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Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android is developed by a consortium of developers known as the Open Handset Alliance and commercially sponsored by Google. It was unveiled in November 2007, with the first commercial Android device, the HTC Dream, being launched in September 2008.
Most versions of Android are proprietary. The core components are taken from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which is free and open-source software (FOSS) primarily licensed under the Apache License. When Android is installed on devices, ability to modify the otherwise FOSS software is usually restricted, either by not providing the corresponding source code or preventing reinstallation through technical measures, rendering the installed version proprietary. Most Android devices ship with additional proprietary software pre-installed, most notably Google Mobile Services (GMS) which includes core apps such as Google Chrome, the digital distribution platform Google Play, and associated Google Play Services development platform.
Over 70 percent of Android smartphones run Google's ecosystem; some with vendor-customized user interface and software suite, such as TouchWiz and later One UI by Samsung, and HTC Sense. Competing Android ecosystems and forks include Fire OS (developed by Amazon), ColorOS by OPPO, OriginOS by vivo and MagicUI by Honor or custom ROM such as LineageOS. However, the "Android" name and logo are trademarks of Google which imposes standards to restrict the use of Android branding by "uncertified" devices outside their ecosystem.The source code has been used to develop variants of Android on a range of other electronics, such as game consoles, digital cameras, portable media players, PCs, each with a specialized user interface. Some well known derivatives include Android TV for televisions and Wear OS for wearables, both developed by Google. Software packages on Android, which use the APK format, are generally distributed through proprietary application stores like Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore (including for Windows 11), Samsung Galaxy Store, Huawei AppGallery, Cafe Bazaar, and GetJar, or open source platforms like Aptoide or F-Droid.
Android has been the best-selling OS worldwide on smartphones since 2011 and on tablets since 2013. As of May 2021, it has over three billion monthly active users, the largest installed base of any operating system, and as of January 2021, the Google Play Store features over 3 million apps. Android 13, released on August 15, 2022, is the latest version.

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    Help Paano macontrol ang isang android phone using other device

    Baka may alam po kayong app or kahit sa pc/laptop software na pwede macontrol yung android phone pag magkalayo.
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    Help Android App na Auto Delete Unknown Numbers?

    May alam kayong android application na auto block ang calls ng unknown number at auto delete ang messages?
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    FOR ANDROID DEVS!!! Ano pong masusuggest nyong framework KIVY or flutter? or baka may iba pa kayong idea?? like Android Studio kaso lang po Java Kotlin lang po meron ang Android Studio. Since ang thesis po namin is about Deep Learning(animal detection) and meron din pong about GIS(Geographic...
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    Hidden content
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    Hidden content
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    Help Suggest Android App na pwede kong gawin!

    Baka PO may ma suggest kayo na android app na pwede kong gawin or e develop. Bored lang kasi ako, wala pang client hehe. Salamatsu!!!
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    Help Android app for editing

    Meron ba app na pede ka mag lay out ng jersey for sublimation?
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    Android App Save State

    meron po ba nakaka alam dito pano makagawa ng save state para sa mga android emulators
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    Android app maker

    boss may rerecommend kayong application na panggawa ng andriod application yung madali lang gamitin thanks
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    Meron po ba android app na parang vs code pede mag open o mag code?

    React js po sana. Kasi gustu ku bagu ku matulog nag rereview aku ng react js. Nag aaaral gang makatulog. If meron po baka pede pabulong po. Salaamat po
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    Tutorial Download Free Mod(Modified) Android or iOS App or Games

    Download Free Android or iOS Mod App and Games (Mod Store) PANDA HELPER (Android or iOS) The Most Popular 3rd-Party App Store on iOS and Android without Jailbreak or Apple ID ACMarket It is one of the most popular android app stores for häçked/mobbed apps. Unfortunately, this apps is not...
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    Help Ano po maganda call recorder sa android app?

    Hi mga papsi ano po maganda call recorder app for android na non root?
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    Pokemon Emerald Essence GBA

    Balik Pokemon naman tayo guys New version ng Emerald mukang maganda to kasi hindi na need ng trade to evolve your pokemon. Saka medyo challenging narin. Explore natin guys. Pokemon Emerald Essence Hidden content My Boy Emulator Hidden content Sa mga mahilig sa GBA games Pokemon games try na...
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    Hello mga ILODI pede po ba makahingi ng andriod app dyan para maka panuod ng free tv channel like Gma 7 and other channel? Thanks in advance mga lods. :)
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    Java [CY4NFILES] Build Android App with JAVA, PHP & MySQL

    Build Android App with JAVA, PHP & MySQL Pasalamat ka naman hindi yung puro kuha lang. 🤡 #Cy4nCares #SalamatCy4n Hidden content
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    [Game] MathVerse

    Hi everyone I have created a math puzzle app for Android smartphones called MathVerse. There are 50 levels with different difficulties and suggestions will be available if needed. I hope you like it and if you have any advice or suggestions please contact me, thank you very much. MathVerse on...
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    Tutorial Niffleheim (Offline Survival/RPG)

    Heto na naman at muling nagbabalik upang maghatid sa inyo ng bagong paglilibangan mga lods.. ⚔Niffelheim⚔ Niffelheim is an interesting survival simulator for Android. In this game, you have to survive in the underworld after your hero got...
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    Mga lods patot naman paano mag uninstall ng predownloaded sa android ko. Ito yung mga apps na anjan na pagkabili ko palang ng phone at hindi ko sila mamove sa SD card ko. Sana mayroong option jan na di na kelangan iroot ang phone. Salamat sa makapagbigay ng mga options.
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    Tutorial (Updated/Fixed)Diablo 1 + Hellfire Expansion is now 100% working on Mobile Phone...!!!

    Just download Devilution X app on 👉🏽Playstore👈🏽(updated na siya 😆! ang daming improvements👍🏼 Update!!(Dahil sa Nagkaroon tayo ng konting aberya mga Lods Sorry Naman😅 para makabawi sa inyo eto na Linubus-Lubos kona) Download the 👉🏽(Diablo 1+Hellfire(Gdrive))👈🏽 Lahat nang Kailangan na files...
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    Tutorial Cashy. hirap

    Lakas Ng no.1 Anong lahi kaya Nyan.
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    Help Anong apps po ginamit niya dito

    Mga lods anong apps po ba ginagamit nito sana po may makapansin need ko lang po kasi mag download nito
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    Android App Unli Movie App For Android

    Nakita ko ang ad na to sa FB. Paano kaya to?
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    Tutorial Organize files base sa extension nito.

    Download nyo mixplorer silver: Hidden content Gumawa kau ng Autotask sa settings like this: (Ito ay para ma move lahat ng downloaded freenet config sa iisang folder) Make sure to check Regex (files) Ito yung regex code na nasa itaas: Hidden content Kung gusto mo naman picture replace...
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    [BETA] ANIME SENSEI APP v.1 (Nétflí× like algorithm & Features)

    [EXCLUSIVE BETA RELEASE] ANIME SENSEI alpha-v.1.0.3 developed by : (ME) 😁 UPDATES WILL NOW BE RELEASE ON MAIN THREAD CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD * please let me know kung may makita kayong error or incompatibility sa devices nyo *
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    Help Tap tap app or

    Ask lang safe ba magdownload at maginstall ng mga games sa Tap Tap app or Then isync ang facebook account sa mga games para sa log in Thanks advance
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    Android App App to if you want to change 3g to 4g only compatible for samsung user

    download below: Hidden content Enjoy.....
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    Trivia New Facebook App Features ( Facebook Avatars )

    Note: dapat ay naka beta app kayo! and dapat galing lang kay playstore, and hindi ang modded app.
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    Help Android APK - Unlock [REQUEST]

    Mga paps, baka pwede nyo ako matulungan. May ipapaunlock po sana ako sa inyung apps, kasi yung anak ko gusto yung 'sea creatures" kaso nakalock pa po kasi at may bayad. Wala kasi ako rooted phone para maunlock yung buong game. Naghanap nadin ako ng mga *****ed apk bout this game. Sana matulungan...
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    Android App *5G VPN TRY NYO PO*

    5G VPN free and fast ,Best VPN for games and apps Access and Unblocking Unlimited up to 160 global server... Working 2019🎊 5G VPN LINK:
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    Help Android App that can watch GMA7 on phones

    Baka may alam po kayo. ka phc :P abscbn lang kasi meron akong alam, yung gma7 sana. thank you.
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    So ngayon share ko lang ginaawa kong tricks sa Gcash! Working naman siya sakin :) Nasasainyo naman kung gagawin nyo or hindi :) NEEDS: ⚠2 CP -one for main gcash mo -one sa pangtrick mo ⚠ Pera ⚠Internet syempre pang access lang sa Gcash ⚠Load sa mismong sim mo sa main Gcash account mo para pang...
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    Android App Change My location android

    Anyone how to change my location sa phone. Help thanks guys mag sharee. Badly needed Ph to Us location
  33. K

    Android App Popcorn Time Help!!

    Good pm mga ka-PHC pano ba gmitin ung popcorn Time using OPEN VPN, may required ksi silang sariling VPN na may bayad eh. Pano ma-bypass Yun? Salamat!!!
  34. Y

    NetShare+ WiFi Repeater v2.0 (Unlocked)

    Requirements: Android 4.1+ Overview: NetShare + is a lite version of NetShare but the main difference is that NetShare + work on rooted devices to support devices not supported in the original NetShare app like ps4, xbox.. and also provide full internet access to non-android devices like iPhone...
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    Tutorial Convert any music track to 8D music

    After you download the application we enter it. Wait a few seconds after the application will request permission to access the media in your device. Download 8d music Allows you to access the media. You'll find in the right-hand corner the 8D is written to be activated until it turns red.
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    Freenet app redemption promo starts today

    Sa mga GTM users na may naipong points sa Freenet app pwede na i-redeem points nyo today until end of May. Note: Before mag-text make sure na ang gaamitin mong cp number sa pagtext ay yun din ang naka-register sa Freenet app account mo. 1. Text P2P2 YES to 292909 2. May magrereply na pili ka...
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    Tutorial Adventures of mana offline

    https://androidapkobb. com/adventures-of-mana/ paki delete na lng yung space sa com tnx
  38. P


    EZ VPN Note: ● Please do online update to get latest server. ●If you get authentication failed just check for latest update or choose other server. PLEASE DO FEEDBACK DOWNLOAD LINK: GOOGLE DRIVE DROPMB THANKS AND ENJOY
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    Trivia Mga Dark Mode Apps Nyo Show Mo

    Ito sakin facebook messenger ph.corner mxplayer notepad poweramp Saan yong sa inyo? Credit kay PHC-Yzthanika For the facebook dark mode
  40. U

    Globe Nagbabalik

    Nagbabalik na si LAZADA guys , nasa baba ang proof , kayo na humusga
  41. D

    Snapcart app.

    Sa mga mahilig mag grocery dyan.. picturan nyo lang yung receipt at iupload kay snapcart at may katumbas na cashback points! Ps: Di pa ako nakapagredeem dito kasi 75 dapat ang minimum.. update ako kung makaredeem.. Sa mga gustong sumubok.. welcome! download nyo lang yung snapcart sa...
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    Hype beast vpn v5 sobrang lakas

    Bagong bago Hype Beast Vpn V 5 mga ka phc , Credits po sa naka diskobre at gumawa ng app nato , pasok na pasok sa SUN TU PROMO at sa mga GOwatch users.. Download nyo po dito:
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    Hnihintay ng lahat pamalit kay datally

    Ito na bagong app para sa Globe and TM pamalit po sya kay datall Search nyo lang sa Playstore : Globe One
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    Goodmorning paps, May alam ba kayo app na pwede pantawag locally ng homephone/wireline yung free? thanks
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    Help Asking

    bukod sa blackmarket anung app ung pede maidownload yung paid o primeum sa playstore
  46. Y

    Android App Ffast vpn freemium new release

    Pasok mga ka sensei/senpai we introduce our new vpn for free open to ALLNETWORK (FFAST VPN) Fresh na fresh dahil marami satin need ang freenet ibibigay namin sa inyo ng FREE ang ρrémíùm service. Same lang to sa mga kilala niyong VPN app na may monthly FEE. FEATURES of FFASTVPN: FREEMIUM...
  47. S

    Help Question about this website

    Goodmorning guys. Ask lang kung sinubukan nyo nang magdownload dito sa site na to at kung legit ba. Meron kaseng Amazon prime video apk cra ck tsaka iflix apk cra ck pero para makasigurado ask ko muna kayo. Tia
  48. W

    Help Môviê downloading app sana

    Sino po may alam ng android app na pandownload ng movie? Yung madadownload as a video file sa phone ? Thankyou po!
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    Cruelty-cutter.apk app para malaman mo kung cruelty free ba yung ginagamit mong mga cosmetics

    Download this app para malaman mo kung yung mga cosmetics, skin care, etc na ginagamit mo is cruelty free ba o hindi . ito yung mga products na gumagamit ng animals para itest sa kanila kung ano ba yung makakasama at effective sa mga tao . every 10 points na makukuha mo may makukuha ka pang...
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    Mobile legends bug storage

    Anyare dito pano kaya to 8gb storage lang ako e Mas pinalaki pa