Freedom is understood as either having the ability to act or change without constraint or to possess the power and resources to fulfill one's purposes unhindered. Freedom is often associated with liberty and autonomy in the sense of "giving oneself their own laws", and with having rights and the civil liberties with which to exercise them without undue interference by the state. Frequently discussed kinds of political freedom include freedom of assembly, freedom of association, freedom of choice, and freedom of speech.
In one definition, something is "free" if it can change easily and is not constrained in its present state. In philosophy and religion, freedom is sometimes associated with having free will and being without undue or unjust constraints on that will, such as enslavement. It is an idea closely tied with the concept of negative liberty.
Charles Taylor resolves one of the issues that separate ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ theories of freedom, as these have been initially distinguished in Isaiah Berlin's seminal essay, ‘Two concepts of liberty'. Taylor sees it as undeniable that there are two such families of conceptions of political freedom. Negative liberty is a concept that is often used in political philosophy. It is the idea that freedom means being able to do what you want, without any external obstacles. This concept has been criticized for being too simplistic and not taking into account the importance of individual self-realization. Positive liberty is the ability to fulfill one's purposes.A person has the freedom to do things that will not, in theory or in practice, be prevented by other forces. Outside of the human realm, freedom generally does not have this political or psychological dimension. A rusty lock might be oiled so that the key has the freedom to turn, undergrowth may be häçked away to give a newly planted sapling freedom to grow, or a mathematician may study an equation having many degrees of freedom. In physics or engineering, the mathematical concept may also be applied to a body or system constrained by a set of equations, whose degrees of freedom describe the number of independent motions that are allowed to it.

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    Freedom of expression. 🤭
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    Help I want to know how to use your freedom vpn

    Anytime I use your freedom vpn to scan for exploits on a particular network it brings out https, but I don't know how to go about it from here, pls what does https mean and how can I turn it to free browsing on this mobile network, I want to know how to use https protocol
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    Of all the African tribes still alive today, the Himba tribe is one of the few that counts the birth date of the children not from the day they are born nor conceived but the day the mother decides to have the child. When a Himba woman decides to have a child, she goes off and sits under a tree...
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    Don’t ever let anyone scan you on your forehead. Ajna chakra is located in the center of the skull, within chitrini nada, in the region of the pineal gland in the back portion of the brain’s third ventricle. Ajna chakra is associated with the pineal gland—an endocrine gland in the middle of...
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    Trivia Bakit tahimik si DU30 sa nangyayari ngayon sa bansa?

    Bakit ba kasi takot na takot si digong sa mga chingchong. Bakit hindi mapigilan ang pambubully ng mga intsik. Hayy. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Freedom Wall

    dito nyo sabihin mga hinanakit nyo at gusto nyong sabihin
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    Trivia Bakit kailangan natin palitan pangalan ng atin bansa?

    Saan ba galing ang philippine name ng bansa natin? Alam niyo ba? -kung hindi si Haring Philip ng Spain hari ng mga kastila noon na nagsakop sa bansa natin at ilang tao tayo pinahirapan Ngayon kung tanungin ka ng anak mo san galing ang pangalan ng atin bansa Ano sasabihin mo? Sa hari ng spain...
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    Tutorial Protect your router now for privacy heres what...

    Wala ng intro intro mag research na kayo nyahahhahaha so What is 802.11 IEEE wireless LAN standards di kona i di discussed dito masyadong ng spoonfeed its time for you to search now... (a) secure, fast and privacy (Freedom) - (Recommended) (g) secure, fast and privacy (Freedom) -...
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    Fixed ehi lifetime ssh&server

    Hello guys. Today may ibibigay akong Unli or Forever SSH & Server #Fixed Server! Ito po ay Mixed server US,SG,PH 400 Status (US Server) 404 Status (Singapore Server) 503 Status (Philippines Server) ✔Follow✔ ninyo po ako para more blessings to come lalo na may app akong ginawa ito ay ✔(VPN...
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    Closed Help regarding freedom app

    . .help po pls. .bluestacks gamit ko. .payment successful siya pero mag cacrash ang game tulad nlang ng candy crush. .paulit2 na
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    Closed Ngayung wala na sila !!

    Ngayung Wla na Sila MGC mag REVEAL naman kayo ng mga Freenet nyo jan kakaurat walng magawa sa POSTERN ska sa ANY default !! sana nman matulungan nyo ko ! wla namang mag sasabing "use the search button" parang wla kanamang natulong nun ehh
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    Closed Fre3dom 1.7.4 apk

    Free In-app purchases. Buy ρrémíùm features without any cost. Bawal nga lang sa CoC and for rooted phones lang. palike naman libre lang naman hahaha. Thanks
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    Tutorial How to share mobiledatahotspot using vpn

    Hi Guys Etong TUTORIAL naito ay maganda kung ikaw lng ang katangi-tanging may MGC sim sainyo at wala nmang kayung pocket WiFi tas Gusto mong magshare Using VPN datahotspot maganda tong TUTORIAL NA TO!! This Is My Own Discovery sa pag kakalaam ko!! Basic lng to parang ikaw lng ang mag sisilbing...
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    ⚡✔mgc ovpn with lifetime and fast config⚡✔

    Sorry kung di ko naasikaso yung mga Followers ko dito sa PHC busy sa school ehh!! inyu muna tong 7days ovpn mgc config mabilis sya !! tulad parin ng dati!! sorry Guya ngayun lng !!! update ko nalang ulit!! (UPDATED)June 14,2017-1:44am OPEN FOR ALL KONA 7DAYS wlang piratahan diko isasama dito...
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    Closed Apn for freedom mobile setting pasok

    Guys paki try sa mga nak mobile data freedom apn setting + mode APN:- Proxy:- Portt:80 Then Open Your Freedom Then Goto Server Connection And Type This Line in Server And in Connection Mode Select DNS And in Port Type 53 And in Tweaks...
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    Closed Update online gaming by freedomvpn pasok

    Low data gaming COC/ CLASH OF CLAN AND MORE LOW DATA GAMES ONLINE STEP paki basa nang mabati guys mgc is not allow apn Guys 2menuto bago sya magconnect kaya dapat mahaba ang pasensya mo ones na mag connect tuloy tuloy nayan Ok here we goooo! • Tap on Configure at the buttom • Tap on...
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    Closed Guys ibabahagi ko lang itong pang gaming ko vpn

    Your-freedom vpn Guys alam ko marami ang nakakakilala sa vpn na ito Pwede sa online walang limit tested ko na ito walang sinabi ang mga na unang post ko ok guys ss ko nalang set nang vpn Download nyo sa playtore YOUR-FREEDOM VPN Partida guys wifi gamit +masama pa panahon dito 1bar lang signal...
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    Tutorial We can still create an account on sshkit!!!

    Block na nga ang ph sa sshkit.Pero may paraan pra maka pasok tyo sa website nila.Edi gumamit tyo ng Vpn na may ip ng ibang Country like singapore,usa,canada.Remember ip lang ng ph binan nila hindi lahat ng bansa.Kaya wag kayong matakot na maban ang bansa natin matakot kayo kung iban nila ang ip...
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    Closed Death penalty

    Scientists are making lots of effort in seeking lifeforms in another planet in the galaxy. but NOW, here in Philippines... We are killing them..
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    Closed Death penalty

    Philippines is my MOTHERLAND, and I think as a Parent you don't kill your child in order for your children to be disciplined. which do you want? Your children respect you because they are scared of you? or your children respect you because they love you?!
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    Closed Happy bonifacio day !

    Celebrating Bonifacio Day Today, we honor Andres Bonifacio, who inspired Filipinos to fight for freedom, justice and independence. :thumbsup: :)
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    Closed Which do you prefer freedom or security?

    Freedom that may lost your security or security that may lose your freedom?
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    Closed Freedom-1.5.9 updated kakadiscover ko lang

    Freedom v1.5.9 Apk Using this app, you will be able to purchase all Coins, Gems, Levels and Lives for free!! It contains an inbuilt free card, which can be used on Google Play! Improved support for latest Google Play Added support for more apps/games MARSHMALLOW stability fixes! How to use...
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    Closed Free net all-in-networks

    Kamusta KA PHC ! :) share ko lang ito "YourFreedom" Download niyo sa @playstore Settings: Configure -> connection -> tweaks select: Philppines(smart/tnt)/globe Connection mode DNS Go back and start connection ! ~need a...
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    Closed Pongruby ng Kabila

    Kawawa naman ung Pongruby sa kabila. Repost lord daw kasi. Tapos di nagkecredits. Nagiimbento lang din daw ng bug etc. Grabe na super nila ibash. Wala ka nang makitang matinong thread, puro away dun. Haha. Buti na lang dito sa PHC, bawal magmurahan. Pinapahalagahan ang opinyon ng bawat isa...
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    Closed bluez

    All phones enthusiast,esp breaking limits,for freedom,internet freedom
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    Closed freedom app causes Google play Google+ not running here's how to fix it

    - Go to Root Explorer and MountR/W then delete Hosts file under system/etc/ - Reboot - Shutdown & Boot to Recovery - Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache - Reboot - Presto! back to normal. Note: You may use your favorite File Manager as long as it can browse up to the root of your Phone..