A general officer is an officer of high rank in the armies, and in some nations' air forces, space forces, and marines or naval infantry.In some usages the term "general officer" refers to a rank above colonel.The term general is used in two ways: as the generic title for all grades of general officer and as a specific rank.
It originates in the 16th century, as a shortening of captain general, which rank was taken from Middle French capitaine général.
The adjective general had been affixed to officer designations since the late medieval period to indicate relative superiority or an extended jurisdiction.
Today, the title of general is known in some countries as a four-star rank. However, different countries use different systems of stars or other insignia for senior ranks. It has a NATO rank scale code of OF-9 and is the highest rank currently in use in a number of armies, air forces, and marine organizations.

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    Help General

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    Tutorial ControlD DNS Configuration Made for YøùTùbé ADs, General AdBlocking, and Security - Smart Phones, Windows, and Web Browsers..

    Hello PHCitizens! Custom CONTROLD DNS Configuration : Mainly For YøùTùbé ADs ADs and Trackers ✔ Clickbait ✔ Dynamic DNS ✔ Malware ✔ Phishing Sites ✔ YøùTùbé ADs ✔ Tutorial inside Using DNS Configuration : Smart Phones, Windows, and Web Browsers. Hidden content For DNS Testing if already using...
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    Help 1.5K monitor for general use?

    AIODIY Computer Monitor Original Brand New 22/19/17 inch LED Monitor FULL HD 1920*1080P Monitor 75hz Refresh Rate PC Monitor Computer Best Gaming Monitor Support Wall Hanging Monitor for Office Study Gaming
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    NEW From General Santos

    Hello everybody, Hopefully welcome ako dito :-) TIA
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    Help Meaning of Ethics and Its General Concept "Bot-only"

    1:) Meaning of Ethics and Its General Concept? 2:) The Importance of Ethics? 3:) Kinds of Valuation and Types of Norms? 4:) Characteristics of Moral Principles?
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    Help Help Adobe Acrobat Can't Accept the Adobe General Terms of Use

    Hi did anyone encountered this issue? This pop-up always comes out after few minutes and it getting stucked. In order to close the application, I need to go to task manager.
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    Pa request ng General" Command and Conquer zero hour reborn

    Pa request ng General" Command and Conquer zero hour reborn na pwede sa laptop windows 10
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    Course Art Therapy for Business: Practical General Business Usage

    .Get nyo na guys, while its free pa. Free sauce:
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    General cleaning

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    Python Describe how you might deal with a file error if you were writing a large production program. These descriptions should be general ideas in English, n

    Describe how you might deal with a file error if you were writing a large production program. These descriptions should be general ideas in English, not actual Python code. The code and its output must be explained technically whenever asked. The explanation can be provided before or after the...
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    Help Kaia Homes General Trias to Kalaw Road Manila or LRT 1

    Baguhan lang po sa lugar. Baka may nakakaalam paano commute from Kaia Homes General Trias Cavite to Kalaw Road sa may United Nation Avenue? or to LRT 1? Thanks po!
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    Trivia The Curious Case of PCSO Winners and its General Manager

    FROM: REDDIT/PHILIPPINES And this happened just recently: FROM: PHILSTAR Even months ago... FROM: REDDIT/PHILIPPINES Maybe this post answered my question on my thread a month ago... Madalas may nananalo na sa lotto Anong masasabi nyo ukol dito.. For me it looks framed up winners. :unsure:
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    General staff apprentice

    baka may nakaka alam nito - di ko kasi magets ung job descr[tion
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    Transparent notes

    sino po naka alam nito po?
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    Help Assignment

    1.Compare the theme of Noli and Fili, what is it all about? 2. Classify who are the characters in Noli and Fili. 3. What are the causes of Filipino laziness? 4. Literary work if Rizal in Dapitan. 5. Anotation of Morga's Sucesos de Las Islas Filipinas pa gali I abay ang background
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    Help Sinu naka avail nito

    Sinu naka bili sabi doon sure pass daw anu kaya laman don
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    Namiss ko dito.

    Namiss ko OMG. Its been Like 5 months ako wala paramdam dito. 😂 Kmusta kayo. OMG IMY my friends here. ❤️ I am back na. Need ko pa Contributor hahahaha.
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    Help Gore Section

    Hello po, tanong ko lang po kung meron pa po bang gore na section dito? Sorry po, paki lipat na lang ng question ko sa tamang section kung mali ang po. Salamat po admin.
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    General Questions (SMART & DITO)

    Hello! Some general questions regarding my Smart Unli Data+ at DITO Network. Iniisip ko kung worth it bang mag subscribe sa UNLI+ ng Smart kasi meron nang unli calls + unli texts to all net kesa mag subscribe ulit ako sa DITO99(300mins calls + unli texts to all) kasi mas tipid vs 549PHP ni...
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    Siya ba?

    Si Pipay lang pala 🤭😅
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    Help Help bot

    Problem about socket adaptor?
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    Hindi pala talaga nawawala ang sipsip at nag papa sipsip e no 🤣
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    What if?

    Anong Magandang what if?
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    Help Phcorner conversations

    Any way po para makita yung mga old conversations? Nandun po kasi yung yt prem na binigay lang sakin huhu
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    Help General Question

    Hello Admin, and members. Thank you for accepting me. Ask ko lng po about social media boosting on hw to avail? Thank you so much po.
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    Di naabangan to

    Ang inaabangan ko kc lagi dito yung kayang makipagsabayan ng galing
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    Palupetan ng post

    Mahusay to. Gusto ko din sana mag post ng malupet
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    Help Help bot

    explain the concept of ethics using the movie kung fu panda 3?
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    Happy Sunday

    Have a blessed sunday everyone...🤟 Long Weekend Is Real💗
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    Help Inbox message

    Bakit po nawala yun previous messages? Hinahanap ko po sana yun nagbenta ng chat gpt 4 sa akin, bibili po sana ako ulit
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    Help Ano ba kase

    Eh paano kung? (Testing phcbot)
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    Help Help bot

    Main problem about adoptor?
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    Paano po mag upload dito?