A gamer is a proactive hobbyist who plays interactive games, especially video games, tabletop role-playing games, and skill-based card games, and who plays for usually long periods of time. Some gamers are competitive, meaning they routinely compete in some games for money, prizes, awards or the mere pleasure of competition and overcoming obstacles. In some countries such as the UK and Australia, the term "gaming" can refer to legalized ********, which can take both traditional and digital forms, through online ********. There are many different gamer communities around the world. Since the advent of the Internet, many communities take the form of Internet forums or YøùTùbé or Twitch virtual communities, as well as in-person social clubs. Originally a hobby, it has evolved into a profession for some. In 2021, there were an estimated 3.24 billion gamers across the globe.

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    Tutorial [Simple Tutorial] How to Mod Gamers VPN using MT Manager?

    Learn to Mod Gamers VPN (VIP Unlocked) 👀Watch & Learn📖 Hidden content 📂FILES Hidden content 🛠️TOOLS Hidden content
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    Sa mga may ML, PUBG,etc. dyan it's your time to play to earn!!!🔥 Guys bagong efarm natin since CARV may mobile APP na FREE to FARM ChatGPT The Carv Protocol mobile app has arrived! Step 1: Simply download the app Google Play: Google Play: CARV - Modular Data Layer for Gaming and AI App...
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    Tutorial Steam Gamers token rewards(earn alliance)

    Sino sa inyo ang May steam account na matagal nang active? Mas babad maglaro mas madami airdrop loot😁 Claim mo na yung Earn Alliance airdrop Check link below 👇 Join Us | Join Us | Earn Alliance Referral code= RWMVKQ Connect nyo Lang steam account at discoord to get rewarded token February 14...
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    Windows 7 ROG Rampage Republic Of Gamers (64bit)

    Windows 7 ROG Name: Windows 7 ROG Rampage Republic Of Gamers (64bit) Language: English Version: Service Pack 1 (x64) Medicine: Include Type File: ISO Size: 2.9 Gb Date Release: (3/May/2013) Publisher: Microsoft Mod Visual Customization (default) Special ROG theme System icons System sounds...
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    Gamers be like

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    Help For Gamers Out There!!

    I have a question though this is something i've seen and researched. Possible bang makagawa tayo ng Pilot Gaming, Virtul Gaming Community for Gamers especially MMORPG players who grind all day for only their personal accounts? Pwede bang mag established ng COMMUNITY with Gamers na pwedeng mag...
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    Para sa mga gamers daw

    ayan naka rgb na recommended 🤣
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    AtlasOS - Windows version designed for gamers

    Atlas is a Windows version designed for gamers. Atlas users can enjoy a higher frame rate and lower input delay and latency. Great for people on both low-end systems and high-end gaming machines. Download here:
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    PC GAMES SITES FREE DOWNLOAD LINKS -> Hidden contentHidden content ENJOY
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    Help Sa mga Gamers

    marami na ng tanong kung ano mouse keyboard or headset na maganda for gaming pero isa sa pinaka importante na need mo along side sa mouse para sa gaming eh wala ng tatanong Mouse Pad akala siguro ng marami na mousepad eh pareparehas lang Nope maraming clase ng mouse pad control, speed, ultra...
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    Is gamers affects EMEL and piracy to start with IRR this holiday season.

    RIP Mobile Legends! Kahit sa December 27 na iparehistro sa IRR ng SIM Card Act or else, wala dahil sa pirated na Movies at TV Shows at nabawasan ng player charts para i-häçk na yan sa Freenet yan sana malugi ng game developers dito. Ano gagawin mo para i-launch ang Warzone Mobile sa low-end...
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    Xtreme Gamers Edition v3 | Windows 10 21H2 (19044.2311) Lite x64

    Description about this build :- Xtreme LiteOS 10 is a pre-tweaked Windows 10 image to improve gaming performance/privacy and overall stability of system This build is based on Windows 10 21H2 Pro (19044.2311) ISO Size :- 2Gb Features :- Bloatware Free Improved Privacy Improved Performance...
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    Closed globe ping on Games

    Hello sa mga gamers jan gamit globe na ne,t high ping din ba minsan sa inyo? misan din low ping din?
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    Closed Zombie Shooter - Real Shot [Offline]

    Warning: Img contains **** photos (not ecchi game, sa storyline lang to una lang) Gamename: Zombie Shooter - Real Shot Size 798 MB #Share
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    Closed Coc häck

    sino po marunong mag nang coc dyan ...paturo po
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    Closed Mobile legends restarts everytime na magsheshare ako sa fb or magclick akong ibang apps

    Dati nakakapag share ako ng anything from ML sa FB pero now, nagrerestart ML ko everytime na lalabas lang ako saglit or magrereply sa message sa fb messenger... Nag-try din akong i-bind si ML sa vk account ko pero nagrerestart si ML pag lumabas ako sa mismong app kahit sandali lang Patulong...
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    Closed Sun promo w/ injector for gaming

    Ano po mgandang promo sa sun sim for gaming po. And sana pang 1month n din. Thnx po.
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    Closed Mga paps may tanong ako about sa ml

    Di ba yong Mobile Legends nag update nong 21? Hindi ba nagrerecon recon sa inyo pag nagrarank game kayo or classic? Paano po maaayos yong issue na yon?
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    Closed Nba mga paps
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    Closed Mobile legend emblames

    How to upgrade Assasin Emblames in mobile legend faster ? Help nman po..,
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    Archive Ros android version

    bakit ayaw na gumana ang Ros... busy lahat ng server!!! kagabi naka laro pa ako ngayun hi di na!!! sa inyu rin ba mga Android version sa ros???? sana may maka tulong!!
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    Closed San makaka-download ng games for free?

    Maliban sa Torrent sites and links, san ba magandang mag download ng laro. Sana ung direct download IDM lng, di kasi pwede mag torrent sa gamit kong server 'softether kasi ;) ty sa mga sasagot. ***PC GAMES***
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    Closed 1080p video no buff... super fast ehi for gamers + no load

    Fast Ehi for Gamers + No load ehi for Smart luzon only Promo in all network is FB BASED PROMO Enjoy your GAMING PLEASE NO DDOS No Torrent No häçking And MOST OF ALL No to TOXIC GAMERS ZedTume Fast ehi
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    Closed Any mobile legends players?

    Guys? Sino po stucked sa Ranked dito? Let's help each other, Tank user here. <3 Stucked on Master I (GM V na dapat ako, eh.) Sadya lang nadadamay ako sa mga di marurunong mag-adjust na teammates, Nag-trashtalk pa pero sila naman yung di marunong mag-laro ng maayos. Thanks in advance po.
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    Closed Antisocial social club

    Welcome to ANTISOCIAL SOCIAL CLUB ( Hindi yung Clothing Line Club to!) Antisocial personality disorder (ASPD or APD) is a personality disorder characterized by a long term pattern of disregard for, or violation of, the rights of others. A low moral sense or conscience is often apparent, as well...
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    Closed Drivers pack

    Mga paps kung pwede lng po sana pa high compress po ng Drivers pack ung Offline Salamat po ... Sana may makakapansin.
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    Closed Ehi try nyo bagong gawa ko kayo na maghusga

    1 month server Good for downloading Strêâmïng Surfing Online gaming
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    Closed About gaming

    Andriod Phone Maliban sa Ros ano papong maganda laruin na action games 1.5GB RAM ko Respect
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    Closed Peceful group

    This group only for gamers and good guys and no fighting and no spam
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    Closed Games

    may alam ba kayo na magandang games for android or PC pa láρág po ng name/title po salamat.need lang po ng games
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    Closed The proof will never lie[for heavy downloaders,gamers[with bonus fast rp daily]still kicking

    =============================== ➡Globe and tm ➡Tested with Globe switch ➡Hd videos with no buffering ➡2mbps actual download speed ➡Can play Mobile legend green ping ➡Until Feb 6,2018 =============================== ================================ ================================ ➡New...
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    Closed How to minimize ping and maximize internet speed

    Mga pre may ilalabas na man akong tip para sa mga kapwa gamer at downloaders. Sa wakas may natuklasan akong bagong trick para sa atin. One of the main reason kung bakit mataas yung ping natin sa mga online games, dahil sa background apps na pasekretong kumakain ng data :c so isa sa mga dapat...
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    Closed Android gamers♥♥♥

    First po pag may nag post na po or bawal itong thread ko pa close na lang Sa mga nag hahanap po ng mga games ρáíd or free share ko lang po ung site kung saan lahat ng games ma dodownload -modded/häçk games -...
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    Closed ρrémíùm ehi server

    láρág ko na agad 503 status low ping pang gamers Etc. Feedback nalang Kayo na bahala
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    Closed About mobile legends

    Good eve mga paps. May napansin ako sa mobile legends. Parang gumanda na yung connection sa laro. Kahit naka vpn lang ako. Tas di na masyado sya lag yung tipong nakakmoves kana. Kaya goodjob taga ML. PS: Lowping pala kapag SGDO acc sa tcp.
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    Closed Tara!

    Laro tayo ng gunboundM. :) GUNBOUND nilabas na sa android. Goodmorning.
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    Closed (direct dl) android emulators and roms Content of the link • Dolphin - Gamecube.apk • Drastic - Nds.apk • MD emu - Sega.apk • Nes emulators apk • PPSSPP gold - psp.apk • Ps1 and Ps2 emulators apk • Snes emulators apk • Tendo64 - N64.apk ROMS For Psp •...
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    Closed Anu ang mga amzing offline games

    mga sir/mam .. pede mo mag ask kung anu po ang magaganda na offline games ... mga rpg ,simulation or action app games na offline pohh ... thank U for reading this ...
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    Closed Suggestion ko lang

    try new apn then sa postern any config... gamit ko cya kanina pa. dko alam san galing apn na yan. pero nakuha ko yan sa ibang group. stable cya sa coc try nyo sa M.L...browsing and YøùTùbé facebook mejo mabagal cya. salamat!!!try nyo na lang wala nmn mawawala.
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    Closed [update as of mar. 14] ( €p®ö×y ) 59ms!hellō green ping 78ms in mobile legend [part6.4](--,)

    Para lang ito sa mga naka eproxy Para may pang alternative lang. Okay let's start! All of this eproxy config is For Globe and TmDefault with PROMO or in Globe switch Mas mabilis ang short duration file Open for pocket wifi and data Ping and speed depends on location Singapore server Eproxy...
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    Closed Low ping ehi, for injector need po

    Paki share po sakin... Thanks..
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    Closed Neo monster mod

    Pa request po ng neo monster mod
  43. S

    Closed Any link na available games for pc

    Maraming salamat po sa magbibigay.
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    Closed sa mga gamers sa PhC

    Poll muna
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    Closed Heroes Above : New iPad game has launched in the Philippines!

    Hi everyone! Gusto ko lang ishare dito na nakapaglaunch na kami ng iPad game dito sa Pinas! Kung okay lang po, makihingi sana ako ng inyong tulong sa pagshare ng game na ito sa mga kakilala ninyo na may iPad at mahilig sa mga laro gaya ng Clash of Clans. Free to play at battle strategy game...
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    Closed DOTA HQ Mode

    Try this one guys i found very interesting, for dota2 gamers and warcraft3 gamers its on moded game na 2 in 1 kung baga try nyo nalang :) DOTA HQ Mod - Dota 2 Transformation Pack DOTA HQ Mod is another transformation pack similar to Dota 1.5 and WarDota2. DOTA HQ Mod brings full...