In reliability engineering, the term availability has the following meanings:

The degree to which a system, subsystem or equipment is in a specified operable and committable state at the start of a mission, when the mission is called for at an unknown, i.e. a random, time.
The probability that an item will operate satisfactorily at a given point in time when used under stated conditions in an ideal support environment.Normally high availability systems might be specified as 99.98%, 99.999% or 99.9996%.

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  1. J

    Emotionally Available

    So, here’s the tea. I’ve been using this app for about 1 month and it helps me everytime I’m down or I need to rant. May makakausap kang random people but di mo makikilala or di mo makikita ang profile. This apps helps those introvert out there. If you want to know the app just message me🥰...
  2. X

    Tutorial Google bard is available now on Philippines

    Google Bard is a large language model (LLM) chatbot developed by Google AI. It is trained on a massive dataset of text and code, and can generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative content, and answer your questions in an informative way. Bard is still under...
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    Mga tol baka meron samsung note 10 5G user dito na marunong mag activate ng 5G network sa phone. 4G+ lang lumalabas kahit 5G yung sim card & 5G supported yung phone ko pero kahit anong gawin ko ayaw mag 5Gnetwork. sana may makatulong dito o marunong mag activate ng 5G network. salamat po!.
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    DITO DITO is now available in Davao Oriental

    Sabi sa official website sakop na ang davao oriental. San Isidro: Brgy. Iba Brgy. Lapu-lapu Brgy. Manikling Brgy. San Roque Brgy. Sudlon Source: DITO Network Coverage - DITO Telecommunity Umaabot narin po ang signal ng DITO sa Mati City. Meron na rin po cellsites dito sa Don Enrique Lopez...
  5. C

    GOMO Unli data available now 4/22/2023

    Register na mga ka gomo 😆
  6. H

    Help Google Bard Waitlist - Available na sa PH?

    Source: Bard Available na ba ito dito sa atin? - PH IP no vpn is used
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    GOMO GOMO Simreg is now available

    Pagkatapos ng system maintenance ni GOMO ay pwede na po makapag-simreg. Gagawin mo lang uninstall yung old app ni gomo tapos download ng bago. Pagkatapos nun login mo lang number at 6 digit pin mo. Kasunod na dun bubungad na sayo ang simreg dun mismo sa app. Madali lang po ang process basta po...
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    Help Hindi ba available ang media forum sa newbies?

    Hinahanap ng kapatid ko di daw nya makita. Newbie lang kakaregister
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    Help Sino po gusto

    Available po ako today for Gun Shooting/Firing
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    Referral SpaceID Season 2. Available na habang meron pa! Iwas sana all. With Guide

    Hidden content
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    Referral Claim free NFT! New Artisant NFT Asset available!

    Hidden content
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    Crypto March 7, 2023 Buying 17 pesos per pi coin yung nasa available balance na GCASH TRANSACTION(note: price may change maybe it will up and down)

    Buying 16 pesos per pi coin yung nasa available balance na GCASH TRANSACTION(note: price may change maybe it will up and down)
  13. J


    Buy niyo na load card ko guys. Tag 300 lang available.
  14. D

    Help SMART rocket SIM | unli data still available?

    Hello po, plan kopo kasi bumili ng rocket sim for unli data ni smart. Ask ko lang po kung available papo ba ito? At ano po yung price range nya, thanks in advance po.
  15. K

    Help Src available?

    sa mga meron po any vpn src available yung working po sana for android.salamat
  16. F

    Help [HELP] Oops! This page isn't available.

    Hi guys, bakit kaya ganto error lumalabas sakin tuwing mag create ako ng threads na may kasamang pics/photos. "You have reached the maximum limit for attachment uploads. Please try again later." Salamat sa makakasagot. Sa mga MOD or Admin, paki help naman ako. hindi na kasi ako makapag post...
  17. L

    Help Share-A-Load and Share-A-Promo will no longer be available..

    May alternative pa po ba na pang E-Load sa Globe and TM po 'yung may discount din po sana..
  18. R

    Help Tnt

    Ano ang Available na häçking Net Or Promo Net na magagamit sa Injector na available...
  19. C

    Help Public key auth available - inactive

    Pa help naman po. Gumawa kasi ako ng sarili kong server gamit ang "Public Script by Sir Trinity" nakagawa na ako ng account at working, pero nung na add ako ng user, ayan na, Public Key auth available - inactive ang lumalabas kahit ilang try na, at ilang beses na nag clear data sa injector...
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    Closed May bago ang globe

    Guys nakita ko lang sa web, may bagong service pala ang Globe ngayon, pero may kamahalan nga lang:):) Please read. Credits to the Blog owner♥ GoWATCH service For subscribers who are into s†rêâmïng video content on mobile devices, you'd be glad to know that Globe is offering its new GoWATCH...
  21. L

    Closed No load ehi for tnt?

    Hello sa lahat! Sana may makagawa ng ehi no load for tnt since meron nang payload available? Di kasi ako marunong mag psiphon sa tnt at gumawa ng ehi. Salamat in advance!
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    - EDITED - MAC 10.26 ip at stable ONLY and LEGIT. sorry po bawal pala

    Pa AVAIL ng MAC 10.26 ip at stable ONLY and LEGIT. Pa AVAIL ng MAC 10.26 ip yung affordable lng po STABLE with WARRANTY or madaling ma contact para sa support. Para d po sayang pera. 2mbps stable tama na cguro YUNG WALA AKONG KASALO SA MAC. Connect first via TV then bayad. Matino po ako kausap...