A wall is a structure and a surface that defines an area; carries a load; provides security, shelter, or soundproofing; or, is decorative. There are many kinds of walls, including:

Walls in buildings that form a fundamental part of the superstructure or separate interior rooms, sometimes for fire safety
Glass walls (a wall in which the primary structure is made of glass; does not include openings within walls that have glass coverings: these are windows)
Border barriers between countries
Brick walls
Defensive walls in fortifications
Permanent, solid fences
Retaining walls, which hold back dirt, stone, water, or noise sound
Stone walls
Walls that protect from oceans (seawalls) or rivers (levees)

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  1. J

    DIY Wall Paint

    Share ko lang ginawa ko sa wall..
  2. K

    Free wall

    say what ever you want abt your life
  3. S

    Hd wall paper

    Free wall paper... Request lang kayo ng gusto niyong wallpaper
  4. S

    Help Event LED Wall Tech

    Ask ko lang mga boss kung may mga nag event dj or anything dito magkano singil nyo isang araw sa pagiging led wall tech or magcoconfigure ganon provided na yung laptop
  5. S

    4k free wall papers

    Request lang po kayo ng gusto niyong wallpapers
  6. H

    Cheat SF RUSH WALL WALL H ACK + TAPMAP Udetected 10/12/23

    -Disclaimer: Use Your Dummy Account First. We are not responsible if your account got – Banned, Suspended etc. Use at your own risk. Cheat Requirements : Latest Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes All-in-One May 2023 Download CHEAT...
  7. L

    Wall street meme. paldo nq

    Sino dito bumili? Swerte tayo.. wsm to the moon.. $6 bili ko now $29 na
  8. A

    Illegally parked vehicle hits wall after owner tried to run from the MMDA

    Illegally parked vehicle hits wall after owner tried to run from the MMDA© Provided by Top Gear Philippines There’s nothing good that’ll ever come out of trying to run away from a traffic violation, no matter what type of violation that is. A motorist from somewhere in Metro Manila recently...
  9. J

    Where to buy PVC WALL panel decor

    ayoko po bumili sa shopee or lazada san po kaya pwede makabili ng wall panels? yung pwede lang gamitan ng bostik no nails ?? and magkano din? salamat sa sasagot
  10. B

    Trivia The Great Wall of China was held together by sticky rice

    The Great Wall of China was held together by sticky rice As reported by the The Telegraph, scientists at the University of China who were researching the material of the Great Wall were surprised to learn that there was a special ingredient added to the standard mixture of lime and water...
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    A.i. Wall Art Generator (Free to Generate)

    FYI Studio Maganda to pag mahilig kayo sa mga Wall art, meron din sila Canvas, Tshirt design, Tattoo Design, and Room Design. Sample sa Wall art nila. Pero may bayad if gusto mo ng e download yung design, 1$ per download more or less 55php ito yung gawa ko na...
  12. F

    Help Maayos po ba tong asahi wall fan or calibrate ganon

    Bitin po yung ikot nya sa kaliwa tapos sagad sa kanan Sagad na po yan lods pa kaliwa Tapos eto pa kanan
  13. E

    Help Hindi lumalabas yung reels ko sa fb wall ko

    Bakit po kaya hindi lumalabas sa wall ko yung na published ko na reels?
  14. L


    láρág mo mga thoughts mo dito pare, gusto ko magbasa basa.
  15. J

    Android App Wall paper all you want in lastest Wállcráf†

    Link: https://modxda.com/download/Wállcráf†-30931/1 Wállcráf† MOD APK is a personalization app that offers you many high-quality wallpapers to use. App Name Wállcráf† Publisher WallpapersCraft | Wállcráf† Genre Personalization Size 71M Version 3.22.01 ID com.wallpaperscraft.wallpaper MOD Info...
  16. P

    Android App Wall You v0.3 (3)

    Wall You is a Wallpaper App built with Material Design 3 (You). The app uses the Wallhaven API at the moment which unfortunately is non-free. ⚙Changelog: (full changelog) Automatic background wallpaper changer (e.g. every hour) Favorites page by liking wallpapers Option for dark and light...
  17. R

    Fiction Stardust by Neil Gaiman

    Stardust Neil Gaiman Stardust tells the story of young Tristran Thorn and his adventures in the land of Faerie. One fateful night, Tristran promises his beloved that he will retrieve a fallen star for her from beyond the Wall that stands between their rural English town (called, appropriately...
  18. C

    Archive Rules of Survival Undetected!! Telekill, Aimbot & More! Aug 22, 2019

    Rules of Survival Free VIP häçk/Cheat Updated: Aug 22, 2019 | V5.1 Spoiler: More Screenshot v5.0 Added Undetected Speed häçk (Use this at your own risk) Optimized Some Function to work quickly Fixed Mouse Clicks & Keyboard Detection issue Fixed Skeleton Issue Removed Lobby...
  19. R

    Closed Simple wallhäçk + health bar working 1.27.19

    Simple Wallhäçk Working as of January 27 2019. Instruction Open DX cheat mapper Browse Dll file Inject and Run Crossfire. -------------------------- If you got error. Use the same method. DOWNLOAD https://www.datafilehost.com/d/80b688a5 VIRUSTOTAL
  20. C

    Archive Ros pc cheat (april 14, 2018) esp + new (fly h4ck,invisible, walkthru, clear weather) + anti report

    :)Rules of Survival (VIP cheat) :) :)Updated: April 14, 2018 :) Whats new? > Flyh4ck is disabled (Will comeback soon) Screenshot: Added new Features (Zoom H4ck x1-x8) April 9, 2018! Added new Features (Fly Mode/Fly H4ck) April 8, 2018! Features & Hotkeys: ESP -...
  21. R

    Archive Rules of survival

    Mga paps meron bang wallh@ck sa ros cp version? TIA
  22. H

    Archive Ros cheat (pc)

    UPDATE ROS Cheat Fiture Cit / Cheat Rules of Survival 17 Maret 2018 - Serin 3.0 : Wallhäçk+Chams = F1-F5 | Reset chams F6 Wallhäçk weapon = F9 Esp box Chams No Grass Fast Parasute Wall Climb Super Jump + Gravity Telekil/teleport and anymore.. etc Link: https://www.sendspace.com/file/a5fyxp...
  23. P

    Archive Paano po gumawa ng wallhäçk sa ros

    Paano po gumawa ng wallhäçk sa ROS? Pm nalang po ako bibigyan din kita ng load pag naturoan mo ako.
  24. C

    Archive Ros wallh4ck + vip features + anti ban (feb 24, 2018)

    Updated: Feb 21, 2017 Rules of Survival (International H4ck) Hello guys! i just want to share this new H4ck with useful features na makakatulong makaiwas sa automated ban ng account. araw araw may update po ito kaya safe and sure na working. Screenshot (Feb 18, 2018): In game H4ck...
  25. M

    Closed Nakalimutan ko birthday ko pala ngayon.. (^_^)? ito pa b-day ko haha

    Kung dina ako sumilip dito bago matulog haha pag open ko nakita ko ito at may reward ako sa message :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME :):) Dahil wala ako na handa na pa birthday ko ito na lang free WALLPAPER FULL HD para sainyo.. share kuna mga wall ko (//_^)v
  26. W

    Closed League of legends orianna wall trick

    Hi po mga Boss may trick po akong nadiskubre kay Orianna , kung alam nyo na po ok lang din hahaha Alam nyo po yung bola nya ? (Q) Pwede nyo pong i position yun kahit saan Wag nating limitahan sa kalaban kampi o sa sarili , Pwede po natin itong itago sa pader at bigla nalang mag Q sa kalaban...
  27. K

    Closed Parequest po ng the great wall 2016 movie na malinaw

    Sana po matulungan niyo po ako makahanap ng HD na The Great Wall 2016 na Movie..Salamat po in advance.. More Power sa atin!
  28. A

    Closed Great wall pls..

    Pahingi naman po ng link ng GREAT WALL (matt damon) thanks in advance
  29. C


    droid wall v1.5.2........

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