In computer technology and telecommunications, online indicates a state of connectivity and offline indicates a disconnected state. In modern terminology, this usually refers to an Internet connection, but (especially when expressed "on line" or "on the line") could refer to any piece of equipment or functional unit that is connected to a larger system. Being online means that the equipment or subsystem is connected, or that it is ready for use."Online" has come to describe activities performed on and data available on the Internet, for example: "online identity", "online predator", "online ********", "online shopping", "online banking", and "online learning". Similar meaning is also given by the prefixes "cyber" and "e", as in the words "cyberspace", "cybercrime", "email", and "ecommerce". In contrast, "offline" can refer to either computing activities performed while disconnected from the Internet, or alternatives to Internet activities (such as shopping in brick-and-mortar stores). The term "offline" is sometimes used interchangeably with the acronym "IRL", meaning "in real life".

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    PC App Samsung Smart Switch 4.3.24062.1 Offline Installer

    In today’s world, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We use them for everything, from checking emails and browsing social media to taking photos and making calls. However, when it comes to switching from an old phone to a new one, the process can be quite daunting. That’s...
  2. D

    Tools TFT MTK BETA Offline

    Ito muna gamit ko ngayung backup habang wala pa si TFT UnlockTool update sa op nila TFT MTK Module Tool v7.0.0 Supported Brand: Samsung OPPO Xiaomi VIVO Tecno Huawei Nokia Meizu Black View Vsmart LG Lenovo iTel All the Latest MTK Devices Features TFT MTK Module: Also Read Support Function...
  3. Y

    Pa help sa offline ****** sofware baka meron kau

    Offline sàbøng software baka meron dito, bili ako,
  4. R

    Help Any offline games

    pahelp naman any offline games na pwede laruin ngayon thanks in advance
  5. D

    Offline installer ng MS office and activation

    thank you in advance po sa makakapag share hehehe paranas ng 1year expiration po thank you po ulit
  6. Z

    Offline social point games

    nasa github tut dl lang ng flash browser tapos run yung resource edit nyo lang sa save file Social Empires github lnk Social Wars github lnk
  7. C

    Cheat Counter strike offline cheat

    Counter strike offline cheat any version
  8. J

    Tools Driver Pack Solution 14.8 Offline

    Driver pack solution 14 is the full-fledged package of solution for the users which holds numerous problems with their drivers and the system pr software and follows functioning of the PC or laptop. Sometimes it happens that the user comes up with several critical challenges with its system or...
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    Direct Link (Gofile, etc.) Pre-Installed PC Games Collection [Com-shop games] | Offline Extract And Play (REQUEST)

    Please comment below if the link(s) you picked is dead. PRE-INSTALLED (EXTRACT AND PLAY) All of these files came from a list of sources gathered into one post here. Credits of their website should be inside the file. (If links are dead, please let me know.) [List of Games System...
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    Direct Link (mala Max Payne 3) Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (2010) | Offline 7.09GB Pre-Installed | Extract and Play

    Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (2010) Gameplay Trailer: Actual Gameplay: About The Game: Play as two of gaming’s most disturbing and realistic criminals; Lynch – a self medicated psychopath – and Kane – a disillusioned and desperate ex-mercenary, in a gritty and brutal crime shooter from IO...
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    Direct Link (MediaFire ZIP) Call of Duty: World at War (2008) | Offline 5.5GB Pre-Installed | Extract and Play

    Call of Duty: World at War (2008) Gameplay Trailer: Actual Gameplay: About The Game: Call of Duty is back, redefining war like you’ve never experienced before. Building on the Call of Duty 4®: Modern Warfare engine, Call of Duty: World at War immerses players into the most gritty and...
  12. E

    Tutorial Next.js v14 Offline Documentation

    Offline nextjs documentation for offline reading purpose! enjoy!
  13. G

    Offline campaign games for low end PC plsss

    Hirap talaga pag walang high end na laptop. Suggest naman po kayo for low end aside sa COD. THANKS!!!
  14. H

    Zombie Hunter: Offline Games

    There is nothing more exciting than shooting in amazing graphic zombie games. And if you’re looking for shooting games to play anytime and anywhere, without the internet, without paying to win, why don’t try our ZOMBIE HUNTER – Offline Games From the creator of famous offline zombie shooting...
  15. V

    Help Japanese Language Pack Offline Installer

    Sino po may installer nito na offline mga lods... Pa help naman po mga lods...sobrang bagal kasi ng net kapag direct to windows ang pag-download.
  16. T

    Help fix our Web App, offline qrcode attendance

    We are trying to build a web application and we use hotspot for within range communication of teacher and student, supposedly the teacher will generate a code then once the student scanned the code it will send request to the teacher then the teacher will accept the request. But we try it in...
  17. S

    Meron po ba kayong FIFA 20,21,22 Cr@ck yung Fully Offline?

    baka meron po wla po talaga akong mahanap sa mga sites na alam ko eh
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    Help Baka alam nyo kung pano gumawa ng web yung offline based sana using localhost

    gagamitin ko po sana as part of innovative entrepreneur wala pakong alam pag dating sa mga ganung bagay yun kasi na isip ko sabi kasi ni prof namin mag bu bussines Venture daw kami ngayon na isip ko kasi innovative imbis na sasabihin nila sakin yung order nila ko connect sila sa hotspot pag mag...
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    Help Offline and Cloud POS

    Mga paps, pa suggest po paano ma a achieve na pwede online ang POS and offline naman if wala internet connection? Salamat po sa sagot :giggle:
  20. V

    IPTV IPTV m3u8, some of the channels are offline Tested Hidden content
  21. U

    Links for Zenonia 4 and 5 offline

    Need ko po ng zenonia 4 at 5 na offline yung wala po sanang money mod
  22. S

    PC App Laptop Chrome OS Counter Strike Offline

    Hello mga boss baka may counter strike kayo offline yung pwede sa laptop ko ChromeBook yung laptop ko po
  23. A


    offline games po na prng png pc na graphics thanks po.
  24. I

    Dota 2 Offline vs AI

    Pano po maglaro ng Dota 2 (downloaded from steam) ng offline mode vs AI.. yung literal po na di coconect sa internet para makapaglaro..? Thanks in Advance PS. Sorry baguhan lang..
  25. K

    How to make offline marketplace buy and sale on website?

    PHC- could you replica amazon store website using HTML, CSS, & JAVASCRIPT instead of online make it offline. working buttons like "add to cart", "Place order", "Quantity Items" and also the items only are appliances and electronics.
  26. C

    Help Paano magdownload nang mga games online or offline sa computer para sa pisonet ko

    Patulong po kung saan magdownload nang mga games pang Pisonet sana may bago kasi akung bili pero wlang free games
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    VPN Izph vpn pro 5.2.5 offline update - for request

    boss light_yagami , asking lang sana baka may offline update ka bago mag new update app niyo boss. wala na kasi ibang country sa server niyo. sa "pisowifi nohulog dnstt" kasi kami nakakakonek ng mga marino tulad ko. nawala india at germany. salamat boss. sana ay mapansin.
  28. D

    Counter Strike Source Offline Lan

    Counter Strike Source pang Offline lan sa naghahanap. Download lang ang File "Counter Strike Source.daa" at extract gamit ang power .iso" Hidden content Counter Strike Source Fixs Lag PowerIso
  29. J

    Anung maganda na pc games offline mission

    anung maganda na pc games offline mission
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    Tools TFM Tool Pro SPD V1.0.0 B16 Free Download Offline No Need To Login

    TFM Tool Pro SPD V1.0.0 B16 Free Download The most recent version of TFM Tool Pro SPD is a safe and user-friendly tool for unlocking, maintaining, and flashing Spreadturm devices. So, give it a try. A wide range of Spreadturm chipsets and models, such as those from Itel, Tecno, Infinix...
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    Help Naghahanap po ako ng larong maganda, offline

    Ano po masususggest nyo na offline games yung mejo okay graphics like spiderman, pwede din po kahit pang emulator. Then tanong ko na din po kung saan best mag download at mag hanap ng mga offlines games ngayon yung direct download po sana. Salamat po!🥹
  32. K

    Android OFFLINE Plants vs. Zombies Heroes Mod Apk 1.40.126 (Sun/HP)

    From the makers of Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 comes the next great game in the epic battle between doom and bloom – Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. Collect Heroes with outrageous and incredible super powers and build your ultimate battle team. Embark on a journey to...
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    Tools E GSM Tool V2.5.1 Free Download With Login (Working Offline)

    E GSM Tool V2.5.1 supports a wide range of devices and models from different brands and chipsets. Here are some of the main features of this tool: - Xiaomi [MediaTek]: You can read information, remove FRP, backup and restore NVDATA, enable meta repair, ρá†ch VBMeta, manage partitions, repair...
  34. A

    Help Suggest any android games offline

    yung pangmatagalan malalaro habang nasa laot?
  35. P

    Tools Marvel GSM Tool V7.3 Fully Offline By GCT Free

    Feature Commands Marvel GSM Tool V7.3 ***** Read Full info By GCT Offline Bypass Lock More Adb Operations Reboot To: Normal More Commands Check Root Reset FRP (old) Reset FRP (New) Reset Lock Factory Reset Factory Reset #2 I C Reboot Run APP: Settings Open URL...
  36. P

    Help NMAT site offline

    ano po kaya dahilan nito? malapit na kasi end ng registration tapos offline pa rin. salamat po sa sasagot.
  37. A

    Tutorial Follow naman and react dyan . Offline Tools for ios and android

    Marvel GSM Tool V7.3 Fully Offline By GCT Pack Free 2024 I've written an article about 💥 Marvel GSM Tool V7.3 💥, which is an all-in-one tool suitable for all users. This tool works on 💻 Windows computers 💻 and has been *****ed by GCT (Global *****ing Team). The best part? It works offline, so...
  38. Z

    Driver Pack Solution 14.7 [OFFLINE]

    Driver Pack Solution 14.7 [OFFLINE] DriverPack is the most convenient and fastest way of configuring a computer The software is provided for free, and is suitable both for professionals and for beginners File size: 7.31gb File Version: 14.7 Hidden content
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    Help Help Manga manhwa app

    Paturo boss ung working na manga manhwa app ung walang istorbo at pwede madownload para pede mabasa offline help please
  40. K

    Tools Private Unlock Key (Qualcomm Unlock Key) V2022.12.14 Free (Working Offline) For Vivo, Oppo, & Xiaomi Qualcomm-based Devices

    🆕Private Unlock Key (Qualcomm Unlock Key) V2022.12.14 Free (Working Offline) For Vivo, Oppo, & Xiaomi Qualcomm-based Devices 🔴Features Of QUK : Erase EFS Fix Bug Factory Reset | Erase Frp | Remove Demo Temp UBL | Erase FRP | Erase Mi Account 🔴Supported Models : ✅Vivo S1 Prime [PD1945GF...
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    Tools TPS Tool V3.0.230261 Update 2024 (100% Lifetime Offline) FREE Added Xiaomi Huawei Samsung Unlock Firmware Flasher ADB Fastboot

    🆕TPS Tool V3.0.230261 Update 2024 (100% Lifetime Offline) – FREE Added Xiaomi Huawei Samsung Unlock Firmware Flasher ADB Fastboot 🔴SPD / SPRD / Unisoc Supported Devices List : 🔘Realme : C11 [2021] (RMX3231) C21Y (RMX3261) C21Y (RMX3263) C25Y (RMX3265) C25Y (RMX3269) C31 (RMX3501) C35...

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