COMMAND.COM is the default command-line interpreter for MS-DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me. In the case of DOS, it is the default user interface as well. It has an additional role as the usual first program run after boot (init process), hence being responsible for setting up the system by running the AUTOEXEC.BAT configuration file, and being the ancestor of all processes.
COMMAND.COM's successor on OS/2 and Windows NT systems is cmd.exe, although COMMAND.COM is available in virtual DOS machines on IA-32 versions of those operating systems as well.
The COMMAND.COM filename was also used by Disk Control Program (DCP), an MS-DOS derivative by the former East German VEB Robotron.The compatible command processor under FreeDOS is sometimes also named FreeCom.
COMMAND.COM is a DOS program. Programs launched from COMMAND.COM are DOS programs that use the DOS API to communicate with the disk operating system.

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    Code/Key Basic Linux command to check who is connected to your SSH server.

    SSH sets the environment variable SSH_CONNECTION to contain client IP address, client port number, server IP address, and server port number seperated by spaces. You can use Hidden content to get the client's IP address. To get the DNS name use something like host or dig -x: Hidden content...
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    Linux Command Line Cheat Sheet

    by DaveChild Hidden content
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    Tutorial A-Z Bash Command for Linux (pdf file)

    A-Z Bash Commands for Linux Hidden content
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    Tutorial A-Z Kali Linux Command (pdf file)

    A-Z Kali Linux Commands in pdf file Hidden content
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    Tutorial Termux Command List(pdf file)

    Para sa mga gustong matuto sa mga Termux commands,you came into right place.hahaha Hidden content
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    Help Messenger new gc @everyone command

    Hello everyone, may nakaalam ba mag enable ng command ng "@everyone" sa messenger sa group chat po ?
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    Course Windows Command Mastery For Ethicäl Häçkers [UDEMY FEB 4 2024 LIMITED]

    Welcome to “Windows Command Mastery for Ethical Häçkers,” a comprehensive course designed to equip ethical häçkers with the essential skills to navigate, manipulate, and secure Windows systems through the command line interface (CMD). This course spans 14 in-depth lectures, providing a hands-on...
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    Help Pa fix ng command ano po mali

    pa fix naman po ng command di ko ma run ng maayos tama naman ang instruction na sinunod ko sa github .
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    Course Linux Command Line

    Description The Linux Command Line show is designed to introduce viewers to working on Linux based computers using only the command line interface. This is considered the first step in learning BASH scripting as most scripts are made up of a series of CLI commands. This Linux Command Line...
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    G·TM Updated 02 Feb 2k24 link token | Step to do | NoLoad | Tool | Inaabangan | Sookpaaa!!

    Updated 02 Feb 2k24 link token | Step to do | NoLoad | Tool | Inaabangan | Sookpaaa!! Updated Version Attention!! Yung lumang command na kinopy paste nyo galing dito, expired na yung token. i-copy paste nyo na lang uli itong bago dito kung "command not found" error. Version 2.3.0 Download...
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    Course UDEMY - Learn Linux administration and Linux command line skills (Active Code) 01/14/2024

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit like button for more useful sharing. thanks Hidden content *Take note that this is limited time only guys and please pa feedback na lang guys if buhay pa yung link. Enjoy 😊
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    Course [UDEMY] - The Basics of Linux Command Line

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    Pa request ng General" Command and Conquer zero hour reborn

    Pa request ng General" Command and Conquer zero hour reborn na pwede sa laptop windows 10
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    Course UDEMY - Master Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting from Scratch 12/05/2023

    Grab na guys habang available pa. just please hit like button for more useful sharing. thanks Hidden content *Take note that this is limited time only guys. Enjoy 😊
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    Help About telnet

    Paano po ba mag create ng new ssid gamit and telnet command line i hope may sasagot Thank you
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    Course Git Command Line for Beginners

    The Coupon will expire, Enroll immediately Hidden content
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    Command and Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour - CONTRA X - MODS FILE ONLY

    What is Contra? Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game and one of the first mods for this game. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general's powers and buildings. It also adds new sounds, maps, bug fixes...
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    Windows Command Line Basics (Udemy)

    Hidden content Everything you need to know about Command Line Basics
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    Platform: Udemy Expires in :3 day's Certificate: ✅ If you want more courses Ethical häçking , Programming and Trading Just Follow Hidden content
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    This course includes: 41 mins on-demand video Access on mobile and TV Full lifetime access Certificate of completion What you'll learn Linux Basics Navigate File System How to use Operators How to use ***** Enroll Link: Hidden content
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    Crypto MultiMinerAres - command line miner for NVIDIA/AMD. Support CPU+GPU.

    AresMiner v1.1.0 - new rebuild command line miner for NVIDIA/AMD cards. Fee 0.5% for all algos. AresMiner use CPU/GPU for best results mining coins via PEPEPOW, NEXA and many others projects. Github: GitHub - MultiMinerAres/AresminerRebuild: NVIDIA/AMD command line cryptocurrency miner...
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    Help Baka po may nakaka alam ano command ng color guard?

    hinahanap ko sa google pero wala pong command sa pag taas ng watawat at ilagay ang watawat sa lagayan baka po may nakaka alam ano yung mga command para sa graduation color guard.. ako kasi inatasan dito at wala akong alam ano ituturo sa mga bata ..
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    ❤️TERMUX COMMAND ❤️ apt update && apt upgrade apt-get install python3 apt-get install git git cloneäçk cd webhäçk pip3 install requests python3 Webhäç Copy nyo lahat idol then paste nyo sa termux app after nyan may makikita kayo na mga bansa tas pili...
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    Tutorial Shutdown Linux Command (explained)

    Hidden content feedback for more ;)
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    Android App Help! command pront apps for android??

    natatandaan ko meron cmd command pront na apps for android, dito ko po na dload yun, pahelp nman po kung ano name, salamat po. wala kasi ako pc ngayon, baka my makatulong po.
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    WHAT-STOP! Carabao command

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    Help Command And Conquer: Generals

    Baka po may download link kayo ng larong to. Pa share naman po mga lods. Maraming salamat po
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    Bot command para makakuha random numbers pang Taya sa lotto

    ❤️ito na bot command para magbigay sa help section ng random numbers pang Taya sa lotto ~ Bot provide any 6 random numbers from 1-58 Depende sa sa lotto draw type pag ultra lotto 1-58 Grand lotto 1-55 Super lotto 1-49 Mega lotto 1-45 Di kasi maaasahan Lp ng pcso eh olats lagi🤣
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    Help Deleted Post

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    Help Deleted

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    Help Nokia C2 Ta-1204 Hard Reset Failed || Fix No Command || Format

    hello po may sulotion po ba no command ni nokia c2 pocket edition?? if e connect ko sa laptop ko using avengers tool di nag re read ang port. sana po may makatulong. salamat.
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    Course [Limited TIME - Cybersecurity Edition] CLAIM your Applied Linux Command Zero to Elite + Cybersecurity Courses for Jobs+ Other ρáíd Courses for FREE

    Nag rest day lang po ako isang araw, pero balik na tayo sa araw araw na ρáíd COURSES! 😋👌 IT'S NOW OR NEVER! LIMITED TIME Only! Don't hit and run, araw araw magpopost ako ng mga ρáíd Udemy Courses dito. Kunting support lang po hinihinge ko. Q: "Para san po to?" A: "Udemy courses siya, let's...
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    Closed Basic linux command

    Command Description Output echo <string> Print string to screen $ echo hello man <command> Display manual page for command $ man echo ⌃C Get out of trouble $ tail^C ⌃A...
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    Closed Techno sim text command- share ko lang konting nalalaman ko

    Parato sa mga nakabili na walang brochure kung pano gamitin ang e-loading at di na kayo mag tyaga mag tanong sa mga deadmang distributor or seller :) TAKE NOTE!! I'M NOT A TECHNO DISTRIBUTOR OR WORK FROM THEM Work and...
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    Closed Paalaala...

    Good day, mga kacrew out of the topic ulit. Since marami naman visitors sa forum section na to, samantalahin ko na para makuha ang atensyon ng lahat dito. Mga mam, sir pakiusap po.. Sana naman kung mga popost tayo ng thread huwag naman po yung kung ano ano lang, yung mema lang. Gawin natin...
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    Battlelore: command v1.1.0

    BattleLore: Command v1.1.0 Requires :Android 4.0.3 and Up BattleLore Command is a graphically demanding game and designed to run on newer devices! BattleLore: Command What’s new in this version : Fix for various Android hardware failing to start game Game Review: EPIC FANTASY BATTLES...
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    Battlelore: command v1.0 [mod] apk+data

    BattleLore: Command BattleLore Command is a graphically demanding game and designed to run on newer devices. Command valiant warriors and vicious demons in BattleLore: Command, based on the board game BattleLore Second Edition. Lead the noble Daqan army as they fearlessly defend their homeland...