A power supply is an electrical device that supplies electric power to an electrical load. The main purpose of a power supply is to convert electric current from a source to the correct voltage, current, and frequency to power the load. As a result, power supplies are sometimes referred to as electric power converters. Some power supplies are separate standalone pieces of equipment, while others are built into the load appliances that they power. Examples of the latter include power supplies found in desktop computers and consumer electronics devices. Other functions that power supplies may perform include limiting the current drawn by the load to safe levels, shutting off the current in the event of an electrical fault, power conditioning to prevent electronic noise or voltage surges on the input from reaching the load, power-factor correction, and storing energy so it can continue to power the load in the event of a temporary interruption in the source power (uninterruptible power supply).
All power supplies have a power input connection, which receives energy in the form of electric current from a source, and one or more power output or rail connections that deliver current to the load. The source power may come from the electric power grid, such as an electrical outlet, energy storage devices such as batteries or fuel cells, generators or alternators, solar power converters, or another power supply. The input and output are usually hardwired circuit connections, though some power supplies employ wireless energy transfer to power their loads without wired connections. Some power supplies have other types of inputs and outputs as well, for functions such as external monitoring and control.

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  1. J

    Help Motherboard no Power

    Patulong naman diyan sa mga technician pano e check sira ng mobo ko, no power ok naman psu.
  2. T

    Smart TNT Sun Giga Power 499

    Hi netizens! Haha Ask ko lang kung sino na nakapag register dito sa gigapower 499? Meron po ba capping? Mukhang okay siya irehistro eh.
  3. F

    The Power of Android

    The Power of Android
  4. J

    Help Huawei b818-263 no power

    baka po may narerepair po dito ng huawei b818-263 no power around rizal province or nearby po sana. thank you
  5. F

    Smart TNT Sun May config ba sa power all 99 unli tiktok?

    Tanong lang po meron ba config para sa unli tiktok sa power all 99?
  6. T

    Help B310as-938 power consumption in wattage

    Ask ko lang po if may nakaka alam kung ilang watts yung power consumption ni b310as-938 in watts? Nag co-compute kasi ako kung ano ang kwh ng modem if running for 24 hours. Research purposes lang po. TIA!
  7. Y

    Smart TNT Sun Power all99, may vpn kayo dito?

    guys baka may vpn kayo for this promo?
  8. R

    Power supply

    sumabog po power supply. Posible kaya na madamay motherboard? or power supply lang po papalitan ko?
  9. X

    Help Power amp full version

    Mga lods may power kayo jan full version salamat
  10. S

    Ayos rotation daw power rangers js

    Tank user muna ayaw paubaya mm haha
  11. K

    Pahelp po ZLT S12 PRO power on lang nakabukas

    Patulong po sa router namin bagong bili sa lazada tapos pangatlong araw palang namin nagagamit biglang nag blink na parang christmas light tapos binunot ko para ma reset pag on ko power nalang wala nang wifi, di rin madetect sa LAN Cable. stock globe, di pa na oopenline, binuksan ko lang back...
  12. Random Korean Female MV

    Random Korean Female MV

    How do you like that by : Black Pink
  13. J

    Help Laptop charger 220v, power cord 125v

    pwede ba to isaksak boss ng direkta,kailangan ko pa ba ng transformer? or bili na lang ng 220v na power cord?
  14. T

    Help Data Roll Over Power All Promo

    May data roll over kaya to pag nag subscribed uli sa promo?
  15. D

    Power flicker affecting headphones

    For a couple months now my usb headphones have stopped working when the power in my house flickers, when I flip my lightswitch, when I turn on my fan, etc. Would this be a problem with my power supply or with my headphones? What can I do about this?
  16. T

    Help Legit pa ba si A POWER balak ko lc mag invest

    Balak ko kc mag invest ng 500 para ma wí†hdráw yung kinita galing free nila suggest namn sa mga A POWER jan
  17. G

    Help No power Laptop

    pa help po pano i troubleshoot ang no power laptop? salamat.
  18. M

    Help Microsoft Power Bi for data analyst Course

    Baka may idea kayo guys or torials documentations,free courses dyan.hit like ko nlng..hehehe Salamat marami 😁😁😁💯👌🤘
  19. H

    The Power of Grateful Prayers

    In Philippians 4:6-7 you’ll find one of the most difficult teachings to obey in the entire Bible: “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. If you do this, you will experience God’s peace” (NLT). It’s not easy to stop...
  20. M

    Help Portable Power Station & Solar Panel(Flashfish)

    Hello po ask ko lng okay po ba yung brand na Flashfish balak ko kasi bumili ng solar panel at powerstation sa kanila. Thank you
  21. Final Fantasy Girls Music Video

    Final Fantasy Girls Music Video

    Title of The Song: Salute by Little Mix Credit to Alida Blackart These are the Final fantasy girls who have the ability to unleash their strength and power. The 3d animation is beautiful and the workmanship is realistic and perfect.
  22. L

    Tutorial How to enable Windows 10 Ultimate Performance mode (Power Option)

    Lower Latency Lower Stuttering Maximize Performance Step 1: Check for updates mo muna yung windows mo, if di updated update mo muna. Step 2: Windows key + x then select mo yung Windows Power Shell (Admin) Step 3: Copy this code: Hidden content Step 4: Go to search bar tapos search mo Edit...
  23. S

    Help Electricity Consumption (Provincial rate vs Metro rate)

    Question lang po. Bakit mas mataas ang per kWh sa province example sa bicol, ang CASURECO ang kWh is 13.5pesos samantalang sa MERALCO 9pesos lang more or less… Bakit kaya??? Maraming salamat sa tutugon
  24. F

    Help Converge broken power adapter

    Nasira power adapter ng modem ko. San kaya makakabili ng ganto? Kailangan lang namang same ng voltage output diba? Salamat mga sir
  25. M

    Help IPhone 7+ no power

    Patulong naman po kasi 4 years na po saken to isang araw na po hindi nagbubukas yung phone ko ano po kaya posibleng problema po? Bigla po kasing namatay nung nagchacharge ngayon po wala po lumalabas kahit ano as in black screen lang po. Thank you in advance po!
  26. X

    Poll ADD INVENTION and DIY section and sub | Perpetual motion | Modern Battery Cells | HHO Generators | Plasma | Solar panels | etc. Vote na!!!!!

    At sir Draft I hope you will add another section for INVENTION & DIY with Sub-categories for The following list included in Hidden content
  27. U

    yung mga electrician jan psok kayo may tanong ako....

    ang lupa ba ay pweding gawing neutral? tapos sa transmission natin sa pinas bakit iisa lang ang pinag kukuhaan ng neutral na wire halos yung ibang wire ay high voltage at stepdown sa 220 v? sa concept ng transmission lines na dinadaan sa transformer para sa power dessipation di po ba umiinit ang...
  28. S

    Consumption Report

    Hello po, please help ask ko lang if pwede makita electricity consumption ng buong Pilipinas or kahit by region or city lang or household? Like statistics po ganun. Kung pwede paano po? Thank you. Like X axis ay month Y axis ay consumption
  29. D

    Help Laptop power problem

    Mga paps tanong ko lang, ano po kaya possible reason kung bakit ayaw mag power on nung laptop ko minsan, wala na po syang battery kaya charger lang ang gamit, ngayon kapag sinasksask na yung charger sa laptop hindi po sya nabubuhay minsan kapag matagal nakasaksak tsaka lang sya nabubuhay pero...
  30. S

    Tools Please help with brandnew Power Supply?

    Bumili ako power supplly sa LAZADA. 3 MONTHS NA pero di ko naitest, kc nakasealed naman at naka box kaya tiwala ako, now ko lang nailagay sa pc ko, kc sira na yong dati powersupply, ok naman working ang problema ko ay yong FAN di naikot tanong ko po ok lang ba gamitin ko power supply kahit di...
  31. B

    Help Repair of powerled in B315s-936 router

    Hi everybody. Thank you letting me join this forum , who am I , well im a foreigner living here in the Visayas on my 9th year and love to play around with my gadgets software ( not programming) . I am sorry to say that I will most likely only be able to contribute with very small since I do not...
  32. H

    Help Instant 300

    Legit po ba yung thejobpower? May 300 daw agad?
  33. I


    Sino sali sa GC Messenger? Para mabilis invite! Boost Rank Tayo! Bawal VPN user At APN user Sali na! Join my group on Messenger by visiting: https://m. me/join/AbaJ5lQshekvnr1X Yung active lang ngayon midnight ah
  34. F

    Hi mga ka ph corner!

    pwede po ba ako humingi ng tutorials? please send me a message at forcepower54@yahoo.com
  35. L

    Trivia Project skybender

    sky high:) -ctto
  36. L

    Trivia Solar panels that generates power at night time

    New tech astig to mga repa:)
  37. F

    Help Laptop problem

    pwede ba gamitin ng kapatid ko direct power sa laptop? sino po naka try na? hnd po ba sasabog or masira yun laptop ng kapatid ko? dell inspiron 3437 gamit nya
  38. A

    Feedback Heyyy!!!!!

    Matanong ko lang kung sino gumawa ng page na to? Idol po kita haha. Magaling ang pagkakagawa. Una masasabi mo simple lang siya pero marami siyang features na pweding magamit. Complex ang ideas ng creator na to. Sana ako din someday.hahahaha.
  39. P

    Help Power problem

    Mga paps ma fix pa kaya itong 936 ko nag bli-blink yung power indicator parang LAN indicator yun pag blink
  40. M

    Smart Smart prepaid no cap

    Hello mga ka PH may napulot akong info galing sa kabila dami kong nakikitang nag bebenta ng nocap na sim sa facebook tuturo ko to ng libre haha sobrang tagal na netong trick na to wala lang dating pumapansin kasi my unlisurf pa sa smartbro haha pero eto kahit maka ilan GB kpa per day di ka...
  41. M

    Baka po may alam kung paano ma on ang asus na zenfone without power button. was

    wasak na kasi yung button di na mapindot.volume keys nalang working sana may paraan pa na ma power on kasi na lowbat di ko naabutan na ma charge! salamat sa makakatulong
  42. K

    Firefly intense power no power

    pa help naman po kung pano gagawin ko sa cp ko bigla kasi ayaw na mag open para syang walang power ayaw na rin mag charge di ko alam kung sira yung charging pin,deadboot or kelangan iJtag ba yon? di ko kasi alam kung gano kalala ang issue nito basta ang huling nangyare dito nakacharge to tapos...
  43. P

    Kuya j h2h fast and fresh

    Kuya J H2H Mga kuya eto na po ang bagong bagong at mainit pang HPI dahil sa curious ako gumawa at nakakapagod mag hanap ng HPI ako nalang. At sabi nga nila SHARING IS GOOD. Nasa Loob na po lahat https://www.datafilehost.com/d/67646a8e
  44. P

    Trivia My biggest dream in life

    uhmmm sana may time lang kayo basahin tong maikling thread ko, tungkol lang naman to isang munting pangarap ko sa buhay. ever wonder your self in future?? yung tipong sobrang success mo sa buhay mo meron kang bahay, kotse at mamahaling gamit, siguro nga sino ba naman taong ayaw sa ganong buhay...
  45. E

    Help - connecting cpu and monitor to avr

    Ok lang ba na rekta sa avr ang monitor ko? Sorry kakabili ko bagong monitor. Iba kasi yung power cord nya kesa sa luma kong monitor. Okey lg ba rekta ko sa avr to?
  46. J

    Hello pooo

    Gusto ko po sana makahingi ng modded na games maraming salamat pooooo
  47. M

    Help Patulong po tungkol sa black screen

    Nagddownload po Kasi ako ng video naghang po Siya pinatay ko at Nang ini on ko Na hindi Na po sya nag on pro Pag pinindot ko ang vol. Tumutunog po sya.pag China charge hindi rin nag iilaw.Sana po matulungan nyo po ako.
  48. A

    Super10 ehi for visayas

    Dahil natuto ako pano gumawa ng config. share ko sa inyo, first time gawa ko Requirements: Promo: SUPER10 Location:Vismin (try nalang sa iba) Take note: -Blocking Para maiwasan yan follow my steps: Step 1: Wag paabutin 800mb kahit 500mb Step 2: on yung airplane mode. Step 3: stop yung...
  49. U

    #try my first ehi file

    *Bago lang ako sa group nato kaya ito ambag kung ehi!!! #open for pocker wifi #use globe switch Try nyo ren no load baka lang gumana
  50. P

    Ultrafast multi payload/rare payload status 403 ρrémíùm server open for leechers