Than is a grammatical particle analyzed as both a conjunction and a preposition in the English language. It introduces a comparison and is associated with comparatives and with words such as more, less, and fewer. Typically, it measures the force of an adjective or similar description between two predicates.

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    Help STS is %100 connected than GTM

    OK ba sa area n'yo with Smart, TNT at Sun kaysa sa Globe at TM with SlowDNS? Kasi sa GTM mahirap kumonek doon sa lugar n'yo. 😞
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    Single father performs better than single mother households

    It’s extraordinarily well-documented how much of a disadvantage children from single-mother households have over children whose parents remain together, but less well-documented is how much of a disadvantage they have over single-father households. For example, studies have found that children...
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    It Is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not

    Andre Gide said : It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not. Totoo siya. Okay lang na meron mang criticize, meron magalit sa iyo , kung ano-ano ang ipinagsasabi nila (huwag lang death threat) kaysa ang dami naman nagmamahal sa iyo , hindi naman ikaw...
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    Two environmental activists allegedly abducted by the Philippine military more than two weeks ago were freed Tuesday

    ‘WE PROVED, BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED, THAT WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING FOR IS CORRECT’ Two environmental activists allegedly abducted by the Philippine military more than two weeks ago were freed Tuesday, sparking jubilation among supporters who had campaigned for their release.
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    First impressions: The Toyota Hilux GR-S is so much more than just stickers

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    Thoughts on AKNP theme song than ripoff!

    Jillian Ward + Maricris Garcia > Moira dela ugok torre! Trending ka agad!
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    Note better than Xiaomi Notes/Google Keep Notes?

    May alam o ginagamit po ba kayo? Di kasi pde gamitin Xiaomi notes sa ibang brand na, maganda sana yun kasi may folder siya
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    Help Upload on YøùTùbé more than 1hr.

    Hi mga lodi pa help pano mag upload sa YøùTùbé ng mga videos more than 1hr. Like movie madami kasi ako nka imbak sa storage ko na movie at isa ang YøùTùbé sa balak kong gawin online storage hehe. Thanks sa sasagot.
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    More Than Words by Jill Santopolo

    Nina Gregory has always been a good daughter, a good girlfriend. Raised by her father, owner of New York City's glamorous Gregory Hotels, after her mother's death, Nina was taught that family, reputation, and legacy are what matter most. And her boyfriend Tim, thoughtful, kind, and honest, not...
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    Trivia Which is correct: "She is older than her brother" or "She is elder than her brother"?

    “She is older …” is correct. The comparative “elder” is reserved as an adjective for brothers and sisters, and as a noun, describing people who are recognized as respected older members of a family or social group. Examples: “She is older than he is.” “She is his elder sister.” “Of the two...
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    here are some useful websites that will help u everyday — take a snapshot of any web page and it will be exist forever even if the original page is gone. 1.1k — create freehand doodles and watch them magically transform into beautiful drawings powered by maching...
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    Uploads better than download speeds

    pa help po sana. Ganito rin po ba sa inyo? Yung network is Smartbro using Unlidata 799. Gamit kong modem is 936. Mas mataas yung upload kesa download esp sa 2100mhz band. Yung ginagamit ko na band 2500mhz. Ok nmn yung speed (10-20mbps downloads 5-10 uploads) pero sayang lang kase yung 2100mhz...
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    Smart TNT Sun Uploads better than download speeds

    pa help po sana. Ganito rin po ba sa inyo? Yung gamit ko g modem 936. Mas mataas yung upload kesa download esp sa 2100mhz band. Yung ginagamit ko na band 2500mhz. Ok nmn yung speed (10-20mbps downloads 5-10 uploads) pero sayang lang kase yung 2100mhz band dahil yung uploads 41mbps. Kng...
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    Ano magandang pabango for men less than 1,000 pesos??

    Guys suggest naman kayo magandang Cologne/ Pabango for Male
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    The largest volcano in the solar system is three times taller than Mount Everest.

    Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on earth, reaching 5.5 miles into the sky. However, you'd need to stack three Everests on top of each other in order to create something as massive as Mars' Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the solar system. The enormous volcano is 16 miles tall and...
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    Help Why the number of plastic hinges required for the failure of a statically indeterminate structure is never less than two.

    why the number of plastic hinges required for the failure of a statically indeterminate structure is never less than two.
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    *****ers are worse for your teeth than sugar.

    Acid is the biggest cause of tooth decay, not sugar! *****ers tend to stick to your teeth which ends up being a breeding ground for bacteria.
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    Trivia Kentucky has more bourbon than people

    Kentucky has more bourbon than people If bourbon is your drink of choice, then you might want to plan a road trip to Kentucky. The state is not only responsible for 95 percent of the world's bourbon, according to The Atlantic, but there is also so much of it that the 4.7 million barrels in the...
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    WHY do humans live longer than other mammals?

    Scientists may have just discovered a major key to the search for immortality by discovering that our lifespan is inextricably linked to the rate by which our cells undergo genetic mutations. Although it is logical to assume that our probability of death increases as these mutations accumulate...
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    Trivia Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia

    Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia. Saudi Arabia is known for its vast expanse of desert, so it may seem unbelievable that they rely on Australia to supply them with animals that dominate their landscape. Australia originally had camels imported to be used for transporting heavy loads...
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    Trivia A cloud can weigh more than a million pounds

    A cloud can weigh more than a million pounds Clouds are not as light and fluffy as they appear. In fact, researchers have found that a single cloud weighs about 1.1 million pounds. How do they know? Well, that number is calculated by taking the water density of a cloud and multiplying it by its...
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    Trivia Scotland has more than 400 words for "snow."

    Scotland has more than 400 words for "snow." When linguists from the University of Glasgow compiled the first Historical Glossary of Scots, one of Scotland's three official languages, they were blown away at the bountiful ways to express the concept of snow. Some of those words include "snaw"...
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    Trivia The tulips were more valuable than gold.

    In the 1600s the recently introduced tulip flowers in Holland were so valuable that their bulbs were often worth more than gold. This period called Tulip Mania is the first known speculative bubble in history and it collapsed in 1637.
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    Trivia Book about Titanic

    A book about the Titanic sinking was published years before it actually did The Wreck of the Titan by Morgan Robertson was published in 1898; the Titanic sank in 1912. Robertson's book features a cruise ship named Titan that sinks in the North Atlantic after hitting an iceberg in literally the...
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    Trivia You have more than five senses

    You have more than five senses Neuroscientists will tell you that you've actually got somewhere between 22-33 different senses, which they call "meta-senses." The most common additional meta-senses are: equilibrioception, or sense of balance; proprioception, or knowing which parts of your body...
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    Trivia Air pollution now kills more people than smökîng

    Air pollution now kills more people than smökîng A new study led by the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry which appeared in the European Heart Journal found that air pollution is now responsible for almost nine million premature deaths every year. The study's co-author professor Thomas Münzel...
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    Trivia Camiguin Island in the Philippines is home to more volcanoes than towns.

    Its status as a volcanic island has led it to be given a rather Game of Thrones nickname… ‘Island Born of Fire’. There are seven volcanoes on the island versus just five towns and it has the highest number of volcanoes per square kilometre anywhere on the planet! Luckily for the residents...
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    Trivia Until 2010, carrier pigeons were faster than the internet.

    When comparing upload speeds, a test was done to fly a carrier pigeon with a USB stick 50 miles to an internet provider while racing against an internet upload. The pigeon made it in just over an hour, while the upload took over two hours.