In mathematics and physics, n-dimensional anti-de Sitter space (AdSn) is a maximally symmetric Lorentzian manifold with constant negative scalar curvature. Anti-de Sitter space and de Sitter space are named after Willem de Sitter (1872–1934), professor of astronomy at Leiden University and director of the Leiden Observatory. Willem de Sitter and Albert Einstein worked together closely in Leiden in the 1920s on the spacetime structure of the universe.
Manifolds of constant curvature are most familiar in the case of two dimensions, where the surface of a sphere is a surface of constant positive curvature, a flat (Euclidean) plane is a surface of constant zero curvature, and a hyperbolic plane is a surface of constant negative curvature.
Einstein's general theory of relativity places space and time on equal footing, so that one considers the geometry of a unified spacetime instead of considering space and time separately. The cases of spacetime of constant curvature are de Sitter space (positive), Minkowski space (zero), and anti-de Sitter space (negative). As such, they are exact solutions of Einstein's field equations for an empty universe with a positive, zero, or negative cosmological constant, respectively.
Anti-de Sitter space generalises to any number of space dimensions. In higher dimensions, it is best known for its role in the AdS/CFT correspondence, which suggests that it is possible to describe a force in quantum mechanics (like electromagnetism, the weak force or the strong force) in a certain number of dimensions (for example four) with a string theory where the strings exist in an anti-de Sitter space, with one additional (non-compact) dimension.

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    Help May marunong po ba mag run ng ads ng exoclick dito?

    shout out po sa marunong mag run ng ads sa exoclick or other site pm niyo lang po ako.
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    Help How to go to MRT guadalupe or BGC Philplans from BUENDIA BUS terminal.

    Patulong sana mga lods . ano pinaka mabilis na ruta from Buendia terminal papunta sa MRT guadalupe or derecho sa philplans taguig BGC. salamat!
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    Help Paano mag run ng ADS dito sa PH corner mga idol?

    Paano mag run ng ADS dito sa PH corner mga idol? patulong naman mga lodi :)
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    Smart TNT Sun DNS Family Shield (Block **** and ADS)

    Share ko yung gamit kong DNS sa DHCP ng router/modem ko for family use. Madami kasing bata na nagamit ng wifi ko kaya nilagyan ko para di makagamit ng chrome at magsearch ng napapanood sa tiktok content hahaha. Working po eto, iset lang sa DHCP ng modem/router then irestart. Wait ng mga 5 mins...
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    Help Meta ads credit

    Hi ka-phc, ito ay question lamang mula sa aking jowa. Bale meta (facebook) employee kasi siya and every month may credit na binibigay sa kanila si facebook para magbenta ng ads credit. For example this month nakakuha siya ng $250 ads credit na pwede nya ibenta sa isang streamer or may-ari ng...
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    Good day po. Tanong lang po. kala ko po bawal ang may palaman (PPV ADS ) sa mga links? thanks po..
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    Help Bakit po angtagal ma seput ng ads on reels ?

    Umiikot lng po
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    Help YøùTùbé videos won't load automatically after the ADS. (YT app in android)

    mga lods na-experience nyo po ba ito? i did all the troubleshoot na makikita sa google but still experiencing the same.
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    Ako lang ba? - YT ads

    Ako lang ba dito? kahit anong extension ng yt ad block ayaw gumana, may lumalabas parin na ads :( . Chrome browser gamit ko mga sir. Baka may suggestion kayo ng extension/addons na yt adblocker.
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    Help Movies site or app without ads on ios?

    Baka meron kayong alam na parang loklok sa ios
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    ML Cheat Key No Ads

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    Ads pop up android

    Pa help naman pano po alisin ung nag pop up s cp ko n ads.. may nainstall ata ako na apps na may virus.. ana may makatulong ung hndi na need factory reset cp.. slamat po..
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    Help Facebook Ads

    Baka may alam kayong alternatives or facebook advertisement for free. Gagamitin lang for business. 🙂
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    Tutorial Want to Learn how to spy on your competitors ads?

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    Help Ads layout...

    Draft yung ads sa may 'similar threads' e sinisira layout nung dp + thread title... EDIT: rare lang siguro nangyayari kasi yung ads na palagi ko nakikita e nasa taas lang ng message box... kaso pag bumaba sya... ganyan nangyayari...
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    Help Facebook ads bakit nabloblock

    how to fix the errors when posting po sa facebook ads ? paano po mafix di po kasi nakikita ng audience or rather di nakakamessage yung mga audience despite nakikita nila yung ads?
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    GUSTO KO PO SANA IDELETE Yung google ads account ko., masasali po ba ang gmail ko if ever? gusto ko sya idelete wla naman akong paggamitan , aside sa pagdelete ng google ads para san ba iyon?
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    HELLO sino ba web dev dito or may experience sa google ads? di ko lang talaga magets bat need nila gamitin google ads account ko. by the way yung boss ko kasi may web developing business kuno pero naghhingalo na sya ngayon . sino ba dito expert sa web dev? bat need nila gamiting google ads...
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    Money program

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    Help Please check this mga web dev experts dyan help

    I have been seeing this a lot on my gmail account IMAGE CLICK LINK patingin nga if this is a sure proof of h@cking ba ito or ano they are trying to access my google ads account ?????
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    Crypto Brave Browser Ads

    Hi po. Any idea po kung bakit wala na pong ads na lumalabas sa brave browser sa mobile ko after kong ilagay yung same account ko sa pc. May effect po ba yun? Any way para makabalik ung ads? Thank you po!
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    Help YøùTùbé Popup Ads

    Mga boss, patulong naman po paano po kaya magpalabas nang ads sa YøùTùbé videos/ channel ko po? Ano po ba step by step? Para din po sa iba Salamat po
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    Help request Nétflí×

    sa may mabubuting puso dito...pahingi po Nétflí× account,please.... 🙏 🙏🙏
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    Help PERA| Pa'no kumita ng pera through ads?

    Maraming paraan hindi ba? tulad ng paggawa ng blogs, sites, YøùTùbé vlog, o kahit ito mismong forum may ads. Kumikita ang may ari ng mga platform na 'to through oo tama, sa pagpapatalastas. Halimbawang may Restaurant ako na gusto ko magkaroon ng advertisement para dumami pa ang customer ko...
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    Help Google AdSénsé Alternative?

    Ano po best alternative sa google AdSénsé mga sir/ma'am?
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    Poll Phcorner estimated income

    Credits to siteworthtraffic PHCORNER.NET TRAFFIC WORTH We estimate the website value of is currently at $ 46,917 USD and reaches roughly 3,391 unique users each day that generate 21,423 daily pageviews with a daily revenue (from advertisements, i.e Google AdSénsé) of $ 21...
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    Masama ba or mabuti ?

    masama ba na kumikita dahil sa ads ?
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    GOogle ads

    hello may tutorial po ba dyan para or pano mag lagay ng ads. gs2 ko kasi magron ng income ung website ko or ung aps ko as extra income
  42. S

    Virus ba to?

    Mga Ka-phc, ask ko lang may napaka annoying kasi na ads na labas ng labas sa smart phone / android phone ko. Nakakadistruct talaga. Patulong naman saan kaya ito naggagaling at paano kaya ito tatanggalin. Pahelp naman po. TIA.
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    Help ads?

    may alam ba kayo mga boss na kung saan example mag create ako ng website gs2 ko sya lagyan ng ads para makakuha ng extra income may tutorial po ba kayo nun mga boss another example ung sa tunnel cat may ads syang kasama
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    Crypto Fastest Farm Trick on Crypto.Ad

    This is my Best Trick on Clicking ads in Sa mga may Alam sa Trick nato.. kaway kaway... sa mga hindi... hmmp.. pag-iisipan ko pa kung e-si-share ko.. this is my income sa loob ng 1 hr and 30 Mins.. kakagawa ko pa sa account ko.. gusto kung kasing kumita sa free time ko.. :).. Proof...
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    HELLO SA MGA masters dyan please help me how to monetize my facebook videos?? yung own knowledge lang po PTPTA
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    Sinong may knowledge sa play2earn? Ads
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    Help ads

    Pano ba tanggalin yung ads sa phone mga paps? Nakakainis eh. Pahelp namaaaan pleasee
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    Help Ads pop up?

    mga sir may kinalaman po ba yung gamit naten na injector/openvpn apps sa mga lumalabas na popup sa chrome browser bigla bigla na lang kasi may nag oopen na new tab na kung ano anong site
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    Ads or virus

    mga master pag naglalaro po ako ng ml or naka open data may nalabas na lang na ads sa phone ko pano po kaya yun matanggal
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    Trivia Pop-ads inventor

    Eto ang salarin:) ctto