Poetry (derived from the Greek poiesis, "making"), also called verse, is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and often rhythmic qualities of language − such as phonaesthetics, sound symbolism, and metre − to evoke meanings in addition to, or in place of, a prosaic ostensible meaning. A poem is a literary composition, written by a poet, using this principle.
Poetry has a long and varied history, evolving differentially across the globe. It dates back at least to prehistoric times with hunting poetry in Africa and to panegyric and elegiac court poetry of the empires of the Nile, Niger, and Volta River valleys. Some of the earliest written poetry in Africa occurs among the Pyramid Texts written during the 25th century BCE. The earliest surviving Western Asian epic poetry, the Epic of Gilgamesh, was written in Sumerian.
Early poems in the Eurasian continent evolved from folk songs such as the Chinese Shijing, as well as religious hymns (the Sanskrit Rigveda, the Zoroastrian Gathas, the Hurrian songs, and the Hebrew Psalms); or from a need to retell oral epics, as with the Egyptian Story of Sinuhe, the Indian epic poetry, and the Homeric epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey. Ancient Greek attempts to define poetry, such as Aristotle's Poetics, focused on the uses of speech in rhetoric, drama, song, and comedy. Later attempts concentrated on features such as repetition, verse form, and rhyme, and emphasized the aesthetics which distinguish poetry from more objectively-informative prosaic writing.
Poetry uses forms and conventions to suggest differential interpretations of words, or to evoke emotive responses. Devices such as assonance, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and rhythm may convey musical or incantatory effects. The use of ambiguity, symbolism, irony, and other stylistic elements of poetic diction often leaves a poem open to multiple interpretations. Similarly, figures of speech such as metaphor, simile, and metonymy establish a resonance between otherwise disparate images—a layering of meanings, forming connections previously not perceived. Kindred forms of resonance may exist, between individual verses, in their patterns of rhyme or rhythm.
Some poetry types are unique to particular cultures and genres and respond to characteristics of the language in which the poet writes. Readers accustomed to identifying poetry with Dante, Goethe, Mickiewicz, or Rumi may think of it as written in lines based on rhyme and regular meter. There are, however, traditions, such as Biblical poetry, that use other means to create rhythm and euphony. Much modern poetry reflects a critique of poetic tradition, testing the principle of euphony itself or altogether forgoing rhyme or set rhythm.
In an increasingly globalized world, poets often adapt forms, styles, and techniques from diverse cultures and languages. Poets have contributed to the evolution of the linguistic, expressive, and utilitarian qualities of their languages.
A Western cultural tradition (extending at least from Homer to Rilke) associates the production of poetry with inspiration – often by a Muse (either classical or contemporary).
In many poems, the lyrics are spoken by a character, who is called the speaker. This concept differentiates the speaker (character) from the poet (author), which is usually an important distinction: for example, if the poem runs I killed a man in Reno, it is the speaker who is the murderer, not the poet himself.

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  1. M

    Poe(n)try II

    Nothing, Something, Anything and Everything In the realm of my words, let us embark, On a journey through the vastness of the dark, Where nothing and something, a dance they weave, And anything and everything, their tales conceive. Nothing, a whisper, unseen and untold, A void that...
  2. M


    Somewhere Nowhere In the realm where dreams collide with reality, An ethereal expanse of boundless possibility, Lies a place unknown, where souls are set free, Somewhere Nowhere, where wonder dwells eternally. In hues of twilight, where shadows dance and play, Whispers of secrets...
  3. K

    Poems Silent Love

    --------------------------------- In a world of letters and lines, Where sunlit hair of gold intertwines, A maiden fair, with eyes so bright, Her laughter echoes in the night. Beside her, stands a loyal mate, With bond unbroken by the hands of fate, Yet in their midst, a shadow grows, A secret...
  4. K

    Poems Life's A Gift

    by SharonAnn Dawson Life's a gift for you to send Life's a gift for god to end Life's a gift now you're with me Life's a gift for all to see Life's a gift when love is true Life's a gift when times look blue Life's a gift with the one you trust Life's a gift even if UN just Life's a gift a ray...
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    Spoken Poetry.

  6. S

    Reverse poetry

    Hindi ka maganda. Wag mong isiping— ka mahal mahal ka, Tandaan mong— Kalakip ng pagmamahal ang pagdurusa. Totoo na— Hindi ka nya gusto. Tanggapin mong— Hindi sya para sayo, Hindi ka nya tinuring na mundo, Wag mo ng ikulong ang sarili mo. Ikaw ang susi ng sarili mong pinto. Dahil— Magbubukas ito...
  7. P

    Trivia 10 kinds of Writers

    1.The Romantic writer: (s)he who weave metaphors that even the flaring sun would feel cold and the stars would fall down unto his feet to be offered into your beauty as you are the most precious gem that has ever existed in the eyes of such artisan. 2.They Lonely writer. (s)he who can kill...
  8. E

    Spoken poetry

    Kumusta mga kapwa manunulat? Nais ko sanang hingin ang inyong suporta sa mga nalikha kong spoken poetries. Kung maari po ay panoorin nyo ng buo at bigyan nyo ng inyong tapat na opinyon para mas lalo ko pang malinang ang pagkakagawa ko sa mga videos. Kung di po kalabisan, magsubscribe na rin po...
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    Poems Contradicting feelings

    Contradicting Feelings I dont want to see you But i really miss you I dont want you to see me But i want you to miss me I keep saying that give up But i still keep my hopes up I really really hated you But i still kept on loving you I keep my distance from you But i want to stand close to you...
  10. J

    Poems Summer Madness

  11. J

    Poems Paano nga ba tayo nagkakilala? Day 2

    Day 2 (paki basa lang yung Day 1 muna kung hindi pa) Bigkas na taimtim sa harap ng salamin makamtan kahit pangalan ako'y umaamin ka'y Bathala diing ipinapanalangin sa araw na ito ako sana'y butihin Suot ang pinakamagandang polo pantalon wala namang maiterno palakad lakad paikot ikot ako'y...
  12. J

    Poems Paano nga ba tayo nagkita?

    Day 1 Freshmen tayo nun sa isang pamantasan sa Maynila at sa gilid ng aking mga mata ika'y nakita Una'y di ko napansin mata mo pala'y nakatingin din enrolment line ng Registrar parang naging hardin. Puso ko'y nagpumiglas at umalma sa simpleng kagandahan di yata ako tugma At sa mahaba mong...
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    Poems " t r e n "

    magkaparehong riles ng dadaanan ngunit magkaibang destinasyon ang uuwian. huwag tayong umibig sa loob ng tren, kung hindi natin sila kasabay hanggang sa pagbaba. -salvador photo from |pinterest| *insert - sorry if mga short paragraph lang mga nagagawa ko but hope you like it have a...
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    Closed " Nobela "

    hindi tayo handa sa isang aksidente ngunit nais nating magmaneho ng isang karwahe upang dumako sa nobela ng ibang tao ngunit hindi tayo nakakalabas sa kanilang kwento dahil walang nagiging handa sa wakas. -salvdr (c)photo from pinterest
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    Closed Pahelp please

    What is the Figurative Language, and Tone and Theme of the poems: Anatomy of A Filipino by Felix Bautista. Please
  16. H

    Closed I never get used to

    I guessed it's always gonna be, yet, I can't help it. I never get used to. (Rethreaded)
  17. H

    Closed I just hate nice girls

    I hate nice girls Just exchanging pleasantries with them makes me curious And texting each other makes me restless. If I get a call, for the rest of my day I will keep checking my call history with a stupid grin on my face. But I know truth They are just being nice, Anyone nice to me is nice...
  18. C

    Closed Just a poem

    just want to share one of my Poems i made it while being drowned in the middle of crowd. lol.
  19. 4

    Closed Spoken word for fboy! bwahahaha

    Realtalk+bars+wordplay. Ang boto 3-0 para kay ate. Binoto ko si ate kasi ang lupet ng wordplay sa games tsaka lahat ng bitaw nya pasok bwahahaha Eto na watch nyo if gusto nyo bwahaha https://phc.onl/#forbidden#/QwtfxzSEwuU
  20. P

    Closed Aking mundo

    "Aking Mundo" Isang espesyal na araw para sa ating dalawa Maligaya na akong mapasaya ka Matagal na panahong hinintay ay dumating na At alam kong ito ang sayoy magpapaligaya Pero bago ang lahat gusto kong magbalik tanaw Sa masasayang alaala ng ating buhay Dahil mayroon akong isang ikaw...
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    Closed Aking mundo

    "Aking Mundo" Isang espesyal na araw para sa ating dalawa Maligaya na akong mapasaya ka Matagal na panahong hinintay ay dumating na At alam kong ito ang sayoy magpapaligaya Pero bago ang lahat gusto kong magbalik tanaw Sa masasayang alaala ng ating buhay Dahil mayroon akong isang ikaw...
  22. V

    Closed Natabunan

    01 Kaibigan, kamusta? Ako ba'y kilala pa? Ang dami mo nang katoto, masaya. Diba't yan ang pangarap mo? Ayan na. Masaya akong masaya ka Pero teka. Teka. Teka. Ang dami. Ako yata'y natatabunan na... 02 Kaibigan, kamusta? Tagal nating di nagkita Di ako nagtatampo, alam kong abala ka Ako? Okay lang...
  23. T

    Closed Spoken poetry

    APagawa naman po ng spoken poetry. Kahit anong topic salamattt
  24. V

    Closed Upuan

    UPUAN Dati ay dito ka, doon naman ako Tandang tanda ko pa, magkalayo tayo Sinusulyapan lang kita sa malayo Mga ngiti mo ang siyang ligaya ko Dati ay dito 'ko, kalapit pa kita Naalala pa noong lumapit ka Tanong mo "'tong bangko ba'y may may-ari na?" "Wala" ang tugon ko, puso ko ri'y wala Dati...
  25. M

    Closed Spoken poetry

    Suggest po kayo ng magandang title sa spoken poetry ko po. Pahelp lang po. Ty sa reply.
  26. V

    Closed Nasaan na?

    Siguro nga'y mali, na ikaw ay iwan, Pinagpalit ka at dagliang nilisan! Ngayo'y nagsisising di ka masumpungan, Hinahanap kita ng di lang minsanan! Ngayon ay nasaan? Ngayon ay nasaan?! Ating nakaraan, pwede bang balikan? Pagkakamali ko, pwede mo bang takpan? Bago ang buhay ko'y maging kabaliwan!
  27. S

    Closed Excerpts of you

  28. K

    Closed Untitled

    Tears fall down Even though I try to smile like a clown I can't contain it -- this feeling of unease Now you're gone, my heart is like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece My sky is so dark It's like I'm being torn apart I thought that without you, it would be easier But it's the other way...
  29. K

    Poems Hindi ko alam kung maibabalik pa ba

    Hindi ko alam kung maibabalik pa ba, O kung sakali man ay may mababalikan pa. Ang sabi kasi nati'y ang lahat ay tapos na, Ngunit ngayon tila ba ay may nagbabadyang isa na namang bagong kabanata. Maibabalik pa ba natin ang dati? Hindi, ayoko. Wag na nating ibalik yung dati. Hindi ba? Sinaktan...
  30. S

    Closed Spoken

    Spoken poetry fans, try Shane Koyczac
  31. O

    Closed Paano nga ba makalimot?

    Paano nga ba makalimot? Paano nga makalimot? Mga tanong ng mga taong sawi Mga tanong ng mga taong nasaktan dahil umibig. Pero pano nga ba makalimot? Paano nga ba? Mahal, turuan mo akong makalimot. Gaya ng pag limot mo saakin. Pag limot sa pinag samahan natin. Natatawa ako dahil nalimutan mo...
  32. H

    Closed Written and spoken word poetry

    "YOSI TAYO" A SPOKEN WORD POETRY Paano nga ba ang pakiramdam ng mainlove sa ikalawang pagkakataon sa iisang tao? Hayaan mo at isasalaysay ko sa iyo kung paano. Idedetalye ko kung paano muling magmahal pagkatapos na ikaw ay mabigo. Ikukuwento ko kung paano maghanap ang isang pusong...
  33. L

    Closed Need your opinions on my poetry

    Hey I'm laclac inspiring to tell my story through music and poetry so tell me what ya think about this ballad poem excuse the language its the way I think and product of my environment well here goes....... Its called "How Could You Forget" Bypassing my focal skills F***ing with each other...
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    Closed Things getting deep

    Great poets write, amazing feels. I feel. I feel, I cry, My heart, is weak from this Going crazy, I can't take it- F**k them. Low blows, snakes in the grass, watch em, They sting. They hiss and plead, dont be fooled by this love. Say anything, To believe them. I hate talking, They will talk to...
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    Closed The Difference Between Life And Death: Blank Poetry

    Life is simple, Death is hard- Try it. S*** could be it, Whatever it may be. I'm turning up, Got a cup. Vest up I love, live,life- I hate fake emotions. This is hundred , I don't care- F**k you. Hate kills slow know, That I have savages. Feeling like this, Run up on that B**ch. Now Sh**s been...
  36. L

    Closed Subject life itself

    Any type of ppoetry will do...... :D:D
  37. L

    Closed Subject life itself

    Who's a poet and can write any form of poetry