A wanted poster (or wanted sign) is a poster distributed to let the public know of a person whom authorities wish to apprehend. They generally include a picture of the person, either a photograph when one is available or of a facial composite image produced by the police.

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    Help Wanted to develop app using python

    Recently ang pinagaaralan namin is python language. Namaster ko na ung basics and still willing to improve and learn more. Sa ngayon gusto kong makadevelop ng app kahit simple lang. Baka may tutorial,guide, or module kayo na makakatulong sakin. Thanks in advance. If may payo kayo I'm willing to...
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    Pakihanap naman yung Sto. Niño sa Cebu, nawawala, malapit pa naman ang Sinulog. 🥺 Ito huling picture niya, nagpapahinga daw siya sa Manila Cathedral eh, day off daw sabi nila.
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    Help Grabe. credits to owner, pero di nadala.

    Ano say niyo po dito?
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    Closed Wanted g

    no heavy qualifications must be female age 18 and above thanks
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    Hahah mga wanted and spy galing sa fb group

    share ko lang ang mga most wanted spy:mad: :wideyed: }}}galing sa fb itong post na ito share ko lang dito lol{{ """paki deleted nalang if bawal"""
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    Archive WANTED: Non-voice work from home BPO freelancer

    Looking for home-based researcher who knows how to search for information or domains Pay is P500 to P6000 or more per item retrieved or research project No college degree required Learn as you go / no previous work experience required If you're interested, please do the following 1) click the...