Malware (a portmanteau for malicious software) is any software intentionally designed to cause disruption to a computer, server, client, or computer network, leak private information, gain unauthorized access to information or systems, deprive users access to information or which unknowingly interferes with the user's computer security and privacy. By contrast, software that causes harm due to some deficiency is typically described as a software bug. Malware poses serious problems to individuals and businesses on the Internet. According to Symantec’s 2018 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), malware variants number has increased to 669,947,865 in 2017, which is twice as many malware variants as in 2016. Cybercrime, which includes malware attacks as well as other crimes committed by computer, was predicted to cost the world economy $6 trillion USD in 2021, and is increasing at a rate of 15% per year.Many types of malware exist, including computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, spyware, adware, rogue software, wiper, and scareware. The defense strategies against malware differs according to the type of malware but most can be thwarted by installing antivirus software, firewalls, applying regular patches to reduce zero-day attacks, securing networks from intrusion, having regular backups and isolating infected systems. Malware is now being designed to evade antivirus software detection algorithms.

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    Embedded Malware.

    Hello Admin: Ano kaya magadang gawin sa mga ka TS na unethical.?? Meron kasi aking dinownload na app. "Adobe Reader"...pocha may naka embed pala an virus. Tapos ko mag install, super lag na ng unit ko. Then after 3 days, nabiktima ako ng ransom ware... AWIT!!!. Buti nlng mejo may experience na...
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    Help Malware found

    Meron na found na trojan at nag notify po si google na meron suspicious activity. Newbie po ako sa mga ganito. Kinakabahan po ako. Baka po meron po kayong matulong po sa akin.. paano ko po maalis yun ganito po..
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    Pa help po need ko po antivirus para sa malware po.

    Guys. pwede po mag tanong anong magandang antivirus para sa malware..Salamat po
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    Help Malware detected android

    Hello, pahelp naman po. May malware daw sa system partition ng phone ko. Hindi ko siya madisable or uninstall. Pano po gagawin?
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    IObit Malware Fighter PRO is award-winning antivirus which gives you three layers of online protection. It prevents malware from infecting your computer and stops häçkers spying or stalking on you. DOWNLOAD HERE!!! PLEASE DONT HIT & RUN FOR MORE! HAPPY NEW YEAR🎆🎇
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    Direct Link X-Sec Malware Scanner v3.0.0.4

    X-Sec Malware Scanner v3.0.0.4 Forever free, easy to use Features Fully compatible with other antivirus software Simple user interface Multi-language X-Sec Antivirus Engine + X-Sec Heuristic Engine + X-Sec Cloud Engine + Rising Antivirus Engine + Rising Cloud Engine Supported operating...
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    RANSOMWARE HELP!! bozq malware fix pls

    ATTENTION! Don't worry, you can return all your files! All your files like pictures, databases, documents and other important are encrypted with strongest encryption and unique key. The only method of recovering files is to purchase decrypt tool and unique key for you. This software will...
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    Malwarebytes Antivirus keys

    pa try nalang ulit. Malwarebytes for PC 8PZ74:XNQB-JREN-EU9N-GPM3 | slot = 1 9PZ73:K1JH-00R7-F4W1-YCYM | slot = 1 6SP86:UDAF-E7YB-RGDJ-A2R5 | slot = 1 5SF72:7VCR-9H8H-7F6W-M110 | slot = 1 5FS49:P1L0-J46P-1JL4-CCK9 | slot = 1 6FM72:E8VH-97MY-AN6J-HCCG | slot = 1 9ZF32:JPTH-LF87-3KG4-Y7BL |...
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    Help Tanong lang po if may virus itong laptop ko mga Sir? Thank you :)

    Rkill 2.9.1 by Lawrence Abrams (Grinler) BleepingComputer Copyright 2008-2022 More Information about Rkill can be found at this link: RKill - What it does and What it Doesn't - A brief introduction to the program - Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Privacy Software Program...
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    Tutorial About svchost.exe/ and explorer.exe

    manually lang pala ang pagtanggal ng mga virus na yan..... medyo matrabaho lang at restart lang lage.... kase naka hide at dapat mo subukan isa isa mga apps ... kung na apektuhan o wala... comment lang kayu kung nagka malware ang pc nyu iguide ko kayu pano sya tatanggalin... manually ko...
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    Mga boss patulong nman dine, di ko alam kung may malware o ano to. tapos kapag magse search ako laging may nakalgay na tapos mareredirect na ako sa ibang search engine. nung tiningnan ko naman sa extension wlang naka install na ganun.
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    "Caution" Browser Exploitation Framework (BeEF)

    How Dangerous Does the Malicious Link?Even You Are Not Logging in to something or Accepting downloads from it?In This Thread Let Me Introduce To You By Clicking A Single Link,Will leave your device exploited. BeEF is short for The Browser Exploitation Framework. It is a penetration testing tool...
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    Help Top Fatal Ransomware(Full Descriptions)

    Heres The Top Ransomwares And the Most Feared Ransomware Spreaded Across the Globe. First Of All What IS RANSOMWARE:Ransomware Is A File Encrypting Software After You Got Encrypted Attackers Ask For Ransom In order To Unlock Your Files. 1.LOCKY-Locky is ransomware that was first used for an...
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    Tutorial Ransomware Solution:How To Deal With Ransomware Solution(Online Id)

    Hi Mga Ka PHC Alam Ko marami Dito Is Victim Of Ransomware And Finding A Way para makalaya Sa lintek Na Malware Na Tumama Sa Kanila Kase Nagyung 2021 Ransomware Global attack record ay nag rise to 151% kaya May Way ako Para Makalaya kayo sa Malware na yan At sure ako na Di na maglalag ang Pc Niyo...
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    . REQG Stop/Djvu Ransomware

    Kaya ba maka survive yung ransomware sa Delete all files without clean boot or kaya ba maka survive nun sa System restore?Pa help po sa may alam
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    Tutorial Paano Malalaman Kung May Malware Ang Phone Mo?

    Paano Malalaman Kung May Malware Ang Phone? Ano Ang Malware? Short for ‘malicious software’, malware is software designed to cause damage to a computer, server or network. Malware is often referred to as a virus or infection and can come in many forms including the following types: Adware –...
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    Help malware in Chrome

    Ito pa. Matagal ko na palang problema. The infamous malware. Hindi naman daw virus, pero isa sa mga malware na may access sa data mo para i-target ka nila sa mga ads nila. Paano lodz i-remove. Kaumay na yung mga tutorials and tips sa mga blog at videos na hindi naman gagana, tas io-offer...
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    Help May Virus Na Installer ng BitTorrent

    So nag-download ako ng installer ng BitTorrent from their official website, matagal na akong nagda-download doon everytime mayroon akong bagong PC or sa PC ng mga friends ko. I thought it would be safe forever, but unfortunately, this time, nag-install siya ng mga malware and adware sa laptop...
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    Help Totoo ba itong Trojan Malware Virus sa email?

    Is this true stone ba mga bhie? Nagmula yung email sa mismong email address ko eh. January 7 pa pala to at napagtripan kong sumilip sa spam.
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    PC App ESET Internet Security 2021

    LINK LINK LINK LINK ! ! ! - - - - Embark on your online journey secured by ESET's multi-layered antimalware protection, trusted by over 110 million users worldwide. Antivirus and Antispyware Provide proactive protection against all...
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    What is Trojan Malware? How it works? All you need to know about TROJAN VIRUS

    What Is A Trojan? A Trojan horse, or Trojan, is a type of malicious code or software that looks legitimate but can take control of your computer. A Trojan is designed to damage, disrupt, s†éál, or in general inflict some other harmful action on your data or network. A Trojan acts like a bona...
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    Help External Hard Drive

    Yung external hard drive ko may malware, kahit iformat ganon pa din po, hindi maalis yung external hard drive hd-b1 po sya..magagawan pa ba to ng paraan? Salamat
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    Must read if you're using a budget android phone!

    Android fans are being warned about a number of phones which come with malware loaded on them straight out of the box. And now Android fans are being warned about another malware threat, but this time it’s not being spread via Google’s official app marketplace. Google has confirmed a number of...
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    Help Malware po ba ito?

    Malware ? Pano po tanggalin?
  25. X


    HEY GUYS SUP! Patulong naman... Just found out this app (android communication sync) its a malware that pop up ads every time on my "system apps" then searched on google and found out it was a virus. Tried everything todelete it. Searched a lot of info. But i dont have root access. do u know...
  26. H

    Someone enterfering my pc what do do?

    help me guys. I downloaded a malware and it’s bugging my pc. Thank youuu
  27. C

    Ehi malware?

    Noob question po, possible po bang lagyan ng ehi/freenet creators ng malicious code ang file na shinishare nila?
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    Direct Link Download malwarebytes ρrémíùm v3.5.1.2522 - malware detection and removal software

    link k e y g e n onlyρrémíùm.v3.5.1.2522.****** password: Malwarebytes is a highly effective and effective application designed as an anti-malware to help protect your...
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    Help Malware

    Sino nakaranas ng biglang nag oopen ang google playstore kapag naka data or wifi? mau effective bang anti malware? I tried malwarebytes pero yunh isang advertise lang natanggal.
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    Tutorial Kill hard to remove malwares in your pc

    Kung nagawa mo na lahat at nahirapan ka pa rin tanggalin ang mga malwares sa pc mo subukan mo tong ituturo ko ngayon. Tested ko siya sa malware na nagpapahirap sa akin ng halos 2 buwan. Di ako mka install nun ng antivirus. May nainstall nga pero di ko ma on. Heto na at sundin lamang ang step by...
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    Tutorial How to remove malwares in android

    Removing Malwares in Android Una palang ay malalaman mo ng infected ang device mo dahil iba na ang performance nito kumpara noong dati. Dahil sa may mga nakukuha tayong malwares sa mga dodgy apps na nadadownload natin sa mga third party app store. Yung mga pop ads na lumalabas sa screen natin...
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    We love you darkside101

    kung sino mang nakaka kilala kay darkside101 at ginamit yung softether fixer niya mag scan na kayo gamit ang anti-virus niyo Ito yung link ng Softether fixer niya kuno. Proof na may palaman yung application niya:) Virustotal...
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    Use ublock origin and malwarebytes please lang

    Common sa mga tao pag navavirus ang laptop or PC pareformat agad. Reminder: best AV pa din ang Common Sense 2018. Install ka ng Ublock Origin sa browser mo para di ka makakita ng ads, lalo na ang mga malicious na ads or pop ups na usually nagdadala ng adware. Pero wait, kamo. May Ad Blocker Pro...
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    Help Malware and best way to get rid? i need help with you all.

    ...... .......... Sorry po sa fancy photos pero meron akong screenshot dito about sa phone ko. So lately I was surfing in Facebook and some in the comments said click this for some videos and stuff to download. So curious po ako so after I clicked I didn't know na meron palang mga ads na nag...
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    Malware that can't uninstall? pasok!

    Kahapon ko lang na diskobre kaya share ko na lang baka may nangangailangan din minsan Tip on malware na hindi ma uninstall is here .. First long press mo si power button .. mag po.pop up si power off at reboot (depends om phone kung ano ang lalabas) long press mo si power off sabay may...
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    Closed (solve) suggest an app antivirus

    Suggest naman ng App antuvirus, malware. May nag popop-up kasi sa phone ko, yung stubborn trojan app na ginagamit ko di naman na dedetect...
  37. S

    Closed Virus attack on laptop??

    Mga ka phc, pa help naman mawala yung virus na controlado nya yung settings ng PC, ayaw mag open yung settings, kapag nag CLI click ako sa settings ay hindi nabubuksan yung settings, anong klaseng virus/malware yung tumama sa laptop? Ano gagawin ko para matanggal yung virus na ko mo control sa...
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    Closed Hidden files due to malware

    Mga sir/mam may alam ba kayo paraan para mapalitaw yung mga files o marecover? Malaking tulong po ito kung magawa, salamat po :)
  39. K

    Tutorial Anti shorcut virus and file restorer.

    Heto gamitin mo kapag sumuko na at hinde kinaya ng CMD attrib commands hehehe...tried and tested ko na to sa mga pinapaayos sa akin na laptop and PC. Talo pa neto kung minsan ang malalaking file na Anti virus ant anti malware kung minsan pero siyempre mas maganda kung gamitan nyo din ng ganun...
  40. P

    Closed Adblocks for ****sites, malware& ads

    Good morning kaPH:) May goal po ako mga kaPH,gusto ko makakuha ng mga DOMAINs ng ****sites, MALWARE url at ADS url (exclude natin yung mga ADS dito sa PHCORNER) para magawan ko ng script. Ang script na ito ay working on any OS,mapaANDROID,WINDOWS, LINUX,etc at iimbedd or iintegrate...
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    Closed Pop up ads on android problem

    HELP! May lumalabas na ads pop up sa android phone ko every now and then. Samsung S6 edge po gamit ko. Salamat :)
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    Closed Android virus..? or is it ..

    Hello KaPHC naisipan ko lang magshare :3 siguro naman madalas natin marinig " May virus android ko , may ads, may mga ads na lumalabas pano ba ito?", pagdating sa mga smartphones natin, well is it really a work of a Virus? well.., it actually the work of a Malicious Software a.k.a Malware...
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    Closed About malware

    Hello mga kaPhc ask ko lang anu ang pagkakaiba ng Virus Worm Trojan Pakiexplain nga po salamat ka phc TIA tagalog po hehe
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    Closed Wannacrypt(ransomware)

    GUYS nabalitaan nyo ba yung kumakalat ngayong ransomware?andami ng biktima kaya Ingat ingat tayo ka PH sa pag bo browse. Yun lang :)
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    Closed What antivirus software for you is the most trustworthy to install on your pc/laptop(win7, 8, 10)?

    Suggest your best (free/paid/*****ed) antivirus software that can detect and remove VIRUSES, TROJANS and MALWARE.
  46. K

    Closed Cerberransomware malware

    patulong po pano ma decrypt lahat ng encrypted files dito sa pc ko windows 7 siya cerber ransomware yung type ng malware lahat ng file ko ganito example "figures.bec" ".bec" lahat please help mga experts TIA asap
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    Closed Malware po ba ito?

    Sino po nakakaalam pano tanggalin tong app na to? Hinala ko ito dahilan ng pagpop-up ng mga ads dito sa android ko..
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    (iobit) gusto nyo bah all-in-one optimization and security? pasok try na!

    All in one eto guyz nd mo na kailangan ng ibang software at gganda pa takbo ng computer moh... marami pang kasamang maliliit na functions na makakatulong talaga sa pagmaintain ng computer nyo :) ============================================ ====================================...
  49. G

    Closed Scan for malware

    Sometimes, most commonly via email attachments, malware is able to cross the firewall and end up on your computer anyway. A malware scanner will locate and remove them from your hard disk. A real-time scanner will notice them as they arrive, even before they hit the disk, but at the cost of...
  50. N

    Closed How to remove trojan.agent.gc [no-root][re-flash firmware]?

    sino po nakaka alam dito pano ma remove itong trojan.agent.gc sa may settings.apk na detect ng malwarebytes ko. pag uninstall sabi uninstall unsuccesful :( may ads po litaw ng litaw sakin na pina papainstall di po sa browser nag run ata sa may background kaya gusto ko sana ma tagal yang trojan...