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  1. D

    Help Unbrick d2k

    may pagasa pa to mga paps?
  2. O


    Hello, everyone, do you have any idea to unbrick ZLT S10 using UART method ? I change index home page file on it and after the device can't boot correctly. When i try to Open the Serial Com port with Putty, (rx, tx, gnd) it detected but the u-boot loading is still looping. Thank you ...
  3. H

    [Huawei] unbrick 5G CPE Pro 2 H122-373

    i installed wrong firmware on the router and its not turning on anymore no lights no ethernet signal any solotions? maybe using balong flash?
  4. C

    Help Unicom CPE Vn007+ BRICK???

    As an owner of the Unicom CPE VN007+ and a subscriber to the Rocket 5G 699 plan, I have encountered a frustrating issue where my device becomes completely useless once my plan is depleted, despite attempts to change the IMEI. However, after updating the firmware from version 1.9.32 to 1.13.5...
  5. H

    Help How to unbrick FX ID4

    Na stuck na ang fx id4 ko sa nakaon yung signal lights, paano kaya maunbrick to? Nagtry kasi ako naginstall ng fx id3 na firmware sabi kasi nung nasa thread dito ay okay lang working daw, though ayos lang nmn sakin atleast naexperience ko na, gusto ko lang malaman paano ma-unbrick or kung may...
  6. S

    Tutorial New Method!! unbrick REALME 8

    Hidden content "The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  7. I

    Guide : How to unbrick E5577s-321 with black screen after flash and read adb mode

    The problem is stuck in logo then go to adb mode with black screen The solution : 1- You need to erase all partion by go to fastboot from usbloader ( folder 1 in rar ) 2- Then send safe loader ( folder 2 in rar ) 3- flash firmware ( folder 3 in rar ) link ...
  8. P

    Help ZLT S10G bricked

    Pahelp namn po ung modem ko ZLT S10G, inopenline ko ok namn pero nung iset ko na sa net_select=auto tas update power on nalng ung umiilaw, baka po may makatulong
  9. Z

    Closed How to unbrick zenfone 5 not detected by pc

    Mga kaPH brods baka may alam kayo tut pano maunbrick zenfone 5 model a500cg kapag hindi nadedetect ng computer. Nagattempt ako maginstall ng drivers pero sa device manager code 10 error nalabas.. Device cannot start. Currently naaaccess pa ang droidboot. THANKS IN ADVANCE SA MGA SASAGOT
  10. C

    Closed Flashing torque ego surf i (.pac file) stock rom using spd upgrade tool r4.0.0001

    Ginawa ko ang thread na ito upang maging gabay sa sinumang nagmamay-ari ng Torque Ego Surf i device na makakaranas o nakakaranas ng problema sa kanilang unit (soft bricked, dead boot, boot loop, etc.) upang hindi na nila maranasan ang dinanas kong hirap sa paghahanap ng tutorial para sa...
  11. C

    Closed Patulong po mag-convert ng file type na pac.sc para maging .pac at mag-flash nito sa ego surf i?

    Hihingi po sana ako ng tulong sa sinumang may mahabaging puso rito upang turuan o tulungan akong mag-convert ng pac.sc upang maging pac file. At magpapagabay na rin po sana akong mag-flash ng pac file kung di man kalabisan sa inyo, ka-PHC. Bumili po ako ng Torque Ego Surf i sa Lazada sale para...
  12. M

    Closed Cm flare xl2

    Help po mag unbrick ng CM flare xl2. pls paguide po.
  13. K

    Closed Cm omega lite 3

    mga master pls share omega lite 3 stock rom...need to unbrick my phone...tnx
  14. K

    Closed Bricked phone! how to unbrick

    Lenovo a328 dead phone (Hindi na talaga ma open). Na try ko nang i-flash ang stock ROM ayaw pa din. Dinala ko na din sa mga technician sabi di na daw kayang ayusin. Baka naman may idea kayo, patulong naman po. TIA!
  15. K

    Closed Bricked phone? help!

    Hi guys, patulong naman oh. Sa tingin ko na bricked yung phone ko, di ko lang alam kung soft bricked or hard bricked. na re-read pa naman ng computer yung phone ko (which is lenovo a328), so, sa tingin ko soft bricked lang siya. Triny kong mag flash ng custom rom pero di siya gumana. Pumunta rin...
  16. K

    Closed Article: unbricking oppo r1001

    "Share Ko na rin tong na search ko. Makatulong Sana to. Eto problems Ko. ehh. -Credit to Naruto2125 from Oppo OfficialSites. Bootloop, a.k.a "Stuck at Oppo" "Stuck at logo" is a common problem for any Android smartphones and devices. Reason is mostly software crashed, system corrupted...
  17. F

    Closed Unbrick myphone rio craze 3g

    Unbrick MyPhone Rio Craze 3G
  18. F

    Closed [latest firmware] unbrick sgy gt-s5360

    Step 1: Extract the firmware package to any folder Step 2: Install the USB Driver Step 3: Also extract Odin package Step 4: Now, of mo si SGY then press and hold Volume Up + Home button + Power release mona yung keys kapag naglitaw na si ODIN Mode gaya nung nasa image below Step 5: Press...
  19. F

    Closed Unbrick galaxy ace 3 s7272

    Unbricking Galaxy Ace 3 S7272Full Tutorial + Download Links INTROThe Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, known as the GT-S7270, GT-S7275, and GT-7272 (dual-SIM), is a 4.0" phone with a 800x480 display. It was released in 2013. It is powered by either a Broadcom BCM21664 chipset or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400...
  20. L

    Closed Samsung sec-shwm180s (b)

    Mga boss pa help naman po sa galaxy tab ko kasi ayaw na nya mag on at pag icharge mo o kaya isaksak sa pc ng bi blink lang yung flash nya... Panu po ba ito maayos...
  21. J

    Closed Wimax BM622i no GUI

    paano po ba ito paganahin mga boss, hindi na po ako makapasok sa UI, brick unit na po ito mga boss
  22. M

    Closed how to unbrick i9500 korean clone

    my phone is hard brick the usb in unrecognized please help
  23. J

    Closed help!! How to unbrick, hard bricked cherry mobile flare.

    mga sir help naman sa pagunbrick ng cm flare ko. Or may alam po kayong paayusan ng bricked phones pa pm and how much yung bayad. Thank you. Manila or Cavite area po. Gobless
  24. P

    Closed UnBrick your Galaxy Y

    In case you broke your phone(e.g. stuck sa samsung logo), maaayos pa rin yan. Just follow these steps: Things Needed: Odin 1.83 or 1.85(Pili lang kayo) ------> http://uploaded.net/file/spvg3w4p Stock ROM --------> Dev Insider DAPAT INSTALLED NA ANG USB DRIVERS NYO!(Not needed pag may kies)...
  25. C

    unbrick huawei e153?

    pahelp naman. na brick kasi huawei e153 globe modem ko. pano ma unbrick?

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