A modulator-demodulator or modem is a computer hardware device that converts data from a digital format into a format suitable for an analog transmission medium such as telephone or radio. A modem transmits data by modulating one or more carrier wave signals to encode digital information, while the receiver demodulates the signal to recreate the original digital information. The goal is to produce a signal that can be transmitted easily and decoded reliably. Modems can be used with almost any means of transmitting analog signals, from light-emitting diodes to radio.
Early modems were devices that used audible sounds suitable for transmission over traditional telephone systems and leased lines. These generally operated at 110 or 300 bits per second (bit/s), and the connection between devices was normally manual, using an attached telephone handset. By the 1970s, higher speeds of 1200 and 2400 bit/s for asynchronous dial connections, 4800 bit/s for synchronous leased line connections and 35 kbit/s for synchronous conditioned leased lines were available. By the 1980s, less expensive 1200 and 2400 bit/s dialup modems were being released, and modems working on radio and other systems were available. As device sophistication grew rapidly in the late 1990s, telephone-based modems quickly exhausted the available bandwidth, reaching the ultimate standard of 56 kbit/s.
The rise of public use of the internet during the late 1990s led to demands for much higher performance, leading to the move away from audio-based systems to entirely new encodings on cable television lines and short-range signals in subcarriers on telephone lines. The move to cellular telephones, especially in the late 1990s and the emergence of smartphones in the 2000s led to the development of ever-faster radio-based systems. Today, modems are ubiquitous and largely invisible, included in almost every mobile computing device in one form or another, and generally capable of speeds on the order of tens or hundreds of megabytes per second.

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    Tools FREE Admin Access for Globe Modems B310as-938/B315s-938/B525s-65a/B312-939/B535-932

    ‼️ FREE Admin Access is now closed ‼️ FREE ADMIN ACCESS from December 25, 2023 to January 1, 2024❕ ⬇️FREE Admin Access for Globe Models: ✅B310as-938 ✅B315s-938 ✅B525s-65a ✅B312-939 Config File Version ✅B535-932 Config File Version (Postpaid Version) Para makuha nyo po yung...
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    Smart TNT Sun Smart blocking imei of 5g modems

    Cnu dito nakaranas ng imei blocking ng 5g modem ni smart
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    Help [QUERY] - Disconnected modems / îllégâl Connection

    - Ano po kayang ginagawa nung mga bumibili ng disconnected modems sa mga modem? - Possible bang mag tap illegally sa mga internet line ex. PLDT Fibr, Converge For context, my neighbor is buying and selling disconnected modems.. Wala silang line yet may internet sila.. IDK where they're...
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    Globe New modems, ZTE and OT

    Mga bago ni globibo, maganda Kaya? Ayos Kaya specs nito? 🤔 Check out Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi with FREE 50GB Dataat 50% off!₱999.00 only!Get it on Lazada now! | Check out Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi with FREE 50GB Dataat 50% off!₱999.00 only!Get it on Lazada now! Check out Globe At Home...
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    Tools Huawei Manager 2023 Bookmark for Browser (FREE Band Locking to Huawei Modems)

    Huawei Manager 2023 Bookmark for Browser Code: Hidden content Use Opera mini Browser for Cellphone: Opera Mini: Fast Web Browser - Apps on Google Play Note: Not Supported B535-932 Prepaid Version 11 & B312-939 Version 11 Other Supported Huawei Device: B311As-853 B312-939 Config Version 10...
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    Help Cell-ID Locking Modems

    Hello mga ka PHC tanong ko lang po anong modem yung pede ma open-line at may cell-id locking maliban sa Mamba.
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    Echolife DN8245W

    Baka may idea kayo pano magkaron ng ge uplink? TIA
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    List of 5G CPE Modems Philippines v2

    Compiled 5G CPEs for everyone's reference (v2 June 1, 2023) v1: List of 5G CPE Modems Philippines (not updatable anymore) SUMMARY LIST #1 (no order) Smart Bro 5G Rocket WiFi = PhP 16k OEM: Green Packet M5G-7760 Smart Bro Home WiFi 5G = PhP 16k OEM: Green Packet D5H-EA20 Huawei 5G CPE Pro...
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    Tutorial OpenWrt for 4G/4G+/LTE/LTE+/LTE-A/5G Wireless Modems

    Nais mo bang magkaroon ng OpenWrt build ang iyong 4G/LTE/LTE-A/5G modem, kung wala pa itong build na available, at the same time makatulong sa ating komunidad? Magpatuloy lamang sa pagbabasa. Hidden content
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    Converge Blocking

    Bakit kaya ganto ang phc? Converge gamit ko, pag data okay namn
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    Tutorial How to add "Set DNS Server Manually" option in Huawei B525s Modems (65a/23a/95a)

    Sa mga gumagamit ng Private DNS or Free DNS or ISP DNS, para sainyo itong tutorial na ito. Let's go! 1. In Chrome, login to GUI of your Huawei B525s Modem (65a/23a/95a) and go to settings > DHCP. 2. Go to (options) 3 dots > more tools > developer tools 3. Click console. 4. Copy and Paste...
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    Pano maopenline to?

    B880-75 Pahelp naman po. Salamat
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    Help Ano po inyong Top 3 na PARABOLIC ANTENNA? Yung compatible sa halos lahat ng modems. Pa share na rin ng link san pwede bumili, salamat po.

    Ano po inyong Top 3 na PARABOLIC ANTENNA? Yung compatible sa halos lahat ng modems. Pa share na rin ng link san pwede bumili, salamat po.
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    Hidden content FOR BUILT IN OVPN Hidden content USER PASS HERE: Hidden content
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    IMEI generator for modems na nagamit ng unlidata599 pero no internet connection, sana makatulong sa inyo :> link : IMEI GENERATOR
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    Help Wifi Modem

    Mga boss, okay lang ba ibenta yung modem na di na ginagamit? Wala bang malalabag dun? Meron kasi ako yung sa PLDT di na nila nabayaran balak ko sana ibenta nalang 👀
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    PLDT ultera modems

    Help nman po sa mga master jan. . may magagamit pa po ba ako dito? kahit palitan lng ng sim? or may kalayangan pang gawin?
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    Closed Guys may tanong ako about modem

    Guys mas ok ba gamitin ang modem kesa pocket wifi ?? sample sa modem is yung with sim lang openline vs pocket wifi ?? ano po kaibihan nila and which is recommended para sa laptop or pc ??
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    Closed Pldt and globe modems

    Hello mga ka PHCorner! Mejo kalat kalat kasi ung mga modems information ng Globe and PLDT/Smart so gawa muna ako ng thread for everyone to put in their share then icoconsolidate ko after. This is for everyone na need ng isang thread lang for all information na need. Sana maka contribute lahat...
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    Closed Globe changing modems

    Hello mga kaPh, ask ko lang sana sa inyo kung nangyari din sa inyo, tinawagan kasi ako ng globe kanina na papalitan daw nila ang modem ko na 936 , ewan ko lang kung bakit nila ito papalitan, nadedetect nila siguro yung softether ko? Or sadyang may bago sila na modem para sa 5G nila? Kinabahan...
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    Closed Help how to fix red lights on modem b315_99417

    sino po pwedeng mag tut kung paano pa maayos the way openline na po sya and i dont have any idea kung pano to maayos.sana may makatulong.bigla na lang naging red lights.kahit anong sim ayaw restore ko na din.wala rin.
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    Closed Modem

    Hi po mga phc pwede po bang mag tanong plano ko po kasing bumili ng modem ngayong summer na paggagamitan na injector or anything basta maka freenet anong modem po ang mai susuggest nyo para sakin?? at any freenet po pang modem for learning thanks in advance po..
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    Closed Paano po magupdate ng latest zain firmware?

    Nagloloko na kasi yung 936 modem blue label naka zain firmware, sobrang bagal na e browse yung ip niya di tulad dati mablis lang, kung sino ang nakakaalam sa inyo kung paano e update zain firmware share niyo naman sakin tutorial, salamat po sa magshare!!!!!
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    Closed 18dbi antenna in 936 modem how to connect?

    pa help.. hndi maconnect ung 936 modem sa antenna..ty in advance..mhina pa dn ung cgnal 1 bar lang
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    Closed B315s-936

    Mga boss ask ko lng san pwde bumili ng modem na b315s-936? balita ko îllégâl daw ang nagbebenta kasi may globe property not for sale
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    Closed WiMAX Modem sa bangketa

    mga master tanong ko lang po kung okay bumili sa mga bangketa ng wimax? lately kasi ang dami kong nakikita sa mga nadadaanan kong bangketa. although alam ko na mataas risk na maaaring sira ang mabili ko pero ung na test ko nung huli is kumokonekta naman ung phone ko sa wifi
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    Closed Need your suggestions badly

    Anong modem maganda gamitin at madaling mahanap? Gusto ko sana upgrade from mobile data to modems... Salamat ng Madame SA makaka tulong:) Gb
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    Closed ano ang magandang gamitin pang internet

    ano po ba ang magandang gamitin na modem para sa bug na sim
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    Closed Anong maganda? "Globe or Smart Pocket WiFi"

    Mga Kuys, ano po maganda sa dalawa? :rolleyes: Need ko po ng suggestions.. :barefoot: Di po ako makapagdecide kung ano ang bibilhin ko :) EDIT: I mean, yung model nila, :peeking: pareho ba unlockable pareho ba sa specs yung speed nung dalawa pareho ba at kung hindi, alin ang mas angat sa...
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    Closed Huawei Modems unlock by codes (New Algorithm for 2012/2013 modems)

    There is a new algorithm calculator somewhere there and if by chance you're a member of XDA Dev., you're in luck because here's the post script... "Post here your IMEI number and ill give you the codeThis is for the new 2012/2013 modems....most of their IMEIS start with 8*************Cheers...
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    Closed unlock code calculato (New Algo)

    Due To public demand i will share unlock code calculator for huawei modems e357, e303 and more. Wala ng username at password wala ng konek-konek pa sa server para makakuha ng unlock code rekta na calculate ng unlock code. LOL NOTE : FOR HUAWEI LANG HINDI KASAMA ZTE DITO. Iba method pag ZTE...