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In research, a paper mill is a "profit oriented, unofficial and potentially îllégâl organisation that produces and sells authorship on research manuscripts. In some cases, paper mills are sophisticated operations that sell authorship positions on legitimate research, but in many cases the papers contain fraudulent data and can be heavily plagiarized or otherwise unprofessional. According to a report from Nature, thousands of papers in academic journals have been traced to paper mills from China, Iran and Russia, and some journals are revamping their review processes."It is a problem of research ethics and research integrity affecting academic publishing (academic writing, scientific writing and medical writing). It is an instance of academic dishonesty involving contract cheating and authorship, more specifically academic ghostwriting or medical ghostwriter.
It may include data fabrication, leading to junk science, and sometimes to retractions in the scientific literature (scientific journals, academic journals, or medical journals).

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    Magkano ang presyo ng research paper for senior high school?

    Magkano po ba dapat ipresyo sa mga nagpapagawa ng research paper from chapter 1 to 5? Quantitative po. May mga lumalapit kasi sakin, tinatanong if magkano raw ba ibabayad if magpapagawa sila, e wala rin ako alam sa pricing ng ganiyan kaya wala ako masagot XD
  2. M

    Research Papers/Thesis Ghostwriter

    Hello! Nagcocommission po ako, gumagawa ng mga research papers/thesis. Thank you so much!
  3. L

    Help Foreign research paper po baka may alam kayong website kung saan

    Foreign research paper po related IT, baka may alam kayong website kung saan..para sa exam po namin
  4. G

    Help Data for Data analytics Research paper

    Guys pahelp naman guys. Baka naman may data kayo ng businesses na pwede naming gamitin for research. 🥺😆
  5. J

    Help Pa help po mag answer sa amin survey questionnaire para sa saming research data collection.

    I am currently studying hospitality management 3rd year college Our research is about determining the customer perception about the quality of the food and beverage in a catering service here in our place. Here's the link...
  6. C

    Help FOR THESIS PURPOSES: Kiosk Machine Survey pa answer po

    Sa mga may freetime po diyan bukas na kasi final output namin kaso kulang pa kmi ng respondents hihingin ko po ung konting oras nyo pasagot po sana hehe kahit ano na isagot nyo madali lng naman sagutan agree and disagree lng Thank you in advance sa sasagot 😇...
  7. S

    Tutorial (PHARASE BANK) For those student na may Thesis Writing/ Research/ Dissertation/ also for Essay Writing

    Academic Phrasebank: Can be used simply to assist you in thinking about the content and organisation of your own writing, or the phrases can be incorporated into your writing where this is appropriate. It aims to provide you with examples of some of the phraseological ‘nuts and bolts’ of...
  8. B

    Closed Pa help mga lods sa related literature

    Saan ba maganda makakuha ng magagandang literature ?
  9. Y

    Closed (Quantitative Research ) Descriptive Method for Grade 12!!!

    Sa mga tapos na sa research about quantitative research ,descriptive method po.. kahit anong topic po for grade12 student po. In english po siya Willing ako magbayad kahit ano . Pwede po pakihingi ng copy sa research? Wala napo kasing time apeke napo kase busy po at dalawa lang kami naggawa...
  10. D

    Closed Research

    Help hahaha tip lang para sa research paper idk what to do with this shit kasi e
  11. A


    Good day! pa help naman po sana ako, especially sa mga educators jan. Ano po kaya yung uncontrolled and controlled variables when it comes to drop out rate? For Example; Uncontrolled variables 1. Migration of Residency 2. 3. Sa Controlled variables 1. lack of personal Interest 2. 3 Any...
  12. A

    Closed Research paper

    Sino po meron research paper pahiram po ako. Gagamitin ko lang sa Output ko . Kunin ko lang ang title , statement of the problem, null hypothesis, data analysis, and statistical treatment/tools. I need po ngayon. Mahiram kasi mag hanap sa net laging kulang. O pahiram nalang po ako ng scribe...
  13. B

    Closed Visit research maker para sa research problem nyo

    visit the website and send your preference
  14. D

    Closed Help po

    Mga bossing pa help naman step by step pano gumawa nang methodology para sa research namin grade 12 po ako . Slaamt nang marami -respect
  15. A

    Closed Research proposal (help)

    Good afternoon ka PHC! Kakatapos lang ng Defense namin Research Title : The Attitudes of Grade 11 ABM Students towards General Mathematics Subject Ang tanong kasi samin is kung namemeasure ba ang attitude/s? Kung namemeasure ba, anong tools? Need sana namin kung anong tools pang-measure sa...
  16. C

    Closed Usage of gadgets: effects to the academic performance of students

    Patulong po, wala kasi kaming mahanap na theory patungkol dito. Pahingi naman ng theories, kung may link ay highly appreciated po. Patulong po graduating kami. Salamat po in advance.
  17. X

    Closed Help po about sa research paper

    Question: Conceptual paradigm of the study?about sleeping during class hours Theoritical framework of the study?about sleeping during class hours #Respect
  18. N

    Closed Suggestion po for research title

    Papatulong po sana ako kung ano po pwedeng Research Title Proposal po. STEM Student po ako Grade 12. Qualitative research po gagawin namin. Related po syempre sa Science tsaka Math. Sana po may mabait po dito. :))
  19. M

    Closed Looking for a computer programmer as a respondent for research purposes.

    Greetings with hope, peace and love! I am Mylene Barcoma, Grade 11 student of APEC Schools, Pateros. I am taking up the course Research 1, and as a partial fulfillment of this, I need to make a career research paper entitled: Computer Programmers in the Philippines. In line with this, I am...
  20. P

    Closed Useful research links, etc

    Share ko lang to para sa mga nangangailangan ng research materials at iba pa. Sobrang useful nito. Try nyo :)
  21. V

    Closed Need help for our research paper! :(

    Ahm. Maka ph need help sa title namin for our research paper na connected sa Business. Advices. Help is greatly appreciated.
  22. D

    Closed Languange research for undergraduate

    Suggest naman kayo dyan nang problema..
  23. Z

    Closed Title for research paper

    any suggestions po for reseach paper title For Computer engineering po sana. tnx God Bless po
  24. F

    Closed Research questions about vandalism

    Good Vibes mga ka ph! mag bigay nga kayo ng 10 research question about Vandalism. Para sa research paper namin malapit na kasi yung deadline eh. Thanks !
  25. J

    Closed Term paper/research paper

    guys sino may research paper jan pwede pahingi kahit ano tittle ok lng '' need lng po para sa practical research namin deadline na bukas '' please please po pahingi ako '' thanks po in advance :)
  26. K

    Closed Research paper pahingi

    good day, sino merong hindi na ginagamit na research paper, pahingi naman po. basta yung meron; background of study scope and limitation objective questionnare kahit anong research paper ng isang company.
  27. L

    Closed Mga Boss Sana Mabigyan Nyo po ako ng live mac

    para sa aking anak na need ng internet para sa pag aaral nya
  28. X

    Help Research Paper...

    mga bossing sino may research paper about Globalization and Education... please penge hehe....

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