to win the best thesis award?
  36. D


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    Tutorial Pedicab Drivers Association Management System | Capstone Thesis Project

    Pedicab Drivers Association Management System. This is a 4th year Capstone Project. Platform: Web Languages: PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS Users Type: Administrator, Applicants, Members/Driver Third Party Used: PHP Mailer, Bootstrap Inclusions: Free Revisions, Flowchart, Graphs, Database...
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    Help Research study

    Introduction of Singapore faces criticism for use of death penalty and allegations about prisoner treatment in one paragraph
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    Help Thesis

    Introduction of Singapore faces criticism for use of death penalty and allegations about prisoner treatment
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    Thesis Statistician

    Hello, tatanong kulang kung may kakilala kayo na statiscian para sa undergraduate thesis namin (Chapter 3). Magkano kaya price range nun and kailangan rin kasi namin certification
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    Looking For (Service) Thesis.

    LF mag gagawa ng Thesis up to 6 chapters, pero 3 chapters muna, kayo na bahala sa title basta related sa Algorithm. Computer Science yung course ng kakilala ko. Budget ay 10k.
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    Help What are possible masters thesis ideas about the topic of high school or college students issues in relation to their daily lives? [Bot]

    What are possible masters thesis ideas about the topic of high school or college students issues in relation to their daily lives?
  43. C


    HI! Good day! I am an aspiring masteral student and I was thinking if you have some ideas what to thesis. Hehe. you can put it on the comments below. Would love to hear ideas from high school/college students in relation to their daily life. Thanks!
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    Help Revalida

    Please give me an example of revalida project
  45. L


    Saan po ako makakkuha ng free codes na arduino base po sana, hahanap po sana ako para sa application for ebike po sa pag determine ng soc using coloumb counting method.
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    Tatanong lang po para sa thesis

    ano pong pwede kunin legal basis about sa fire detection alarm system po.?
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    Help Thesis Idea HELPP!

    Hello guys, I am currently Taking Agricultural and Biosystems Enginering. Ilang linggo na ako nag-iisip ng magandang thesis idea pero wala pa rin ako maisip. Pwede po ba magpatulong sainyo? Prefferably, about crop processing. Magastos kasi kapag machinery. Baka hindi kayanin ng budget😅