Disability is the experience of any condition that makes it more difficult for a person to do certain activities or have equitable access within a given society. Disabilities may be cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory, or a combination of multiple factors. Disabilities can be present from birth or can be acquired during a person's lifetime. Historically, disabilities have only been recognized based on a narrow set of criteria-- however, disabilities are not binary and can be present unique characteristics depending on the individual. A disability may be readily visible, or invisible in nature.
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities defines disability as:

long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder [a person's] full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.Disabilities have been perceived differently throughout history, through a variety of different theoretical lenses. There are two main models that attempt to explain disability in our society: the medical model and the social model. The medical model serves as a theoretical framework that considers disability as an undesirable medical condition that requires specialized treatment. Those who ascribe to the medical model tend to focus on finding the root causes of disabilities, as well as any cures-- such as assistive technology. The social model centers disability as a societally-created limitation on individuals who do not have the same ability as the majority of the population. Although the medical model and social model are the most common frames for disability, there are a multitude of other models that theorize disability.
There are many different terms that exist to explain different aspects relating to disability. While some terms solely exist to describe phenomena pertaining to disability, others have been centered around stigmatizing and ostracizing those with disabilities. Some terms have such a negative connotation that they are considered to be slurs. A current point of contention is whether it is appropriate to use person-first language (i.e. person who is disabled) or identity-first language (i.e. disabled person) when referring to disability and an individual.
Due to the marginalization of disabled people, there have been several activist causes that push for equitable treatment and access in society. Disability activists have fought to receive equal and equitable rights under the law-- though there are still political issues that enable or advance the oppression of disabled people. Although disability activism serves to dismantle ableist systems, social norms relating to the perception of disabilities are often reinforced by tropes used by the media. Since negative perceptions of disability are pervasive in modern society, disabled people have turned to self-advocacy in an attempt to push back against their marginalization. The recognition of disability as an identity that is experienced differently based on the other multi-faceted identities of the individual is one often pointed out by disabled self-advocates. The ostracization of disability from mainstream society has created the opportunity for a disability culture to emerge. While disabled activists still promote the integration of disabled people into mainstream society, several disabled-only spaces have been created to foster a disability community-- such as with art, social media, and sports.

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    Help Facebook disabled

    may pag asa pa poba ma recover ??? ang nag yari po kasi nag palit lang ng birthdate tapos na detect sguro ni facebook na minor pa.. knows naman po namen lahat ng details kaso tinatry ko wla pong feedback na maayos si facebook eh -_-pa help pleaseee
  2. S

    Help Spotify Account Disabled

    hello, so di ko mabuksan acct ko sa spotify kanina. akala ko na häçk so nag message ako sa support nila. ang sabi saken disabled daw kase may unverified charges sa payment method. nakuha ko lang yung card na yon sa bin method eh. sabi ng support nag message daw yung original owner ng card tapos...
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    Help Fix windows script host access is disabled on this machine contact your administrator for details

    pa help
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    Mga lods may pag-asa pa ba mabawi ang na disabled fb account,Dami Kasi ang ooffer na kaya daw ni mabawi pero may fee
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    Ipad Mini 4 disabled

    sino nagbabypass ng ganun dito at hm salamatss yung budget meal lang sana
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    Help Reason Facebook Disabled

    ano po reason bakit disabled ni Facebook old account natin? 2012 main account ko.. tapos kapag nagshare ako lahat private.. sort of animes', cooking at job hiring at post ni ivana 🤣
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    Help Permanently disabled facebook

    Possible pa ba marecover ang permanent disabled facebook kung pede sino po maalam salamat po sa sasagot mahalaga lang po yun fb
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    Help Facebook disabled

    Mga sir help nyoko please bigla kasi na disabled yung Facebook account ko may mga important files pa naman yung sinend ko don sana mahelp nyoko thankyou😭😭😭😭
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    Help Disabled facebook acount

    mga ka phc pa help naman pano ma receover tong na disabled na account, #respect po pinalitan lang po ng birthday bawal po pala minor age
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    Help Facebook account disabled

    May pag asa pa ba account ko mga sir? pa help po
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    Help Iphone is disabled

    Mga master pano po ma bypass ang iphone xs max naka iphone is disabled po? Sana po may makatulong. Salamat mga master
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    Help Fb disabled account (Seller account)

    patulong po ts ung sa email address lang problema nung gumawa po kasi ako number lang wala pong email address salamat po sa makakatulong
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    Help Facebook disabled account help

    Mga sir, boss, idol, Sana may maka tolong sakin dito, Na disable yung fb account ko, Kong pydi willing ako bayaran sa murang halaga lang, student pakasi ako 😁
  14. C

    Disabled Iphone 5

    Baka me nakakalam pano e open naka disabled ma Iphone yung mura lang sana
  15. K

    Help Facebook account disabled

    Hello makukuha pa ba Yung Facebook na na disabled mga papa? sa fblite ko Kasi andun pa Yung account pero pag e click mo disabled sabi ma recover pa kaya Yun?
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    Asking ios disabled

    tanong lang po pano mag openline ba tawag jan or mag unlock ng iphone 5 na naka disabled ginamit ko yung 4ukey kaso me bayad kase yun eh need ko sana pang ol class thankyou
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    Help Facebook Disabled

    Recover ko sana Old Facebook ko. Na DELETE na yung Original EMAIL pang Sign in. My chance pa ba ? -Mag kano FEE if meron pa ..
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    DITO Dito sim temporary Disabled daw.

    May pag asa pakaya ting sim ko na dito? haha may nalabas naman na 4g pag open ng data pero no browse. Tas try ko tawagan ang sabi temporary Disabled daw haha 😂 wala na ba to pag asa haha sayang 100 load ko dun haha 😂 Di parin talaga effective ung pahinga mo muna sim mo para iwas detect ni...
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    Ipad 2

    help po meron akong ipad 2 issue apple id nkalimutan pw naka lock tas disabled sana me magturo kong pano salamat
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    Help Facebook Disabled

    Sa lahat ng na disable ang facebook ngayon kaway kaway. Tulong tulong tayo dito para maybalik, comment niyo nalang dito kung paano ang solution niyo mga boss. TY! Sa ngayon iyak nalang muna ako 🤧 salamat sa 13yrs peysbuk.
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    Help Gaano Katagal Bago Ko Ma-Recover 'Yung Disabled FB Account Ko?

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    Help please help my google AdSénsé was disabled.

    Sino po dito ang my website na may google AdSénsé, na disabled po kc, maraming nag ki click ng AdSénséd gamit lang mga vpn here philippines. na detect ng google AdSénsé na fake ang click ng AdSénsé.
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    Tutorial Facebook account (you can't use facebook at the moment)

    • Mag Log In kayo sa Browser. • Add tab! Open this link > https://m. facebook. com/help/contact/1062444770553751 • Full Name (Facebook Account) • Copy Paste nyo na lang toh sa Additional Info (boombae nag english nyan di ako) Sir please open my account its real by mistake someone give...
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    Closed Facebook account háckèd and deactived

    Sino po marunong mag-ayos ng disabled na account sa Facebook? May nang-h a c k po kase sa fb ng friend ko tapos sinira nung h a c k e r yung account niya. Eh nakalimutan kase nung friend ko yung yahoo account niya kase yung email nun niregisted sa facebook. May iba pa bang solution para maayos...
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    Help Disable iphone 5s

    Hello po mga ka PHcorner :) meron binebenta saaking phone . Iphone 5s Disabled lang sya. Tapos Naka on yung FindmyIphone binebenta saakin nang 2,000 PESOS Ma Hahard-rereset kopo ba ito? sa Itunes ? Maraming TUT sa YøùTùbé kung pano ifix Disabled Iphones :) Gagana kaya ? :)
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    Closed Smart bro pocket wifi

    Hi! Pa help naman po. Na-disable ko po yung ssid ng pocket wifi ko. Pano po kaya maibabalik yung enable kung hindi na ako makaconnect sa wifi? Thanks.
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    Closed iphone is disabled problem.

    23 million minutes po ang time pano kaya to?
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    Closed Iphone 5 Disabled