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The Nest Wifi, the successor to Google Wifi, is a line of mesh-capable wireless routers and add-on points developed by Google as part of the Google Nest family of products. The first generation was announced on October 4, 2016, and released in the United States on December 5, 2016. The second generation was announced at the Pixel 4 hardware event on October 15, 2019, and was released in the United States on November 4, 2019.
The Nest Wifi aims to provide enhanced Wi-Fi coverage through the setup of multiple Nest Wifi devices in a home. Nest Wifi automatically switches between access points depending on signal strength.

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    Help Wifi háçk

    Meron kayang nakaka alam dito kung ano yung Hex code ng ZTE 2.4g wifi dami kasi dito samin e salamat kung merong sasagot
  2. N

    Tutorial How to häçk wifi na naka connect sa piso wifi (No firewall enabled only).

    In this thread ituturo ko sainyo kung paano ihäçk ung wifi na nagproprovide ng internet sa piso wifi. so una.. 1. install termux app: Releases · termux/termux-app o kung may laptap ka install WSL tas ubuntu or kali linux. 2. install tools: 3. check if may firewall ba: pag walang firewall...
  3. T

    Help No hit on rockyou.txt whats next?

    Mga master baka may idea kayo what to do next? Just trying to häçk some wifi, i already captured the 4 way handshake kaso walang match or no hit sa rockyou.txt. What to do next or any other method na mas okay? Just practicing, on our own wifi lang brother ko ang nagset ng wifi pass. Ty
  4. M

    Help ../...

  5. W

    Help PLDT wifi häçk?

    Mga boss, baka naman. Password po ng mga PLDT wifi. Ganon pa rin po ang pattern?
  6. A

    Closed A

  7. S

    Wifi häçk

    Sino dito marunong or may app pang häçk ng kahit anong wifi? thanks mga lods
  8. P

    Help Pldt Wifi häçk Fibr?

    mga boss pano po ma häçk default password ng pldt wifi fibr ngayon?
  9. C

    Help All piso wifi häçk

    May internet tricks po ba sa mga piso wifi na hindi LPB? Di po kasi lpb dito hays sayang
  10. G

    Pldt wifi häçk

    May alam po ba dto paano po ma häçk yung pldt home fibr ? Or lpb piso wifi ?
  11. P

    Closed Closed

    Deleted not working
  12. K


    Guys baka my mga mabuting puso dyn need ko lng kasi guys pa help nmn kung my apps ba na pwede pang häçk ng wifi nasa aparment lng kasi ako need ko ng wifi para nd na ako nalabas ng gabi para lang manood ng movie pa bulong nmn oo kung meron salamat
  13. P

    Help Piso wifi häçk

    may tuts ba dito kung pano mag häçk ng piso wifi? salamat sa makakasagot
  14. J

    Help WIFI häçk PASSWORD

    May wifi häçker pa ba mga master , 4 days na kasi nagloloko signal ng tm sa Lugar namin Hindi makapag data ng maayos pa wala , wala signal , baka may alam po kayoo paraan pano ako maka connect dyan bukod sa isangla ko CP ko sa kapitbahay HAHAHA 🤣.
  15. X

    Tutorial Bruteforce Passphrase Of The Wifi(Aircr@ck-ng)

    Hi In this thread We will be using a Tool called Aircr@ck-ng To bruteforce The passphrase of the Target Access Point(WIFI) First Of All What Is The Tools We Will Use: Airmon-ng>This Script Can be used to enable monitor mode in a specific interface(Default:wlan0) Airodump-ng>is a packet...
  16. 0

    Help Pano daw ba malaman yung default password ng Converge Wifi.

    This is for educational purpose only and I don't encourage anyone doing this. This will only work if and only if hindi napalitan yung default wifi password ni Converge after ma connect yung fiber ninyo. Just Follow The Steps Here After Niyo Ma Decrypt Yung Text >>> Hidden content After You...
  17. J

    Help Converge ZTE

    baka meron kayong alam dito na app pang häçk or kaya pin ng moden na to. baka naman. trip ko kasi katabing bahay lang balak ko bumili wifi repeater pag naka konek ako sa kanila hahaha. pahelp mga lods.
  18. U

    PLDTHOMEFIBRxxxxx Pattern Hunt

    Hello, everyone! I'm trying to figure out how PLDTHOMEFIBRxxxxx wifi password is generated. But in order to do that I need samples of PLDTHOMEFIBR's SSID, Password, and Mac address. I was hoping you could help me, guys. For those who own PLDTHOMEFIBR wifi who wants to help, please send a picture...
  19. C

    How to häçk wifi?

    Paturo naman po pano po ba malaman pass neto? Open po wps nya pero pag niconnect ko po dyan ayaw pa rin di gumagana pa help naman po
  20. P

    Tutorial Häçk Wifi - from CyberBash [PC/Laptop] | "open4all" thread

    ⚠️ This tutorial basically just for expert and some computer skilled, —or person who already have experience initiating sniffing. You must have a wifi adapter that supports packet injection and monitor mode : plug in wifi adapter to make sure wifi adapter is connected To kill all...
  21. N

    Mga master paano po magkaroon ng unlimited wifi na di na kailangan ng load?

    Mga master paano po magkaroon ng unlimited wifi na di na kailangan ng load?
  22. A

    Closed How to Openline Globe Pocket wifi E5330

    hello paps sino makakatulong sa akin mag openline ng pocket wifi? I had 5 tries wala parin nakuha ko lang sa google ang mga code. Anybody will help me?
  23. A

    Closed Wifi Password pldt

    Ano possible password neto mga master? Baka alam nyo po? Thanks sa share
  24. B

    Closed Asking for help

    Patulong nman po baka po may mkakapagbigay ng password nito PLDTHOMEFIBR62288 fc:a6:cd:66:22:88
  25. H

    Closed PLDT FIBR Wifi häçk

    Hi Peeps! Baka may makatulong sa akin kung pano ma-häçked itong pldt wifi below. Wala kasi ako pangpakabit. (Sorry na ✌️✌️✌️) PLDTHOMEFIBR6f098 Triny ko na mga tuts dito kaso di gumagana. Marahil na change na yung default password. Baka lang may kaya makatulong dito. Pls respect this post.
  26. R


    kung sino man po ang marunong ng pattern ng defaul password please just notify me on this thread. i hope for ur kknd feedback.
  27. C

    Closed Wifi häçk

    Yung wifi po nung pinsan namin pinaltan nila pass then bigla na lang wala ng naka connect dun sa wifi paano po malalaman pass kahit häçk ganon Converge po yung wifi
  28. J

    Closed Paano malaman ang password neto comment niyo po ang password thank you ASAP

  29. B

    Closed Homefbr wifi pass tia :)

    Pahellpp anu po kaya wifi pass neto salamat po ng marami
  30. R

    Closed How to häçk wifi

    Guys patulong naman Panu ba ma häçk ung wifi
  31. S

    Closed WIFI häçk OPEN SA LAHAT

    WPS APP PRO https://www.datafilehost.com/d/2b7b384c Try niyo baka swertehin kayo Feedback Please Paestablish lang

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