.mu is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Mauritius. It is administered by the Mauritius Network Information Centre and registrations are processed via accredited registrars. Some registrars market it as the .music and .museum TLD.

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    MU Arcangel players

    Meruna pa ba? Server: Lvl:
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    Help D

  3. S

    Help for acads

    Sino po pwede mag pahiram ng ρrémíùm access sa murf? Need ko po ng a.i na mag vovoice over ng presentation na ginawa namin tysmia.
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    Help Ano recommended games na pwede laruin sa phone now? like mu origin 2 ganun

    Ano recommended games na pwede laruin sa phone now? like mu origin 2 ganun
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    Help MU ORIGIN 3

    May cheat ba tong MU origin 3
  6. E


    baka po may cheat kayo mga ka phc pang zhyper MU..🙏
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    Mu Online S6 häçks Request

    Mu Online S6 häçks Request Baka Meron kayo!
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    Looking for MU Origin 2 Private Server

    mga lods, baka may alam kayo na mu origin 2 private server yung bago pa lang. nakakamiss na kasi maglaro.
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    AsiaMU Mobile

    🔊Dear Mutizens - Asia MU🤘🤘 🔥Updates ✅Fix new wings ✅Fix new costumes ✅Add yellow fragment (need for new event on craft) on faction mall ✅Fix small errors on ammounts for craft fragments ✅Enjoy & good week asia ══════════════════✯═══════════════════ 🎁⫷AUTO REWARD WHEN FIRST LOGIN⫸ 🎁 🎉 FREE VIP1 &...
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    Muorigin 2

    sino nag MMU dto? ano server nyo mga boss?
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    Mu origin 2

    Sino nglalaro nito??? S13 here
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    Cheat Mu origin private server - ver. 7.0

    Mod APK Game Name: MU ORIGIN PRIVATE SERVER - VER. 7.0 BETA Rooted Device: Not Required. Features: - Unlimited Diamonds - Mount System - New Rebirth System. - New fashion system (mount, weapon, footstep skins) - New game User Interface - Increased Level experience and Items Drops. - New free...
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    Taximu origin

    Mu origin version 3.0 ‼️ Taximuro TaxiMuRo PING : 20ms FREE TO PLAY Register with a valid Email Address to Signup Successfully and Receive your first Gift Code :) Special Gift Code for PHC: PHCORNER 1- LOW&HARD Server 2- TaxiMuRo S1 normal server Available Gift Codes...
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    Mu art online (mu origin 7.0)

    About: Tells the story of the old continent, with five characters protagonist, Warrior, Magician, Archer Duel Master and Summon containing your skills and unique features! Use powers and armor to increase its power, is a great strategist Boarding now this adventure in a fantasy world! Great...
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    Taximuro origin version 3.0 for android and pc

    Download from Google Play :TaxiMuRo Origin YøùTùbé Channel: TaxiMuRo Website: TaxiMuRo Version 3.0.0 with all futures work * Support for new player : VIP 10 + 30 m bound diamonds , 1m diamonds,30 m gold and 30 m bound gold * Wings + 20 (manual upgrade or with tears in mall) * NewFashion Wing...
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    Zeal mu online season 10 episode 3

    ZealMu Season 10 Episode 3 Website: Download via google full client with sound: Download via google full client with no sound:
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    Tutorial Zhyper mu player sino dyan?

    good day guys, naghahanap me ng nagbibinta ng mount ng mu dyan sino po meron dyan. salamat
  18. A

    Mu online season 13 fresh server! x5000 exp is new private mu online gaming project. Server is based on S13 server files. Project is based on high experience settings, fast resets, and easy gear up style +a lot customs, and great features that makes server more exciting and less grinding. Server has build in in-game market...
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    Private server - mu origin 2.7

    FRESH DATA BASE Add gift code ( every week give 2 giftcode for diamond, bdiamond, gold, bgold and item gift pack ) HIGH EXP to Monster HIGH EXP to QUEST FREE item : VIP 12, 100,000,000 diamond/gold/bdiamon/bgold ALL GEM in MALL Shop VOTE Sistem reward GIFT CODE!!! Fix AutoBan system!!! Wings +12...
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    Private server mu origin 2.6

    MU Origin 2018 is the lowest exchange rate of diamonds Exchange Rate : 1$ = 400,000 diamonds Cheap Shop plus lot of useful items Sale off everyday on Festive Event =>Free G10 set +20 =>Free Phoenix Set Pet => Free 500k lock Diamonds plus another 500k lock Diamonds when finishing quest in atlans...
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    Closed Tnt magic sim

    Guys anu kaya nanaman . Ung binibenta sa FB na TnT magic sim . Tawag nila jan. Bug daw yan. May bug ba ngayun?
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    Closed Zhypermu

    meron bang zhyper mu na pang mobile? Ios?
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    Closed Pinoy mu(private server) sariling atin v1.5.1

    eto link
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    M.u origin-ph titan [return of the duel master] v1.5 lets play!

    Good Day MMORPG Players! Based on MU ORIGIN SEA. Hosted here on the Philippines, Redevelop by Pinoy GameMasters! Exclusive for Pinoy Gamers! Stunning Graphics powered by Unity3D! Required Specs for Android: - Android 4.3 up - Need atleast 1Gb RAM - 1.2Ghz CPU Version 1.5 "Return of the Duel...
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    Closed Mu adiks pasok

    New Era MU Online New Era Mu Online welcome to New Era Mu Online s6 e3 Server Features Auto Reconnect When DC Max Level 400 Max Reset 2 Weekly EXP boost event Monthly Goblin Combination Success Rate 100% Weekly Castle Siege Custom Events Fast Growing and Friendly...
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    Closed [closed thread]

    Closed Thread.
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    Closed Sino d2 mga gamers ng mu origin, gamer mu, loong craft at crasher?

    Survey lang Po!! Sino d2 mga gamers ng MU Origin, Gamer MU, Loong Craft at Crasher? Pagnagamit kac ako ng HTTP Injector pagpasok sa game nagfoforce close yung Injector. Then pagXp Psiphone gamit ko.Still running and connected but hindi nagkakadata yung game. Ganun din ba sainyo mga tropa...
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    Closed Artemidamu s9 | f2p no webshop | 500x | start 07-10-2016

    Welcome ! Join a new Artemida Mu Season 9 . Take friends and join us !! This game play is ballanced and without grandreset !!! On server you find only xShop , wCoins you can take from many ways ! ~~Start Serwer 07-10-2016 17:00 GMT+1~~ Basic Information About Server: Season 9 Exp: 500x...
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    Closed Legends of kundun (mu online)

    Ang MU online sa pc nasa android na.. Iba to sa MU origin at MU SEA kasi kopyang kopya ung sa pc. May Magic Gladiator at Dark Lord na kaya laro na ^_^ Download links googleplay: apkpure...
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    Closed Angels mu online

    Private server with 4 servers Vote reward system Grand Reset System Website Server x10 Exp: 10x Max level: 400 Master exp: 5x Max Master LVL: 330 Soul +luck= 90% Soul without luck= 70% Life =70% (+16 Max) No webshop, only ingame found items Xshop: Enabled Market: Sell your items to other...
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    MU Origin (SEA) v1.2.0 MOD [Closed For Reconstruction]

    Name: MU Origin-SEA OBT Full Version: 1.2.0 Root: Yes/No Modded 1. Speed häçk x3.0 2. Monsters seem to slow down/ walk weird 3. Vip 10/12. Some of the VIP features are able to claim (Remote warehouse, remote repair, remote potion shop, no wait time arena, 5% enchant boost, teleport in map)...
  32. V

    Closed MU origin MOD APK

    Sa mga MU origin adiks eto na mod, SPEED x3 ENEMY SLOWING DOWN VIP FEATURE UNLOCKED [ remote warehouse, potion shop, repair, no cooldown arena] Download link ENJOY!!!
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    Closed MU season 6 episode 3

    sino po may alam ng häçks or dupe sa MU season 6 episode 3, pls badly need! thanks!
  34. V

    Avangardmu s8e2 | 8x | 30% | unique config | no reset |

    AvangardMU - Low Server Information SERVER INFOMATION Version: Season 86 Episode 2 Experience: 8x Drop: 30% Point Per Level: 5/6/7 Official Mu Helper Online Cost: 50,000 Zen for 5 Min. Max Master Skill Tree: 330 Level Max Party Diferense: 150 Levels Soldier Elf Buff Till: 220 Level...
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    [hot] mu classic ~ mmorpg browser game

    [HoT] MU Classic ~ MMORPG Browser game MU Classic-Next generation 3D ARPG webgame, gorgeous graphics, hot-blooded battles guys hi :) eto nga pala yung game na nakita ko lang kahapon tapos tnry ko maglaro.. Nagandahan ako e kaya ayun isshare ko na din :) Hindi ako naglaro ng Oldschool na MU...
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    Mu warzone sea season 8 epi. 2 released september 10, 2014

    MU Warzone Season 8 Epi. 2 Website link -> MU Warzone SEA ScreenShots
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    [OrcosGamers MU Season 4 EP 2 - Exp: 100x | Drop: 50%] - INAUGURA MARTES 11/03/2014

    Bienvenidos a OrcosGamers MU Season 4 EP 2 Hora de Inauguracion: 8:00 PM - GTM -4:30 hora de venezuela Nos complace darles la bienvenida a este servidor que nace de la idea de formar una comunidad que llevara entretenimiento a los hogares de toda latino america y el mundo, asi como tambien...
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    Closed [AD]InsaniaMu Season 6 Episode 3

    InsaniaMu Online is the best Mu Online of 2013 Why you'll love InsaniaMu? • We are running Dedicated Server 24x7 hosted at USA with 1000 MBPS granting worldwide best pings for playing mu online! • Insania server is always updated to latest mu online version and 99.9% bug-free! •...
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    Duskmu season 6 episode 3

    DuskMU Season 6 Episode 3 Exp Rate:9999x Drop rate: 85% Max Stats: 32000 Reset Limit: 9999 Fully functional in-game events Friendly Staff Webshop and Vote Reward Fully Functional! Free 2000 stat...