Live preview is a feature that allows a digital camera's display screen to be used as a viewfinder. This provides a means of previewing framing and other exposure before taking the photograph. In most such cameras, the preview is generated by means of continuously and directly projecting the image formed by the lens onto the main image sensor. This in turn feeds the electronic screen with the live preview image. The electronic screen can be either a liquid crystal display (LCD) or an electronic viewfinder (EVF).

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    Realme Mini Capsule Review: Here is Sneak Preview of Android's First Dynamic Notch on realme C55

    Recently, realme showcased a sneak preview of upcoming features named as realme Mini Capsule which might be working as an interaction notification module for realme smartphones and here is your chance to Experience it First There has been a lot of speculation around this feature and we can...
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    Help Best video preview site for NSFW

    Hello PHC ask ko lang po kung saan the best magUpload ng NSFW videos. Naddetect po kase sa GDrive, and andame options. TiA
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    Help Adobe XD Preview Problem

    Guys, Sino po sa inyo naka encounter nito Ayaw po mag scroll yung content pag nag preview.
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    Visual Basic Print preview den select printer code

    Pa help naman po paano i combine ung print preview at printer selection sa ung pagka çlíçk mo sa print preview tapos çlíçk print tapos lalabas ung mga printer na available ,naka separate button kaso ung ginawa ko, ung code po sana .salamat sa sasagot po 😇
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    Tools B310AS-938 (Pictures Only)

    Mga ka PHC, pictures lang po ito walang firmware na nakalagay dito kayo na po maghanap 😂 Para lang magka idea yung iba kung ano po ang looks ng Webpage, pero parehas lang po yan pang B310As_938 ang images. Screenshots: Hidden content Hidden content Hidden content Credits po sa mga lodi natin ...
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    VPN Alto VPN Walkthrough (Preview)

    Ganito na natapos ko: OPEN VPN 2.4 GUI WRAPPER Bitvise Tunneler w/ Proxifier Ganyan pa lang as of now About sa DNS Tunneler may working method na ako i rerelease ko na lng pag tapos na lahat :) Mahirap gumawa ng injector para i inject yung payload at proxy -> bitvise inaaralan ko pa paano...