A birthday is the anniversary of the birth of a person, or figuratively of an institution. Birthdays of people are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with birthday gifts, birthday cards, a birthday party, or a rite of passage.
Many religions celebrate the birth of their founders or religious figures with special holidays (e.g. Christmas, Mawlid, Buddha's Birthday, and Krishna Janmashtami).
There is a distinction between birthday and birthdate: the former, except for February 29, occurs each year (e.g. January 15), while the latter is the complete date when a person was born (e.g. January 15, 2001).

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  1. M

    Happy Birthday sa kapatid ko.

    Happy 30th birtday sa kapatid kong maganda!
  2. P

    Papansin lang

    It’s my birthday 🥳 Happy Birthday to me! 🥰
  3. P

    Happy birthday

    sa magbibirtday ngayon
  4. N

    Photoshop Birthday Tarps Template

    Baka po meron po kayo birthday tarp templates pang photoshop, thanks po! :)
  5. A

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday sa mga may birthday today!
  6. I

    Its my birthday

    baka naman tumatanggap po ako ng gcash eme hahahahha
  7. D

    Happy birthday to me

    gusto ko lang po sabihin dito na happy birthday sakin🥳 kahit mag isa ko lang at walang nakakaalala ngayong birthday ko gusto ko kayong isama sa wishes ko na more blessings to come! hihipan kona po ang aking cake na may kandila (cupcake) maraming salamat po sa pagiging parte ng phc community sa...
  8. A

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday mga boss, pacanton naman kayo 😊😊😊
  9. R

    Naki Birthday

  10. B


    BLUE BIRTHDAY__.tif - Shared via TeraBox
  11. B

    Happy birthday to me

     thank you G for another year of existense ❤️
  12. G

    Happy Happy 1st birthday Anak Kong iyakin

    Happy Happy 1st birthday Anak ko . Love ka lagi ni daddy kahit sa gabi lang halos tayo magkasama Lab Lab Always 🥰🥰🥰🥰
  13. R

    Lapit Na Birthday Mo

  14. H

    Happy na Birthday mo pa

    Thats 1 minute see you next year!!:3Heading::ABDULpls:
  15. A

    Happy Birthday

    Maligayang kaarawan sa inyo. pakanton naman kayo jan 🤣🤣🤣
  16. B

  17. C

    Bilis mo ayain par
  18. P

    Happy birthday to me!

    Yiieyy it’s my birthday Kahit 1 month ρrémíùm account sa Netflix lang okay na Bakanaman🥰
  19. C

    Me pag nag birthday

  20. W

    Happy Birthday ate

    Happy birthday sa ate ko. sana magka pamangkin na ko.
  21. M

    Happy Birthday to us guys

    Happy Birthday to me at sa lahat ng mga ka phc na may birthday ngayon Thank you Lord for the Good Health and to all the blessings na na received namin at sana matupad lahat nang pangarap namin sa buhay na naayon sa plano ng ating Panginoong Diyos.
  22. F

    Today is My Day! [05-23]

  23. H

    Happy Birthday

    Di ako binati ni phc this year wala notif haha. Happy birthday sa lahat ng may birthday ngayon 🎉 Thank you for another year 🙏 Tumatanggap po ako ng gcash kahit magkano. Salamat po :peepoSmile:
  24. X

    Birthday ko na naman

    Habang patanda ng patanda palungkot ng palungkot ang buhay :cry:
  25. 7

    Ngayon ba ang birthday mo?..

    happy birthday po...
  26. P

    Happy birthday sa may birthday

    Enjoy long-lived 🎉🎉
  27. K

    It's My Birthday!!!

    I've been here for more than 3 years. Sobrang daming tulong ng phc fam sakin, in terms of educational and entertainment purpose. Can anyone greet me? Thanks guys. 💙💙
  28. U

    Birthday ng asawa.jpeg

  29. A

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday sa lahat ng may birthday today, mabuhay kayo hanggat gusto niyo :3Kool: :3Kool: :3Kool:
  30. P

    Happy Birthday sayo

    Happy Birthday! mabuhay ka hanggat gusto mo
  31. S

    Happy 20th Birthday to me

    Hindi ko ramdam yung pagka-twenty years old ko. Palagay ko na sa teenage pa rin ako, HAHAHAHHA. Recommend nga kayo kung saan maganda umorder as little blowout for myself. Suggest din kau ng fast food chain o restaurants except sa Jollibee, KFC, at McDo, nakakasawa kasi, HAHAHAHA.
  32. A

    Happy Birthday Nanay

    Happy 82nd Birthday to my Nanay
  33. B

    Birthday Prayer 4-15-2024

    Dear God, today I bring my loved one before you on their birthday and pray for your blessings and guidance over their life. Thank you for leading them and guiding them in life. Help them to know how loved they are. Bless and protect them in the year ahead. May they know your peace and strength...
  34. B


    LASTIKMAN.tif - Shared via TeraBox
  35. B

  36. X

    Happy Birthday to me :)

    Happy birthday po sa mga kabirthday ko po ngayon. God bless us! :)
  37. P

    Heads-Up: Birthday Party

    -ctto- di kompleto kung wala to 🥴
  38. B

    Daily birthday prayer 4-5-24

    My friend, I hope to God that there will never be a lack of love and care in your life. Happy Birthday. May God grant you success in your aspirations! Happy birthday, my love. Happy birthday and many blessings to you! May your life get filled with peace, growth and boundless success. Happy...
  39. S

    Officially 30

    𝐎𝐟𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝟑𝟎 I am now officially stepping into the prime of my life. Turning 30 isn’t just about adding another year to my age, it’s a declaration of the person I’ve become - strong, experienced, and ready to embrace the world with open arms. In my 20s, I ventured, stumbled, learned, and...
  40. A

    Referral Lazada Birthday Sale Voucher

    LAZADA BIRTHDAY SALE Voucher Codes Hidden content
  41. Y

    Happy birthday

    Thank you, Almighty God, for blessing me with another year filled with joy, growth, and love. I am grateful for the truth I've found along this journey, guiding me closer to You and enriching my soul. Happy birthday to me, with heartfelt thanks to Almighty God for your continuous blessings and...

Did you know?

Credit is the trust which allows one party to provide money or resources to another party wherein the second party does not reimburse the first party immediately, but promises either to repay or return those resources at a later date.

Lenders want to make sure all their bases are covered before they extend you credit. That means they may look at factors other than your credit score to determine whether to lend you money. Your employment status also can play a role: If your income is too low or you haven’t been at your current workplace long, those factors could weigh against you.

Errors can come in a variety of forms. You may not have been credited for a payment you made, or you may have been charged for a purchase you didn’t make. A debt might be listed more than once, or your balance might be wrong.