Arduino () is an open-source hardware and software company, project, and user community that designs and manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices. Its hardware products are licensed under a CC BY-SA license, while software is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) or the GNU General Public License (GPL), permitting the manufacture of Arduino boards and software distribution by anyone. Arduino boards are available commercially from the official website or through authorized distributors.
Arduino board designs use a variety of microprocessors and controllers. The boards are equipped with sets of digital and analog input/output (I/O) pins that may be interfaced to various expansion boards ('shields') or breadboards (for prototyping) and other circuits. The boards feature serial communications interfaces, including Universal Serial Bus (USB) on some models, which are also used for loading programs. The microcontrollers can be programmed using the C and C++ programming languages, using a standard API which is also known as the Arduino language, inspired by the Processing language and used with a modified version of the Processing IDE. In addition to using traditional compiler toolchains, the Arduino project provides an integrated development environment (IDE) and a command line tool developed in Go.
The Arduino project began in 2005 as a tool for students at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy, aiming to provide a low-cost and easy way for novices and professionals to create devices that interact with their environment using sensors and actuators. Common examples of such devices intended for beginner hobbyists include simple robots, thermostats and motion detectors.
The name Arduino comes from a bar in Ivrea, Italy, where some of the founders of the project used to meet. The bar was named after Arduin of Ivrea, who was the margrave of the March of Ivrea and King of Italy from 1002 to 1014.

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    Help Arduino IDE does not detect the Arduino Uno board

    Nangyari lang last week, nung una maayos pa and napagana ko pa Nung binigay ko sa kagroupmate ko, itatry na sana nila, di na gumana Nasira na din yung OLED Display(tinest name using multi tester kaso walang lumalabas) May nabasa ako kanina lang na dapat walang laman yung pins 0 and 1, kaso sa...
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    Help Arduino <util/delay.h>

    Guys patulong naman ako sa magagaling sa arduino diyan. Di ako maka usad dahil dito
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    Help Arduino Capacitive Sensor

    Paano Po gumawa ng na dedetect lamang ay plastic bottle tapos ma sisignal sa Arduino para maacrivate si servo? Using capacitive proximity sensor
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    Help Upload code in arduino without Arduino IDE

    Hello, baka may alam kung paano mag upload ng code sa arduino na hindi na gumagamit ng Arduino IDE? Gamit ko nga pala Arduino Mega 2560 and esp32.
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    Platform: Udemy Expires in :4 day's Certificate: ✅ Hidden content
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    Help Arduino air quality monitoring

    help naman po sa coding and pag build ng arduino project po namin na air quality monitoring system Co2 and sulfur dioxide po ang focus namin. thank you po
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    Help Arduino script for valorant

    Willing to pey
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    C & C++ Arduino

    C:\Users\StudyPC\AppData\Local\Temp\ccdGdNJA.ltrans0.ltrans.o: In function `setup': C:\Users\StudyPC\Desktop\sketch_jul01d/sketch_jul01d.ino:53: undefined reference to `TM1637::set(unsigned char, unsigned char, unsigned char)' C:\Users\StudyPC\Desktop\sketch_jul01d/sketch_jul01d.ino:54...
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    Tutorial Add WiFi to Arduino Boards Add Web Connectivity

    Hidden content
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    Help Arduino code for 10 player quiz game

    Hi Guys baka may magaling dyan sa arduino coding gusto ko sana magpalaro for 10 players na quiz game ano po kaya code para makaset-up po ako na may tunog at ilaw na pwede paganahin lang ng 12 volts at kapag pinindot yung isang buzzer tutunog at iilaw siya ng 5 seconds at the rest di na gagana ng...
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    Tutorial Arduino Interfacing Bluetooth with Arduino Step by Step 2023

    Arduino Interfacing Bluetooth with Arduino Step by Step 2023 Size: 528MB Connecting the Physical and Digital Worlds: A Step-by-Step Guide to Interfacing Bluetooth with Arduino. What you'll learn Building simple projects such as a wireless temperature sensor or a remote-controlled car using the...
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    Help Rtc ds3231

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    Help Arduino #30

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    Help Test

    test code for oled 0.9 display using arduino nano
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    Help Pa help po sa Arduino ko ano gawin

    Mga lods pahelp po ano gawin ano nasira. yung arduino uno ko nag error na kung i upload yung sketch ok nmn yung code sa pag verify tpos sa pag upload error ni check ko nmn yung port ok nmn tpos ni try ko din sa ibng laptop same problem pa rin. Ito po yung error avrdude: ser_open(): can't set...
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    Help Ask #2

    medical project to do in research
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    Help Arduino #30

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    Help Rationale and background of the study

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    Help Ds3231 library

    link where to download rtclib libraries on arduino nano
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    Help About Adruino Coding

    Mga Paps Patulong Naman May Tut Ba kayo Para sa ESP8226 WIFI MODULE EvilTwin+Deauther? Using adnroid sana For Personal Lang.
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    Looking for marunong mag program sa arduino

    baka may marunong po dito mga ka phc, para lng po sa project
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    Help Rain sensor

    wiring diagram of rain sensor vcc gnd do ao to arduinio uno
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    Help Arduino #4

    swing servo motor back and forth when detected a sound by sound sensor or a rain sensor has detected and stop when thiers no detected
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    Help Automatic baby cry cradle

    wiring diagram of automatic baby cry cradle using: Arduino servo motor rain sensor sound detector buzzer speaker
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    Midi keyboard and arduino

    pwede kaya mag store ng mga piano sounds sa arduino tsaka i reread ng midi keyboard?
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    Help Arduino

    Arduino code to display humidity sensor status at 0.9 oled display 128x64 i2c
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    Help Arduino uno r3

    sino mai tutorial on how to install arduino on windows 7 mga paps may nabili kasi ako online tas walang kasama installer
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    Help Program code

    Program code for this materials: Arduino R3 0.96 inch IIC SERIAL OLED Display Module Humidity Sensor
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    Help Arduino Medical projects

    simple arduino r3 medical projects
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    Pa help bigay kayo idea kung ano pwedeng gawing projects da arduino, yung mga di pa sana nag eexist. Need kasi yung mga di pa dapat existing. Naka dalawang submit na ako sa prof ko di nya man lang gi accept:))
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    C & C++ Pa help code for our capstone which is Solar-powered Automatic Laundry Retriever

    Pa help code for our capstone is Which automatic Laundry Retriever powered by solar that connected to silar charger controller and same as the 12v battery, We used arduino rev 3,arduino shield, 12v power window motor
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    Help Arduino to phpmyadmin

    Compilation error: 'class Adafruit_Fingerprint' has no member named 'searchDatabase'; did you mean 'emptyDatabase'?
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    Help Arduino to phpmyadmin

    client disconnected Connection failed. Fingerprint sensor not found. Check wiring.
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    C & C++ Pa help arduino code

    pa help phc robot arduino code LED
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    PHP Anong code para maconnect ang arduino fingerprint sensor sa phpmysql

    Anong code para maconnect ang arduino fingerprint sensor sa phpmysql
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    PHP Arduino fingerprint sensor to phpmysql

    Mga paps pano siya macoconnect ung arduino fingerprintsensor sa phpmysql
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    C & C++ Request to delete

    Request to delete Misleading yung mga na generate ni bot, kung di pa to ma delete sa mga mag copy ng code nato try nyu muna po i simulate gamit ang tinkercad bago i upload sa Arduino uno.
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    Help Arduino IOT

    Hello, hindi naba working ang Blynk IOT via Serial USB? Hindi ko na po kasi mapagana, kung hindi baka may suggestions kayo po. Ang gusto ng prof ko sa Smoke Detector na project ko mag di-display ung date and time pag naka detect ng smoke. Please help
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    Help Library Noise Alarm using Arduino

    Ma'am/Sir, baka po pwede magpatulong kung ano po kaya ang code sa arduino, ito po ung project, Kapag po nakadetect ng 75 and up decibel yung sensor, iilaw po ung 4 led lights and magdidisplay sa LCD ng SILENCE na word? Thank you in advance po
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    Help Mga lods pahelp po arduino coding

    Mga lods pahelp po about arduino coding, Subject namin microprocessor kaka start ko lng po sa arduino Ni study ko na po din to kasi para sa future programing ng thesis ko Pahelp po paano mag shorten ng code pero same output result lng in po Maraming Salamat po sa help! ito po yung code int...
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    Help Pahelp po Arduino code

    Arduino code for for displaying temperature with LCD.
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    Arduino reading output from devices

    hello, meron po bang nakakaalam dito ng method kung pano magread ng data ang arduino isang source? (example below) read data from weighing scale read data from multimeter read data from power meter hindi yung gagawa from scratch. like parang icoconnect lang yung arduino sa device para kuhain...
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    Magkano private developer arduino for valorant.

    Magkano private developer arduino for valorant?
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    Help Help about my Arduino Project

    Title: Weekly SMS of Electricity Consumption with Blynk Application for Real Time Monitoring So ganito ko po gusto magwork yung project, mamomonitor mo po yung real time electricity consumption using blynk app, and weekly may notification ka rin po kung ilan na consump mo thru sms. Possible...
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    Help About Arduino

    Pwede ka po ba mag program na daily masesend ng SMS through GSM and Arduino? Our project works as electricity consumption meter, where in magsesend sya ng SMS sa consumer kung ilan kilowatts nagagamit nya a day. Possible poba yun?
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    Help Arduino

    Hi po. Pa help naman po humanap ng RRL about our study "Password Based Door Lock using Arduino"
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    CAPSTONE DOCUMENT GUIDE | Arduino Air Quality Monitoring System CH1-3

    For Guidance Purposes Only! CHAPTER I: Introduction 1.1 Background 1.2 Statement of the Problem 1.3 Objectives of the Study 1.4 Significance of the Study 1.5 Scope and Limitation CHAPTER II: Project Framework 2.1 Theoretical Framework 2.2 Conceptual Framework 2.3 Related Literatures and...
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    Arduino MKR IoT Carrier Does Not Respond

    Sino na dito nakatry ng MKR IoT Carrier with MKR Wifi 1010? I need help po
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    Arduino Flow Sensor

    mga boss, may nakasubok na ba sa inyo ng flow sensor YF-S401? inaccurate yung readings ng sensor eh. ginaya ko lang naman setup sa net same voltage din. pinalitan ko na rin yung component kasi akala ko defective. pero baka sa coding part na yung mali