JavaScript (), often abbreviated as JS, is a programming language that is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web, alongside HTML and CSS. As of 2022, 98% of websites use JavaScript on the client side for webpage behavior, often incorporating third-party libraries. All major web browsers have a dedicated JavaScript engine to execute the code on users' devices.
JavaScript is a high-level, often just-in-time compiled language that conforms to the ECMAScript standard. It has dynamic typing, prototype-based object-orientation, and first-class functions. It is multi-paradigm, supporting event-driven, functional, and imperative programming styles. It has application programming interfaces (APIs) for working with text, dates, regular expressions, standard data structures, and the Document Object Model (DOM).
The ECMAScript standard does not include any input/output (I/O), such as networking, storage, or graphics facilities. In practice, the web browser or other runtime system provides JavaScript APIs for I/O.
JavaScript engines were originally used only in web browsers, but are now core components of some servers and a variety of applications. The most popular runtime system for this usage is Node.js.
Although Java and JavaScript are similar in name, syntax, and respective standard libraries, the two languages are distinct and differ greatly in design.

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    Sino po marunung ng airtable and smartlead dito?

    Baka matulongan niyo ako mga ma'am/sir, Need ko mag send ng email reply to a lead using airtable, ang problem ko po is paano po makasend ng email reply na merong attachement like pdf, docx. using smartlead api. thanks po!
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    [Udemy] Javascript Essentials

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    Tutorial Pano mag declare variable sa Javascript Tuts

    Good day mga brogrammers, gumawa ako short video pano mag declare nang variable sa javascript. Bago pang gawa ung page ko and ung goal ko is matulungan mga aspiring software developer. ETO ung link -> Feedback are much appreciated. Planning to post more tutorial...
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    JavaScript need advice

    Hello Po, gusto ko Po sana mag simula about javascript. Any suggestions for beginners like me na pagkukunan ideas?
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    Litong lito na ako sa promise ni javascript hayss

    so ito naka gawa na ako weatherforecast website...bali ajax sa pag retrieve ng data ng api gamit ko kasi nag aral ako ng jquery nun tapos ayun pagkatapos ng project na yun plano ko aralan is reactjs...tapos nasabi sa isang vid na maganda mag react js kung napagaralan na mga mahahalagang concept...
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    Help Format javascript!

    How to format javascript in one line that the code will not go down! Example: $scope.updateSumAmount = function (sd) { // Parse input values const prQty = parseFloat(sd.sti_qty2); const cost = parseFloat(sd.cost); const original_prod_amount =...
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    Course JavaScript BootCamp 2.0 [Full Stack]

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    Course [Udemy] JavaScript for Absolute Beginners

    Dahil hindi ako established. Oh Ito na mag share din ako. Hahahaha! Tagal na pala yung huling share ko. JavaScript For Absolute Beginners Hidden content
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    Html, css, javascript

    Good afternoon everyone.... Ano pong best ide compiler na para sa html, css at javascript yung exept sa visual studio,,, ang laki kasi ng gb ng vscode ........... gusto ko sana matuto kasi ito yung aaralin namin ngayon 2nd sem..🖥️
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