In communications and information processing, code is a system of rules to convert information—such as a letter, word, sound, image, or gesture—into another form, sometimes shortened or secret, for communication through a communication channel or storage in a storage medium. An early example is an invention of language, which enabled a person, through speech, to communicate what they thought, saw, heard, or felt to others. But speech limits the range of communication to the distance a voice can carry and limits the audience to those present when the speech is uttered. The invention of writing, which converted spoken language into visual symbols, extended the range of communication across space and time.
The process of encoding converts information from a source into symbols for communication or storage. Decoding is the reverse process, converting code symbols back into a form that the recipient understands, such as English or/and Spanish.
One reason for coding is to enable communication in places where ordinary plain language, spoken or written, is difficult or impossible. For example, semaphore, where the configuration of flags held by a signaler or the arms of a semaphore tower encodes parts of the message, typically individual letters, and numbers. Another person standing a great distance away can interpret the flags and reproduce the words sent.

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    FREE PUZZLE CODES: Operation Kurohana Event (Sept 24)

    ⚠️PLEASE ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU NEED⚠️ Puzzle Codes: #4 (3x), #5 (2x), #6, #7 (2x), #8 (2x), #9, #10, #11 (2x), #12, #14 Hidden content
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    Kurohana Free codes

    I need 6 and 12, pakilapag if meron kayo please Giving away these ff codes: 1 - CODM34F9DDE7F4560C 2 - CODM9A31B587580612 3 - CODMB4DBEA7CEA293E 4 - CODM2BD968A271C17E 9 - CODM63E3B4E28F54BC 10 - CODMFDD9E30DA97199 13 - CODMBF044665966EC1 15 - CODM08EA35D46A87A8 16 - CODM98E0018CB20D93
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    Kurohana event codes CodM

    Need ko po 3 & 4 only. I have 5 to 16 (9,14,15 lng wala ako). pm pls
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    Closed Closed.

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    Genshin Impact 4.1 Livestream codes

    Hidden content
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    Crypto codes kung gusto niyo mga kababayan.

    Baka wala pang masyadong nakakaalam sa inyo rito mga idol. May airdrop sila at may use case daw yun, mas mabuti ng maaga. Hidden content
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    Games Codes From AMAZON GAMING

    Pa Follow and Support Narin po! 💕 Hidden content
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    Help Swap codes for Girls Frontline: Endless Summer Party Event

    Hello mga lods, swap tayo ng codes for event po Here's my code: CODM593576839
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    Referral Floor Invite codes paunahan nalng(6 available)

    Hidden content
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    Cheat MU Dragon Adventure Gift Codes

    Sa mga newbie jan and mejo matagal na sa server, here's gift codes for you. Madami dami din to. :) Kakatry ko kanina, lahat is nagana naman. Pa feedback na lang if nagana! Hidden content
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    LATEST ρrémíùm XTREAM CODES ├●? User ➤ 931384020402045 ├●? Pass ➤ 931384020402045 ├●? User ➤hasan1905 ├●? Pass ➤1905hasan ├●? User ➤ alex123 ├●? Pass ➤ alex123 ├●? User ➤ 695969225 ├●? Pass ➤...
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    Garena Undawn Redeem Codes Update

    REDEEM CODE Hidden content Enjoy Guys :D Also looking for Camp Redwood Server pasali Haha :LOL: New Code Hidden content
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    Meron ba CODM redeem codes today?

    Any CODM codes po ba today? Thanks :)
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    [NEW] Genshin Impact Pátch 3.8 Codes

    June 23, 2023 | FREEMOGEM Hidden content
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    Help M3U codes??

    Sino po may alam na m3u codes na working with Pinoy movies? Salamat po
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    Tutorial Html Css Code For Tourist Spot

    tourispot albay nakalagay kayo na lang mag edit sana aka tulong sa mga IT student dito simple lang po to wala javasript pa yan po
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    Trivia QR Codes

    QR codes can be used to plan your funeral QR codes—those square digital barcodes you can scan with a smartphone that are usually used to compare prices of items in supermarkets—have been popping up in cemeteries. But instead of seeing prices when you scan a gravestone code, you'll read an...
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    Claim Fast Bago Maubos Hidden content
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    Referral Shopee 5.30 Payday Sale Voucher Codes

    Dito po isa-save ang voucher codes: Hidden content Claim Vouchers: Flash Deals: Partner Vouchers: Load Discounts & Vouchers: Free Shipping Vouchers: Referral - Shopee 5.30 Payday...
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    [NEW] HONKAI STAR RAIL Free Stellar Jades Codes

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    Tutorial Pastebin Site Source codes

    A simple pastebin style PHP script with code syntax support for multiple popular languages. It's extremely rushed & lacks features but more updates are coming and will be released here. Requirements PHP (7.4+) MySQL (5.7+) Download Hidden content Instructions Download the zip file from the...
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    [NEW] Genshin Impact ρá†ch 3.7 Codes

    Hidden content
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    Referral Binance Red Packet Event you can get up to 25usd

    Need US VPN Steps: punta ka sa Pay then may makikita ka don na Latest Offer click mo yun. Ito code BPARN42CPC BPMNLZ71IO BPO1XLP9NY BPTMC8D8HP
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    Genshin Impact 3.7 Livestream Codes

    Hidden content
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    Help Puzzle codes 2 at 8 x2

    need po ng mga anak ko ng 2 at 8 na puzzle sa moonlight event. baka may extra po kayo salamat🥳 ps. dalawang 8 pl sana
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    SHARE: CODM Moonlight Event Puzzle Codes

    Hi mga LODS ito extra puzzle codes ko share for free :) If nakakuha ka and my extra puzzle code ka, please share here too in comment. Hidden content
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    CODM Moonglight Event Codes

    I need 2,3,4,5,6,7 may extra akong 14 x3 15 x4
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    Crypto Binance free RedPacket codes! Fresh..

    Hello PHC fam. Just wanna share some RedPacket codes. Claim free crypto in binance! Use this codes: BP26KDT042 BPH6M8M0F6 BPA4T9CK52 BPWQJ9L87Q How to claim: Go to Binance→Funding→Pay→Click RedPacket event under latest offers→Enter code and claim. Will update the list after ko makahanap...
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    Honkai Star Rail Redemption Codes

    Redeem niyo na habang mainit init pa, if badluck rolls niyo mag reroll acc nalang ulet Redemption Link: Honkai: Star Rail official website | May this journey lead us starward Star rail codes: 100💎: HSRGRANDOPEN1 100💎: HSRGRANDOPEN2 100💎: HSRGRANDOPEN3 Star rail codes#2: HSRVER10XEDLFE...
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    Crypto Binance Crypto Box Codes (USDT)

    Binance Crypto Box Codes (USDT) Hidden content
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    Bka my need kyo senyo n to lahat penge lng ako 9
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    Help Moonlight Blessing Codes (CODM)

    Anyone has 5,9... I have extra 4,10,13,14,15
  33. C


    Mga ka ph pwede maka hingi ng codes base sa pics 2 3 9 14 po ang kulang ko ung willing po magbigay ha hindi po ako namimilit pero pinipilit ko po kayo thank yu yawa
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    Moonlight Blessing Codes

    Baka po meron kayo Number 12 na puzzle swap sa mga available codes ko hehe
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    Help About sa pag register ng mga Super X Clusive na data ng globe using dialer codes?

    Ask ko lang din sa inyo mga boss/maam kung meron kayong alternative way na pang reregister ng mga data ng globe sa globe one app para mas nakakatipid sa pag gamit ng data like Go50 usually kasi 5G data lang for 3 days pero kapag nag register ka ng Go50 using Super X Clusive nila na only payment...
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    Tutorial Netflix Hidden Codes to Unlock (Old Tricks)

    Netflix Codes to Unlock Hidden Genres and Shows Asiwa ka naba sa tuwing bubuksan mo ang Netflix s†rêâmïng app ay binobomba ka nito ng mga pelikula at serye na katulad ng mga nauna mong napanood, mga trending na palabas at ilang pelikula ginawa ng Netflix. Hindi naman sila masama, pero deep...
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    Moinlight Blessing Giveavay codes

    CLAIM FAST GANG MAUBOS Hidden content
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    Java, C++, Python Codes

    Hello everyone! Share ko lang po tong mga files/activities na nakita ko sa FB baka kaylanganin nyo ng source code or need nyo mag practice. Nag a upload po siya dito every week so check nyo na baka kaylanganin nyoto. May Java, C++ and Python po here. C++ - GitHub -...
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    Crypto Binance Crypto Codes April 17

    R6UDCGVM (trx) VGXDGHJ4 (lunc) 8Z34TXHB (lever) YB3CBKUW (lunc) UQFBGVVG (bttc) 4TUENVF1 (lunc) M3S0JJWN (win) 5GKPRFWO (sand) LL7YFU8W (bttc) J6L2BPCX (trx) UFX8ZQBM (trx) FEJZI5DK (reef) JZVXDTWM (trx) KMY7VBK1 (rei) 075IWDWJ (gala) 2EI4KJ38 (bttc) TIRFXMW4 (win) ZGXQX5J1...
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    Tools Moonlight event codes 04/17

    Hidden content Sa may mga need message lang kayo
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    Crypto Binance crypto box codes April 16

    bb = big box Please like naman po kayo Salamat po ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ CXGPU4M0 (bttc bb) S1JVMCU6 (bttc bb) Fl0tss7w (bttc bb) ALMND66R (bttc bb) HBF9AAG1 (bttc bb) NQA6PK98 (bttc) 1FX6KX29 (bttc) H9ULAVAM (bttc) 5B6KTSWL (win bb) 8HSBI06V (win) GXCEEPB5 (win) LIPBX1VL (win) OWJYFMXV...
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    Tools Moonlight Event codes

    Hidden content Mga lods baka may mga need kayo dito
  43. S

    Crypto Binance Crypto Codes April 15

    Sana po may ma claim pa Medyo marami po kasing nag claim today Good luck po QG6WGHVV (lunc) TWQ2NMBZ (lunc bb) BL90LZB6 (lunc bb) 86Y63ZZQ (mbL) 7PQEN89H (bttc) WRFY97UP (bttc) S42NGQXZ (bttc) 4A4U2MEG (bttc) Q973GZKB (bttc) VHJ4TC8I (usdt) KW25XI5T (usdt bb) 03CA0LW5 (trx) Z8483GND...
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    Help Summoners War: Chronicles New codes Update April

    Come check this out April code for One Punch collab Summoners War: Chronicles CODE: 1PUNCHOOO
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    Crypto Binance Crypto Codes (Thumbnail)

    Mas malaman mga lodi kasi mas mahirap POW kelangan mo i-type para ma redeem haha
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    Crypto CRYPTO BOX CODES bago matulog

    Hidden content
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    Crypto CRYPTO BOX CODES 04/15/23

    WORKING GUYS CLAIM AGAD MAY MGA BTTC 1000++ LAMAN feedback lang po ok na Hidden content
  48. A


    Claim nyo na agad guys hehe Hidden content
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    Crypto Binance Crypto Codes 4-13

    April 13, 2023 Hidden content
  50. B

    Crypto Binance Crypto Codes 4-12

    April 12, 2023 Hidden content