Poetry (derived from the Greek poiesis, "making"), also called verse, is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and often rhythmic qualities of language − such as phonaesthetics, sound symbolism, and metre − to evoke meanings in addition to, or in place of, a prosaic ostensible meaning. A poem is a literary composition, written by a poet, using this principle.
Poetry has a long and varied history, evolving differentially across the globe. It dates back at least to prehistoric times with hunting poetry in Africa and to panegyric and elegiac court poetry of the empires of the Nile, Niger, and Volta River valleys. Some of the earliest written poetry in Africa occurs among the Pyramid Texts written during the 25th century BCE. The earliest surviving Western Asian epic poetry, the Epic of Gilgamesh, was written in Sumerian.
Early poems in the Eurasian continent evolved from folk songs such as the Chinese Shijing, as well as religious hymns (the Sanskrit Rigveda, the Zoroastrian Gathas, the Hurrian songs, and the Hebrew Psalms); or from a need to retell oral epics, as with the Egyptian Story of Sinuhe, the Indian epic poetry, and the Homeric epics, the Iliad and the Odyssey. Ancient Greek attempts to define poetry, such as Aristotle's Poetics, focused on the uses of speech in rhetoric, drama, song, and comedy. Later attempts concentrated on features such as repetition, verse form, and rhyme, and emphasized the aesthetics which distinguish poetry from more objectively-informative prosaic writing.
Poetry uses forms and conventions to suggest differential interpretations of words, or to evoke emotive responses. Devices such as assonance, alliteration, onomatopoeia, and rhythm may convey musical or incantatory effects. The use of ambiguity, symbolism, irony, and other stylistic elements of poetic diction often leaves a poem open to multiple interpretations. Similarly, figures of speech such as metaphor, simile, and metonymy establish a resonance between otherwise disparate images—a layering of meanings, forming connections previously not perceived. Kindred forms of resonance may exist, between individual verses, in their patterns of rhyme or rhythm.
Some poetry types are unique to particular cultures and genres and respond to characteristics of the language in which the poet writes. Readers accustomed to identifying poetry with Dante, Goethe, Mickiewicz, or Rumi may think of it as written in lines based on rhyme and regular meter. There are, however, traditions, such as Biblical poetry, that use other means to create rhythm and euphony. Much modern poetry reflects a critique of poetic tradition, testing the principle of euphony itself or altogether forgoing rhyme or set rhythm.
In an increasingly globalized world, poets often adapt forms, styles, and techniques from diverse cultures and languages. Poets have contributed to the evolution of the linguistic, expressive, and utilitarian qualities of their languages.
A Western cultural tradition (extending at least from Homer to Rilke) associates the production of poetry with inspiration – often by a Muse (either classical or contemporary).
In many poems, the lyrics are spoken by a character, who is called the speaker. This concept differentiates the speaker (character) from the poet (author), which is usually an important distinction: for example, if the poem runs I killed a man in Reno, it is the speaker who is the murderer, not the poet himself.

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    Poem entitled "Whispers of Choices"

    entitle "Whispers of Choices" | created date "feb-10-2024" | by: Skapar ------------------------- "Where should I go? Where should I go? Two paths lead me onward, Which way may I go? I need someone to talk to Who can give advice. I want to proceed in a direction Where I can receive good...
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    Poem entitle " Whispers of Choices "

    entitle " Whispers of Choices " | Created date "feb-10-2024" | by: Skapar "Where should I go? Where should I go? Two paths lead me onward, Which way may I go? I need someone to talk to Who can give advice. I want to proceed in a direction Where I can receive good advice. There are thoughts...
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    Favorite Poem

    Do you recommend poem about happiness?
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    Ode to the Dawn's Elixir

    𝐎𝐝𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐚𝐰𝐧'𝐬 𝐄𝐥𝐢𝐱𝐢𝐫 Early morning, silent dawn breaks, Heart stirs awake as the world shakes, Within the quiet, a siren song calls: Coffee, dark and smooth, in oaken halls. A magic potion, warm and gleaming, Elixir of life, and of dreaming. Running like a river, deep and flowing, With...
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    The Sunset

    The sun that sets as I watch it fall Tints the sky in hues of pink and orange Shimmering on the water's surface so tall In this moment both my heart and eyes are full of solace As the waves come and go The sun screams slowly farewell The laughter and joy of this day will forever glow A...
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    Unfilled Void

    Unfilled Void So much emptiness in my soul, A numbing chill, bearing its toll. My shattered heart lies in sadness, As if some invisible madness. Lost in confusion of what’s right, Insight quickly slips from the light. A deep wound of sorrow I bear, To fill my emptiness, no one can prepare...
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    Fading Light

    Fading Light The days pass slowly with each breath I take It feels like my heart is about to break Each night I cry in anguish and despair Can't seem to lift the weight of my heavy care Everything I do is shrouded in gloom Depression enveloping my life like a tomb The light in my eyes is...
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    Sorrows Of A Lingering Heart

    Sorrows Of A Lingering Heart In my existence, profound sorrow takes hold, No brightness seems potent enough to break the fold. I wrestle with each day, trying to carry through, But my weary heart finds there's not much left to do. The torment lingers each morning when I rise, My slumber...
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    FREEDOM The sky is so blue, its beauty too grand The sun is so bright, it's hard to stand The grass is so green, it's like a wonderland But why can I not, join in with the band? My heart lost its joy, and sadness began My smile turned to frown, and life seemed so bland My tears spilled like...
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    The Morning Sun

    The Morning Sun Soft and gentle, the morning dew Fell upon my heart so blue Empty and hollow from the pain within It felt like nothing would ever begin I sat in the silence, so deep and long Wondering if anything could ever feel like home Tears streaming down my face so sad No one to...
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    The Perfect Mask

    My heart is a shell, A hollow home to wear. Pain has no place to dwell, Though sorrow fills the air. Empty, like a summer night, Longing for something more. The memories bring no respite, My sadness is the only score. The surprise of brighter days, Held hostage by my mind. Depressed in...
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    Poems Finding Purpose

    Finding Purpose I feel like a wanderer In this vast and complex world I don't know where I'm going Or what I'm living for I look for a sign A clue, a hint, a guide Something that can tell me What is my purpose in life But the more I look The more I get confused There are so many options How...
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    simple poem
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    The echoes of existence pt.3

    Sorry Di ko nasundan agad, naoperahan ako hahaha Nagpapagaling nako at dahil wala ko ulit magawa. Hidden content
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    The Puer Eternus

    The puer eternus represents an individual who refuses to grow up and assumes a childlike or adolescent mindset, even in adulthood. This archetype is characterized by a reluctance to accept the responsibilities and challenges of ãdül† life, seeking instead to maintain a sense of youthful freedom...
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    To Stay Or Move On

    Standing at the crossroads, I see Two paths, both calling out to me One leads forward, into the unknown The other beckons me to stay, to postpone The first option tempts me with adventure New experiences, a chance to venture Into uncharted lands, to find my way To see what lies beyond today...
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    Sorry I can't write

    It's hard to write a poem about love, when you can't relate about love anymore. ~Mashhit
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    Poems Collab poem - Mahal

    Ms. M Mahal, kung lilimutin mo ang ating mga nakaraan. Kung itatapon mo lahat ng ating larawan. Maaari ba akong makahingi ng isa, Yung nag papakita sana ng saya nating dalawa. Para naman makausap ko, kahit di na mismo yung tao. Para naman masabi kona kahit papano naging masaya tayo. Mr. A...
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    Poems (Kabanata 1 at 2 hanggang 52 sana)

    Unang Pag-ibig; Magulang ay tumitig Naglalarong isipan sa kaniyang bibig Tinig ang pag-iyak upang iparinig Ngumingiting laman; pusong pumipintig Kung may Hangganan man ang pagkukumpara Si Maria ay gumawa ng lampara Ay parang Pilipinas dahil ang gara Binibining may perlas, rubi at barya At...
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    Poems Face mask

    Malapit na ba nating masilayan, mga ngiti sa labing natatakpan, ilang taon na nga ba ang nagdaan, sa pandemyang ating kinakalaban. -Enimer
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    Poems Does waiting matter?

    Long awaited since years, The two of them are happy. Built memories Just waiting to hear yes. And somebody close to her. The man makes her laugh The love we call it love Well, it finally began. Regrets, Siriel
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    Poems Subok Lang

    Di sapat ang salita upang maipadama, Ang pagsuyo na sadya pilit kumakawala. Ngayo'y nangangatal sa pagbigkas bakit kaya, Mahal kita aking sinta at wala nang iba pa. Salamat sa tiwala't nabigyan ng pag-asa, Puso ko'y kay saya, ang mahalin ka'y ganito pala. Pangakong pakaingatan sa kahit anong...
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    Poems Guhit sa mga Daan

    Kung sakaling sa linya ng tawiran ay mahinto ang paglalakad dahil sa senyas ng ilaw na itigil ang lahat. Pakiusap, kung ito na ang hinihintay mong tamang pagkakataon ay hindi ka nagkakamali. Kung ito lang ang tanging portuna ng 'yong pangarap na paglisan, hangad kong ingatan mo ang sarili mo sa...
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    U N S P O K E N R U L E: "ANG PAGMAMAHAL MINSAN AY HINDI DAPAT ITULAD SA PAGLALABA - PAGLALABA SA WASHING MACHINE." Noong bata pa ako, Gustong-gusto kong magmahal. Nawiwiling maglaro, Ng kunwari'y ikakasal. Ninais kong bumilis ang panahon Kaya ako'y nagdasal. "Sana'y lumaki na agad ako...
  25. B

    Poems LDR

    Distance -Bit-Ho-BEN Time flies so fast, That I have to agree and concur, With Einstein's theory of relativity, That Time is not constant, Mind the explanation, Because even we travel through time, We still have each other's back, We endure so much that we grow and coming back, To every...
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    Poems Patuloy Lang

    Ganun naman talaga dito sa mundo, iba't-ibang uri ng tao makasalamuha mo, yung iba feeling perpekto,may mga mapanghusga sa iyong pagkatao,akala mo naman may ambag sila sa buhay mo, Tanggapin mo na lang na lahat ay mga masasabi pa rin, sa bawat kilos, galaw mo at mga hangarin, matuto na...
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    Poems Sadyang Nakakabighani

    Sa dalampasigan na kay sarap tambayan, nagmumuni-muni habang di namamalayan simoy ng hangin at patak ng ulan at mga alon na naglalakihan. Sa bawat paglubog ng araw ako'y nakamasid, tela batang napapamangha sa mga kulay ng langit, O kay ganda pagmasdan, o kay sarap balikan, ang ating mga...
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    You 're More Than Enough

    It all started with a smile , along the way we meet for a while, You said...hello, I stare and greet you too. Days past,there we meet again, It feels like a rainbow after a rain You are my angel, my life saver, Just like an answered prayer. There you show me that life is really worth...
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    Poems Melancholy of Life

    In this flexous life there lies an undeviating roads we called Hope, bestrew it's light like a kaleidoscope, stranded on a stilly place, an outburst of emotion we doubtly chace. Behold from afar a blurry sight. I keep on staring until it's quickly fading, A cold wind fell out of the...
  30. P


    Minsan may mga taong darating sa buhay natin , Yung tipong binago yung pananaw natin sa mundo, Mga taong di mo akalain maging parte ng buhay mo, Pinapasaya ka ,pinapatawa Ang sarap sa feeling diba? Biglang bubuo sa araw mo at para bang ang gaan ng loob mo sa kanila at ganun din sila sayo...
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    meron po bang marunong gumawa ng tula dito, tungkol po ito sa "Kahalagahan ng pagtupad sa tungkulin ng ina at ng anak." Kahit 2 stanza lang po
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    Poems "Things left unsaid"

    I have this small confession room inside my heart — where I discuss all the things left unsaid. — Salvador Photo by: Liza Nevoropaeva on vk
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    To that one who could have been mine

    What if I waited? Even just for a day. Would things be different? Or would you still be away? What if I wasn't tempted? Things might go as I planned. Then maybe, just maybe. I'd be holding your hand. Foolish me. Still hoping I would be thine. Guess I'll spend this lifetime, Thinking you...
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    The last stanza of Thomas Gray's poem, 'Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College'

    To each his suff'rings: all are men, Condemn'd alike to groan, The tender for another's pain; Th' unfeeling for his own. Yet ah! why should they know their fate? Since sorrow never comes too late, And happiness too swiftly flies. Thought would destroy their paradise. No more...
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    Poems Bleed By- HYHY

    Bleed The Exhaustion of my soul brings drought in my mind wonderin why life is treating me unkind i like to bestow my eyes to the blinds to let them see how money and world binds why am i bleeding without a cut why can't i love life without a doubt i hate this distorted knees with can't get my...
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    Closed Pahelp naman po para gumawa ng poem na sonnet

    sino po ba dyan mga mahilig sa poem, pahelp naman po para lang sa poem na malapit na deadline ty !
  37. J

    Closed Hingi lang sana tulong mga bhie

    Hi mga bhie! Hingi lang akong tulong sa poem na ginagawa ko kung may sense ba o may kwenta. Di ko kasi talaga forte at di ako magaling sa ganitong tula tula na ito. Kadalasan ng nagagawa ko ay walang dating at walang thought, basta makagawa lang. Anu suggestion naman kung anong magandang...
  38. M

    Closed Lutang, Patutunguhan

    Minsan, nagpakababaw ang dagat sa puso ng naglalayag, pasan-pasan ang kawalan habang walang tigil sa pag-ugoy ang kamalayan. Maninibugho ang duyan sa madaling araw na walang pinipiling katapusan. Walang paghintong agam-agam sa tuwirang layong hindi malampasan. Umapaw ang sisidlan sa butas ng...
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    Closed For Women Who Are ‘Difficult’ To Love - Warsan Shire

    you are a horse running alone and he tries to tame you compares you to an impossible highway to a burning house says you are blinding him that he could never leave you forget you want anything but you you dizzy him, you are unbearable every woman before or after you is doused in your name you...
  40. J

    Closed Contradicting feelings

    Contradicting Feelings I dont want to see you But i really miss you I dont want you to see me But i want you to miss me I keep saying that give up But i still keep my hopes up I really really hated you But i still kept on loving you I keep my distance from you But i want to stand close to you...
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    Closed Patulong sa pag gawa ng poem

    Mga master pa tulong naman sa pag gawa ng poem mahina kasi paggawa ng tula lalo na english salamat sa makakatulong "Innovation or every business through the use of technology "
  42. M

    Closed " M a r a l i t a "

    m a r a l i t a " isang tao'ng isinumpa ng kanyang sariling kalungkutan, matagal ng naglalayag sa madilim at masukal na isipan, puno ng balisa at hindi masabing sakit na nilikha ng mga gabing hindi siya pinatulog, kasabay ng ingay ng mundong mapanakit, kaya't ibinaliktad niya ang kanyang damit...
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    Closed Dugtungan ng tula

    Hi, guys! Gusto ko lang itry to dito sa phc. 1 line per person ang idudugtong para makabuo tayo ng tula. Ito ang simula: "Ayoko munang mamatay"
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    Closed Penge example ng Poem 5 STANZA FOUR LINES English

    Pa help naman mga kuys
  45. N

    Closed Freeverse Poem

    láρág nyu mga freeverse poem nyu mga idol 😂 gusto ko lang makalakap ng maraming ideas 😂
  46. J

    Closed Damn

    Lying on my bed Couldn't think of any word other than "damn" As in damn why? As the cold breeze swept My room got bleaker Tried putting up my sweater Still, the cold couldn't numb the pain It's driving me insane Damn! why? I had a deep sigh Too late, I am By now she's too far away On that...
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    Closed Felicity

    Quarrels, fights, and distrust Suffocates like dust Rage and jealousy adds up A wall so high I have put up She was she As delicate as a paper mache Weak in the inside Strongest at my side Jealous, she easily gets Proof she was a human indeed The part of her I hated The part of her I'll always...