Mathematics (from Ancient Greek μάθημα; máthēma: 'knowledge, study, learning') is an area of knowledge that includes such topics as numbers (arithmetic and number theory), formulas and related structures (algebra), shapes and the spaces in which they are contained (geometry), and quantities and their changes (calculus and analysis). Most mathematical activity involves the use of pure reason to discover or prove the properties of abstract objects, which consist of either abstractions from nature or—in modern mathematics—entities that are stipulated with certain properties, called axioms. A mathematical proof consists of a succession of applications of some deductive rules to already known results, including previously proved theorems, axioms and (in case of abstraction from nature) some basic properties that are considered as true starting points of the theory under consideration.
Mathematics is used in science for modeling phenomena, which then allows predictions to be made from experimental laws. The independence of mathematical truth from any experimentation implies that the accuracy of such predictions depends only on the adequacy of the model. Inaccurate predictions, rather than being caused by incorrect mathematics, imply the need to change the mathematical model used. For example, the perihelion precession of Mercury could only be explained after the emergence of Einstein's general relativity, which replaced Newton's law of gravitation as a better mathematical model.
Mathematics is essential in the sciences, engineering, medicine, finance, computer science and the social sciences. Some areas of mathematics, such as statistics and game theory, are developed in close correlation with their applications and are often grouped under applied mathematics. Other mathematical areas are developed independently from any application (and are therefore called pure mathematics), but practical applications are often discovered later. A fitting example is the problem of integer factorization, which goes back to Euclid, but which had no practical application before its use in the RSA cryptosystem (for the security of computer networks).
Historically, the concept of a proof and its associated mathematical rigour first appeared in Greek mathematics, most notably in Euclid's Elements. Since its beginning, mathematics were essentially divided into geometry, and arithmetic (the manipulation of natural numbers and fractions), until the 16th and 17th centuries, when algebra and infinitesimal calculus were introduced as new areas of the subject. Since then, the interaction between mathematical innovations and scientific discoveries has led to a rapid increase in the development of mathematics. At the end of the 19th century, the foundational crisis of mathematics led to the systematization of the axiomatic method. This gave rise to a dramatic increase in the number of mathematics areas and their fields of applications. An example of this is the Mathematics Subject Classification, which lists more than 60 first-level areas of mathematics.

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    Reviewer Math Solver App

    Share ko lang yun apps na to mga lods para sa mga studyante na ka family natin dito pang padali mag solve sa math problems niyo ppicturan mo lng yun solving problems at lalabas na yun sagot. Sana maka tulong po.. IMPORTANT: Mag aral pa din po kayo nang mabuti para makamit mo ang pangarap mo...
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    first yr college po ako at math po pinaka problema ko eh Mathematics in the modern world po f to f na po kasi ang midterm namin kaya babye google muna. ano po ba ang mga pwede kong i review o gawin para mas mapadali yung pag rereview ng mga lesson namin . ito po yung two lesson namin 1.)...
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    UC = 3342 TS = 90,000 x = ? [ x = (UC) divided by (365 x 10 ) multiply by (TS)] x = (3342) / (365*10) * (90,000) = (3342) / (3650) * (90,000) = 0.916 * (90,000) x = 82,440 tama ba computation ko sir? x = utang ko patulong mag compute TIA
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    Civil Engineering review materials

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    A certain bus company driver charges P100 per kilometer for the first 50 km, P200 per kilometer for the next 20 km, and P300 per kilometer for the last 10 km. What is the average cost per km that the driver charges for the entire trip? helppp
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    pahelp naman po pls 🥺 thank you po !!
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    Help BS in Mathematics

    Baka may member dito na graduate from bsmath course or currently 4th year. Tanong ko lang kung ano magandang i-topic para sa thesis. Baka pwede nyo i-share idea nyo. Applied Math o pure math okay lang :)
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    Linear Regression and Correlation 1.) Regression analysis was applied to return rates of sparrowhawk colonies. Regression analysis was used to study the relationship between return rate (x: % of birds that return to the colony in a given year) and immigration rate (y: % of new adults that join...
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