A computer programmer, sometimes referred to as a software developer, a software engineer, a programmer or a coder, is a person who creates computer programs - often for larger computer software.
A programmer is someone who writes/creates computer software or applications by providing a specific programming language to the computer. Most programmers have extensive computing and coding experience in many varieties of programming languages and platforms, such as Structured Query Language (SQL), Perl, Extensible Markup Language (XML), PHP, HTML, C, C++ and Java.
A programmer's most often-used computer language (e.g., Assembly, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Lisp, Python, Java, etc.) may be prefixed to the aforementioned terms. Some who work with web programming languages may also prefix their titles with web.

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    Ideas for Coders and Programmers

    The Following will be based on your expertise. Software Grouping or teams or individuals Feel free to do anything. Idea: Automated Social Media Scheduler for Small Businesses Target Audience: Small business owners and entrepreneurs managing their social media presence. Interest: Those...
  2. D

    Need advice from programmers

    Hello sainyo, alam ko naman na may mga developers dito or nag wowork na talaga as a developer in different companies kaya may gusto lang sana ako itanong. 3rd year BSIT student ako now, sa umaga hanggang hapon pumapasok ako sa univ namin then sa madaling araw naman nag aaral ako ng online...
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    Help Calling out Programmers and developers

    Hi im a Computer Engineering student second year po, i have this gut na gustong gusto ko i master yung python at other different languages...gusto ko maging bihasa sa programming. Pero pag nandun nako sa online courses or tutorials bigla akong nakakaramdam ng katamaran at antok...baka may ma...
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    Bookmarking for Programmers

    Sa mga programmers what app do you use to bookmark sites po like important info or documentation. Kalat na Kasi sa gallery ko kaka screenshots haha.
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    For beginner programmers like me

    Try nyo to para bumilis typing speed ninyu dapat sa Monkeytype | A minimalistic, customizable typing test wpm nyu is 50 up tas dapat accuracy is 100% (note dapat accuracy first before speed) after nyo ma abot yung 50 wpm, punta kayo sa Typing Practice for Programmers | free lang mag...
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    Course FREE DOWNLOAD UDEMY COURSE 480K PESOS SALARY | Complete Front-End web Development Bootcamp 2022

    Hidden content Master front-end web development by following this Course, own-self practice Description Welcome to the front-end Web Development course with the Pashto language, the only course you need to learn to code and to become a front-end web developer, with this free front-end web...
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    Closed Need suggestions

    Hi guys, gusto ko lang iask kung meron kayo alam na mga sites na nag hahanap nang freelance programmer.. yung barkada ko nag hahanap lang nang extra work.. salamat.. yun lang poh. Respect.. thank you..
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    Closed Pls. help me to unlock

    Mga boss bka pwed nyo po ako turuan pano to gawin kailangan na kailangan ko lng po tlga... HTC J One HTL22's SIM unlocking method was released so I would like to put it together. Preparation of main unit S-OFF Administrator authority available state (This time from custom recovery.)...
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    Closed Request: do you know this app? pahingi naman ako niyan.

    Hello, mga ka-PHC, Patulong naman, baka kasi alam ninyo to, baka pwede ninyo sabihin sa akin kung ano to, at sabihin niyo na rin kung saan ko mada-download to, mga ka-PHC;
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    Closed hi everyone!

    barako here from pinas...
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    Closed need programmers in android plss.

    Good Day master. Mag papagawa sana ako ng android application . "Spelling Game" isa po syang larong pambata. skype: hp.linaza email: contact # 09186870255
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    C#(sharp) corner help :)

    this is my c sharp winform + console. the 2 winform are admin control and the passenger registration. the flow must be. if i will input passenger information text box value and press the request button the c# console will notify the admin control that there is a reservation request. and send...