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  1. J

    I am newbie sir

    Teach me how to play
  2. Y

    Tutorial C# C#, run on startup yung application mo, ok pang gawa virus

    first, kunin natin yung current path ng app: string me = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location; yun ang path na gagamitin ng startup, second, gawa tau ng bagong registry key: RegistryKey rk = Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey...
  3. Z

    Request Clash royale account na di na ginamait pls

    Clash Royale Account na di na ginamait pls Clash Royale Account na di na ginamait pls Clash Royale Account na di na ginamait pls Clash Royale Account na di na ginamait pls
  4. M

    Hit and run

    Kakatamad awit sa mga hit and run ni feed back e wala dami nang nag dl tapo ilan lang feed back kakatamad mag bahagi pag ganun charot share lang pero kakainis mga ganun e
  5. B

    Blastie gaming

    4days ehi po pang gaming low ping Singapore sever.. no status.. Kau n po bahala jan heheh https://www.datafilehost.com/d/396d4011
  6. R

    Runique™ || nostats/200ok w/bugmulti payloads !! || heavy downloaders pasok || 11-23-17 ||

    Original thread !!! https://phcorner.net/threads/runique-nostats-200ok-w-bugmulti-payloads-heavy-downloaders-pasok-11-23-17.450483/page-3#post-7093692 https://dropmb.com/download/b19807bda675a66787589d6d052ed4fa.html 7 days // new // Active Simply say thanks !!!!!
  7. E

    -exrules- postern config v3!

    Update config (05/22/17) kahit working pa yung nakaraan :) http://www.datafilehost.com/d/4b064e24 Import nyo nalang sa postern nyo :) Previous threads: https://phcorner.net/t/postern-config.324127/#post-4533381 https://phcorner.net/t/postern-config-v2.324519/#post-4540007 WAG NAMAN KAYONG...
  8. C


    Globe and tm default only Cdc trick to connect Or try my apn (REPOST ONLY) S
  9. M

    Lifetime ehixmas smart/tnt

    Pick all you want and hit like! SINGAPORE•••••••} https:// www.datafilehost.com/d/72d6439d JAPAN•••••••} https:// www.datafilehost.com/d/1414f6d3 INDIA•••••••} https:// www.datafilehost.com/d/c84bba38 NETHERLAND•••••••} https:// www.datafilehost.com/d/fbdd6399 UNITEDKINGDOM•••••••}https://...
  10. M

    Ehit and run 15days default

    Pa like nalang bago ehit and run.
  11. L

    Batman & the flash: hero run v2.0 mod [unlimited money]

    Hero Run v2.0 Description Batman & the Flash: Hero Run!Become the savior of Gotham City and Gorilla City as you do battle with the Joker and fearsome Gorilla Grodd! Battle by night: As Batman, exit the shadows and liberate Gotham City from your nemesis, the Joker, and his army of twisted...