A galaxy is a gravitationally bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter. The word is derived from the Greek galaxias (γαλαξίας), literally 'milky', a reference to the Milky Way galaxy that contains the Solar System. Galaxies, averaging an estimated 100 million stars, range in size from dwarfs with less than a hundred million (108) stars, to the largest galaxies known - supergiants with one hundred trillion (1014) stars, each orbiting its galaxy's center of mass.
Galaxies are categorized according to their visual morphology as elliptical, spiral, or irregular. Many are thought to have supermassive black holes at their centers. The Milky Way's central black hole, known as Sagittarius A*, has a mass four million times greater than the Sun. As of March 2016, GN-z11 is the oldest and most distant galaxy observed. It has a comoving distance of 32 billion light-years from Earth, and is seen as it existed just 400 million years after the Big Bang.
In 2021, data from NASA's New Horizons space probe was used to revise the previous estimate to roughly 200 billion galaxies (2×1011), which followed a 2016 estimate that there were two trillion (2×1012) or more galaxies in the observable universe, overall, and as many as an estimated 1×1024 stars (more stars than all the grains of sand on all beaches of the planet Earth). Most of the galaxies are 1,000 to 100,000 parsecs in diameter (approximately 3,000 to 300,000 light years) and are separated by distances on the order of millions of parsecs (or megaparsecs). For comparison, the Milky Way has a diameter of at least 26,800 parsecs (87,400 ly) and is separated from the Andromeda Galaxy (with diameter of about 152,000 ly), its nearest large neighbor, by 780,000 parsecs (2.5 million ly.)
The space between galaxies is filled with a tenuous gas (the intergalactic medium) with an average density of less than one atom per cubic meter. Most galaxies are gravitationally organized into groups, clusters and superclusters. The Milky Way is part of the Local Group, which it dominates along with Andromeda Galaxy. The group is part of the Virgo Supercluster. At the largest scale, these associations are generally arranged into sheets and filaments surrounded by immense voids. Both the Local Group and the Virgo Supercluster are contained in a much larger cosmic structure named Laniakea.

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  1. K

    Help Samsung galaxy j4+ openline

    paanu po mag openline ng samsung galaxyj4+ nkaopen lang po sya sa globe baka po merun expert jan bka pwede mag pa tulong
  2. M

    Request: Galaxy of pen and paper

    Pa request naman po hindi gumagana yung sa apk vision pati sa pda life eh
  3. F


    Pa help po ilang monts kona po ito pinoproblema diko magamit cp ko 😣 Thanks po sa nakakaalam at mag tuturo saken ung free lang po sana
  4. L

    Help Samsung Galaxy tab2 p5100 charger

    Mga lods Meron Kasi among lumang Samsung Galaxy tab2 p5100 Ngayon Wala Ako noong orig charger nya pwede ko kaya gamitan to Ng 67watts charger ni x3 gt ? Mga ilang watts kaya ok pang charging Dito Yung mabilis na Hindi to masisira? Salamat.
  5. C

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 T-mobile locked

    Pacheck po if pwede pa maunlock eto po imei, 352707354911343 salamat mga boss.
  6. S

    Help How to OPENLINE Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G? Smart lock po.

    Pahelp po sana ma-openline. Thanks in advance po sa makakatulong. 😊
  7. P

    Help Bootloop Samsung Galaxy S8+

    Paturo naman mga boss step by step process para maayos yung boot loop. Bigla nalang kasing namatay yung phone then stuck sa logo lang. Salamat sa makakatulong!
  8. A

    Samsung galaxy a71 flash os

    Hi TS, Pano po mag flash ng os sa samsung? Odin gamit ko pero hindi ko ma bypass ang bootloader :( Help po! Ty!
  9. J

    Help Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

    Mga master ask lang po. May nagbebenta kasi sakin ng Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus basag lang ang front glass 3k binebenta. Good buy na po ba yun? Tia
  10. K

    Pano mag custom android version po Samsung Galaxy J2 po gamit ko hindi yung prime or Pro basta po J2

    pano mag custom rom sa samsung galaxy j2 ( not prime or pro ) android lollipop lang kasi ang latest nito...
  11. M

    Help Openline/unlock Samsung Galaxy A70

    hello guys, patulong naman mag unlock / openline.. naka lock sa SMART, gusto ko try i root at i edit yung nv_data.bin pero di ko alam kung saan banda yung network lock flag na bytes.. mahal din yung mga codes.. salamats in advance
  12. C

    Samsung Galaxy A22 5g for 6500

    Mga paps may nakita ako no issue second hand samsung galaxy a22 5g 6500 lang sya.. sulit na kaya yun?
  13. C

    Help Samsung galaxy m23 5g

    Normal bang parang naggghost touch tong samsung m23 5g kse di pa dumidikit daliri ko na open na apps. Nasa pic po specs nya
  14. C

    Help! Openling Samsung S6

    Baka may marunong po magopenling s6. Nanghihingi ng code eh,
  15. B

    Help imei number Galaxy A10 A50 & Infinix S4

    Tulong po Kailangan ko ng imei number para sa alinman sa mga teleponong ito: 1. Samsung Galaxy A10 2. Samsung Galaxy A50 3. Infinix S4 Maraming salamat kung nakakatulong ka.
  16. N

    Help Help po sa samsung cp ko

    Nag hard reset po ako ng cp ko na samsung j2 prime, tpos ko ma hard reset, hinahanapan po ako ng recovery email account kaso nkalimutan ko na po ung. Email ko. Pati cp number na dati ko pang cp number na nawala. Me. Other way po ba pra maayos cp ko? Thanks in advance po
  17. V

    Samsung galaxy s9 plus / blackberry key2

    Have a galaxy S9+ but wanted a blackberry key2. Have a chance to swap it. Should I?
  18. V

    Help Patulong po..! saklolo..! samsung galaxy a7

    Guys.. Pede ba ako mag update ng OS version neto.. baka may makatulong... ano ba applicable na OS version para dito.. parang gusto ko kasi mag Nougat or rekta na Oreo.. applicable ba dito un...?
  19. V

    Help Pa help guys..di ko ma install sa phone ko ung xposed framework..

    Pa help naman po.. may alam pa ba kaung ibang way sa paginstall ng Xposed Framework maliban sa process sa XDA.. ung phone ko kasi samsung galaxy A710Y 2016 model Rooted by CF Auto Root Android 6.0.1.... pero alam ko din naman na mahirap sa android 5 pataas..
  20. G

    Trivia Neptune facts

    Neptune is the eighth planet from the Sun making it the most distant in the solar system. This gas giantplanet may have formed much closer to the Sun in early solar system history before migrating to its present position. Neptune Planet Profile Equatorial Diameter: 49,528 km Polar Diameter...
  21. G

    Trivia Milky way galaxy facts

    The Milky Way Galaxy is our home galaxy in the universe. It is a fairly typical barred spiral with four major arms in its disk, at least one spur, and a newly discovered outer arm. The galactic centre, which is located about 26,000 light-years from Earth, contains at least one supermassive black...
  22. G

    Trivia Sun facts

    The Sun (or Sol), is the star at the centre of our solar system and is responsible for the Earth’s climate and weather. The Sun is an almost perfect sphere with a difference of just 10km in diameter between the poles and the equator. The average radius of the Sun is 695,508 km (109.2 x that of...
  23. W

    Help Pa openline naman po ng samsung galaxy a3

    May binigay po sakin si daddy na back-up phone pero globe locked sya na excite ako bumili agad ako ng smart sim kasi gusto ko itry mga ehi dito na smart no load di ko napansin na globe locked pala sya paano po ba to ma oopenline? Samsung Galaxy A3 lang po ito. Model number SM-A300F IMEI...
  24. R

    Help Galaxy s5 docomo japan

    Baka pwede humingi ng favor sa mga tech dito. Pa openline naman ng phone ko. Galaxy s5 docomo from japan. Salamat sa tutulong
  25. P

    Galaxys8 - root

    guys may nkpag try na ba sa inyo iroot galaxys8 nila? pahelp. thanks. galaxys8 user here. maeexpire na warranty xD
  26. S

    Samsung sch-i500

    I can't download any appear on this phone Marketplace will not open or update.
  27. L

    Help on paid vpn

    Hello guys. Anybody here knows how to create an account and how to set up on paid vpn? Thanks for the help in advance
  28. C

    Tutorial Samsung galaxy pocket (gt-s5300) user

    I'll give you SGP's... StockROM Apps Tools Tricks Shell Commands I-a up ko sya next time... pag makapag ol ako sa pc para ma-up ko ang mga links mga pre/day
  29. J

    Closed How to openline samsung galaxy s5

    Good day po mga bossings..tanong lang po kung paano po magpa openline ng smart locked galaxy s5? Pa tuts naman po sana..salamat po :)
  30. F

    Closed Unbrick galaxy ace 3 s7272

    Unbricking Galaxy Ace 3 S7272Full Tutorial + Download Links INTROThe Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, known as the GT-S7270, GT-S7275, and GT-7272 (dual-SIM), is a 4.0" phone with a 800x480 display. It was released in 2013. It is powered by either a Broadcom BCM21664 chipset or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400...
  31. N

    Closed Galaxy tab (no sim) + injector + smart bro =

    Mga ka ph patulong naman kung paano paganahin to sa mga nakaka alam po dyan.. pa reply po.. Big thanks and god bless
  32. K

    Closed Grand Prime (SM-G530H) to Lollipop Update

    Hi guys bakit po yung galaxy prime ko eh pag nagmanual update ako sa android 5.0.2 eh pagkatapos maginstall sa odin is nag blank black screen pero nagtuturn naman, tas minsan mga vertical lines lang tas may low opacity na parang yung download mode. natry ko na ring pog using samsung kies pero...
  33. A

    Closed Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note II SCH-R950T

    Good day guys. Please help me unlock this phone US Cellular po ito. Tried this but not working: *#197328640# Need badly your help. :(:notworthy: Thank you for your response.
  34. A

    Closed galaxy on fire 2 apk data+obb

  35. D

    Closed Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ROM For Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9505

    Albe95 Astra v2.5 Dk231 Mod (Android Lollipop 5.1.1) Bring all the new Note 5 & S6 Edge Plus features. To all Devs: You're not allowed to take files from my ROM without my permissions. Installation Instructions: 1. Flash a custom recovery like TWRP via Odin. 2. Download the Rom from the link...
  36. T

    Closed Galaxy s6 edge OTA update

    Mga boss pahelp naman po. Check ko about phone update kaso eto lumalabas Rooted po unit ko g925f international version po para maopenline. Pinatingin ko na sa tech sa st. Francis pero pag unroot ko daw mawawala daw openline. Totoo po ba? Check ko sana update ng android 6.0 marsmallow. Pahelp...
  37. Z

    Closed Paano po iroot ang Samsung Galaxy J1?

    Paano po maroot samsung galaxy j1 ko SMJ100ML/DS ko? natry ko na framaroot sabi check vulnerability.. yung kingo root at iroot/vroot na try ko na rin pareho lang sinasabi.. di mainstall drivers ko.. yung universalandroot sabi i cant root this device.. meron pq bang iba? thanks in adv i need it...
  38. C


    BS Marine Transportation student. I love sports, music, moon and stars, galaxy, flowers, smiles. :):happy::LOL::ROFLMAO::shame:
  39. A


    How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5?
  40. L

    Custom ROM I9505 2.5.2014 Samy Deluxe S4 ROM Galaxy S5 "Jello Biafra"

    #Samy Deluxe S4 ROM #Galaxy S5 "Jello Biafra" This ROM is something I have been working on recently and thought I could share with you. It is a collection of the best elements of different current and upcoming Samsung Galaxy smartphones: Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 apps and some parts of the...
  41. G

    Closed CM11 ROM with Android 4.4.1 KitKat for Samsung Galaxy S3!

    For those of you who have been waiting for a stable KitKat ROM, you long wait may just be over as CM11 ROM now has everything working out of the box for ALL Galaxy S3s including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Canadian, Cricket, US Cellular, MetroPCS, GT-i9300, and GT-i9305. The latest CM11...
  42. K

    Help HELP HELP! Camera failed!

    patulong naman po ng solution dito :( please???
  43. A


    Dear Admin/Modder, please help to fix my problem on my device gt-s5300 Because im changing my rom in droid belt v1 from explode v1 , Anyone please help me to fix this, my device did`nt working after i did that damn thing in my device. When i reboot it, it always back to recovery mode i...