Modding is a slang expression derived from the English verb "to modify". The term refers to modification of hardware, software, or anything else, to perform a function not originally intended by the designer, or to achieve bespoke specification or appearance. The term is often used in relation to video games, particularly in regard to creating new or altered content and sharing that via the web. It may be applied to the overclocking of computers in order to increase the frequency at which the CPU operates. Case modding is a popular activity amongst many computer enthusiasts which involves the customization of a computer case or the installation of water cooling technology. In connection with automobiles, modding can connote engine tuning, remapping of a vehicle's engine control unit or customization of the coachwork.

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    Globe TM Looking for apk modder

    kelangan ko po ng mag momod ng new globeone app.. kelangan lang paganahin yung old ver. na pwede mag login via sim serial.. magbabayad ako gcash 500
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    Closed Sino pede mag mod ng vpn ko?

    Sino ba pede mag mod ng vpn ko ? sayangkasi mga server dami panaman. see screenshots. ρrémíùm panaman server xD. pa comment back ang pede magmod ;)
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    Closed Hi! new member here!

    Hello guys! I'm rhenx... aka Carl Lawrence Garcia Pwede nyo rin po akong tawagin sa ibakong codenames: Rhenx Helkinski Clawg Ji 15 yrsold nako May konting knowledge sa app developing and may pagkahanep sa app layouts. My MODS: RhenxVPN v3 - HELKINSKI (discontinued) My APPS: HTME - How To Make...
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    Hello. new here?

    Hi PHC! new here. :) musta po? 3 years na rin ata nung huli akong nag online dito. heheh
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    [What if...] PHcorner.sis/.sisx/.jar/.jad/.apk???

    good afternoon mga ka phc.!! what if yung mga developer natin eh gumawa ng application specific para lng sa web ng ph corner?? yung tipong fbt/ubt sya pero within PHCOORNER website lng?? kaya ba to mga sir/ma'am?? tara pagusapan natin to! =)