Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH is a German aircraft manufacturing company. It is perhaps best known for its leading role in the design and manufacture of rigid airships, commonly referred to as Zeppelins due to the company's prominence. The name 'Luftschiffbau' is a German word meaning building of airships.
The company was founded by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin in 1908 as a formal entity to continue advancing his pioneering research into rigid airships. Luftschiffbau Zeppelin became the leading manufacturer in the field of large lighter-than-air vehicles; its products were used in both military and civilian capacities. The firm founded DELAG, the world's first airline to use an aircraft in revenue service, in 1909 on the back of public interest and using its own airships. During the First World War, Zeppelins were employed as the first long distance strategic bombers, launching numerous raids upon Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom. Following Count von Zeppelin's death in 1917, control of Luftschiffbau Zeppelin fell to Dr. Hugo Eckener, an enthusiastic proponent of the civil value of airships. However, Germany's zeppelins were claimed by the Allies as war reparations.
The company continued to innovate during the Interwar period, constructing the largest rigid airship in history, the LZ 129 Hindenburg, lead ship of the Hindenburg class. However, the company's fortunes soured during the Nazi era, particularly following the high-profile Hindenburg disaster. Its airships were grounded and scrapped in 1940 to produce fixed-wing combat aircraft for Nazi Germany's war machine. During the Second World War, the company became involved in the manufacture of the V2 rocket; its facilities were hit by Allied bombing raids and it all but ceased to exist in the final months of the conflict. During the 1980s, Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH was revived from its residual assets. It has since become a major shareholder in the company ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH, which developed and produces the Zeppelin NT, a next generation airship.

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  1. N

    Help Zlt s10g 2.0.0 to 3.11.6 firmware upgrade

    Possible ba to mga master? Baguhan palang kasi sa mga modem
  2. B

    Request zlt x28 file to downgrade

    Hello friends. I ran into a big problem, please help I recently bought zlt x28 modem, the version is from DU Emirate, the software version is 1.3.4. But I have a big problem.. this software version does not give me a signal.. Every SIM card I insert has no signal in my country. But we tested...
  3. D


    Paanu po ayuson mga sir everytime po Kasi na mag download Ako 6 or more video bigla nalang ma disconnect sa wifi phone ko at Yung mga naka connect dun sa wifi Hindi agad Maka reconnect need mo pa e unplug para Maka connect LAHAT Anu po reason mga master
  4. K

    Zlt s10g 2.10.1 patulong sa pag openline pls

    gusto ko sana gamitin rocket sim ko sa zlt s10g 2.10.1 pero ayaw gumana patulong ako mga master.
  5. R

    Help Globe ZTE zlt s10g cannot open dashboard

    Mga boss, hindi ko na na-access dashboard ko gamit yung default username/password na user/l03e1t3 after mag-fireware update gamit yung GlobeBrandOriginal.bin galing dito: ZLT-S10G All Version Stock Firmware Salamat, sana may makatulog.
  6. Y

    Zlt s10g change imei linked po

    mga boss penge naman po link ung updated ni sir jerome salamat po
  7. C

    Help ZLT P21 or ZLT S10G

    Suggest naman mga idol kung alin dito ang best openline modem para sa TNT unlidata 90 days, ZLT P21 ba or ZLT S10G? balak ko kase bumili ng modem. TIA sa sagot☺️
  8. E

    LF ZLT S12 Pro

    Baka meron kayo nakatambak na ZLT S12 Pro, bilhin ko nalang 😅
  9. E

    Help About zlt p25

    nabale indoor antenna,pwede ba palitan ng outdoor antenna? any suggestion kung anong antenna pwede kahit pipitsugin lang.
  10. L


    Need ba papalitan ang IMEI ng router para di mablock pagnakareg sa TNT UNLIDATA?
  11. L

    Help Change IMEI ZLT S10G

    Mga lods may alam pa ba kayong ibang site or app na pwede magchange ng imei ng modem? Di na kasi ma access yung site ni boss jeromelaliag
  12. J

    Help How to unlock literally all Globe ZLT S10G bands?

    Hello po. Matagal na po ko na user ng Globe ZLT S10G na wifi modem. Ask ko lang po paano kaya maunlock yung LAHAT as in LAHAT ng bands. Ang available lang po kasi sakin ay 3, 28, 40, 41. Eh sa Gomo sim ang bagal ng bands na to. I found out na sa cp ko, nakaconnect siya band 38 and super bilis...
  13. S

    Help Unli Data 499 sa ZLT S10g

    Pwede Po ba ang unliData 499 sa ZLT s10g, or need pa po imie changed... TIA po
  14. D

    Help Zlt s10g reconnecting issue

    Every now and then na didisconnect yung phone ko sa zlt , Yung power led ok naman yung wifi network lang biglang nag rerestart nagka ganito lang after system update ni DITO
  15. P

    Openline ZLT S10G as Access Point

    Meron kasi ako openline ZLT S10G na di ko na ginagamit since nagpakabit ako ng Converge S2S. Pwede ko ba sya gamitin access point since naka disable ang lan port ng S2S Router. Kung hindi naman pa-suggest ng router na may 2.4 ghz at 5 ghz band na medyo nasa budget side lang na pede ko gamitin...
  16. D

    Tutorial LEGIT GUYS MABAGAL ANG OT N401 kaysa ZLT S10G

    Grabi naexperience ko sya unit na itong OT N401, pagong na pagong , wala pang apn changer. Nabandlock kuna ganun parin. Openline naman sya pero hindi talaga napapalitan ng apn.
  17. T

    Help ZLT P25

    Pwedi din po ba iaddmin access ZLT P25?
  18. D

    Help Working po ba to sa ZLT S10G for external antenna

    Balak ko sana bumili Sabi ni seller ok daw bastamay SMA Interface Marami kasi ako nababasa dito na di nila napapagana yung external antenna niya Thanks
  19. N

    Help DITO ZLT S10G

    Bat kaya pag pinalitan bin firmware zlt ayaw gumana nung config na may payload na PROPFIND / HTTP/1.1[crlf]Host: [host_port][crlf]Upgrade: websocket[crlf]@[crlf][instant_split]SEARCH ws://[host][crlf][crlf] tas pag binalik sa default gumana na.
  20. G

    How to Flash ZLT S10g/S10 unlocked firmware ?

    My router only show power LED.How to Flash S10g/S10 unlocked firmware ? please help
  21. D

    Help OT N401 or ZLT S10G MODEL?

    Bibili sana ko online ng pang simcard na modem, alin kaya sa 2 mas ok? o baka may maisusuggest kayo mga boss..tia
  22. P

    Tools ZLT S10G Ver 2.10.1 Openline

    Yes tama ang iyong binasa. Open line Globe at Home wifi. Wala nang paligoy ligoy pa. Heto na: Requirements: 1. AWebServer 2. Code Editor 3. Zarchiver(for extracting) 4. Lastly, the most important, BRAIN.apk Password: HeWhoRemains Thank me later
  23. T

    Help ZLT S10G or B315s-936

    Pa-recommend po kung alin ang mas magandang bilhin na openline modem. Zlt S10g ba or B315s-936?
  24. B

    Globe Zlt M30s Unlock procedue and files

    Please I have a Zlt M30s modem locked to a specific network i need help unlocking it any network
  25. H

    ZLT S12 PRO built in antenna

    Hello PHC community Ask ko lang po sana kung saan sa loob yung built in antenna niya for quad antenna mod. Naka direct na po sa module yung external antenna kaya nare-read siya as internal so sasalpakan ko sana ng sma to ipex yung internal antenna niya para maging 4 yung internal antenna...
  26. B

    Zlt m30s

    Pls help i have a zlt m30s modem that needs unlocking pls help
  27. X

    Help Zlt x21 eSIM VN007+

    Hi, anyone know how to add eSIM in zlt x21? i has superadim access.
  28. I

    Globe HELP zlt s10g blank dashboard

    Patulong naman mga lodi. After ko nagopenline naging blank yung dashboard ng modem ko. May mga nakita akong mga tutorial dito pero mukhang wala na yung ibang mga files sa mga link nila. Maraming salamat sa mga tutulong.
  29. M

    Help Gomo Sim to ZLT s10g

    ask lang po Nung una ok naman yung net ng net ko kaso Nung binalik ko yung gomo Sim sa router Limited Connection na sya then pawala Wala na yung net ng gomo every 5 or 10mins thankyou po sa sasagot
  30. P

    Help ZLT S10G openline file

    Guys i really need help, Sino po sa inyo may file ng pang openline nila sir Jhowel? Wala napo kasi sa YT channel nya baka po meron kayong file nila ng ZLT papasa naman po Salamat.
  31. P

    Help How to openline ZLT S10G version 2.11.1 ?

    how to openline ZLT S10G version 2.11.1 ? pahelp po sa mga may alam dyan salamat po
  32. E

    Help ZLT x20 super admin

    My super admin napo ba ang zlt x20?
  33. A

    Help Zlt s10g

    sino dito gumagamit niyang model na modem naka openline , balak ko sana ilagay dyan yung tnt unli data. nakaka block ba?or any experience dyan
  34. 3

    Need Original ZLT S10 Firmware

    I have ZLT S10 4G Router and need to flash it with original firmware to unlock sim bands permanently. I really appreciate if anyone can send me the link or files for this matter.
  35. M

    ZLT keeps on rebooting

    Hi guys, My ZLT keeps on rebooting on its own after I try to openline it seems I bricked it. Any solution?
  36. S

    Zlt x28

    Hello, I have a ZLT X28 modem and I want to unlock it. web console Access is only with administrator, and super admin or root is not available or I don't know how to find it. I would like your guidance on what to do.( just superadmin can enable ssh/telnet/adb option in web console ) please see a...
  37. M


    Patulong naman po ako paano makakuha ng ADMIN ACCESS sa Globe At Home Prepaid WIFI ko. Please lang po.. Gusto ko po kasi to magamit para makapag try ng business po. Sana may makatulong dito.. pls pls plss.
  38. 0

    ZLT S10G Version 2.10.1

    Baka may working tutorial po kayo sa pag-openline ng unit na to gamit ang mobile phone pashare naman po. Thanks in advance.
  39. A

    Help Openline Zlt s10g Change Apn

    Openlined na ung Zlt s10g namin, may feature sya na change apn pero ayaw naman magwork. Sadya ba?
  40. Y

    Help Gomo Sim to ZLT S10g

    Gagana Kaya Yung Gomo Sim sa Wifi na Globe ZLT S10g?
  41. A

    Help Globe ZLT S10G Antenna 2 Built In kahit nakasaksak yung antenna

    Hello sir baguhan lang, naka openline kase yung Globe ZLT S10G ko, pansin ko kahit nakasaksak yung antenna ko sa antenna 2, naka built in padin sya dun sa settings. Sira po ba sya pag ganun? Maraming salamat sa sasagot
  42. F

    Help ZLT S10 IMEI

    Bumili kase ako ng openline and change IMEI modem from shopee pero di ko makita san pwede palitan yung IMEI para safe yung tnt unlidata ko. Pa help sa may alam thanks!
  43. C

    Paanu po gawin wifi extender ang zlt s10g

    pa help namn po..paanu gawin wifi extender ang zlt s10g
  44. A

    Help ZLT S12 Pro OpenWrt

    May nakasubok na po ba ng OpenWrt ng S12 Pro?
  45. J

    Help Zlt s10g best version?

    May pinagkaiba ba sa speed yung mga zlt version? Yung sa akin kasi v2.10 pwede ba yan ichange imei? Ty
  46. M

    Help Openline zlt s10g version 3.11.6

    Mga lods pa help nman po. Pano po ba ipa openline ang modem nmin zlt s10g v 3.11.6. Salamat po
  47. F

    Help Zlt s10g

    Pag inopenline po ba zlt s10g sa globe magagamit kaya siya sa dito sim?