android phone

This is a list of devices that run on the Android operating system.

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  1. D

    Help Planning to buy cp(2024)

    best android phone up to 13k budget lang mga idolo.
  2. V

    Help Buying android phone in lazada/shopee

    Balak ko po sana bumili ng phone through lazada/shopee kaso nagaalangan ako na alam nyo na baka iba dumating saken item safe ba sumugal?
  3. B


    Ano po the best android phone for 10k pesos? TIA.
  4. S


    ✨There are more than 40 channels to watch in this app.✨ Hidden content Enjoy watching🍿
  5. E

    Tutorial Installing Kali Linux in Non Rooted Android Phone Specially Redmi9A

    Step-by-Step Guide to Install Kali Linux on a Non-Rooted Android Phone (Redmi 9A) To install Kali Linux on your non-rooted Redmi 9A, you can follow these steps. This method uses Termux and a few other tools to set up a full Kali Linux environment on your device. Hidden content
  6. C


    Watch Pinoy TV CHANNEL Hidden contentHidden contentHidden content Hidden content Hidden content ALL CHANNELS ARE WORKING ENJOY GUYS updated vivamax page
  7. L

    Help Phone reco less than 20k

    Ano maganda mga boss Honor X9b Honor 90 Realme12+ Huawei Nova 12 (walang google eh) Samsung A35/A55 Redmi Note 13 Pro Focus sana dun sa maganda quality ng camera for vlogging, mataas ram for editing, tas walang ads/issue sa wares if meron pa po kayo reco, palapag na rin salamatt
  8. M

    Android App Max2d make your own game Using your android phone

    MAX2D MAKE YOUR OWN GAME USING YOUR ANDROID PHONE Max2d is an app for developing and testing your own games from the comfort of your Android device. As a demo for making various modifications, you can use Flappy Bird. This way, you can see all the modifications you can make to the game...
  9. G

    Tutorial Adblocker on rooted android phone

    BlockAds Module Switched to hblock host Replaced energized **** list with Steven Black **** list Removed unnecessary host entries Added built-in scripts to blacklist and whitelist domains (no reboot required) Added updater to update/switch host file (no reboot required) How To...
  10. Z

    Help Android Phone na pwede pang vlogging 20k budget..

    good day mga ka Ph pa suggest naman ng adroid phone na maganda camera 20k budget...salamat...
  11. I

    Tutorial Wifite in Rooted Android Phone

    █▓▒░░DISCLAIMER░░▒▓█ ¹ Me,the thread starter and this SITE are not promoting any îllégâl activity.The sole purpose of this thread is to guide everyone in ethical häçking. ² häçking is îllégâl. If you're stupid enough to ignore this warning, I and this site has no liabilities of what you have...
  12. J


    Pa help po ako, bibili po sana ako ng phone. Ano po ma rerecommend niyo maganda under 6-7k lang budget ko?
  13. I

    Tutorial Split Screen in Android Phone

    Malamang marami na nakakaalam nito but i will share it anyway. Hidden content
  14. I

    Help Android

    hello guys i need your help guys paano mo maaccess cp mo na android sa computer if yung cp mo hindi naka usb debugg at nakalimutan din ung password mo sa cp mo irereformat ko sana e need din pala ng password doon, pwede makahingi ng mga tip sa mga guru jan at senpai, MARAMING SALAMAT PO!!!!!!
  15. K

    Android phone reco

    Planning to buy a new phone na pwede sa ML, Coc, Codm at Genshin Impact pero budget friendly lang. Which one po is the best? • Samsung A05s • Poco X5 pro 5G • Tecno Pova 5 or 6 • Tecno Camon 20 pro • Redmi note 13 Thank you po sa mag re-reply. ☺️
  16. K

    Help About deleted picture in android phone.

    Mga sir. Mababalik pa kaya ung deleted na picture sa phone. Kaht sa recently. Deleted. May paraan pa kaya mabalik? Thanks.
  17. L

    Help May emulator ba na na rurun sa android phone mismo?

    Yung emulator talaga sa pc pero sa cp na rurun?
  18. K


    Guys wanna ask if this is possible.. I owned a modded switch and I want to update it for a new CFW (Custom FirmWare) but my problem is it requires a PC/Laptop to be able to do it. so to make it short, can I modded my phone to make it a PC (with a real window OS) or is there an app to extract...
  19. B

    Crypto Gaganode mining for PC, macOS, Linux and Android Phone / 3B mx Supply.

    . How To Run **** On Android Download --> GaGaNode from | Next Generation Decentralized Edge Cloud Register Start the Service Enable auto starting / let it run in the backgroud to mine 🚧 TIP The minimum recommended version is Android 4. Enable Auto-starting GaGaNode APP in...
  20. Y

    Help Android phone

    Can you suggest any android phone with the price range of between 5 to 15kphp?
  21. I

    Databases HTML in Android Phone

    Big thing start in a small thing. Simple lang muna
  22. E

    Help Android Phone No Animation without using Developers Option

    baka may idea kayo na pwedeng gamiting app. na pwede i-off yung Animation ng Apps sa Android Phone na hindi binubuksan yung Developers Option. kasi si gcash security niya lagi nagAuto Close tuwing inoopen ko yun dahil bumabagal yung phone ko kapag hindi ko i-off yung Animation 1x > no Animation...
  23. 8

    Android phone na maganda quality ng camera?

    Itong iphone 12 pro max ko lupit talaga kuha ng camera. Sa android may same quality ba tulad sa iphone? Parang DSLR quality nitong iphone.
  24. I

    Gagana pa rin ba ang Android phone na nakakabit lang directly sa charger?

    Ito yung topic na nagpapalito sa akin.Idk if gagana ba ang android phone if tanggalan siya ng battery tapos idirect yung connection ng charger dun mismo sa battery port.Paki sagot naman kung merong technician available.
  25. Y

    Best Android games

    Ano po maganda laro sa Android phone
  26. 8

    Anong goods na Android phone this January 30k budget

    Namimili ako between honor or realme. Di naman ako gamer, kelangan ko din maganda ang camera. Any suggestions?
  27. W

    15-20k Android Phone

    Pa suggest ng 15-20k na Android Phone
  28. I


    Para sa mga phone na hindi applicable ang wifi + hotspot Hidden content Download niyo lang yung apps sa gagawin niyong extender at sa phone na icoconnect niyo.
  29. A

    Screen Mirror/Record your PHONE on Linux/MacOS/Windows.

    Isa sa napaka laking tulong na app sa pag stream ko saka sa pag record nang gameplays ko for editing. May own command ako na kasama dito basahin nalang mabuti for recording Yung ibang instructions about sa app check niyo nalang sa mismong link :) Sana makatulong sainyo Hidden content
  30. T

    Help Best Android Phone for Video Recording 5K pababa

    Ask lang guys anong android phone dito yung maganda yung camera sa likod pang video record like unboxing, recording hand cam ng phone. salamat
  31. K

    Help Hard reset Android phone

    Baka may alam kayu pang hard reset ng phone sa pc need kasi ma hard reset selpon ng Kapatid ko limot na password...
  32. S

    Help Best android phone in 2024

    thinking of buying new android phone as a backup of my iPhone. Any recommendations?
  33. Z

    Android phone below 15k

    Mga lods pa suggest namn magandang phone ngayon.
  34. D

    Help Best gaming android phone 8-10k budget

    Mga Ka-Ph na gamers, suggestions nga po kung ano magandang latest gaming android phone na 8-10k budget?...
  35. E

    Best Android Phone Under 10k for gaming

    Baka lang po may suggestion kayo na maganda na gaming phone
  36. C

    Help Alin magandang android phone?

    Baka may suggest kayo basta 8k to 8500 Budget Infinix note 30 5g or Poco X5 5g
  37. P

    Help Paano mag screen mirror sa black screen an android phone?

    Oppo Reno Z 5g black screen lang kasi na laglag gusto ko sana ma screen mirror kahit naka black screen ano po way para ma mirrror ko sa computer para ma back up ko yung mga files at photo na laman. Any suggestion or software dyan na pwede ko gamitin? Balak ko kasi ibenta nalang at bumili ng...
  38. I

    Help Possible po ba to use android phone as webcam?

    Mga master paturo pano gawing webcam ung android phone if possible. Wala kasi cam ung pc ko.
  39. P

    Tools for unlocking android phone

    May tools po bang pwede maka unlock ng phone yung hindi napo kailangan i format or hard reset ang isang phone?
  40. J


    papalitan ko na phone ko after 4 years lol . suggest po kayo ng magandang specs particularly yung magandang CAMERA WITH WIDE CAMERA ANGLE gusto ko sana xiaomi , redmi , realme or ONEPLUS kaso yung oneplus pangit daw yung camera? budget lang kasi gusto ko haha sana yung nasa 7-12k pesos range...
  41. T

    Help Best Android Phone Price range-6K to 7K

    mga lods, Ano po the best android phone with price range 7k to 8k. Yun good in apps and gaming also for school purposes. matsala lods
  42. J

    Ano po ba meron ? ano trending na android phone ngayon?

    nasa mall ako nung isang araw , andaming taong nagkagulo sa may realme at vivo hahah ano po ba meron???? may sale po ba??

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