NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is an international military alliance that consists of 30 member states from Europe and North America. It was established at the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty on 4 April 1949. Article 5 of the treaty states that if an armed attack occurs against one of the member states, it shall be considered an attack against all members, and other members shall assist the attacked member, with armed forces if necessary. Article 6 of the treaty limits the scope of Article 5 to the islands north of the Tropic of Cancer, the North American and European mainlands, the entirety of Turkey, and French Algeria. As such, an attack on Hawaii, Puerto Rico, French Guiana, Ceuta, or Melilla, among other places, would not trigger an Article 5 response.
Of the 30 member countries, 28 are in Europe and two in North America. Between 1994 and 1997, wider forums for regional cooperation between NATO and its neighbours were set up, including the Partnership for Peace, the Mediterranean Dialogue initiative and the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council.
All members have militaries, except for Iceland, which does not have a typical army (but it does have a coast guard and a small unit of civilian specialists for NATO operations). Three of NATO's members are nuclear weapons states: France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. NATO has 12 original founding member states. Three more members joined between 1952 and 1955, and a fourth new member joined in 1982. After the end of the Cold War, NATO added 14 more members from 1999 to 2020.

NATO currently recognizes Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Georgia, Sweden, and Ukraine as aspiring members as part of their Open Doors enlargement policy.

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    Trivia Oldest PHC Members

    Sino ba yung "The First 10 Members of PHC" and Oldest Members ng PHC like 1 year or month palang yung PHC? Maliban kay Draft. Curious lang, at kamusta na kaya sila ngayon.
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    For Sale Fb group 53k members

    53k members, name your price view here
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    Need a members for March 2024 Clan War leagues

    Para po sa mga may clan na o naghahanap ng clan pero di naman makakasali sa CWL, Sali na po kayo sa clan namin were looking for a memebers who want to participate in CWL. Name: Black Org. Id: 2YC00LJ89
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    Help ELITE members

    Paano maging elite?
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    For Sale Fb Group 110k members

    For Sale Facebook group 110k members Still active Pinoy members
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    Tutorial COC leak. New upcoming QUEEN EPIC SKILL. FROZEN ARROW. Full guide + our clan is hiring members. 7 slots available

    Upcoming epic skill ni queen na super op. Kaya i abuse na natin agad kapag nilabas na. Sa lunar event po siya ilalabas Hidden content
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    For Sale Roblox Account with 864 Group members Can earn robux

    Nag eearn ng robux every 1 week kaya no probs 200 nalang guys murang mura willing to midman only in Moderator here in PHC no outside transactions
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    For Sale FB Groups (47k members)

    FB group. No issue. Active members. Job hiring group category. Pm nalang ako.
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    Tutorial How to IP Log PHCorner members silently

    This is purely for educational purposes only to aware you guys not to trust any links basta basta, make sure to double check first mostly from those forums that allows you to mask links. Hidden content
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    Malapit na ulit ang CWL, hanap namin ay makakasama para sa aming clan. 😊 We are currently looking for active members TH16-15 ✨ dahil matindi ang bakbakan dito sa Champion League. ❗At may pa event din si leader dito monthly, kaya sali na❗ copy our clan tag: #90CCYLP8
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    Closed Y0UTUBE PREMlUM Family free trial 1 month [need members]

    Gagawa sana ako ng yt ρrémíùm family. free trial 1 month. sino sasali? need 4 gmail account.
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    Help Recruiting Clan Members for "Viva Mantech"

    Beginner Friendly, chill lang po dito join us :)
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    Crypto LF Guild members sa Petopia $50K price pool

    Pa dm ako sa mga batak mag laro ng petopia jan, tara sama tayo abutin ang top 5 guild rank para maka earn ng pera. Puhunan: Effort mag batak and internet lang. I am offering free seats until now dm me sa tg @kirari012
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    Crypto Petopia (Looking for Guild Members) Free seats

    Naghahanap ako ng guild members at least two mga lods yung maganda stats ng account saka kaya mag batak. We are offering free seats. Dm me sa tg: @kirari012
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    Crypto Looking for members sa Petopia NFT game, Free seat sa guild ko

    Sa gustong mag grind, sali na kayo sa guild ko pamimigay ako free seat para makasimula kayo earn ako na din bahal sa gas fee nyo saka pangbayad sa seats nyo sa guild ko. Sa gusto sumali click lang itong link: Petopia-app Pm nyo ako sa tg: kirari012 How to join: 1. Need active player click...
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    🎮 UPDATED PHC Inject - MLBB (32bit) (Latest Update Nov 30, 2023) Version - 1.0.0 (beta) Change Log : 🟢 Official Release ______________________________________________________________________ PHC Inject - MLBB (SIMPLE FEATURES) Game - Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ALL FEATURES Menu : 1. Show...
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    Greetings PHC Members

    Hello , bago lang po ako sa PHC nice to meet you all ☺️
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    G·TM First 5 Elite members FREE VPN for 30 days

    Bigyan ko ng FREE VPN for only 30 days. Para lang muna sa mga elite members. First 5 Elite members muna. Post kayo then hide user ko na lang ung info. requirements: TeamworkVPN Core IV app nasa playstore. PS: name nya sa playstore: TW-CORE IV Goodluck! 1. vonez 2. lura 3. momo 4. style 5...
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    TERABOX DIRECT LINK DOWNLOADER (para sa mga di estab members at sa lahat)

    TERABOX DIRECT LINK DOWNLOADER (para sa mga di estab members at sa lahat) remove smilies nalang
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    Databases Data Model for team or group, project, members task, activity, messaging, schedule, recurrence, role, planned, expiration, key performance indicator

    Data Model for team or group, project, members, task, activity, messaging, schedule, recurrence, role, planned, expiration, notification, key performance indicator
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    Help Camera Lens Request All PHcorner Members

    mga ka phc ako po ay humihingi ng tulong pwede po ba mag suggest kayu na maganda na camera lens sa Android Phone Ninyu
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    Looking for CWL Members October 2023

    Hello phc clashers. Naghahanap po kami ng active sa war at cwl. Yung marunong mag 3 star ng katapat at maasahan. #29JL2CR9V Pag pumasok kayo, magchat kayo ng from phc. Para alam kong dito kayo galing. Th 13 below only. Thanks
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    Need Members

    Need Members mga bossing para CWL. Active po kami. #2LVJYV0UR ito yung clan number..
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    Help Attention to all members na bumibili sa online fb seller

    Attention to all members na bumibili sa online gaya ng fb mai naka scam sakin mai mga prove ako mai screen record pa ako sa deal namin
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    Help Established members

    im new here so i don't realy get that Established members, so can anyone help me to do it??
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    Help Clash Of Clan. Night of Blood is Hiring Members. Join Now. Always Clan War. Beginner Friendly

    Are you looking for a clan that is always Active, Friendly, Active Donator and ready for War? Do you want to join a clan that will help you grow as a player and have fun along the way? If so, then you might be interested in joining NIGHT OF BLOOD! NIGHT OF BLOOD is a clan that welcomes players...
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    Help Closed

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    Referral Looking for Members click for click on CPAGrip, adsterra, pastepeso etc..

    Guys sino may gusto sumali sa group na ginawa ko para sa mga mahilig sa cpa marketing like CPAGRIP, ADSTERRA at PASTEPESO? Bali click for click po tayo dito. Sa mga bago sa CPAGrip ito ung mga sample ng offer bale para siyang survey dapat matapos mo ung survey para ma claim ung offer..saglit...
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    Cheat External Mod MLBB by PHC - Anonymously (NEW UPDATE MAY 31)

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    Help May mga members po ba tayo na Nakagawa na ng movie streaming sites?

    kung meron po, ano po yong basic na need ko po malaman bago gumawa ng movie streaming site? Salamat po sa sasagot
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    Help General Question

    Hello Admin, and members. Thank you for accepting me. Ask ko lng po about social media boosting on hw to avail? Thank you so much po.
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    Crypto New longterm Investment DFA (Has 24k members) Try and check, for risk takers only!!

    Another long term investment, well matagal na RAW ito but fortunately Naka received ako ng invitation link for it, tried investing for some of the products and still waiting for my income. So apparently they have couple of products or “cows” to be invested on, and yung complan nila is pabago...
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    Hello all phc members

    Please help me to grow this small group that I created for online ****** promoters and members. Thanks in advance. Log in to Facebook
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    Help Looking For Members

    Sali na kayo sa clan namin mga boss
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    Referral [ FREE 50 ]GPPBET Offers 2K commission per 10,000 Achieved total deposit. Become an Affliate now! 15K Per 100 member deposits +Unlimited 120+Daily Com

    Do you know? na kada player na nainvite mo may 120Pesos ka agad? Yes dito lang yan sa GPPBET kada invite mo may 120PESOS ka agad! In every INVITE you make, the more MONEY you make! Permanent earnings!!! Every Invite = 120Php Recharge 200 - Get 200 free Recharge 500 - Get 500 free Recharge...
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    Referral 100% Extra Bonus sa new members pasok Phlwin

    Share ko lang to guys sa mga di pa nakaka alam may Extra Bonus pala si Phlwin Step 1 Register👇🏿 PhlWin | Online ******,Hash Encryption Games,Traceable Fair ****** Step 2 Punta sa home guys Tapos click Extra Bonus Step 3 Hanapin yung Extra 100% Bonus Step 4 Jan kayo mag rerecharge kase yung 500...
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    Referral 100% Bonus sa phlwin sa new members

    Share ko lang to guys sa mga di pa nakaka alam may Extra Bonus pala si Phlwin Step 1 Register👇🏿 PhlWin | Online ******,Hash Encryption Games,Traceable Fair ****** Step 2 Punta sa home guys Tapos click Extra Bonus Step 3 Hanapin yung Extra 100% Bonus Step 4 Jan kayo mag rerecharge kase yung 500...
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    pasok mga idol
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    For Sale FB Group w/ 9.5k members (sold)

    FS Po, FB group with 9.5k members, network-related group/telco forum group sya. pm/comment sa interested.
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    Welcome New Members

    Welcome sa mga new members ng PHC
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    Ganito ka rin ba? 🤭 Ito talagang support at keep sharing ang parati kong nakikita ehh. E mention nyo nalang ang hindi ko nabangit. 🤣🤣 Support (lods, paps, bro, ts) Keep Sharing Thanks Wards
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    Hi sa mga new members!

    Nice to meet you all po!
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    Appreciation Post to PHC Members!

    My own list of favorite/followed PHC Members for their contribution, imadami pa yan pero yan na muna hahahah. Ikaw sino idol mo dito? PC Applications PHC_LaCe12 Heywazup Gags, Love, and Life Quotes Professora Akira Freemium Accounts nanpinz1979 Hounted123 T Y R A N T arsenal1205 Hidden content