In computing, firmware is a specific class of computer software that provides the low-level control for a device's specific hardware. Firmware, such as the BIOS of a personal computer, may contain basic functions of a device, and may provide hardware abstraction services to higher-level software such as operating systems. For less complex devices, firmware may act as the device's complete operating system, performing all control, monitoring and data manipulation functions. Typical examples of devices containing firmware are embedded systems (running embedded software), home and personal-use appliances, computers, and computer peripherals.
Firmware is held in non-volatile memory devices such as ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, and Flash memory. Updating firmware requires ROM integrated circuits to be physically replaced, or EPROM or flash memory to be reprogrammed through a special procedure. Some firmware memory devices are permanently installed and cannot be changed after manufacture. Common reasons for updating firmware include fixing bugs or adding features to the device.

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  1. A

    Ano ba talaga yung original hardware ni PLDT R051? and if meron ano yung original firmware nya

    Yung PLDT R051 ay sinasabing Boosteven R051 pero may nagsasabing Notion R051 at meron din akong nakitang Ergo R0516. Ano-ano po ba yung relasyon ng Ergo R0516 dito sa PLDT R051? At kung meron pong nakaka-alam, ano po ba yung originating device nitong si PLDT R051?. Ang clue lang kasi sa...
  2. Z


    sana may maka bigay ng brazilian firmware para sa HG6245D. salamat po.
  3. D

    Tools MOVISUR Tool V1.0 Update 01.01.2024 Update KG-locked Firmware, Get Around Knox Guard & Enable ADB KG LOCKED Samsung Android 12 | Remove FRP Via ADB

    Movisur Tool is one of the popular tool applications available in the market with free ultimate options. disable “Samsung services”, “disable supplier services”, “disable Samsung accounts”, “block updates”, “remove the Log-Agent”, and “reboot in root mode”. The tool can update “KG-locked...
  4. C

    Help Huawei hg8546m firmware from V3 to v5

    Good day mga master pa help po sana kong sino meron available firmware sa huawei hg8546m from v3 to v5 po....tnx po nang marami
  5. J

    Help ZLT X11G Firmware Bricked

    When i got my unit it was working perfectly, but I made a big mistake and flashed x21g firmware to x11g. Now its bricked cand can not boot. After that i have tried to flash spd flashable version of x21g firmware with spd flash tool, and it did worked but because this firmware was for x21g too it...
  6. B

    Help E1522 Modified firmware Globe Tattoo. | Paano ma Openline?

    Meron ako 500 pcs na E1522 Modified firmware Globelock. kaso hindi eto ma openline. yung mga normal na e1522 globelock. naoopenlinen naman
  7. L

    Pa help naman po mf286ra openwrt stable firmware po sana yung hindi nag-didisconnect

    Pa help naman po mf286ra openwrt stable firmware po sana yung hindi nag-didisconnect
  8. N

    Help [FIRMWARE] Panasonic Viera TH-32A405D LED TV

    Hi...I need firmware for Panasonic Viera TH-32A405D LED TV 32"..Thank you! 👽
  9. L

    Tutorial TCL R51MT05 Platform Google TV Update available in V611

    TV models....P755 (AP 43/50",AU,LA) & C655 (AU,LA) C64x & P74x & Q73x & QLED770 (P635/8(EU) & P735 & C635 & 43/50C735) ......(P725 & C725) V8-R51MT05-LF1V611.021306 ========== V611 OTA ========== Hidden content build date= Mar 21, 2024 1711005873 security_patch= 2023-06-05...
  10. R

    Help po Firmware & flasher to epon (HUAWEI HG8145v5)

    Baka meron kayong naitago dyan. Problema kasi nito yong upstream port nya sa loob di makita.wala sa fw di gaya ng mga naunang labas. Sana may makapag share
  11. A

    Megapro mp100 hybrid firmware

    Megapro mp100 hybrid firmware
  12. A

    Megapro Piolo SD Firmware

    Megapro Piolo SD Firmware
  13. F

    Zlt s10g AIS firmware - how to enable external antenna

    san po makikita yung setting para ma enable yung external antenna ng ZLT S10G with AIS firmware
  14. J

    Help Oppo a37 firmware

    Good day po ask lang po if alin po dito yung pang flash ng oppo a37, gagamitin ko po is sd card Wala po Kase ako computer pwede po ba SD card thank you po
  15. I

    ZTE F670L V1.1.05

    I am Looking for New Firmware Already Tried that i found on the website they are not working Those Firmware says Failed to Upload File Any Latest Firmware will Work
  16. V

    [Solved] Oppo A12 BROM mode at root sa latest firmware update, paano?

    Hello po. Bago lang po ako. Gusto ko sana irepurpose yung Oppo A12 ko para maging pi-hole gamit yung app na pi-hole for Android. Basically required na rooted ang phone para mainstall yung pi-hole. Dami ko nabasa na kailangan daw iunlock yung bootloader ng Oppo A12 para ma-root pero ayaw pumasok...
  17. E

    Huawei EG8145V5 R021 Firmware

    Download Link Hidden content Feedback nalang, Pwede direct upgrade sa mismong webpage ng router. ex.
  18. K

    Telstra AW1000 new firmware

    Maraming salamat ulit Boss =AZX6Qjx5jkRLWSsNdNuviz5PlOP3y06a7Gw2OJ5Vk0X7Omr0gn4D3GALf9Jc7_2fDIJLe3bD_AA4AKpFN30kCwKqXVk2Rx0Nzih9mItKYDTd1QWQ_nvjDCyu8aZecnCraJl4O8VogHwiBUaaAPa8xpdH&tn=-]K-R']Jerome Laliag sa napaka solid firmware update for Telstra AW1000. Sa mga gustong mag pa remote ATTACK na...
  19. I

    Sino po marunong gumawa ng .bin file for firmware update?

    Patulong po gumawa ng .bin file. o kaya paano po mag-pack ng file and folder to .bin? meron po bang pc application para doon? salamat sa sasagot.
  20. E

    Help Firmware comparison

    Tanong ko lang kung ano pagkakaiba ng 2022 sa 2023 version na firmware sa openline modem, b310as938 ? 2022 kasi yung akin. Need ko ba i-update? Kaso lang di naman ako marunong.
  21. E

    Stock firmware vs openwrt?

    bago pa lang ako sa openwrt...kaya madaming katanungan halimbawa advantage nito?...or kung saan ito magagamit hehhe
  22. S

    F670L V1.1.20P3N8B Firmware

  23. C

    Samsung note 8 firmware badly needed

    someone help me . i need direct download firmware of samsung note 8
  24. M

    Help O+(plus) Duo Stock Firmware

    Hello po, Sino po nakapagtago jan ng working na Stock Firmware ng O+ Duo? Nakailang format nako sa Recovery pero ayaw pa rin. Sana po may makatulong. Salamat in Advance.
  25. K

    Tools TPS Tool V3.0.230261 Update 2024 (100% Lifetime Offline) FREE Added Xiaomi Huawei Samsung Unlock Firmware Flasher ADB Fastboot

    🆕TPS Tool V3.0.230261 Update 2024 (100% Lifetime Offline) – FREE Added Xiaomi Huawei Samsung Unlock Firmware Flasher ADB Fastboot 🔴SPD / SPRD / Unisoc Supported Devices List : 🔘Realme : C11 [2021] (RMX3231) C21Y (RMX3261) C21Y (RMX3263) C25Y (RMX3265) C25Y (RMX3269) C31 (RMX3501) C35...
  26. F

    Help TP-Link Firmware Update

    Bumili ako ng Archer C54. Tanong ko lang for future reference. 1. Saan ako makaka download ng firmware file? hindi ko kasi makita sa TPLink site. 2. Needed ba na e update ito? Thanks!
  27. N

    Help Fx-id5 firmware with band locking

    Hello mga master sino may firmware jan baka pwede makabili need lang band locking salamat
  28. A

    B525s-65a Mamba ano maganda firmware?

    Hindi talaga dapat ako bibili kaso may nakita ako at nakuha na mamba for 3k. Ask lang ano sa mga FREE na firmware ang maganda?Yung installed kasi Resbekla2019 nag rereset yung SSID kaya balak ko mag flash ng bago. No need may NAT-Fixed hindi ko naman gagagmitan pa ng router kasi ako lang naman...
  29. F

    Huawei Nova 5T recommended Firmware

    Mga Boss ano po ba magand firmware para sa mga Nova 5T users?
  30. N

    Help Zlt s10g 2.0.0 to 3.11.6 firmware upgrade

    Possible ba to mga master? Baguhan palang kasi sa mga modem
  31. B

    Firmware: FNR300v2 (UNISOC)

    Feb 19, 2024 [FNR300V2-FF1720220322EII8_A301444.bin] -Updated LED Management -Pin Management (Sim1/Sim2) -TTL enabled -Change IMEI Need restart -stable PCI and band for Auto -IoT Cloud enable and TR09 can disable/enable -PCI display in Decimal value in Mobile Info -Improved band locking Dropden...
  32. M

    Help Samba in Vodafone 2023 Stable LTE+ Firmware

    How to access samba in Vodafone 2023 firmware on mamba modem?
  33. W

    DITO Modem firmware tools

  34. H

    Help Ano initial firmware ng ps4 if newly purchased?

    ano po kaya initial version? bili sana ako tas i jailbreak ahha
  35. C

    Huawei HG814V5 how to flash firmware(blue firmware)

    need help po.. nka ilang try n ko puro failed lage.. ano po nga kailangan ko na files? eto skin..
  36. S

    Baka may alam kayo na site pwd madownload po nang firmware

    Baka may alam kayo na site pwd madownload po nang firmware UL-ASUS_I003_1-ASUS-18.0410.2106.138-1.1.5-user 🙏🙏🙏 rog 3
  37. E

    Tools HG8145V5 Firmware

    Direct link Hidden content via software upgrade sa superadmin
  38. U

    Installing FOSS firmware on my EG8145V5 Converge router

    I need help on installing custom FOSS firmware in my router (if possible) It is a Converge EG8145V5 router
  39. H

    Help PS4 firmware 9.00 or jailbroken ps4

    Hi guys san kaya maganda maka score ng ps4 ngayon? ung discounted price sana pero quality paren.
  40. P

    Help Huawei e5573cs-933 looking for Firmware

    meron po ba kayo jan stable din sa dito pag nasalpak kasi sa redmi note 7 may signal naman pero pag sa pocket wifi minsan mawawala minsan babalik patulong po mga paps salamat po! ito po pala gamit kong version now
  41. E

    Does someone have Cherry Mobile S8 Prime Firmware?

    Does someone have the recovery/firmware for this device, can you please give me the firmware file of it? Need it for my s8 prime (hard bricked) thanks.
  42. F

    Tutorial Firmware Upgrade or downgrade Tecno Camon 20 pro 4g (CK7n)

    Sa mga gusto mag update o mag downgrade na may pc o laptop dyan na walang ρáíd tools like AMT pwedeng sa fastboot lang gamitin. reminder: "mawawala mga files niyo kaya backup muna" Requirements Hidden content Steps Go to settings > my phone > 7 tap build number > go back > system > oem...
  43. Y


    Good Day mga Maam at Sir! Baka meron kayo dyan links o kaya firmware ng pang Huawei Nova 9 Pro. need kasi ireflash ng ROM ng Nova 9 ko. Nag aauto restart kasi sya after update sa latest firmware. May mga nasubukan na ko iflash kaso nag ffailed kapag installing na babakasali na baka meron kayo...
  44. L

    Modem and firmware

    Hello mga boss ask lang sana meron akong b315 936 na openline kaso pag sa dito na sim di nagana may way ba para maging usable suggest modem na budget na din if wala below 1k budget sana If may way suggest firmware and link po ng tutorial pano mag bago firmware TYIA
  45. C

    Sino po may firmware dito ng r281 smart

    Sino po may mabuting loob care to share stable firmware of r281? Thanks.
  46. G

    How to Flash ZLT S10g/S10 unlocked firmware ?

    My router only show power LED.How to Flash S10g/S10 unlocked firmware ? please help

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