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Source Code is a 2011 American science fiction action thriller film directed by Duncan Jones and written by Ben Ripley on spec. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as U.S. Army Captain Colter Stevens, who is sent into an eight-minute digital recreation of a real-life train explosion, tasked with determining the identity of the terrorist who bombed it. Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, and Jeffrey Wright play supporting roles.
It had its world premiere on March 11, 2011, at South by Southwest and was released by Summit Entertainment on April 1, 2011, in North America and Europe. It received critical acclaim and was a box office success, grossing over $147.3 million on a $31.9 million budget.

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    Python I need help po with my python Assignment , need po source code and explanation

    Welcome to your first project. Develop a catalog for a company. Assume that this company sells three different Items. The seller can sell individual items or a combination of any two items. A gift pack is a special combination that contains all three items. Here are some special considerations...
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    Share src code
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    Help Vpn source code?

    Guys Meron kayo free source code na like http custom ung setup
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    VPN VPN Source Code with Config Gen

    (PTPA) Sa mga gusto lang po magpagawa or bumili ng source code / app. I'm offering my vpn source code po. Gusto ko sanang i release to kaso walang ads and playstore account. May special features po yung app like yung IP Hunter for GTM No Load at di rin po yan nakakatay kaya no problem kung...
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    For Sale Android tool Source Code Low price paunahan

    presyohan nyo po badly needed lang ng money Programming language used:
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    Help Pano po ba gumagana ang Vpn na no load no promo

    anong vpn source code po ba ang need na gamitin kung mag dedevelop ng no load no promo na vpn sa android studio?, ano ano po yung mga need na malaman sa pag build ng app, and yung mga protocol ng vpn na dapat gamitin. Lastly, baka po may free kayong link penge naman, pleaseee
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    hi baka may source kayo dyan for arduino na nasscan yung mga pesos coin
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    Source code

    may alam kayo saan pwede makuha source code ng website ng cebu pacific website or at least same functionality ng cebu pac?
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    For Sale Source Code for Android 5k Whole project Rush

    -IBypasser Android (With Server Files) -Xiaomi Repair -Qualcom disable Micloud Xiaomi No relock -Samsung disable Frp 2023 -Mediatek & Qualcom Flashing -Fully internal process Qualcom I do not Used Emmcdl or Fh_Loader for this -support almost 500 devices Reason For sale Medyo na buburn out nako...
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    Help Where to sell source code

    Hi baka may alam po kayo san po pwidi ibenta source code salamat
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    For Sale Qualcom Module Source Code

    Language use Qualcom Module 2.5 Features Disable Micloud No Relock Qualcom Xioami Phones Proof before - after Flashing Firmware eMMC and UFS supported -remove Frp -factory Reset EDL mode kayang kaya Flashing Yung Source code lang ng Qualcom binebenta hindi yung boung tool hehe...
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    ****** Source Code System + Database (website)

    Online ****** System Source Code Nasayo na Source Code + Database 40,000 code only 5 heirarchy System OWNER - OPERATOR - SUB OPERATOR - MASTER AGENT - AGENT FREE DEMO W/ Support for setting up. W/ minimal design changes. FREE TUTORIAL PARA DI KA MAGOYO NG TAO MO. SOURCE CODE ONLY W/...
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    Help Vpn android source code

    V2ray vpn android source code?
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    Help Pa send naman ng Source Code nito mga sir if meron kayo

    BARANGAY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. p.s. Pag aaralan ko sana for capstone projects. Thank you mga maam/sir.
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    For Sale GSM Sulteng Qualcom Tool Source Code C# Bugdget Meal sa gustong matutu

    Cancel po to kasi red flag pala
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    Para sa mga modders diyan , sinu nakakalikot ng source code na ito ? Panu mafix di maupdate ang servers
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    For Sale Pinoy Tech Client Source Code

    Simple Mtk Source Code Bagay sa mga begginer palang sa larangan ng programming Made with Visual Studio framework 4.7 Language : Visual Basic
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    PHP Spotify Account Generator Source Code

    Download po ng source code ay nasa baba ng post ko. Kapag hindi madownload, eto ang source code: <?php # HEADER header("Content-Type: text/plain"); # GET STRING FUNCTION function GetStr($string, $start, $end) { $str = explode($start, $string); $str = explode($end, $str[1])...
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    Closed [DETECTED] GigaLife Checker Source Code

    No need ng GLA ang Quick View kaya madali lang gawan ng Checker. Ang download ng source code ay nasa baba. Eto ang mirror download link kung hindi madownload: Dropmb Free File Hosting | gigalife.php.txt Sa web ganito ang gagawin. Enter URL: Sa...
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    Coding problems?

    Good afternoon po mga ka-phc:) Sa mga kelangan jan ng code or need mag pagawa para sa school(it course) natanggap po ako school works pwede rin po kayong mag paturo sakin. #pang kape lang haha
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    PHP Simple PHP CRUD (Source Code) for Beginners

    For those na marunong na mag setup ng xampp at naguumpisa palang mag PHP coding with MySQL database. This is for you!!! Simple Add, Edit and Delete functionality lng po, with inline comments for explanations. (Please read the setup instructions sa ReadMe.txt) Enjoy mga ka PHC!;) (y) Download...
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    Help Skylink VPN

    Hello, Can you get these links from this thread => for me? I do not have permission to watch this content :( Thank you
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    KPNTunnel source code

    Hello, I am looking for KPNTunnel source code or any other similar app that establishes internet thourh SSH over Tunnel. I am willing to make updates, I have nice ideas but I have no time to create all app from the beginning. I could pay you 20USD if you wish. Thanks!
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    Hello dear! greatings from saudi! hakhakhak Baka may naghahanap diyan ng VPN source code ni ovpn. baka lang naman DOWNLOAD LINK
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    Help How to get Ssh server message

    hello paano po ma kuha ang host/server message using this Kagaya nyang injector Dagdag lang po sa development ng vpn ko thanks
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    Closed C# Time in and Time out

    Baka naman may source code or tutorial kayo dyan ng time in at time out (yung parang attendance na may oras kung kelan ka pumasok at lumabas ng office) para sa c# dyan. TIA
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    Closed Making html (front end) using php

    guys pano gumawa ng html w/ css (website front-end)with combination of php, tuwing kelan ba gagamitin ang php ? ano ba ang pinaka main purpose ng php ? tska php din ba ang gagamitin pag magccreate at magcconnect na sa database (back-end)? thanks
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    Pos sales and inventory management system

    This system is developed in PHP using the Codeigniter framework. This very simple POS Sales and Inventory System is a computer software developed to simplify the business operation of a small retail store or shop, for accurate recording of sales, reduce workload, faster business transaction, and...
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    Java Deleted na

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    Closed C, school registration system using text file handling

    Hello sa mga IT jan na tapos na sa topic na to.. I am creating a project themed school registration system but only using text file handling. Gusto ko lang po sana manghingi ng mga source code nyo para maka kuha ng mga idea kung paano ko gawin ang project ko.. :D Thanks in Advance sa...
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    Closed Psiphon handler

    Magandang gabi sa lahat! May tanong lng po ako kung maari ba ako makakuha ng "source code" ng psiphon handler ng libre? Kung pwede po saan? Salamat po in advance!
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    Closed Pahingi ng Source code nyo about sa paint.

    Mga ka-PHC, kung may source code kayo ng paint gamit ang command pattern design, pwede ko bang mahingi ang source code nyo? kailangan kasi eh. Salamat! :D
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    Closed Sales and Inventory System

    Sino pong may system ng Sales and Inventory? Pwede po pahingi ng source code? Para lang sa project namin.. gagawin ko pong guide. Salamat po in advance :))) I'm using VS2013 Visual Basic .NET and MS Access 2013