In economics, an externality or external cost is an indirect cost or benefit to an uninvolved third party that arises as an effect of another party's (or parties') activity. Externalities can be considered as unpriced goods involved in either consumer or producer market transactions. Air pollution from motor vehicles is one example. The cost of air pollution to society is not ρáíd by either the producers or users of motorized transport to the rest of society. Water pollution from mills and factories is another example. All consumers are all made worse off by pollution but are not compensated by the market for this damage. A positive externality is when an individual's consumption in a market increases the well-being of others, but the individual does not charge the third party for the benefit. The third party is essentially getting a free product. An example of this might be the apartment above a bakery receiving the benefit of enjoyment from smelling fresh pastries every morning. The people who live in the apartment do not compensate the bakery for this benefit.The concept of externality was first developed by economist Arthur Pigou in the 1920s. The prototypical example of a negative externality is environmental pollution. Pigou argued that a tax, equal to the marginal damage or marginal external cost, (later called a "Pigouvian tax") on negative externalities could be used to reduce their incidence to an efficient level. Subsequent thinkers have debated whether it is preferable to tax or to regulate negative externalities, the optimally efficient level of the Pigouvian taxation, and what factors cause or exacerbate negative externalities, such as providing investors in corporations with limited liability for harms committed by the corporation.Externalities often occur when the production or consumption of a product or service's private price equilibrium cannot reflect the true costs or benefits of that product or service for society as a whole. This causes the externality competitive equilibrium to not adhere to the condition of Pareto optimality. Thus, since resources can be better allocated, externalities are an example of market failure.Externalities can be either positive or negative. Governments and institutions often take actions to internalize externalities, thus market-priced transactions can incorporate all the benefits and costs associated with transactions between economic agents. The most common way this is done is by imposing taxes on the producers of this externality. This is usually done similar to a quote where there is no tax imposed and then once the externality reaches a certain point there is a very high tax imposed. However, since regulators do not always have all the information on the externality it can be difficult to impose the right tax. Once the externality is internalized through imposing a tax the competitive equilibrium is now Pareto optimal.
For example, manufacturing activities that cause air pollution impose health and clean-up costs on the whole society, whereas the neighbors of individuals who choose to fire-proof their homes may benefit from a reduced risk of a fire spreading to their own houses. If external costs exist, such as pollution, the producer may choose to produce more of the product than would be produced if the producer were required to pay all associated environmental costs. Because responsibility or consequence for self-directed action lies partly outside the self, an element of externalization is involved. If there are external benefits, such as in public safety, less of the good may be produced than would be the case if the producer were to receive payment for the external benefits to others.

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    Feedback Forum run into external url

    hello Admins since today morning.. forum automatically directed into an external site please check on this
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    External Hard Drive Not working

    Plugged the hardrive on a damaged port sa computer, after that hindi na ma detect. Any chance na maayos pa ito? Already tried changing cords and device.
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    Help External Hard Drive [Cyclic Redundncy error]

    Pa help mga master ano kaya pwede gawin sa hard drive ko, for almost 2 years ko ng ginagamit first time kong na encounter na hindi nadedetect ng any computer yung external hard drive ko, kahit labag sa kalooban kong e format yung hard drive, ayaw rin ma format. Baka may alam kayong method dyan...
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    Help Working po ba to sa ZLT S10G for external antenna

    Balak ko sana bumili Sabi ni seller ok daw bastamay SMA Interface Marami kasi ako nababasa dito na di nila napapagana yung external antenna niya Thanks
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    Pa help sa external hdd di ma access

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    May naka experience na ba ng ganto? Kahit i-force external ung antenna hindi kumakagat?
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    Help Question lang sa mga expert about positioning modem external antenna.

    Good day mga boss, nag order kasi ako ng TP-Link MR600 at Hyperbolic antenna, pero diko alam kung maganda ba ang idea ko about sa Antenna marami kasing niyog sa area ko, nasa ilalim ng mga nyog bahay namin. my question okay lang ba na yung antenna di lumagpas sa niyog? or dapat lagpas niyog...
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    External HDD not detected

    May external HDD po ako na biglang hindi na nabasa or madetect ng laptop ko, ginagamit ng kapatid ko kasi nanonood siya (puro movie ang laman ng hdd). Tapos nung tinignan ko sa Disk Management, nakalagay is "Unallocated" tapos may nagpapakita na Initialize Disk tapos pinapapili ako kung MBR or...
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    Closed CS2 EXTERNAL

    Open CS2 Game Then open CS2 Cheat. Hidden content
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    Cheat Free Farlight 84 PC TheGeogeo External Cheat V6.2 + V7

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    Android 11 External Storage Restrictions for Android TV Box need help

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    External Drive Seagate Pahelp

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    Here i come guys💓😁 New update is here!!! Farlight84 Mobile external 1.0 beta-7 Yung old is 6 for now is 7 kaya fixed all na mga boss Files: Hidden content Feedback lang mga boss💓🤗
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    Help External or internal ssd?

    anong mas maganda for games and file management mga lods, internal ssd ba or external? may laptop tapos desktop ako. madali lang mag share ng files kase may magandang cloud storage naman ako, pero sabi ni kuya mas ok daw yung external. ano sa tingin nyo? tapos may recommendations din ba kayo na...
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    Patulong mga paps bka alam nyo po newbie lng po ako sa mga ganyan.....bali external hard drive ng tito ko yung na corrupt mraming syang mga important files dun halos 450GB yun lahat....may paraan po ba pra ma recover yun nag try ako ng mga libreng apps may limitations po sila sa pag...
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    Help Plugged and play external HDD applications

    Hello mga boss, baka may tutorial or guide kayo paano mag install ng ***** applications games or office stuffs sa external hard drive? 512gb lang kasi ssd mostly ng laptops ngayon. meron akong 5 na 1tb hard drive. sana may tumugon. salamat.
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    Cheat Free CS:GO External Cheat

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    Cheat External Mod MLBB by PHC - Anonymously (NEW UPDATE MAY 31)

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    Cheat Free Farlight 84 PC External Cheat (Stream Proof)

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    Help Paano po ma move sa external storage yung mga apps?

    Pa help naman po paano po ma move yung mga apps sa sd card gamit ko pong phone ay Redmi Note 11. Thank you po sa sasagot.
  34. J

    External Gaming Monitor for Laptop

    Hello po, Ano po pwedenf gaming monitor for 2019 Acer Nitro 5 with 1660ti VC 20gb po ang ram. Gusto ko sana 240hz Currently HDMI lang nakikita ko at usb port... May pag. Asa kaya maging compatible with other gaming monitor? Pls help. Thank you.
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    Cheat Fakecez External Mod April 15

    🟢 New External Mod [ Inject ] 👉 Support All Version Android. 👉 Support All Login Acc. 👉 Support VPN. 👉 Support Root & Non Root, no use virtual. 👉 Use Original ML App From Playstore. For K3yg3n: Hidden content ====================== ✅ Download Inject (6.mb) Hidden content...
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    Help External Hard Drive I/O Device Error not accessible.

    Pa help naman external Hard drive, naging FAT32 format, na try ko na CHKDSK pero naka RAW file na sya.
  37. X

    Help External force

    The net external force acting on an object is zero. Is it possible for the object to be traveling with a velocity that is not zero?
  38. K

    About USB flash drive and external portable drive

    same lang USB flash drive at external portable drive??? pakisagot mga lods
  39. K

    Help About external portable drive

    okay ba bumili ng second external portable drive???? bili sana ako sa black market .
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    Cheat Free Undetected CS:GO Python BetterGo External Cheat

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    Help External drive formatting on its own.

    Anyare kaya dito mga sir. Nagagamit naman pero pag tinanggal mo at kinabit or pag naka idle ng matagal nawawala yung partition. (WD Black na 2.5 HDD na nasa enclosure)
  42. D

    External Hard drive not showing files

    good day mga lodi, nireformat ko yung seagate 2 TB hard drive NTFS pero hindi siya accessible. Tapos nung binalik ko sa exFat. Nagtransfer files naman siya pero yung lang hindi na po nakikita yung mga laman ng folders. Patulong naman po. Corrupted po ba yung hard drive. gumagana naman po siya...
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    Help External HDD Recommendation

    Recommendations po for external HDD. Budget po is 2,500 - 3,500.
  44. J

    Help External Hard Disk - No media (Chipsbank)

    Good day mga lods. Baka may naka-experience na po sa inyo ng ganito. Inabot na kasi ng 27 hours yung time repair ng HD ko. Nakare-repair po kaya sya or nagka-count lang yung time nya? Kasi UNKNOWN FLASH sya. Patulong naman mga idol kung meron kayong alternative fix para sa HD.. Maraming...
  45. L

    External Hard Drive File not Showing

    Good day guys , help ! nag lipat kasi ako ng file from laptop to external harddrive . Cinut ko yung file then paste to external . after nun . pag open ko ng External Drive, walang laman . pero pag tinignan mo yung storage niya may laman . Seagate na 2TB gamit ko . thanks guys !
  46. E

    Help External hdd ps3 problem

    Baka po pwedemaka hingi ng tulong jan about sa ps3 Bali po gusto ko pilitan yung old hdd ko na IDE to sata 2.5" bali ni transfer koyung ibang games na nilalaro ko sa new HDD ok naman sya naka NTFS at rekta iso files same nung old hdd ko naka NTFS din na reread naman ng ps3 ko mga games na na...