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A wireless repeater (also called wireless range extender or wifi extender) is a device that takes an existing signal from a wireless router or wireless access point and rebroadcasts it to create a second network. When two or more hosts have to be connected with one another over the IEEE 802.11 protocol and the distance is too long for a direct connection to be established, a wireless repeater is used to bridge the gap. It can be a specialized stand-alone computer networking device. Also, some wireless network interface controllers (WNIC)s optionally support operating in such a mode. Those outside of the primary network will be able to connect through the new "repeated" network. However, as far as the original router or access point is concerned, only the repeater MAC is connected, making it necessary to enable safety features on the wireless repeater. Wireless repeaters are commonly used to improve signal range and strength within homes and small offices.

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  1. D

    Help Lf 5ghz wifi adapter na pwede monitoring and injection mode

    Dame po kase sa lazada na puro 5ghz kaso most chipset ata na gamit is rtl8811au na need pa nang workaround mapagana lang Baka po may ma recommend kayo
  2. J

    Cheapest Network Adapter for Wifi häçking

    Just sharing baka makatulong sa mga naghahanap ng cheap network adapter for wifi häçking. https://shopee.ph/Greo-USB-Antenna-Ctrl-Fox-Atheros-AR9271-802.11n-150Mbps-Wireless-Usb-Wifi-Adapter-3dBi-Wifi-Antenna-Network-Card-For-Windows-7-8-10-kali-Linux-i.219559021.4046594311
  3. 3

    Help Wifi Adapter budget

    Ano po recommended nyo yung pinakamura na supported ang monitor mode at packet injection, mga nasa around 300 pesos lang?
  4. K

    Tools Linux compatible wifi adapter

    Meron po ba kayong alam na murang WiFi adapter na compatible po sa Linux or may monitor mode or kayang mag packet injection?
  5. G

    Help Ghost spectre help no wifi adapter

    hello mga sir..help naman po sa ghost spectre windows 11..nag install po ako kagabi at ok naman installation ang problema po hindi siya maka konek sa internet via wifi..bale pag lan po ok siya pero pag wifi kusa nag ooff yung wifi at nawawala sa settings..bumabalik yung wifi icon sa baba and...
  6. J

    Wifi adapter problem

    Morning mga master sino po may alam paano paganahin ang wifi sa Lenovo IdeaPad 300 kahit updated naman pero ayaw magshow ng mga available na wifi .Connected lang sa mobile wifi thethering?Any suggestions po.Thanks
  7. I

    Help Buying wifi adapter

    Na stuck ako sa delima na to. If yung left yung bibilhin ko, pano pag original pala yung right? So overpriced nabili ko. If yung left naman, what if peke
  8. B

    Help About Modem as second router wirelessly -pahelp

    May way ba na gamiting 2nd router ang isang modem wirelessly? like using a wifi dongle? kanina pa kasi akong nag reresearch walang ma hanap e hehehe
  9. X

    Help PC Wifi Dongle

    Ask lang po ano magandang Wifi Dongle for pc lagi po kasi nag DDC every sec yung gamit ko ngayong Dongle 😞 TIA for suggestions.
  10. C


    magandang umaga mga ka phc tanong ko lang tong sa laptop ko, nagkaissue kasi everytime na sinasaksak ko yung charger nya, nawawala yung wifi adapter nya and then kapag inunplug ko, at nirestart babalik ulit baka may fix kayo dito? nag try na ko mag reset pc, uninstall driver, i-off yung power...
  11. R

    Closed Pa-refer mga boss

    Ano po kaya ang legit, maganda at mura lang na wifi adapter na magagamit sa kali linux pang airmon-ng😁 thanks in advance
  12. J

    Closed Wifi receiver or wifi extender

    Mga master tanong ko lang po alin kaya jan mas maganda bilihin. Ganto kasi yan connected ako sa wifi ng pangatlong bahay mula samin kaso di abot yong rage ng wifi nila samin. Kaya bumili ako ng wifi receiver tapos ayon pag dating ko sa bahay set up ko Tas open ko sa laptop ayon gumuhu Mundo ko...
  13. G

    Closed Windows 7 wifi not connected

    Mga Paps Pano Ba To Nareset Ko Na Lahat Lahat Unable To Connect Parin Ako Sa Wifi Namin Pahelp Naman Po Thanks
  14. A

    Closed Change password

    Gud day. Ask lang kung may nakakaalam ng pag change ng password nb Converge Fiber x thank u... indi kasi ako makapasok dun sa salamat po sa sasagot
  15. A

    Closed No connection 802.11 n wlan

    Baket ganun po na install ko na lahat ng driver pero hindi madetect yung wifi? Meron po ba kayong alam paano mafix ito?
  16. V

    Closed Usb wifi adapter problem

    guys patulong, kakabili ko lang po ng usd wifi adapter sa pc ko po. nainstall ko na po ung driver nia pero ung problem ko po e on-off-on-off ung wifi adapter. ano po kaya problem nito at posible solution nia po. ito pala ung spec ng wifi adapter na binili ko po
  17. V

    Closed Wifi adopter need your tips

    balak ko kac bumili ng usd wifi adopter para sa pc ko para maka conect ako sa wifi ng kaibigan ko po. ito po ung balak kung bilhin na wifi adopter tapos balak ko din bilhin ito antenna kac ilalagay ko po sa taas ng bahay kac ung bahay po ng kaibigan ko medyo malapit sa amin. please the attach...
  18. M

    Closed Tenda wifi adapter

    mga sir ask lng po , pag poba support ang monitoring mode at packet injection ,supported din po kaya ito sa Android? ( termux )
  19. K

    Closed Any kali linux user here?

    Good day guys tanong ko lng po sa mga kali linux users dyan, kailangan na kailangan po ba talaga ang external wifi adapter? saan po nakakabili nung wifi adapter na may monitor mode at packet injection? salamat po sa sasagot. PS. gusto ko lng po matuto ng ethical häçking
  20. P

    Closed Help mga boss ! no wifi issue for acer aspire.

    Mga boss di ako makadetect ng wifi using my Acer Aspire. Patulong naman mga boss kung san nakakadownload ng installer para sa wireless driver or kung pano to maayos. Thank you mga ka PHC !
  21. J

    Closed Ask

    Hello everyone! I bought a wifi adapter from olx, can someone help me papano mapalakas ang range nya? Yung kahit malalayong wifi abot nya :):) Thanks in advance po!
  22. P

    Closed No wifi adapter on pc? no problem.

    Wala bang wifi adapter ang Desktop mo? Gamitin natin android phone mo dito Mga kelangan *USB Cable *Android Phone Buksan ang wifi ng CP at iconnect sa wifi. Isaksak ang USB cable sa CP at PC Settings>Tethering Blablabla> USB tethering i on niyo OK na :)
  23. L

    Closed Paano magkaron ng wireless connection through lan cable

    yung connection ko po sa bahay eh through cable na nakakabit sa may ari ng apartment 40 meters long po yun cable ko nakadirect sa router nya. meron bang way para magkaron ako ng wireless connection dito. may router ba ako na pwede gamitin na hindi ko na kelangan pa hingin yung password sa may ari.
  24. J

    Closed TP Link Wifi Adapter

    Need Help ho. If kung meron bang apps or programs na puwede magamit ang Adapter para maka receive nang free internet or kung meron bang mga Access Points kayo na nalalaman. Thanks ho sa mga sasagot.
  25. C

    Closed VPN user ka ? Gusto mong mag Wifi Hotspot gamit ang VPN Freenet mo ?

    Hello guys, Itong android App na ito ay hindi po akin pero isinishare po lahat. So, sa mga wala pang alam nito download niyo na lang po yung apps. Click niyo lang yung "VPN Tethering Wizard" Before kayo mag"Start WiFi Tethering".. Kung Hindi gumana... alternate niyo lang yung Vpn Tethering...
  26. A

    Closed Portable Wi-Fi hotspot ρrémíùm *****ed APK

    Portable Wi-Fi hotspot ρrémíùm Turn on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot Improve your mobile computing experience. Simple and fast. **Before running the application configuration is required. SETTING: Settings->More..->Tethering & portable hotspot->Set up Wi-Fi hotspot Rename or secure your portable...
  27. U

    Closed How to install CDR King's WU-NETA-011-M(TM-WU01) WIRELESS-N USB NETWORK ADAPTER 150MBPS

    Mga ka PH! ask ko lang po sana kung panu ba i install itong WU-NETA-011-M(TM-WU01) WIRELESS-N USB NETWORK ADAPTER 150MBPS? Nahihirapan po akong paganahin xa sa win7 ko..nakapaginstall na rin ako ng driver realtek rtl8188cu at pag binuksan ko yung program wala yung utility at nagbiblink lang...

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