A recommender system, or a recommendation system (sometimes replacing 'system' with a synonym such as platform or engine), is a subclass of information filtering system that provide suggestions for items that are most pertinent to a particular user. Typically, the suggestions refer to various decision-making processes, such as what product to purchase, what music to listen to, or what online news to read. Recommender systems are particularly useful when an individual needs to choose an item from a potentially overwhelming number of items that a service may offer.Recommender systems are used in a variety of areas, with commonly recognised examples taking the form of playlist generators for video and music services, product recommenders for online stores, or content recommenders for social media platforms and open web content recommenders. These systems can operate using a single input, like music, or multiple inputs within and across platforms like news, books and search queries. There are also popular recommender systems for specific topics like restaurants and online dating. Recommender systems have also been developed to explore research articles and experts, collaborators, and financial services.

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  1. F

    Lord Of Mystery

    Highly Recommended basahin yung Lord of Mystery na ebook guys
  2. H

    Help Highly recommended laptop for 5k php?

    Hi mga ka phc sulit ba yung laptop sa tiktok na Fujitsu brand and its running on i3 , 256gb storage and 8gb ram? Reco din po kayo ng maayos na laptop for 5k budget ,main purpose is for school works.
  3. S

    Help Recommended mesh routers

    Hi may marerecommend po b kayong MESH router? 120sqm ung bahay n paglalagyan
  4. K

    Help S2s recommended repeater pang bypass ng 6devices

    Mga boss baka may mairerecomend kau repeater pang bypass ng 6 devices yung may 5ghz. Ndi kc mapasok admin access
  5. L

    Help Palapag naman mga recommended phones niyo diyan

    mga boss baka may ma recommend kayong phone under 10 - 13k budget. Pang gaming and goods din sana camera. Let go ko na si Poco x6 pro 5g di kaya budget HAHA
  6. B

    Help Recommended Gaming Modules

    Any recommended gaming modules sa rooted android phone? Device: k20 pro Rom: CrDroid 10.5 Thank you
  7. C

    Two recommended sites for watching movies/anime [AD-FREE]

    Recommended sites Movies Hidden content Anime Hidden content If meron kayo alam na iba suggest kayo sa comments.
  8. F

    Recommended Health Insurance for Freelancers

    Since hindi ako pwede sa HMO kasi wala ako sa company, any recos para magka health insurance?
  9. C

    Help About PLDT plan

    Which is the best plan from PLDT that has low ping for gaming like Dota 2?
  10. H

    Help Recommended wireless mechanical keyboard brand.

    kuys may ma recommend ba kayo wireless mechanical keyboard? ano kaya magandamg brand bilhin, ung compact design lang sana at ung tahimik ung keys na variant sana. salamatt
  11. M

    Recommended Web Development Online Practical Tutorials Sources 2024

    Baka meron kayong ma recommended jan na online courses about latest web development
  12. S

    Crypto Recommended Wallet for Holding Cypto.

    Recommend naman kayo ng wallet na pwede pag store-ran ng mga coins
  13. C


    Ano mas magandang engine oil? Motul or Shell?
  14. R

    Recommended Drawing Pencils for Realistic Drawing (and Pencil Grades Demystified!)

    Recommended Drawing Pencils for Realistic Drawing (and Pencil Grades Demystified!) All drawing pencils feel different to work with, and have unique properties that determine how your drawing will look. In this guide I will introduce you to the most common pencils used for realistic drawing...
  15. B

    Closed Any recommended NAS (Network Attached Storage) under 6k?

    Anong recommended NAS (Network Attached Storage) ang maganda for 6k budget? Need ko kasi for work purposes. Yun sana meron kahit 2 sata ports at pwede bilhin online in the Philippines.
  16. B

    Recommended App Cloner?

    Recommended App cloner ? Yung Iwas detect like etc.
  17. Z

    Help Best 5G modem ano recommended niyo mga kuys (Any price)

    Yo mga kuys ask ko lang sana ano po the best 5G modem ngayon? And ano din po magandang outdoor antenna kung lalagyan? Salamat mga kuys . Pashare naman ng mga knowledge na meron kayo ty po
  18. J

    Help Recommended Isekai

    Good day mga ka PHC. Recommend naman po kayo ng Top 3 Isekai Anime nyo. May mga napanood na rin ako pero baka may magaganda pang Isekai na hindi pa nakikita or baka underrated. Salamat mga master.
  19. P

    iOS App Any IPAs na recommended?

    Hello, nakakapag sideload na ako hahaha any suggestions ng apps or games na pwede ma side load? Spotify++ pa lang natry ko. Salamat!
  20. F

    Huawei Nova 5T recommended Firmware

    Mga Boss ano po ba magand firmware para sa mga Nova 5T users?
  21. A

    Cheat Any recommended working Roblox injector

    Penge po akong magandang Roblox injector for PC na working :> Thank you!
  22. M

    Help Recommended na Universities or College dito sa Davao? Any suggestion?

    Hi,. Upcoming 1st year College student na kasi ako tapos nag hahanap ako ng College or Universties na affortable na may course na Comsi or BMMA? Any recommendations? Yung mga makaya lang sana yung tuition fee. Pwede nman hindi nasa davao basta nasa mindanao lang.
  23. L

    Recommended IT Company for Internship?

    Baka may mga alam po kayong green flag company na good for internship? Already have knowledge building websites na po like MERN stack. Thank you po agad sa mga mag susuggest
  24. H

    Help Recommended Wi-fi for WFH

    Hello mga ka PH-corner anong wifi kaya ang maganda or sulit ? Pang work from home ko kasi and naghahanap ako ng wifi na malimit lang mag aberya sa connections.
  25. D

    Help Windows OS, Gaming prep

    any windows recommended po para sa Ryzen 5 3500u Vega 8 12GB Ram SSD. Pang (Ran Online)
  26. K

    Recommended site for free movie without ads

    Hello anong free site po ma recommend niyo para maka panood latest movie na walang advertisement.
  27. S

    Recommended phone

    Ano pong recommended phones niyo with a good camera under 15k?
  28. P

    Help Recommended Coins

    Saang coins maganda mag invest ngayon?
  29. 3

    Recommended 18 Watts charger, may alam kayo?

    Ano gamit nyo, okay ba yung binebenta sa shopee?
  30. Y

    Help Laptop Chuwi or Jumper tech opinion

    Meron ba dito gumagamit ng said brand sa title, kamusta naman at gaano na katagal sainyo?
  31. B

    Tutorial Movies, TV Series, Anime Steaming Site Highly recommended - No ads

    Sa naghahanap ng free movies, tv series at anime streaming site na walang ads, ito para sayo. Hidden contentHidden contentHidden content
  32. N

    Help GPU recommended

    EMX-A70FM2+iCafe + a8-7650k proccsr , ano po bagay na gpu jan ? yung di bottleneck
  33. A

    Movie Site (highly recommended)

    Movie site gamit kayo brave browser para walang ads malaki database Hidden content para sa mga di lang nakakaalam
  34. A

    Recommended cad drawing printer

    guys anong marerecommend nyo na printer for cad drawing ? thanks
  35. N

    Recommended MMORPG

    Meron po b kayong recommended na MMORPG ung parang ragnarok origin ang style?
  36. P

    Help Recommended Phone Cooler

    Guys Ask lng? ano recommended nyong phone cooler under 800 pesos
  37. M

    Ano recommended os nyu dito?

    elow guys ano ba recommended os nyu goods naman lahat gusto ko mapasmooth pa lalo di nman ako gamer nagbbalak plang maglaro mga old games. salaamt sa sasagot
  38. B

    Help Recommended free VPN for PC/Android

    Hello! May maganda po bang free VPN for pc and android?
  39. P

    Recommended online store for exterior tire

    May mga recommend ba kayung shop na good ang quality ng mga exterior tire paps? Pwede lazada, shopee, and tiktok shop. Naghahanpa kasi ako for 26*2.125 na size
  40. S

    Help Recommended app para sa mxq pro?

    Mga idol baka may recommended appa kayo para kay MXQ pro pang stream ng movie na smooth
  41. T

    List of Mechanical keyboard/Switches (Recommended)

    Share ko lng hehhehe... Hidden content
  42. G

    Help Ano po recommended modem under 7k

    For smart unli data 399 and sometimes globe

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