Gonzalo Raúl Barrios Castro (born April 17, 1995), known by his gamertag ZeRo, is a Chilean professional Super Smash Bros. player and streamer. He was considered the best Super Smash Bros. for Wii U player in the world throughout his career, with a record-breaking 56 consecutive tournament wins in the game from November 2014 to October 2015, including high-profile tournaments such as EVO 2015 and The Big House 5. Prior to the release of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, he was a top ranked Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Project M player. His best known characters are Diddy Kong in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Pit in Project M, Meta Knight in Brawl, and Fox in Melee. He is the only player to have earned more than US$100,000 playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U competitively.
ZeRo retired from professional competition in July 2020 following allegations of sexting two minors in 2014, which also led to ZeRo's sponsors cutting ties with him.

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    Nag babalak kasi ako bumili ng bagong mobile phone since may naipon akong maliit na halaga, any tips or suggestions kung ano mas sulit sa dalawa ?
  2. A

    Help Dito no internet connection - Infinix Zero 5g 2023

    Ask lang lang po sa mga naka Zero 5g 2023 jan or any user na naka DITO sim, May 4g+ naman po siya pero di ako nakaka received ng internet connection and sa ibang sim okay naman. Hindi po ba supported device ko or may need ayusin about dito? Thanks!
  3. K

    Help 51 Talk Low bookings

    Hi po, matanong ko lang po sana kung bakit Low Bookings or Zero Bookings minsan parin po ako as a 51 Talk teacher? Almost 1 month na po ako, nka H5 Tag na rin po makakatulong po ba yan para tumaas student bookings ko?
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    Infinix Note 10 Pro or Zero 5G?

    Alin sa dalawa mga paps ang smooth pag dating sa mga emulator like Aethersx2, Skyline edge at Dolphin?? planning to buy kasi 😁 salamat and God bless ❤️
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    Infinix Zero Ultra

    Anyone here na naka zero ultra din? Ask ko lang kung may alam kayong way para pag sabayin yung front light at front camera?
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    Philippines labeled as " Patient Zero " for disinformations

    The Philippines today is the "patient zero" of digital disinformation, a communications associate professor at De La Salle University. A study conducted by DLSU associate professor Jason Cabañes and his team found that the growth of disinformation operations in the Philippines, particularly...
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    Globe (UPDATE!) Wala nabang GWP ng Globe + Bug!

    Ok na guys si globe! Plus na Bug ko pa siya hehehe bale nadagdagan ko yung MB ni GWP! From 0mb -> 4gb is real! Plus na spam ko pa yung GS50 games dpat 300mb naging 900mb!
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    Trivia He dont give a pack

  9. D

    Closed Question.

    Mga ka-phc may tanong ako, kapag bumalik ba ang free fb sa globe/tm ay pwede nang gawing payload (fb based) for no load? or sa rp talaga binabasehan yon? Salamat sa sagot. Mabuhay PHC.
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    Closed Ps

    ps sa smart at tnt
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    Closed 1 month no need load

    1 month No Need Load Smart LTE/Bro/Prepaid/Kickstart For GTM need Switch Download the text file tapos nandun na yung link Feedback if working or not tapos Area niyo po
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    Closed Ps sa smartbro

    Pa pm amn sa my ps jn sa smartbro or tnt ung no need promo, plsssss. Tnx...
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    Closed Rocket zero postern config

    Annyeong First and foremost This config is not mine. This is made by Rocket Zero Group. Just visit the page and get the download link there Join the group if you want to learn more about free net
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    Closed Rocket postern

    Sir patulong naman po kung paano paganahin ulit si rocket postern... Newbie here... Tia...
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    Closed Bago lang po ako zero zero

    Good day po. bago lng po. Pwede po malaman step by step kung paano? (sun cellular sim user)... salamat po...
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    Closed Bago lang po ako zero zero

    Good day po. bago lng po. Pwede po malaman step by step kung paano? (sun cellular sim user)... salamat po...
  17. Screenshot_2016-09-24-15-37-28


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    Closed Reset/zero% data usage

    So, how to you clear your data usage? Well, unfortunately, one can clear data usage only on a rooted device. But, if your phone is not rooted, then there is a workaround for that as well. We’ll come to that later. First, let’s see how to clear data usage if you have root access. For Root Users...
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    New here!

    Hello every one :D