Size in general is the magnitude or dimensions of a thing. More specifically, geometrical size (or spatial size) can refer to linear dimensions (length, width, height, diameter, perimeter), area, or volume. Size can also be measured in terms of mass, especially when assuming a density range.

In mathematical terms, "size is a concept abstracted from the process of measuring by comparing a longer to a shorter". Size is determined by the process of comparing or measuring objects, which results in the determination of the magnitude of a quantity, such as length or mass, relative to a unit of measurement. Such a magnitude is usually expressed as a numerical value of units on a previously established spatial scale, such as meters or inches.
The sizes with which humans tend to be most familiar are body dimensions (measures of anthropometry), which include measures such as human height and human body weight. These measures can, in the aggregate, allow the generation of commercially useful distributions of products that accommodate expected body sizes, as with the creation of clothing sizes and shoe sizes, and with the standardization of door frame dimensions, ceiling heights, and bed sizes. The human experience of size can lead to a psychological tendency towards size bias, wherein the relative importance or perceived complexity of organisms and other objects is judged based on their size relative to humans, and particularly whether this size makes them easy to observe without aid.

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    What do you think if price of airplane travel is made by weight of passanger instead of seat? Filipino is smaller than other nations but there is a flat price , if you bring a bag you pay extra depending on your bag weight but if a 60kg person come on airplane and 150kg person they will pay the same price because...
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    size, size always change
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    Help Pa help po wedding ring size UAE

    Pa ask lang po anong size ng wedding ring, dito po kasi sa pilipinas 16 yung sukat ng daliri nya, dpo namin alam kung anong size sa UAE, pa help po sana yung exact size, thankyou
  4. H


    Hi ka espiya, pano mag add size sa Epson L3210 printer Wala kasi siyang Legal size paper Sana matulungan
  5. I

    Help Ways para makasend ng videos na malaki ang size

    Hello po, ano po kayang pwedeng gawin para makasend ng video na medyo malaki ang size?
  6. Z

    Help facebook poster size hindi tugma

    pa heelp po pag pinopost na kase sa facebook may awang panoto ma fix sinunod ko naman yung size poster like 2048 Sinunpa help po sinunod ko na laaht ng sizing ganon padin pag na post na sa facebvook may awang sa gilid ginawa ko na laaht pati sa YøùTùbéginaya ko huhuhu
  7. F

    Android App Wállcráf Wallpaper 4K, HD v3.39.0 (rémíùm) (Lite Size)

    Mod Info: ◉ ρrémíùm Subscription Unlocked ◉ AOSP Compatible / No Google ◉ Screenshot Restrictions Removed ◉ CPUs arch: Universal ◉ Full Multi Languages ◉ All debug Info Removed ● Re-Compressed (88>> 50 MB) ◉ Optimized Graphics / Zipalign Hidden content
  8. E

    Bat kaya ganito akala ko basehan ng css yung total screen size hayss hirap naman pala nito

    mag ka ibang browser sila so ito na bali maganda na sa pc yung layout nya kaya trinay ko gawing responsive sa cp ang layout...bat kaya ito mag kaibang browser sila pero same setting iba ang layout?...ano ba diskarte nito hirap kasi mag adjust ehh
  9. M

    For Sale Vintage Levi's 501-0134 size 32 Stonewash Button Fly Straight Denim USA MADE

    Baka may collector dito ng levi's Waist 32 x Length 37 (Altered) DM nyo lang ako
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    Size check

  11. M

    Help Tagalog ng Shoe Size

    ano po tagalog ng shoe size assignment lang ng kapatid ko 😂
  12. F

    Help 2.5 or 3.5 ssd size ?

    panu malaman kung anung size ng ssd ang gagamitin na sakto i ikabit sa pc na pwede ma screw sa loob
  13. Y

    Android App Lensa: Photo Editor & AI art v4.5.13+768 (Unlocked) (Lite Size)

    🅿️ GP Link 🔗 Lensa: photo editor & AI art - Apps on Google Play 💠 Mod Info ◉ Unlimited Subscription Unlocked ◉ Magic Avatars will not work as it's server-sided ◉ Onboard Screen Removed ◉ AOSP Compatible / No Google ◉ CPUs arch: arm64-v8a Only ◉ Full Multi Languages ◉ All debug Info Removed ●...
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    Help How to change font size sa viu?

    gusto ko sana paliitin yung font size huehue
  15. R

    [MEGA] 4K Movies A to Z Total Size (17.04TB)

    Hidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden contentHidden content
  16. T

    Two different RAM brands!

    Can I pair two different brands of RAM with the same frequency and size in GB?
  17. Z

    Size ng gulong bike?

    Mga paps San makikita yung size ng gulong ng bike? Eto kasi na naka lagay gilid ng gulong eh. 26x2.35 ( 60-559 ) yan po ba size?
  18. P


    Excited kana ba sa regalo sayo? Hidden content
  19. Z

    Wag Na Kasing Magtanong Ng Size

    Kung Ayaw Mong Masaktan Hidden content
  20. P

    Android App Big Font PRO (change font size) [No root] offline apk

    App Icon: Screenshot: Download: Hidden content ..thank me later.. pa support mga paps..
  21. P

    Android App Compress Video Size Compressor v6.0 (Pro)

    App Icon: Download: Hidden content ...enjoy plss support mga paps... 🖤
  22. X

    Help Transformer all movie small file size

    pa request po bka meron po kayo small size khit tig 1gb ok lng ung mga nka upload ksi ngyon puro high def. tska 4gb ptaas d kaya ng data q yun ,,, yung downloadable sana ... thanks
  23. H

    Help Xiaomi/Poco app size Bug?

    normal ba to mga pap? yung mga app size nila umaabot na ng 90mb eh dapat nasa 300kb lang to. patulong naman mga paps paano ibalik sa dati yung mga size nila.
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    Help Optimize image size without losing quality?

    Pa recommend naman po ng android app or website na pwede? Salamat mga kaphc.
  25. F

    Help Female football size chart template

    good afternoon po sa lahat, baka po meron kayong standard female football jersey size chart template, kahit naka AI or corel po, baka po pwede pa share.. kagaya po nitong mga files sa picture.. for subli po.. thank you po in advance..
  26. G

    Help Help about id size..

    Size: 85.5 x 54 x 0.8 mm (L x W x D) ask lang po ano yan letter D.. dko kasi alam or kung ok lang yung Length at Width lang ang gagamitin ko sa pag id size kahit wala na yung D? At ask lang po kung anong extension ang needed sa pagpa print ng id gamit po laser print at isa² lang po ba na file...
  27. P

    Help 30GB ssd Size

    Is it enough for a clean os install and have a 1 tb hdd for files? Ghost Spectre windows 10
  28. C

    Coke cute size Jpeg.

    get na ahahahhaa
  29. Z

    GIF Compressor (make size smaller)

    Link 1: Hidden content Ezgif Animated GIF editor and GIF maker Link 2: Hidden content FreeConvert File Converter - ›
  30. M

    For Sale Levi's 501 Size 36-38 x L37

  31. J

    A4 Size Image as Backgroud image

    This must be seen at printing preview (BG image + details) Using php/css. Thanks
  32. O

    A4 size poster Pageant Layout

    Pageant Layout Hidden content baka gusto nyo poster a4 size Layout Kagagawa ko lang share ko nalang dito baka maymaghanap.
  33. P

    Help Lazada exceeds size weight limit

    may nakaka alam po ba bakit ganito lazada, pa help naman yan lang item naka select, and wala naman ako îllégâl na ginawa di naman malaki or mabigat item. - so kapag nagpapalit ako ng shipping address umaayos siya, may mga address na exceed nakalagay 🤔
  34. V

    Help Asking about size sa product sa shopee.

    Gandang hapon po mga ka phc... Try ko sana bumili nito sa shoee kaso nag aalangan ako baka hindi tama yung size na nabili ko. Kaya gusto ko lang po sana itanong kung ano pong ibigsabihin ng (kg) sa dun sa mga size po... Kilogram pobayan?😆
  35. D

    Help Help sa bb ng spanker burton r3 ano size dapat ko bilhin?

    Order oi sana ako ng bb online pahelp po sa size ng bb para sa spanker burton r3 rb
  36. B

    Tutorial Reduce ML SIZE Storage

    Paano nga ba magReduce sa ML? 1. Download ZAchiever Pr0 & Install 2. Open mo ML mo. Kung all sources is Downloaded na. 3. Close ML App. 4. Open ZAchiever 👉 Android👉Data👉👉files👉dragon2017👉assets👉searchbar(🔍)👉Type: high_add, (delete all) 👉cityaction (delete all) 👉colour (delete...
  37. I

    Help Need help reducing MLBB file size

    Good morning, may latest o bago po ba kayong pangreduce ng file size sa MLBB? Nag update na po kasi at delikado sakin na 32 Gig lang storage 🙁 Ginawa ko na clear redundancy at wala pong settings na optional delete files sa vivo y91 sa loob ng MLBB....
  38. Q

    Tutorial How to automatically calculate position size in futures?

    How to automatically calculate position size? Picture below is the computation of 2usdt risk How so? Put all the exact numbers on your RR settings like what I did on first picture, go on I'll wait, Now upon saving, picture 2 is the result, It indicates 415 on qty (quantity) What does...
  39. K

    Poems My Life Was The Size Of My Life

    By Jane Hirshfield My life was the size of my life. Its rooms were room-sized, its soul was the size of a soul. In its background, mitochondria hummed, above it sun, clouds, snow, the transit of stars and planets. It rode elevators, bullet trains, various airplanes, a donkey. It wore socks...
  40. C

    Android App Video Compressor Reduce Size v1.62 Pr3mium

    Video Compressor – Reduce Size v1.62 Pr3mium Size: 66MB Fast video compressor to reduce video size. Compress video in high quality level. Features: Video Compressor Support all Android devices Compress an uncompressed video by keeping the original quality. Video Compressor support high...
  41. R

    Referral Laz limited stocks Sale 29 pesos canvas bag (medium size)

    guys nasa 99 and below page ng laz, alam ko limited stocks toh, pwede i check out both black and white, while stocks last yan 😅 tapos may bagong set of free shipping si laz kasi june 1 ngayon. 😁 ✅ Bags For Women On Sale Canvas | Lazada PH
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    Help Help bot

    Measuring the Size of the Target Market Area In the attempt to make a match between the firm and the target market, the SBO must be provided with information about the following:1. the number of potential customers, and2the population growth trend of the target market area. Knowing the number of...
  43. C

    Help Gear S

    Pa help naman mga lods Okay ba si Gear S since Plus Size po si Misis, Yan lang kasi balak namin bilhin ng cash e, kapag nag aerox at nmax naman ayaw nya kasi masyado daw malaki nmax at aerox 😅 goods ba pang long ride si gear s?
  44. K

    Best bike rack size 14 folding bike

    Any recommended bike rack for size 14
  45. J

    Help Motorcycle Inner tube size

    Mga boss, ask ko lang ano ba tamang inner tube size para sa 70-80 17"? Tyia!
  46. D

    Tools Reduce MLBB Size (From 6gb to 3gb)

    At dahil sinipag ulit, enjoy sa bagong script. Same method, extract sa Android/data folder Hidden content