what if

What If, sometimes stylized as What If...?, is a comic book anthology series published by Marvel Comics whose stories explore how the Marvel Universe might have unfolded if key moments in its history had not occurred as they did in mainstream continuity. Since What If debuted in 1977, the comics have been published in 13 series as well as occasional stand-alone issues.
In 2021, an animated series based on the What If comics premiered on Disney+, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's multiverse.

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    Help What if?

    What if umorder ako sa lazada kasi sale sa 12.12 pero gusto ko sana ipadeliver sa 30. Pwede ba yun? Sayang kasi yung sale🤭
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    What if..

    Ctto pati dun sa dalawa🤣
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    Pag nanalo ka sa lotto??

    magandang hapon mga kalokaret!! pag nanalo ka sa lotto ng mahigit 500 Million? saan mo ito gagamitin? ako kung sakaling manalo ako sa lotto ng 500 million, gagamitin ko un pambili ng mga equipments para ipang linis sa dagat, basura, magpagawa ng sewage treatment plant, tapos papatayo din ako...
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    Stories We all live in what ifs

    What if from the past that can't change the present. What if from the present that you regret. And what if for the future that you keep on thinking for. What if will destroy you. Sometimes it will build you. What if will make you cry. And understand why what if you didn't try. What if that...
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    Closed What if?...

    you had 1 wish? What would you wish for? Excluded are: Killing everyone Getting more wishes Transfer the wish to someone else Becoming God
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    [What if...] PHcorner.sis/.sisx/.jar/.jad/.apk???

    good afternoon mga ka phc.!! what if yung mga developer natin eh gumawa ng application specific para lng sa web ng ph corner?? yung tipong fbt/ubt sya pero within PHCOORNER website lng?? kaya ba to mga sir/ma'am?? tara pagusapan natin to! =)