A massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is a video game that combines aspects of a role-playing video game and a massively multiplayer online game.
As in role-playing games (RPGs), the player assumes the role of a character (often in a fantasy world or science-fiction world) and takes control over many of that character's actions. MMORPGs are distinguished from single-player or small multi-player online RPGs by the number of players able to interact together, and by the game's persistent world (usually hosted by the game's publisher), which continues to exist and evolve while the player is offline and away from the game.
MMORPGs are played throughout the world. Worldwide revenues for MMORPGs exceeded half a billion dollars in 2005, and Western revenues exceeded a billion dollars in 2006. In 2008, the spending on subscription MMORPGs by consumers in North America and Europe grew to $1.4 billion. World of Warcraft, a popular MMORPG, had over 10 million subscribers as of November 2014. World of Warcraft's total revenue was $1.04 billion US dollars in 2014. Star Wars: The Old Republic, released in 2011, became the world's 'Fastest-Growing MMO Ever' after gaining more than 1 million subscribers within the first three days of its launch.

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  1. R

    Help Kailangan talaga mag grind ng todo para kumita sa MIRM/MIR4 at ibang Play to earn MMORPG NFT?

    Hi po. Beginner palang ako sa crypto at NFT. Mababa lang ang workload ko sa work ko kaya sobrang dami kong free time, kaya napag-isipan ko na maglaro ng mga play to earn games para hindi masayang ang oras ko sa ibang bagay. Currently playing MIRM at madami na din akong pinanood na mga tutorial...
  2. K

    Mmorpg F2P friendly

    Looking Mmorpg games na F2P friendly
  3. J

    Help MMORPG

    Guys ano po magandang laro ngaun na parang mir4 sana ung may crypto crypto din hehe or any p2w games na mmo salamats!
  4. S

    Pa share naman po mmorpg na offline

    Baka naman meron kayo offline mmo rpg na maganda ang graphics
  5. A

    New MMORPG on Mobile

    Hi mga lodi. Share ko lang bagong bukas na game sa playstore. Nung November 2 lang nagopen ang server. Sa Asia-2 ang server ko. Game Name: TRAHA GLOBAL Traha Global is RvR MMORPG based on the confrontation between two major factions. You can play multiple roles, create unique builds of your...
  6. X

    Anu bago nilalaro nyu na mmorpg mobile?

    pa suggest nman lods bago mmorpg for android.thanks
  7. F

    MU ORIGIN 3: Pre-Install - Official Launch on July 27, 10:00 GMT+8

    MU ORIGIN 3 The classic MU is back! Come and dive right back into the fantasy world of MU and embark on an epic journey full of peril and challenges. Soar across the skies with mystical wings, dive into the ocean’s deepest depths, and charge across fields on fearsome mounts. Unleash destructive...
  8. I

    [ UNIVERSE SWORD WARRIOR ] | MMORPG Open World | Free VIP | Free Diamonds | And MANY MORE !

    Game Name: Universe Sword Warrior Version: 1.0.2 Join our new server and be part among the Greatness ! Tell your friends and play together to DOMINATE the server ! NEW PLAYERS BENEFIT : INSTANT LEVEL 192 DIAMONDS 100000 BOUND DIAMONDS 59999 GOLD 9999999 VIP 4 - JOIN OUR #forbidden# FOR FREE...
  9. E

    Help New World - PASOK!

    May naglalaro ba dito New World? Kakasimula ko lang ngayon, baka may tips kayo dyan kung ano at paano ba to laruin efficiently haha
  10. S

    Help Black Dessert Mobile

    May mga active players din ba dto ?
  11. D

    Cabal M: Heroes of Navereth(Early Access)

    Pre-Download available!
  12. T

    New OpenWorld like Dragonest

    Una po sa lahat paki add muna po ako sa Facebook para ma add ko po kayo sa GC gagawa po ako guild pag release nang game. Eto po yung FB ko at link nang pre-register : Please 🥺 add nyo muna ako sa fb bago mag pre-register ah, yung mga walang magawa jan o mabaet pre-register narin kayo kahit...
  13. M

    Help Any mmorpg lovers?

    Hi new on this forum, mga ka mmorpg gamers dyan, ano nilalaro nyo currently, mapa pc or mobile. Drop it below. Thanks
  14. F

    Help Mmorpg

    Anong rpg game yung di need mag top up malaki para lumakas?
  15. K

    Help Punishing: Gray Raven Global Released?

    meron din ba naglalaro sa inyo neto? parang Honkai Impact din siya. kelan kaya Global Released nya? JP server pa lang nalaro ko yung TWN at CN server kasi need mo pa mag register gamit ng mobile number(CN at TWN mobile number haha)
  16. L

    Help No Pay To Win MMORPG?

    Suggest naman kayo ng mmorpg na not pay to win. Salamat
  17. P

    Black Dragon MMORPG (Web Browser-Based)

    Play: Click here Download: Android
  18. Y

    Durango Wildlands Second Wave Global!!

    Kaway kaway dyan sa mga naglalaro ng Durango!!! Kung wala ka pa eto download link IGN: HeyImbee LVL: 60 Clan: ElitePh Ngayon lang ako ulit naglaro old account pa yan since korea server.. Wala lang masyado magawa at need ko...
  19. P

    Help Rpg or mmorpg

    Anong magandang laruin ngayon na mmorpg or rpg android game yung online po salamat sa sagot
  20. A

    Android offline multiplayer game like psp

    Pa suggest po mga Papz, anong pang mga Best Games in Android that can connect on Lan/local wifi or hotspot po na parang PSP yung mga Graphics. prefer po MMORPG, or role playing games. thanks
  21. K

    Online mmoprg

    Can you suggest po any online MMORPG to play po where there are lots of Filipino players po :)
  22. R

    Need help for mmorpg

    Gustong gusto ko maglaro ng mmorpg sa school (syempre hindi sa klase, every break time lang) kaso need talaga ng net eh :/ Any tips mga master para makapaglaro kahit no load basta makapaglaro, yun lang please
  23. B

    Tera online sea

    TERA is at the forefront of a new breed of MMO. With True Action Combat - aim, dodge, and time your attacks for intense and rewarding tactical combat. Add the deep social experience of a MMO to best-in-class action combat mechanics for a unique blend of both genres. Play now for free! Server...
  24. L

    Mmorpg games for android

    Pa suggest Po ng no auto mmorpg no pay to win po. Salamat
  25. B

    Maplestory 2

    sa mga maplestory fans dyan.. Open na ung Maplestory 2 English. kaso di kasali ang SEA, kya need VPN para mka connect.
  26. I

    Twelvesky 2: the limitless

    One of the best and oldest mmorpg game is now back and remastered! Pre-Register link Download OBT - FB Page Website...
  27. M

    Tutorial [req] ano po magandang open world mmorpg ?

    advise naman kayo ng magandang OPEN WORLD MMORPG na hindi pay to win. salamat
  28. M

    [the best mmorpg] skyblade - sea

    SkyBlade - SEA One of the best and oldest mmorpg game. Best nostalgic game ever, where we the PK is really fun, boss hunting was hard and everything is challenging. -> MidRate Server -> EveryDay Events -> Daily Auto Exp/Drop Rate Events. -> Very Active Staffs -> Has Itemmall where you can buy...
  29. S

    Black dessert online sea region free access!

    Hi guys! Free ang BDO til Sept. 5! For new users yan, tapos para magka access ka na talaga forever, kailangan lang mag top up. I think about Php300 pesos lang need :)
  30. M

    Free access to black desert online sea remastered?

    There has been a recent update for Black Desert Online. The game just got remastered with new visual graphics. According to their announcement the game will also be free to play for 2 weeks. Any thoughts about this game? I also saw the trailer of the remastered version. You can check it out as...
  31. T

    Tutorial For pokemon lovers! pokemon online!

    Hi mga kaPHC! Uunahan ko na ng pasensya kasi mahaba ang post ko pero para sa mga naghahanap ng games diyan nakahanap ako ng online pokemon game. Pokemmo ang name niya. Luma na siya actually pero ang android version parang a month ago lang nirelease. Description: Hindi ito yung mga pay2win at...
  32. D

    Help Sword art online integral factor or dragonest m?

    curious lang ako sa inyo mga ka ts xD haha tingnan natin
  33. D

    Help Android mmorpg alternative

    Mga tol, may ma-i-i-recommend ba kayong mmorpg sa android? eto kasi ung mga nilalaro ko now..medyo nakaka-umay na..kelangan na ng bago hehe.. - Dragon Nest M - Flyff Legacy - Zilant baka may iba pa jan na worth nyo lang. TIA
  34. M

    Mu art online (mu origin 7.0)

    About: Tells the story of the old continent, with five characters protagonist, Warrior, Magician, Archer Duel Master and Summon containing your skills and unique features! Use powers and armor to increase its power, is a great strategist Boarding now this adventure in a fantasy world! Great...
  35. S

    Sino nakakaalam para madownload to?

  36. A

    Help Seven knights 2

    Hello po, meron po bang may alam when is the release date ng seven knights 2 for mobile? TIA
  37. A

    Alchemiastory (android) (english) (anime style online mmorpg)

    GOOGLE PLAYSTORE VIDEO: MMOBYTE YøùTùbé VIDEO: ★2M Downloads Achieved!★ Makes you want to screenshoot each scene! Go on a journey to the beautiful world with your favorite YOME! ~~~Details~~~ ◆Easy communication with "Like" and...
  38. G

    Mmorpg recommendation

    Suggest any MMORPG Games for PC na kaka labas lang sa market yung di common dito sa pinas at merong magandang gameplay and graphics. Yung di lang po sana pay to win, yung tipong totally grind talaga.. Thanks.
  39. Z

    Mmorpg for pc recommendation

    Guys bka may marecommend kayo jan na maganda like ragnarok, Ran, RF ung bagong release sana.
  40. R

    Help Pa recommend naman po ng mmorpg for pc

    Mga ka-phc pa reco naman ng MMORPG yung hindi pay-to-win at maraming pinoy. Ok lang kahit pay to play.
  41. O

    Any good pc mmorpg?

    Good Day mga ka PHC. Can you suggest any good MMORPG in PC yung may malaking community. TIA.
  42. S

    Help Mmorpg

    Ano po ba pinaka magandang mmorpg po ngayun?
  43. P

    Any suggestion?

    ANy suggestion po ng magandang mmorpg? ung pang malupitan sana.. para dalawa kami ni misis mag lalaro ehehee..
  44. I

    Help About mmorpg

    Guys i need help i'm looking for an mmorpg.. which has a SEA serve and also don't consume data that much.. i need a mmorpg that either supersurf or GOSURF could handle.. gosurf well only have 1gb while super surf got 800mb per day.. which brings me to the question is there a low consuming good...
  45. N

    Help Mmorpg

    May mmorpg po ba na kahit dika maglabas ng pera lalakas ka pa rin? yung tipong kahit dka bumili ng gems or diamonds mga ganun?
  46. P


    Need new or old MMO RPG. Any suggestions? Much better if this is an open world.
  47. L

    Mmorpg return of warrior share ko lang para po sa mga naghahanap

    Return of Warrior Download Link: Manual ρá†ch Download Link: System Requirements Minimum Requirement Recommended Requirement OS Microsoft Windows® 98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8 Direct X DirectX®...
  48. G

    Help Best budget mobile phone for gaming

    Good day po mga kaPHC. I just need your suggestions po about mobile phone / smartphone for gaming po. I'm planning to buy po kasi to play some MMORPG Android games. Yung sakto lang po sana sa budget. Thanks in advance po. :)
  49. F

    Luna mobile at toram online

    May naglalaro ba neto d2 , haha any tips bago lang ako sa ganitong klase ng game tenx
  50. F


    May naglalaro pa ba ng Art of Sword EN dito. :)