JavaScript (), often abbreviated as JS, is a programming language that is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web, alongside HTML and CSS. As of 2022, 98% of websites use JavaScript on the client side for webpage behavior, often incorporating third-party libraries. All major web browsers have a dedicated JavaScript engine to execute the code on users' devices.
JavaScript is a high-level, often just-in-time compiled language that conforms to the ECMAScript standard. It has dynamic typing, prototype-based object-orientation, and first-class functions. It is multi-paradigm, supporting event-driven, functional, and imperative programming styles. It has application programming interfaces (APIs) for working with text, dates, regular expressions, standard data structures, and the Document Object Model (DOM).
The ECMAScript standard does not include any input/output (I/O), such as networking, storage, or graphics facilities. In practice, the web browser or other runtime system provides JavaScript APIs for I/O.
JavaScript engines were originally used only in web browsers, but are now core components of some servers and a variety of applications. The most popular runtime system for this usage is Node.js.
Although Java and JavaScript are similar in name, syntax, and respective standard libraries, the two languages are distinct and differ greatly in design.

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    Help PisoFi JavaScript functionality

    Helpppp, matanong lang po sino may pisofi vendo machine jan ?,anong js file yung econfig nyo kasi nagloko yung vendo ko pagmay maghulog imbes 5pesos yung hinulog ,yung nakalagay is 20pesos nalulugi ako ,anong js yung e config nyo?
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    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React - Online Certification Course

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    CSS, Bootstrap ,JavaScript, Web Development Course

    100% OFF Learn Web Development Complete Course, CSS, Bootstrap And JavaScript complete Web development Stack course 2022 Hidden content What you'll learn Introduction to Web development with learning CSS And Bootstrap JavaScript Programming Language Write CSS Scripts And Understanding...
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    QR Code Generator Using JavaScript (Udemy)

    Learn How To Generate QR Code Using JavaScript & How To Create QR Code Generator Website Hidden content What you'll learn Detail About QR Code How To Generate QR Code How To Generate QR Code Using JavaScript How To Create QR Code Generator Website Baka magamit nyo sa capstone nyo 4days left.
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    Javascript Essentials

    This is a free course Hidden content Learn how Javascript works, some basic API's and finally create a mini project.
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    Free Udemy Course [JavaScript, Bootstrap, & PHP - Certification for Beginners]
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    Javascript For Beginners Complete Course

    Hidden content Learn Javascript Programming Language With Practical Interaction What you'll learn Getting Started With Javascript Variables,Values and Data Types, Operators and Operands Write Javascript scripts and Gain knowledge in regard to general javascript programming concepts...
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    CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript And PHP Stack Complete Course(Udemy)

    Hidden content CSS, Bootstrap And JavaScript And PHP Complete Frontend and Backend Course
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    900+ JavaScript Interview Questions & Answers September 2023 (Udemy)

    Hidden content 900+ JavaScript Interview Questions & Answers with In-Depth Explanations + Angular & React Questions! (4daysleft)
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    JavaScript, Bootstrap, & PHP - Certification for Beginners (Udemy)

    A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners interested in learning JavaScript, Bootstrap, & PHP Hidden content
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    Udemy Free Course CSS, JavaScript ,PHP Expires in ..

    Platform: Udemy Expires in : 1 day Certificate: ✅ Hidden content
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    Tutorial UDEMY Javascript Practicals Crash Course (4 days left)

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    Udemy: Javascript Practicals Crash Course 100% Free!

    Free as of 2:10 pm Hidden content
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    Javascript search

    bat ganun kapag nasearch ako first letter palang nag rereload o nag rerefresh na agad kaya tuloy yun pag ttype ko napuputol <?php // include '../partials/session.php'; include '../partials/newnav.php'; // Start Pagination php if (isset($_GET['page_no']) && $_GET['page_no']...
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    bakit kaya ganito yun search bar ko halimbawa may active ako pagination which is page 1 yun page 1 may laman na dalawa delata saka sa page 2 naman may laman na 5 delata ngayon kapag senesearch ko na yun active page na page 1 ang lumalabas lang na result is dalawa di nakakasama yun sa page 2...
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    anu po kaya problima nito Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'classList') ito code ko <?php $email_addressErr = "Email|phone is not registered!"; echo '<script> document.getElementById("messageAlert").classList.add("alert-danger")...
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    Learn CSS and Bootstrap and Javascript and PHP Programming all in one complete course What you'll learn Introduction to Frontend and Backend technologies Introduction to CSS, Bootstrap And JavaScript concepts, PHP Programming Language Practically Getting Started With CSS Styles, CSS 2D...
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    Free JavaScript for Beginners Udemy Course 100% Free!

    Grab na limited lang ang pag claim. enjoy! Hidden contentHidden content thank you is enough😉
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    Tutorial Udemy : JavaScript And PHP Programming Complete Course (4 days )

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    Tutorial (Udemy) CSS And JavaScript Complete Course For Beginners [LIMITED]

    What you'll learn Introduction to CSS And JavaScript concepts Theory And Practical demonstrations of CSS concepts Write CSS Scripts And Understanding Concepts Practically Getting Started With CSS Styles, CSS 2D Transform, CSS 3D Transform Getting Started With Javascript Variables,Values and...
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    Tutorial Become a Web Developer HTML CSS JavaScript Node Etc 2023

    Hidden content
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    Javascript Practicals Crash Course - Udemy

    Javascript Practicals Crash Course Learn Javascript Programming Language with practical demonstrations The course is easy-to-follow content that you’ll easily understand and absorb. The course starts with the practice of basics, including JavaScript fundamentals, programming, and user...
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    Tutorial Build A ChatGPT AI in JavaScript - OpenAI - Machine Learning 2023

    Build A ChatGPT AI in JavaScript - OpenAI - Machine Learning 2023 Size: 963MB Create Your Own AI Assistant in JavaScript - A Hands-On Introduction to OpenAI ChatGPT and Machine Learning. What you'll learn Students will learn how to build an AI application using the OpenAI API and web development...
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    Tutorial Professional Javascript 2023 Beginner To Advanced

    Professional Javascript 2023 Beginner To Advanced Size: 5.7GB This is the #1 resource to master modern JavaScript! Learn modern ES6+ JavaScript by building 2 beautiful projects. What you'll learn How to code JS in 2023 by building realistic projects from scratch and seeing how it all fits...
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    Help Debugging problem (JavaScript related).

    Nagegets ko na po already itong problem na ito pero hanggang ngayon ay nalilito pa din ako sa problem na ito. May HTML na nga, tapos may JavaScript pa po.
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    [PHC BOT]

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    Help How to code a BMI using javascript? (bot)

    how to code a BMI using javascript?
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    ask ko lang po.. kasi ito yun code ko function myFunction() { var dots = document.getElementById("dots"); var moreText = document.getElementById("more"); var btnText = document.getElementById("myBtn"); var btnText = document.getElementById("myBtn1"); var dots =...
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    Javascript asking

    tanong ko lang po dito sa banda na to if ( === "none") { = "inline"; btnText.innerHTML = "Read more"; = "none"; } else { = "none"; btnText.innerHTML = "Read less";
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    Tutorial Worth 899 naka 100% off Javascript for beginners complete course [ Udemy Course ] [ 4 days left as of 04/28/2023 ]

    para sa mga gusto mag aral javascript eto oh grab na 4 days nalang mawawala sayang rin to worth 899 na course sa udemy Hidden content 4 days left bago mawala pagka off as of 04/28/2023
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    Python Video Games Basics(Python)

    Udemy Free Course (Limited Time Only) Hidden content
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    Tutorial Javascript Essentials [Free Course] Isang thank you lang jan.
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    Help po Javascript

    Hello po, pwede po bang pa-help? 5 days ko pq lang po kasi inaaral yung Javascript, habang inaaral ko e gumawa po ako ng simple game and ina-apply ko yung natututonan ko dun. But marami pa po akong di alam. So magpapahelp lang po sana ako. Ito po, yung prompt box po e gusto ko pong maging...
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    Help Javascript tips

    Any advice sa pag gamit ng javascript? Specially on jquery, bago lang kasi ako sa web development mga sir.
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    Help Javascript - OpenAI Reply Function.

    MAGANDANG UMAGA MGA KUYS Sa mga gising na mamaw mag code jan, baka pwede po maka hingi ng tulong about dito sa javascript code po ng OpenAI const { Configuration, OpenAIApi } = require("openai"); const fs = require("fs") const apikey = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('./api_key.json', 'utf8')) const...
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    Understanding javascript course sino po meron nito baka pwede makahiram need ko lang po. Salamat
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    Help Pa solve po nito, Javascript?

    Sino po dito marunong mag javascript... medyo ndi ako medyo sanay sa javascript... pa solve po nito.... sa first gusto ko sana yung pag nag input ka... automatic may slash "/" sa gitna pag may 2 digit na... tapos limit naman ng 2 digit after ng slash... sa pangalawa naman,,, pag mag input ng...
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    Help Help po sa Javascript na console.log

    Ask ko lang po, paano ko po maipapasok ito sa loob ng PHP variable?
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    PHP Guys anong kulang dito sa Javascript ko para sa php, pasok guys!

    Good Afternoon mga ka PHC Ask ko lng kung anong kulang dito sa code ko para sa EDIT function ng Javascript Na dini-display kase ng PHP yung database ko sa HTML <table>.. wait para maintindihan niyo ---------=========== Eto code ko sa Display Function neto ===========-------------- <?php...
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    Javascript, php and phyton complete course

    Hidden content Hidden content
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    Help Javascript & Typescript

    Need ba matuto ng javascript before learning typescript?
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    Help JAVA - Secret Message(HELP)

    Patulong mga lods! Online reference o code mismo ay malaking tulong ~Beginner Skill Level
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    Help Secret Message Java(HELP)

    Patulong ako mga lods. Kahit online reference or code mismo malaking tulong na! Thank you in advance
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    Show user details on the modal to edit and delete

    good day po! baka may makatulong po sa akin kung paano palabasin yung data sa modal po after ma click yung edit button po? and kapag na click naman po yung delete button, made delete po yung user info. attached below po yung zip file, nadun na din po sql ko po. salamat po sa tutulong. 🤗 edit...
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    Help How to change a label value without id or classes. Javascript

    Pa help mga lods, di ko kase alam kung saang nanggagaling yang value nung label, need ko lang baguhin value. Inaaral ko pa queryselector() saka x-path kaso di ko pa magets :ROFLMAO:
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    Tutorial UDEMY Archive - Part 2

    Mixed-up UDEMY lessons!!! Snipe nalang sa preview if andito mga interest niyo na tutorials and lessons. Part 2 na!!! Preview: Hidden content React and comment nalang mga kaPHC SHARING IS CARING STAY TUNED FOR MORE Udemy Series <3
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    Java Udemy Complete Progressive Web App Bootcamp

    At your own speed, learn Java online with Udemy. Begin right away with a great offer. Join the millions of students studying on Udemy from around the world. Take a JavaScript programming language course. You'll easily learn and retain the course's thorough, extensive, but simple-to-follow...
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    Help Movie s†rêâmïng API

    Tanung ko lang kung saan pwede makakuha o maka avail ng movie s†rêâmïng api
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    Tourism Web Application using PHP and MySQL - Capstone/Thesis Project

    Tourism Website Blog's major function is to gather guest’s feedback through the guest’s posts, comments, a rating for a certain place, and the answered survey. The system would generate survey reports, most visited, highly rated, and monthly visitors of Negros Occidental Reports. The web...
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    Help Mga mamaw sa JS Patulong, bagohan lang

    Sa mga mamaw sa Javascript diyan pwed patulong ? Gusto ko sana na kada pindot ng product is mag chachange siya sa current product pero iisa lang yung styling yung content lang mag chachange (image ng product, price and model name).... Bagohan palang sa JS sorry na